Serbian identity

I think there might be something interesting here. I think I found a SJW exploit, a glitch in the SJW matrix here.
Basically, long story short, by being Serb you automatically make all SJWs shut the fuck up and go to hell.

Longer version: Here at my uni we got this one new guy studying math and computers. He is tall as fuck and has blue eyes and blond hair, straight nose, and also lifts. He is quiet, keeps to himself and avoids people even. Doesnt speak unless spoken to and its usually in pop-culture references, but it's always shit like Conan quotes or some really redpilled stuff. Always keeps everything light, dont think anyone had a serious conversation with him yet. You'd think he a retard but he has some of the best grades. Doesnt have a social media except a facebook with no posts in it or his picture, and its just for uni related stuff. Oh and also we are in a hardcore leftist environment, I mostly keep my head down but this guy is openly a shitlord. Once an Arab chick asked him out in public, he said something like 'no thanks', said he doesnt like her arm tattoo because it was in "terrorist runes" (arabic). Also turned down another chick because she was fat, caused an outrage but he didnt give a shit and left quickly after.
Every time they try to guilt trip him, he says "my ancestors were enslaved under Turks for 600 years, yet you dont see me complaining" and "whites are a global minority", "men are minority in society", responds to wage gap with stuff like death gap, in short rabid leftists around here cant touch him. He also hangs out with a few Russian (I think) dudes and a girlfriend, but they all talk in Slav, and usually just tell people with a polite smile "we dont want to buy anything, thanks". Also Slav chick is one of the prettiest around here.

So here is what I was thinking: What if we embrace such an identity? Doesnt have to be for real, but just for.. everyday practical use. There's something to eastern Europe. They have military parades instead of gay parades, nationalistic flags instead rainbows, zero tolerance for islam and traditional values such as meeting virgin girls in churches instead of tinder are much more common.
Never colonized/enslaved anyone and dont give a shit.
Zero delusional bullshit going on over there, society works on what works in reality, women are expected to be pretty, men expected to be strong,
They seem to have that figured out as well, have their own alliances, nuclear arsenals, space programs, and also believe in defending themselves.

So I dont know, I was just thinking that you could make a.. operational identity out of it, you know, something to use as a front to escape the leftist and media heat. They cant harass you this way, and you get to enjoy life.

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ok but reddit is the other way

How is this reddit? People lost their jobs to baseless accusations and thoughtcrimes, having certain opinions in public without even hurting anyone can you locked up these days. I think this could be a way to have these opinions and also fix our societies, I dont see what's reddit about this thread just like I dont see muslim mayors or nigger kings for almost a decade over there.

Maybe I'm reading this wrong but you seem to be suggesting that . . .
. . . we pretend to be Slavs in real life?

what else is there to do? how else can you enjoy either western culture or white nationalism or even just have a community without token minorities and not be branded a literal hitler?

Don't worry mate, the first post is always a shill

They seem to have their shit down. Expect gender roles and get them. Love of country. We could do with a little more of that here.

This is an 11/10 troll post OP. For a second I thought you really meant that we should pretend to be Eastern European.

Obviously you already know that what gives them power over the Marxists is not their ethnicity but their refusal to be cucked and their refusal to apologize for not being cucks. Any Western European could easily behave in the same way, but would probably face more social consequences because their social circle likely consists of other Western Europeans who are cucks


They are poor as fuck tho. Through out their entire history they have been poor almost all the time. If Slavs were rich you'd have a 10/10 society, their women are already great, their armies are already great, societies have proper values and culture, did their fair share of science… its just the constant 'round the clock poverty.

Western identity today seem to consist solely of taking it up the ass and being sorry while studying genderqueer otherkin studies. Saying someone could do x is like saying nothing at all. If they could, why arent they?

Also here is some wisdom on the whole coulding thing

Serb here.

Reason we don't give a fuck about your (((western values))) is simple.
We never owned nig nog slaves, oppressed women in the first place (communism was especially egalitarian in this sense, for better or for worse) or found non-white women hot enough or obedient enough to date them - a.k.a. race mix.

Therefore, any of this shit SJWs try and cram down our throats is laughed off. We also love our guns and cigarettes and aren't afraid to use them if pushed.

This goes both ways though, and your right wing rhetoric is just as laughable. Not for its message, but for its timing.
Where the fuck were you when they were taking Kosovo? Oh that's right; bombing us into submission to accept the enrichment.
No shit idiot, you think Turks accepted Serb culture and left us alone after conquering?

Now substitute "Kosovo" for "Chechnya" and "Turks" for "Mongols" and you'll get Russian sentiment towards the west. Substitute those two and you'll get another Eastern European country, and so on. Does that make sense?

Bottom line is, Eastern Europe has been fucked up the ass enough times to see Western mistakes from a mile away. This is why they do not care.

SWJs trying to guilt trip you and make you into a degenerate?
Laugh, show them your guns and tell them to fuck off.

Some faggot OP on an animu dating board wants to LARP as your nation because he's too afraid to go out and genocide for his beliefs?
Laugh, sage, and tell him to fuck off.


Yeah sure but promoting the worldview from eastern Europe might be just the thing we need in order to free ourselves from the current delusional worldview we have right now that might put as all in a mass grave if this shit continues.

righteousness, not fear.
there are truths about serbians. if it inspires, by all means…

LOL no.

I'm Croatian though.

Slav's were the original slaves. It is where the english word for slave came from, due to slavs being rampantly enslaved by Middle Easterners, Central Asians and North Africans for centuries.

Yeah but Croats are NATO bitches and they did nothing to resist foreign occupation, hell they couldnt even exist independently before the 90's which is why I didnt pick them.

That is a really.. wrong opinion. Here's something to consider if you even care to learn about it:
First of all, they named themselves. English never enslaved Slavs nor did they have any contact with Slavs during the whole having a world for x thing.
Second of all, middle easterners were being busy getting conquered by Greeks to influence English language or Slavs naming themselves.
About North Africans enslaving Slavs, literally what the fuck are you even talking about?
And about Central Asians influencing English language, again, what the fuck are you talking about? Huns (described as central asians) enslaved half of Germany as well, Mongols enslaved whole bunch of peoples including China, and none of them are called Slav in English.

tl;dr People give themselves names. Anglicized pronounciations do not imply history or even come from it.

What about Armenians?
Can they come too?

If you are white and you say you are Armenian, it's "cultural appropriation" and its off to the gulags with you, you can expect to lose your job and have your house torched.
However if you say "I am Irish" or "I am Baltic" or "I am Slavic", nobody thinks twice. Even tho Baltics and Irish and Slavs were all enslaved at some point and didnt try to colonize anything and leftists dont have anything on them.

Wait hang on, you celebrate the Serbs being cucked and enslaved by the Turks for 600 years, then you bitch at Croatia for being a part of Europe and the west?

864-925 Duchy of Croatia
925–1102 Kingdom of Croatia
1102-1527 Kingdom of Croatia and Dalmatia
1527-1868 Kingdom of Croatia (Habsburg)
1868–1918 Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia
1941–1945 Independant State of Croatia
1991-2013 Croatia
2013-present EU faggotry

Yes from 1102 onwards Croatia was mostly part of a union with Hungary or Hungary+Austria, but it was still autonomous.

And most Croatians were against joining the EU oddly enough.

All that said, I do try to hold some sympathy for the Serbs. Bosnia should have been carved up between Croatia and Serbia and we should have just agreed to stop being dicks to each other. It's just that whenever they say anything that sympathy almost always immediately dissipates.

Yeah but still I dont know, Croatia isnt all that very inspiring…
Correct me if I am wrong but Croats do have rabid gay parades all the time, right? And they dont even use Slavrunes, right? And westerners also cucked them into Catholicism too, right? And also you never see Croatia on any of the history maps. It's always.. Yugoslavia (which was ruled by Serbs), Austria/Habsburgs (ruled by Germans), Italians with a different name etc etc.
Seems to me like Croats never wrote a single Croatian law. It is always someone else pulling their strings. Its kinda like cucked Serbs, not a truly independent nation. Also you never hear about Croatian wars for independence or study them in history, meanwhile Serbs always fought whoever occupied them.

Also the chick in the pic looks Mexican, it's kind of a disgrace having a Mexican looking chick waving your flag but that's just my opinion.

yeah you've already proven yourself to be an idiot. probably a Serb. Enjoy your dead thread

How many sultans did Croats kill? How many muslims have they genocided? How many times did they conquer Balkans (Yugoslavia and Serbian empire count as Serb conquests)? How many world known Croats are there?
Being a non-Orthodox Slav is being a western bitch. Joining a pro-western military alliance which purpose is to kill Slavs is also a pretty non-Slavic thing. Being a small time EU country with its real government in Brussels, a place that doesnt even know you exist, again, you are more of a colony than an actual country if this is the case.

Irish rebels and IRA were also enslaved by Brits, but they never just took it like little bitches. Baltic pagans were enslaved during Teutonic crusades, but they still never changed their religion or writing system.

Croatia feels more like a village to me while Serbia sounds like an actual fucking state, with an actual double headed bird and its own ethnic language, writing system and religion, and governed by their own people. Just like Russia. They all seem to know their roots and they all seem to be proud of it. Croatia seems like it actually wants to be west's bottom bitch. Same like Bosnia, but even worse, they dont even know their roots and they want to be muslim bottom bitch.'_Croatian–Ottoman_War

No, Yugoslavia was forced upon the slavs by the west. Tito was a Croat unfortunately so you don't get to claim that.

Croats weren't enslaved by the Austrians or Hungarians. Croats adapted the roman way of writing because it was and is superior and is in use on this imageboard as we speak. Might as well bitch about the Japs using chinese characters. Croats (and I assume Slovenians as well) probably identify more with Austrians and Hungarians than they ever will Serbs.

you're just buttmad that Croatia isn't part of Serbia and never will be.

That's easy I just tell them that my ancestors are orphan criminals in Australia because they stolen the bread slices and get transported. That always shut them up every time but I simply star them silently. Why did I do that? Because I am deaf, which means I can simply accuse them for being disablist (please don't use the word "ableist") and ended up crying in the safe box.

is you for real

you forgot the Vikings ;^)

When did Slavs colonized anyone?

I mean I guess you could say that Russia colonized eastward through Siberia and Central Asia. Even though the population in Siberia was almost nothing. To get Vladivostok the Russians fought wars against China. They owned most of Manchuria until they lost the last Russo-Japanese war. Other than that Slavs mainly conquered other Slavs. Like Poland conquering large parts of Ukraine. All southern Slavs were busy fighting Greeks and then Muslims in the Balkans.