Install visual studio

If i ever again hear someone claim how they work with VS on a daily basis and how its the best thing to develop in i will lose it

modern programming is a joke

What exactly did you expect?


He means Visual Studio and not Visual Studio Code. The meme browser thing isn't as bloated and slow.

git gud faggot


>compiles web pages or some abandoned windows phone html5 framework
Lesson: don't bully PHP
VS is only for big pajeet software companies that love sucking M$ dick eternally.

They block common throwaway email services too. Their list is outdated so you can still use one if you try a few. Pretty annoying desu.

I just use emacs. Same functionality, thousandths of space in hard drive, and faster bootup.

Any recommendations for a C++ IDE? All of them seem to either look like trash (codeblocks) or run like trash.

Do IDEs provide any meaningful utility? I code in Notepadqq and compile with g++ and I think it makes me a better coder, as I have to learn from my typos rather then have an IDE fix them for me.

I'm also curious of this.
I've used a couple IDEs, but haven't really seen the benefit of it versus editing in gedit.

You only "need" an IDE when using shit tier languages like C# or Java because those languages are so unwieldy that you are forced into IDES to manage them.

You should install old Visual Studio, before Microsoft got overtaken by the jews

What's wrong about codeblocks looks? It look similar to Visual Studio.
C++ IDE's: Microsoft Visual Studio (pre-jewish), CodeLite, Code::Blocks

IDEs are not about writing your code for you. they show you all your project files so you can easily open other files and switch between them/ they allow you to set build and debugging options. They allow you to debug. They allow you to search in your files easily or jump to code/function.
IDEs aren't any magical beings that will write your code for you, they are a text editor with some additional useful features, so you don't need to use many separate tools.

QtCreator is only decent C++ IDE. CLion if you don't mind proprietary nature. Everything else is shit.

It's not really an IDE, but vim + youcompleteme is kind of comfy tbqh

Compile vscode yourself and you can beat those niggers at their own game but its only a libre license if you compile it yourself because fuck you - microsoft.

o im laffin

QTCreator is the best I've used, but I've found its auto-complete game wasn't as good as VS's. IntelliSense is really the only thing VS is worth using for.

my nigga. for code that's not yours (so always when at work) ide is almost necessity because you want to go to the definition of stuff (and often it's a typeset on a typedrf on a typedef) VCS is Good and believe it or not, code blocks too. I use it and I don't have any problems with it.

VS is garbage, poop smells, more news at 9:00.

why go there

easy money

What? You mean you have to install the fucking frameworks you're using to compile them? What a novel fucking concept. You're fucking retarded and bitching about an IDE that's used for professional development that GETS YOU JOBS AND MONEY because you're too stupid to use it.

See .

"I work with VS on a daily basis and its the best thing to develop in!"

How would you know. You plainly don't into software.

I'm pretty satisfied with juCi++ tbh

Modern programming IS a joke, especially on Windows.

Rinse lather and repeat. You're non-answer is a non-answer.

Vim + any terminal multiplexer or tiling wm.