ThinkPad (and Toughbook) thread

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Get a Macbook already.

jesus christ wtf, guess I'm buying another x220/x230 when this breaks down since I already have the ips screen

I have a cheap X200 laptop/tablet in sight. Any distro recommendation? One that works well with touch screens.
It has 2 Gb RAM and Im hoping to use it to read books and for browsing only

Not sure on distro but upgrade the RAM to 4GB, possibly 8GB if the X200 has DDR3.

RAM is not an issue, I already have a X220 with 2 GB RAM and I am using it with Debian with MATE and have no issue as I only use it for browsing, reading and watching anime. Heck, even Arch (64 bit) with Gnome and Budgie worked fine when I tried it.

I just got myself an x220 in 9/10 condition, feelsgoodman. Niggers sent me one with a 6cell battery instead of a 9cell though. I suppose the battery is in decent condition at least though with about 3-5 hours depending on system usage.

anyone here swap a t450_ touchpad into a t440p?
what kind of issues should I expect on Wangblows X and linux?

also, fuck lenovo and their BIOS whitelists, fucking chinks making me mod my BIOS to have a working wifi card. intel 7260 a shit.


Daily reminder to buy a X9100 (3.06GHz) from ebay for 8$ and put it into your T400/T500. Works like a charm.

Is there a reason to get an x220 instead of a t400? I like the 4:3 aspect ratio. Also what is the normal price for the latter in Europe?

x220 has a better CPU (2nd gen i5 vs Core2)

Thanks, I get the naming scheme better now. Too bad that t420 seems to be 16:9. According to the libreboot website x220 is not supported. How close to can you get to freedom with coreboot and me_cleaner? Also how usable is a core2 these days and are the fans off on the 2nd gen i5 when idling on the desktop?

Since nobody is able to review the ME source code it can only be assumed that me_cleaner completely disables it beyond the boot process, but it seems to be the case.
Core2 is still usable, but obviously lacks the IPC improvement and hyperthreading of the i5
Fans on my x220 are completely silent when idle.

come back after you lookup those model numbers and look at the trackpoint buttons, or lack there of.

stop making me want to spend more shekels

Thank you, I think I will go for the x220.

Who thought it would be a good idea to get rid of the physical buttons... fucking chinks.

Good choice, it's a very cute laptop.

yeah it gets worse too, no thinklight, the keyboard has an odd layout compared to older thinkpads, and there's a blank M.2 slot in the palm rest area.

Not M.2, mSATA.

What's wrong with mSATA? the x220 also has an empty mSATA slot under the palm rest. It's a nice place to put an SSD.

Got a x201 myself and put an SSD completely awesome.

no, it's M.2 on the T440p. wasn't replying to the x220 response.

nothing, just an older standard now.

My question still remains then, What is wrong with an empty M.2 slot for expandability? Or were you referring to the fact that you are a poorfag and can't afford an M.2 drive?

blank as in there's points to solder to on the board but no port to use.
I'm just bitching that i can't use it

Completely understandable then, I'd be triggered by that for sture.

Hey does anyone published any guides for capacitor replacement on any thinkpads yet? I do not want to have to rely on buying ever more expensive 'near new condition' laptops shipped from irrelevant south american and south east asian countries.

I'm starting to notice a pattern here

Are you on to something detective user kun desu?

Does anyone know what this slot under the RAM is?

On the x220 btw

mPCIe? I guess

check the other side of the board after reading service manual

It's msata

So, you're telling me I could have put my mSATA drive in there instead of having to remove the keyboard and palmrest?

No clue, I just took a look at the msata connector on my motherboard and noticed a striking similarity, I don't have a thinkpad

Hold the fuck up, mPCIe there? IIRC there's only two mPCIe slots in a X220, one for WLAN and the other for WWAN or a mSATA SSD.

What does Holla Forums think of Toughpads? Was thinking of buying a 31 Mk4 this month, selling the 31 Mk3 I have now, and getting a G1 to supplement it.

implying $8 would hurt

What display panel do I need if I want to upgrade my x220 to an IPS display?

what is that???

el-sahef modded a X31 with a 1.6 GHz Pentium M CPU from a X32, and replaced the Radeon 7000 GPU with a Radeon 7500 one from a dead T41, and he also replaced the screen with a X61t IPS panel.

Pretty sick shit tbh, wish I had 130€ to throw away for it, but i'm getting 31 Mk4 first.

Basically, he modded a X31 into a X32 with a better GPU, essentially making it a X32p, a Performance Model X32.

Has anyone installed one of those USB 3.0 smartcard modules in an X200? If so, how did it go? Is it notably faster than the USB2.0 slots? If anyone knows of any other good uses for the smartcard slot I'm all ears.

ExpressCard is interfaced on PCIe v1.1 x1 port therefore you have 200~250 MB/s max theoretical bandwidth vs 35 MB/s USB 2.0. Get a 2-port card with additional power cord, or better a USB+eSATA.
There are not that many cool cards for this slot, mostly boring stuff like additional ports or modems. But I wish there was some sort of ARM co-processor or RPi/Arduino in that form-factor. Or maybe a simple GPIO/Analog/serial pins with programmer logic because modern notebooks lack RS-232 and LPT.

You've got me thinking about projects to utilize the slot now. I want to put an SDR and RS-232 in mine since it seems trivial to do so. Any functionality that doesn't need much performance can just be done over the USB connection in a lazy hackjob way; like putting an SBC in there for gpio. Even proper devices utilizing the PCIe interface aren't that hard to do. It's actually surprising there aren't more cool things to put in there.

Are you talking about Panasonic Toughbooks? I'm curious about those too.

I got an x220 running W7 from newegg. What a fun little machine! The keyboard is the best I've ever used on a laptop except the trackpad takes some getting used too.

It's great for writing and coding :)


That, and go read the old thread:

And no, I was talking about this:

that's pretty fucking cool.

The card itself can't supply 1 A current to USB 3.0 port, yo need to borrow that power from one of your lappy's USB 2.0 ports.

Better yet, just don't bother, ExpressCard can't provide sufficent current for a USB3 > EC adapter.

directly solder an m.2 drive to the leads

well that's always an option.

not really, no. if you do it directly the slightest bump will crack the solder or pull the traces, if you do it with wires in between allow me to LMAO

Man I need to get my ass up and get that 31 Mk4, but then again, it's only a 100 MHz increase in CPU power which is negligible in real world use. UNLESS Panasuckit did some black magic with the 31 Mk4 that makes it better than the Mk3 I have

The eternal question here: What battery to buy for my t420?

It's the cheapest I found:
h ttps://

Is the thinkpad x201 a shit laptop?
I can't even install libreboot on it.
I may have an opportunity to get on to a (relative to my country's thinkpad market) low price (around 70e), but I don't know if I should simply wait for a better x220/x200 opportunity.

What the fuck are we going to do when the supply of X200/X220s is gone?

Assemble from spare parts, Lenovo's heavily integrated production line leaves no problems with this approach.

I run a Gen2 Panasonic CF-30 Toughbook with 3 GigaBytes of Random Access Memory, a Core2 Duo L7500 non-ME Central Processing Unit operating at 1.6 Gigahertz with OpenBSD 6.2 AMD64 on a solid state drive. I call her Eunice.

I've bludgeoned three windows users with it, two apple, and two linux. It is a fine computer and an under-appreciated blunt weapon.

lolno, 965GM chipsets have the botnet. You want a 19 or 30 Mk1 for no vPro.


Good thing I haven't pressed Buy Now before doing my research.

You're right. Fek. Must be the Mandela effect because in my reality it didn't. That is what I am going with.

"Merom" (low-voltage, 65 nm)
All models support: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST), Intel 64, XD bit (an NX bit implementation), iAMT2 (Intel Active Management), Intel VT-x, TXT

Too bad about the awful keyboard and trackpad though. I have a CF-C1 and the damn thing's keyboard has to be the worst of any laptop I have ever owned. Key action is OK, it's a non-chicklet, but the layout is pure cancer and for some reason each key is only 3/4ths as tall as it should be.

CF-31's BLKB isn't bad tbh, not on the level as a ThinkPad T2x or a G15 V1 like I have though.

It's not mushy or anything, it's just weird, it causes me physical pain and makes me feel like I have fat fingers.

Too bad because the dang thing is almost ideal otherwise, it's surprisingly lightweight too.

I saw on hackernews that it would be possible, the next year, to put a RISC-V proc in our x220...

Is that the dream?

t400 is 16:10

the RISC V quad core chip? depends how power efficient it is
god speed, shenzen motherboard chinks

What exactly do you need in hardware besides something like a raspberry pi to flash a custom bios on an x220? I mean the stuff needed to connect the flasher to the motherboard, I just don't understand it. What is a "relevant" SOIC clip, there seem to be so many.

just find out how many pins are on the bios chip, on my t440p it was 8 pins.

/g/ was a mistake
Take a look at his fucking pictures! It's damn Windows (God forbid, not 10) 7! With Our Prophet of Mighty "Free as in Freedom" Four Words.

What about quit being moron and read the fucking manual? It's there, right on the coreboot wiki page, with pictures. You don't even need pi for that matter, it's an overkill.

Sorry, I just got overwhelmed. There seem to be 8 pins as well and this coic clip is just a fancy form of cable, right? (That blue thing with the spring in the middle) So I need:
-SOIC 8 clip
-8 female to female "jumper" cable (is this a standard?
-an SPI programmer
I know the SPI programmer does not need to be a pi but the beaglebone is even more expensive. What would you suggest?

What else is new? Thank god those Toughbooks are expensive as fuck, so poorfags from /g/ can't get them and corrupt them.

Source on this? Can't find anything on HN with a quick skim of the front page.



lolno, i'll take a modern-day ThinkPad or any other business laptop above Applel shit any day of the week.

That auction seems a bit like a ruse cruise to me though.. no way one would post such faggotry on eBay, but that's just me.

It was two days ago.
I haven't kept the link, but that's what I saved:


It was in the comments of an article saying that WD was going full risc-v, to not pay for arm licence anymore.

I feel insulted. To be linked in anyway to such fucking retard. That's why some communities must stay little, and keep the good words for themselfs. I don't want to look like a fucking /g/ faggot while I code on my thinkpad.

Is risc-v far better regarding freedom?

That's mostly why I'm interested in.
It's open source, but I fear some kind of android like open source.

It's permissively licensed and so is everything lowrisc is doing. So in practice probably not, "open source" literally only exists to allow proprietary software.

i used a ch341a cause I'm a pleb that can't onto terminal usage via my pi with a clip that had a ribbon cable like this .

make sure to do a proper backup when you first start just in case. i fucked up and ended up flashing a blank image on mine when i meant to flash the modded bios.

What's a good brand for a T500 battery?

With what operating system? Don't tell me you're going to use hobby linux garbage on your business system.

That being said why would you even want a Thinkpad with a processor that can't be easily de-ME'd anyhow?
They're working on it.

Interesting and here I thought idiots who made arguments that a commercial OS was somehow "better" were all dead. And here you are like some kind of zoo animal we can all gawk at.

And I thought people who willingly bite bait were all back on reddit or cuckchan, and here you are like some kind of zoo animal we can all gawk at.

He's one of those whose IQ doesn't allow them to think properly. He just follows the Thinkpad meme, and he's simply as bad as any Applefag.

Is my X31 fucked? POST seems to take quite a bit longer than usual.

Can you even brick it when you have a hardware flasher and the ROMs are available? Anyway thanks, it's nice that I don't need a pi.

Hie, I removed the microphone and camera (for obvious reason) from my think, the same I did for the wifi card (since I don't use it).

I heard that you could turn the speakers into a microphone (in a case my machine is infected). Is it overkill to remove them too (knowing that I always use my headset)?
I guess it's pretty retarded since the headset itself could be turn into a speaker, so this move is pretty ineffective.

What do you think about it?

Are you an Iranian nuclear scientist?

Why do I get these fucking answer.
Privacy is an inalienable right. I don't want anyone to fucking hear/cam me fapping to whatever.

You have already done what is largely considered overkill. If you are not going o use them, why not? The benefit of the headset is that you can easily remove it when you want to be extra safe. Is what you did hard and is it reversible?

Rip out your display too since video signals can be snooped too. Oh, and I sure hope you don't have a color laser printer.

Ethernet can be snooped on just like video. I hope you're using shielded Ethernet cables!


Except it is, it's called a threat model.

Besides, everything x86 is backdoored to hell and back anyway.

The goal is to do the max you could.
It's not to fucking bend in front of the oppressor.

Even if it seems useless, it's still resistance.
You, you prefer to get comfy, and not give a fuck anymore about the fight.

Yeah, it's backdoor in the HDD firmware, in the proc etc... But you still install libreboot, remove your camera, try to get the free-est system you can, waiting for more knowledge, or a new tech that could bring freedom in the hardware.

I have some hope for risc-v.

Now, if you continue to shill, then simply fuck you. Or it maybe mean I have nothing to do here.
I'm one of these people that get into tech in the search of freedom. I don't give a fucking about tech. I would be happier if computers and big brother never existed.

I suppose it's possible, but unlikely.

Yes, it's free hardware designs

Cease your daft thoughts, it's more free than any x86 can ever be.

Take out the speakers to save weight and battery life.
Personally, I keep mine for the satisfying beepy noises that the BIOS makes when I forget my password. Beeeeep!


use temple os

This totally depends on the audio chipset. What model Thinkpad do you have?

Works just fine, I don't even have to plug in the power unless it's an HDD. It also makes the palmrest harder to crack near the EC slot. The only downside is that it heats up a bit even when not in use.

It heats even under linux? Shit. Maybe chips inside need some sort of thermal interface between metal parts?
Can you boot off USB3 drives though? That's the whole point of using faster slot, right?

Libreboot can't boot from it, and from what I see elsewhere, even the stock BIOS can't. It might be possible to write a GRUB module for this card (ASM1042), but I ain't touching that.
I use it for copying big shit like backups.

Used to have a Dell 1545 which was 1366x768

Inevitably as I got new machines my resolution increased, I was certain that 1366x768 was a shit resolution.

Now I own an x220 and I'm absolutely in love with it, I even think the resolution is great :^)

I have a 17 inch gaming laptop and it's practically unused in lieu of my x220. Theres a massive..MASSIVE difference in quality. I will always use thinkpads now, never anything else. Not only is it cheap (thanks to ebay), at £109, it's got amazing build quality.

Thinkpad threads were a canary for /g/ contamination. Holla Forums is dead.


There is EFI firmware for that thing, but it kills the whole philosophy of Libreboot, and I think that tianocore won't fit in 64Mbit alongside with coreboot. But it might be a cool hacking project though.

Then what is the true Holla Forums laptop, Our Great Wizard?

So I got the t440 a while back. Mine came with one of the smart card readers installed already. Is there anything I can really do with the thing? Can I program smart cards/java cards with it?

I got the thing from a friend of mine really cheap. So plse no bully.

You should be able to. Now you can:
The obvious thing to do is to use a smartcard for logging in.

Toughbooks or go home.

this pic was actually taken when I recieved my 31 last February, it now runs Loonix and Windows 8.1

It costs a lot of battery too.
If you use your thinkpad as your main computer, then it's ok, don't forget to unplug it if you want to pick it up.

Seriously, get the fuck out of here.

No, if they seize my possessions they would be able to open my computer without my consent. Besides I use veracrypt, not sure how compatible the login page for that would be with my reader.

Anyways, I am really interested in trying to use smart card type things as some sort of attack vector. Are there any resources on that already? I am an infosuck student.

Damn, it looks like i'll have to re-cap my X31, it's having trouble resuming from hibernate.

Or should I just fuck it and get el-sahef's X32p, who already has been helped?

Why not upgrade to the X40? Battery lasts longer.

Shit-tier GPU, 1.8 inch HDD and I like the X31 form factor.

Managed to fix it though, left the battery out for a while and that seemed to have fixed it.

Help, I just bought a Toughpad G1 for 100€ because it's untested.


Fek, missed out on two CF-19's for 120€ since the seller was a complete faggot and took a better offer.

Oh well, I bet they were A. stolen or B. passworded.

I JUST HIT THE FUCKING JACKPOT! It's a Mk2 with NO passwords at all!

It even has warranty until 2018!

what are you going to install on it?

Currently running Windows 8.1 like my 31, just bought a SSD and a battery so waiting on those, should get the SSD tomorrow and the battery next week.

The lid for the SSD is going to be tough to acquire, pun unintended. Considering saying fuck it and getting a bridge battery instead, it's extremely expensive though.

What's the screen res on it?

About twice the res of my 31: 1920x1200 with a IPS panel.

And god damn it looks gorgeous! Not HP Dreamcolor-tier but certainly night and day compared to my Toughbook.

T60 = best Thinkpad
X40 = 2nd best
T23 = third best

prove me wrong

14in t60 had garbage tn panels, its a shame cause I loved having 1400x1050.
Also ram limitation.

Tell me more.

My T60 has travelled with me all over. It is quite battered now, but it is my favorite machine. The chassis has a crack around the fan area (common problem with these), but no motherboard flexing. Full of minor dings and cracks. Keyboard could use a replacement, as some keys require more force than normal.

14 inch 1024x768 screen. Backlight died, so I replaced it with an LED. Extremely bright, and great colors too. Put an SSD in there. Probably going to put an additional SSD into the expansion bay soon.

I run OpenBSD on it. Web, irc, email, mp3's and videos. Use audacity on it to record and mix for my music project. Work on my own coding projects on it. Basically text-based games and simulations. Just coding whatever comes to mind.

My last (barely) decent battery died about 2 months ago. I would like to find a decent replacement. Any suggestions?


make sure to set tlp up for massive battery life increase

just install the package and go through the configuration file, it's self documenting

14" TN panel has great color and looks fine, it just has a narrower viewing angle. Once you're set up it's perfectly decent, though obviously not as nice as the 15" IPS.

I own a mass of them and have had luck with generic Chinese batteries from Amazon. I am really careful about battery care and even have developed a method for rejuvenating bad batteries, it sometimes works great and sometimes doesn't work at all.

I just bought an X230 and installed funtoo on it
got both trackpoint clit and the synaptics pad working, in addition to ACPI and thinkpad-fan, currently installing TLP via layman and will configure it

anything else I need to do?

T420 with the following specs for the equivalent of USD 130:
Lenovo Thinkpad T420 4236-NGG (Thinkpad T420 Series)
Intel Core i5-2420M 2.5 GHz (Intel Core i5)
2)Graphics adapter
Intel HD Graphics 3000, igdum64 / Win 7 64
4096 MB
1x: 4096 MB; PC3-10700 (DDR3)
14 inch 16:9, 1600x900 pixel, LEN40A1, glossy: no
Seagate Momentus 7200.4 ST9500420AS, 500 GB
7200 rpm
6)Optical drive
Optiarc DVD RW AD-7710H

Is it good? How can I ensure that Im not being conned?

T430 > T420, Sandy Bridge is a power hog and you get USB3 on the T430, a major plus.

15in UXGA is THE shit when it comes to T60's, I had a panel like that in my T42p/R50e/R52 hybrid thing and I loved it.

Shit keyboard.
Thinkpad godlike series stops with the *20 series. Some would even say with the *00 series.
After, it's bullshit.

Looks like the BIOS battery I used was empty, replaced it and it's keeping the BIOS settings now without the main battery inserted.

Good, as I got fucking tired of doing every time I removed the battery from this thing.

Well the seller only has T420 so T430 is not an option. My only question is that whether the specs are worth the money or not.

I'd say no, 1600x900 screen is nice but the CPU is a bit on the low-end side, that and >seagate HDD

Try looking out for a T430 which needs some love, things like used SSDs and chargers aren't expensive.

Got my SSD in the mail, currently de-botnetting Windows 8.1 with the Ancile script.

I also found out that a Compaq TC1100 stylus works with the G1's digitizer, how cool is that!

The thing is in my country SSD even second hand ones cost too much. Eg. a second hand Samsung 256 GB SSD costs around $70-80. Is the increased performance worth the price? I have been using a 2 GB Core 2 Duo laptop for the last 7 years so my "speed" requirements/expectations are very low.

Please tell me more.

I wish it was as simple as replacing the cells. But from I understand that will not work.

The other option available is to use an external battery. These plug into the AC adaptor input. These external "sheet-style" batteries provide a lot of power, but they are expensive and heavy. My main question about these is whether they can be used at the same time as wall outlet power. Can I run off the mains with the battery on standby, so that there is no power loss if the mains goes out? Basically: does an external battery work just like a standard battery?

Does anyone have other solutions? An external battery pack with user-replaceable cells would probably be ideal for longterm support of old laptops.


Get out of here.

There's always one or two fags who go apeshit about using Windows. I need to work on that tablet you fucking retards, can't use ForScan or any proper OBD2 software under Loonix.

I'd be interested in hearing this too, my CF-31's main battery is 65% worn.

SSD is the shit, I won't go back to a computer equipped with a HDD ever again.

That, and far less power use. I get around 30 minutes more battery life with a 840 Evo SSD compared to a WD Black HDD.

I ended up paying 85 pounds for a bridge battery, couldn't be arsed dealing with a Toughpad reseller for a piece of magnesium.

This is where OP made a critical mistake. Acknowledging some fisher price blue collar trash as being even remotely on a level close to ThinkPads, gave the simpleton who needs Windows the erroneous impression that he is welcome here.

Basically you should discharge your battery all the way, once, until the computer dies, recharge it all the way (without unplugging), then drain it halfway and recharge repeatedly, and you'll probably see your run time increase slightly with each 1/2-full cycle.

If you discharge your a lithium battery all the way you can expect to lose about 1% of the total *NEW* capacity of the battery each time. Never, ever drain a battery all the way unless you're trying my method, and then only do it that one time. Also, this method only works on batteries which will hold some charge, 1/3 to 1/2 range is ideal. If this process completely fails to rejuvenate your battery, try putting it in the freezer for a few days inside a plastic bag, then take it out and whack it with the palm of your hand a few times. Monitor it while charging to make sure you didn't whack anything important loose, but this could help too.

The idea behind this is that one or more of the cells could have gone high resistance, and by freezing and whacking the battery you can disrupt the crystalline structures which cause this. I've brought a lot of batteries back from being "dead" (only a few minutes to 1/2 hour operating time) to having 90% or more of their original capacity.

If you keep your battery from charging until it's at about 75% capacity, and charge it before it drops below 30% or so, it will last for many years as well. Lots of morons think that it's OK to nearly run a battery dry every time, this is why idiot normalfags are always complaining about how shitty their phone battery run time is. should be read by everybody who uses devices with batteries, too.

Modern Chinkpads are total horse shit compared to modern Toughbooks, newfag. Tell me, where can I buy a modern Chinkpad with an IP rating? Toughbooks are still made in Japan even.

my 31 and G1 are made in Taiwan by a subsidary of Panasonic, older models were made at the OG Toughbook plant in Japan

LelNoPo did really fuck up ThinkPads when they bought them. I can't see myself comparing the T2x's or X31 I have to a T470 or X270 quality wise.

That aside, a ThinkPad is a children's toy next to a Toughbook like a SZ6.

already done matey.

get about 5 hours now on original battery. Going to get a 9 cell 44 battery, along with 1, maybe 2tb SSHD, eventually will bump up to 16GB but thats next year.

nice meme

The build quality was only a nice feature in my opinion. The main points for me have always been: cheap (if secondhand), easily repaired, good support in *nixes.

If Lenovo made still made one that had all the old qualities I would buy it even if it was physically weak.

The current trends that I cannot tolerate are:
1) Botnet bullshit. This is obviously a problem, and it is included on basically every computer now.

2) PWM LED screens. Pulse Width Modulation means that the LED flashes on and off very quickly in order to produce less light and, in turn, appear dimmer. PWM LED screens give me migraine headaches and a strange racing-heart feeling. I am in an unlucky minority of people that suffer these shit symptoms. It makes a good majority of modern computers unusable for me.

3) Wide screens. These are significantly less useful than standard 4:3 when it comes to coding or reading and drafting documents. Coding and reading and drafting documents is basically all I use computers for, except for some web browsing and shitposting.

Basically, computers can go fuck themselves.

I read that in Terry’s voice. Amen, user. Computers sold their souls to small minded glow in the dark bugmen.

What if I add SSD 64 or 128 GB to keep costs down, install OS on it and keep the HDD for storing things?

Could you share a bit more info on that please ?
How do you change the LCD that is designed for the T60 with another one that isn't ? What hardware info do you need to know to do so ?

I'd say go for it, that's the setup I had in my X220, 32GB mSATA SSD, HDD for storage.

Holy hell this thing is power efficent, I undervolted my G1 with 100mV and it blows cold air out of the vent!

Wish I could undervolt my 31, it would certainly run cooler with a UV.

I wouldn't trust any battery bundled as part of a used laptop. But if it was part of the item's description you could open an issue and try and get some money to ofset the cost of a brand new 9 cell

I used the kit that linked to. I recommend it. The guy who makes them seems very knowledgeable, and he's really nice too.

The kit includes an LED array and a chipboard that replaces the inverter board that is in your thinkpad.

You dismantle everything. You open up the LCD display, peeling and cutting tape. It's a delicate procedure. Remove the CCFL bulb and inverter board, and discard them. Install the LED array, put the LCD display back together, and install the new board. That's it. The actual LCD display stays, you only change the bulb and the inverter board.

It took me a little while to get the LED array properly seated for maximum light transmission. You need to be careful when you do this mod. Just be gentle and don't force anything. Be careful about what you touch and take your time.

I am really happy with the mod because: 1) I can actually use the screen now. 2) The daylight LED is BRIGHT as fuck. It's brighter than any other device I have seen. I pretty much keep it on the lowest setting all the time. It should last for many years, because LED's will dim over time. 3) No Pulse Width Modulation = no headaches, eyestrain, racing heart, etc. This was a major selling point for me as I suffer from PWM sensitivity. 4) The board is specially designed so that your brightness keys work normally. It will work in Windows, in Linux, and in the BSD's. To an OS, it looks like a stock part.

God fucking damn it, recieved my battery and then I found out i'm missing the lid for the SIM card reader.

Looks like I have no other choce but to order one from a reseller.

Battery has got zero cycles on it though, can't wait until it's charged, finally my G1 is usable without the charger!

Maaaan, this thing is awesome.

Is there a way I can change my X31's BIOS splash screen? says it'll work for the X41t, but the last thing I want is a bricked laptop.

What 3.0 USB ExpressCard with FOSS drivers do you recommend? Just found out I can just plug one of these fuckers into my x220.

I just ordered a Samsung mSATA SSD from some chink dropshipper for 60% of the regular price (Yurop).

Sounds like you got scammed

I'd be inclined to believe this, Chinks are good at scamming you with things like SD cards and SSDs.

Don't, ExpressCard cannot supply enough voltage for it to work properly.

Fuck Holla Forums, i fell for the thinkmeme hard. I bought a lightly used x220 and its turned from surprisingly great to absolute shit in just a couple of months. I have several stuck keys on the keyboard, which i replaced with a new one, and the fan will get stuck any time i move it off a table. While taking apart the computer i noticed many pieces of broken plastic in the inside, then i took apart the fan, and oh fuck. Half of the fan blades were broken, the fan disintegrated by itself. Because of this now the computer runs at 100 degrees C under load even though I dusted the fan and repasted the cpu. This laptop is a piece of shit.

But the one thing that is making me still use this laptop is the trackpoint, damn is it so convenient to have a pointing device on the laptop at all times which is at least 90% as good as a regular mouse.

Do any of you have a suggestion for a laptop that:

-Has great build quality
-Has a trackpoint
-not lenovo made
-can be found for under 300$ used
-has at least 6 hours of battery life and a removable battery
-(optional) has a removable cpu and/or mxm slot

Will they give me a rebranded or refurbished pease of crap, or not deliver at all? I can always claim fraud at paypal.

I don't know about the price but everything else you can get with an EliteBook 8570w. With an extended battery, which you'll need to get about as much life as you mentioned out of it, it's going to weight a shitton and a half; I mean, I'm 183cm built like a brick wall and it's definitely uncomfortable to carry in a messenger bag.
You do get the MXM slot at least, don't know about the socketed CPU but it's likely since its a desktop replacement.

Didn't mean to sage

Good fucking luck.

I bet they'd give you a SSD with exaggerated or straight up faked capacity, like chink SD cards.

EliteBooks and Precisions are fucking amazing, upgrading wise. Look at all the things they do on Notebookreview with the M6xxx Precisions.

And in other news, I think i'm gonna An Hero myself.

Go fuck yourself, Pitney Bowes, eBay and the faggot of a seller who thought it was a good idea to use JewBay's GSP instead of good ol' Royal Mail!

Basically, this means either A. my bridge battery will be destroyed because batteries are a probihited item normally, or B. I'll recieve it after a delay.

I'm leaning on the former, which would suck because then I'd need to order from a reseller and I have no idea how to do that, IF they sell to private users. Panasonic themselves said I should order from a reseller, so there's that

8570w has a socketed CPU.

Actually I take back what I said about resellers, ended up getting in contact with a based guy who told me everything how and what.

Basically, it boils down to this:

And that's exactly what I am planning to do. Cover should cost about 10-15€, still high but hey, it's all or nothing.

Just ordered a stylus, 61€ but oh well, Panasonic will only sell them per 10 and no way i'm going to do that.

I'm typing this on a Dell Precision M4700. Mine is pretty high end: i7-3720QM, 20 GB of RAM, FirePro M4000, extended battery plus slice battery, 15" 1080p screen, Intel 6300 wireless, a backlit keyboard with trackpoint and a docking station. The CPU is socketed and the GPU is in a MXM A slot. I ran 2x 2TB HDD + 256 GB mSATA SSD in mine for a while, but I later swapped the optical drive back in. The cooling system is the best in its class. The biggest issue with this machine is that it weighs 6.5 lbs with a standard 65Whr battery, and closer to 8.5 lbs with the 97Whr internal + 97Whr slice battery combo. New 97Whr batteries last a little more than five hours each with this particular hardware combination. Build quality is excellent: magnesium alloy chassis with a rubberized palmrest that feels nicer than the bare ABS plastic typically used in ThinkPad palmrests. These machines are also even easier to work on than ThinkPads, in my opinion. Everything works with Gentoo. They're typically about $300 used.
The M4600 has the exact same chassis but with older, less power efficient CPUs at a lower price. The M4800 is also identical, but is newer, more expensive, and more efficient. The M6x00 models have MXM B slots and an extra 2.5" bay compared to their M4x00 counterparts.

I love my T60 and X60, but I find myself using the Precision the most out of the three.

I'd love a M6800 but fuck the prices they're asking for those, no way a computer from 2013-2014 is worth 1000$ or more, it's not a Toughbook or Mac.


Wut? 16+4GB or 8/4/4/4?

Then again, that weird amount of RAM isn't uncommon, the Lelnopo ThinkCenter my parents have has got 10GB RAM, couldn't get 2x8GB working so that'll suffice.

8/8/2/2. It came with 2x2 GB and I later added 2x8 GB in the third and fourth slots. All quad core Precisions accept a maximum of 32 GB over four DIMMs.
Same. I might buy one myself when the prices come down.

Posers get out

Tell that to the retards who think 1200$ for Macshit from 2011 is a good value.

Jesus Fucking Christ, Toughbook and Toughpad spare parts are a clusterfuck.

Good god, when do those Toughpads end up on eBay as for parts?

Yaay my battery got through Customs, i'll be recieving it on the 14th.

I want a new keyboard for my T60, but I don't know how to get one.

I purchased an original "refurbished" one off fleabay months ago. It was absolutely disgusting. Tons of hair and debris under the keys. The entire thing was stained with some kind of white, powder-like coating that would not come off. No idea how it got to be so bad, or how someone could sell it with a clear conscience.

Are there affordable NEW generics/knockoffs available? I have heard that such a thing exists. Can anyone offer some shopping tips for me?

pics or didn't happen

It's within the realm of possibility. I immediately found somebody selling 15" 2011 models for $1089.

Delete this

what the fug.jpg

I solved the battery and keyboard issues by buying about 8 T60s, then combining them to make two excellent Thinkpads. I was lucky enough to get 3 extended and 3 normal batteries with >90% life, only two were dead.

I figure I will throw the rest into my crawlspace and simply scavenge them for parts and such over time.

Are there any modern laptops with keyboards similar to the ones on the old ThinkPads?

What about this? Aside from the gaymur aesthetic it does have a mechanical keyboard.

tbh that looks awful. id rather just carry around my ibm model 13 and an all-in-one instead

I remember seeing that thing, problems I see with it are the obvious UEFI/Win10 crap, but other than that it seems like an ok machine when you look at the hardware. Design wise its different and that is both good and bad. I wish it had a trackpoint but not everything will be a thinkpad.

Positives -
The keyboard seems a little off the center for
serious typing but I can see it working as its simulating the keyboard being shifted to the left and the mouse to the right.
Trackpads are for niggers and I can sort of see that mouse setup its got on the right, its doing something different and its not the sploogestation apple encouraged everyone to go with back a few years by devoting over half the space to the trackpad but its different which when looking at these plastic shitboxes is hit or miss. I would want to see how it works first as someones daily first.

The dragon logo thing is fucking retarded, expand the size of the keys something anything but christ that looks like its waiting for a mess to made of it
The keyboard is setup in such a way as there is nowhere for the palms to rest. This is fine if you use it at a desk all day but even then corning my hands over a plastic curb or in constant hover is likely to cause discomfort. So the keyboard probably prevents powerusage and using a laptop in bed or anything else like that.

Other than all of this user if you have the money to drop on it go ahead I know some others are going to come in here and scream thinkpad/toughbook and rightfully so, but I would ask about battery and overheating with those things or at the very least noise.

MSI has great cooling apparently, cannot verify that as I never had any newer MSI laptop aside from a GT780. which I actually really liked, it finally died last year and I bought a used desktop

Meanwhile, over at LelNoPo's P-series:

That's fucking hilarious, paying 2000$ for a workstation only to have it throttle every time you do something performance intensive.

And slightly more on topic: got my bridge battery for my G1 in the mail, aw yeah!

I do wonder if I need the stock SSD cover for waterproofness or not, can't find any info on it.

Cool, it replaces the original lid and retains the IP65 waterproofing rating.

I also bought this last night:

In the next few months looking at purchasing a Librebooted ThinkPad from Minifree. Do they modify any of the firmware or install some 'extra' things? I was thinking about it and it would seem like a no-brainer for the CIAniggers to set up a company selling stuff like that but secretly poz the laptops. So has anyone brought one from there and verified that it hasn't been modified in any way?

Before you tell me to flash it myself, the process of doing so I have looked up and it seems far too complicated for me to do, as I would likely fuck it up, and also finding and buying a thinkpad that is required in my country is near impossible, and the people that do sell them, do so at such a high price I might as well buy one from minifree anyway.

Also, not sure whether to go for the X200 or the T400, the Trackpoint on the X200 is something I have never used before and I am not sure if I'd like it, and if I did, I wouldn't want the hassle of sending it back. Would the T400 have a greater battery life since it is larger?

T400 is better IMO.

That, and don't bother with shit like MiniFree, just learn flashing yourself, it's not hard.

I got my G1's stylus in the mail btw, needs to be calibrated but so far it's day and night compared to finger input!

I'll tell you to flash it yourself anyway because it's impossible to justify $150 (at very least) markup.
It's impossible to get Thinkpads locally for me, but instead of getting jewed by Minifree I mailforwarded my X200 from burgerlands for $90 + $35 re-shipping fee. At the same time I ordered a knockoff clip with a set of wires from Aliexpress for under $10. You'll need an SPI programmer - I have an original RasPi, but Orange Pi ($25 shipped from aliexpress) would do the job just fine.
The flashing process itself is very hard to fuck up: plug all the wires into the raspi and clip, undo 9 screws, remove keyboard and palmrest, peel the protective film a bit, attach clip, get a backup, flash, reassemble.
Now, for $70 overhead, you have a librebooted X200 without any CIAnigger bugs and a spare SBC to fuck around.

bought a t500 with a high res screen for 150$cad and when i got it home the bios was locked, i took it back the next day and the chink store owner is borrowing me a low res t500 until his co worker can come in and reflash the bios on the high res one.

m8 you got Chinked, you cannot remove BIOS passwords from ThinkPads just by flashing the BIOS, you'd need A. read the EEPROM and remove it that way, or B. short-circuit the EEPROM while booting and set a password yourself that you'll remove afterwards.

yeah idk i just assumed he is gonna flash it. he said his boss can "remove bios"

Since its Christmas and everyone is selling their shit buy a thinkpad x200 and get a raspberry pi 2011,12 model since its cheaper than a BBB and libreboot the hell outa that shit.
(Don't forget the wireless card)


What's a bridge battery though

Pull empty main battery, Toughpad goes to sleep mode, install fresh main battery, resume working.

Basically a UPS that allows warm-swapping.

Where the fuck did you see Toughpad batteries for THAT cheap? I had one for 20$ but the seller cannot ship internationally sadly enough.

If the computer could have stayed on I could have seen the utility, but this is just sad

It's that or nothing, Toughbook resellers are hard to deal with since parts are often not in stock.

Did you consider getting an EliteBook or a Latitude? Sure, OEM parts cost an arm and a leg, but they're readily available.

okay /g/ redpill me on laptops are they just a meme?

EliteBooks and Latitudes are not IP65 rated or 6ft drop resistant, the failure rates for Panasonic are extremely low, and I could get my G1 and 31 quite cheap.

Die, fucking faggot who can't damn use a fucking search engine.
There is literaly an entire wiki answering questions, entire threads with already asked questions.

Just die with you "memes".

And with cheap I mean

Are you in construction/the military or are you just LARPing?

I'm willing to bet hp's and dell's professional lines have comparable endurance

Fine by me, but now you have to deal with toughbook retailers

Neither, I can't stand cheap laptops. That, and I can name 9000 other reasons why I love my 31.

Toughbooks also have insane battery life, and batteries are easily available from eBay.

I can't seem to find recent failure rates of ThinkPads and other business laptops, SquareTrade has this fancy chart as a PDF though.

Lelnopo on 6th place LMAO

Haha toughbooks are designed for stupid blue collar grunts that don't know anything about computers. Stupid Fisher-Price bullshit.

Thanks genious. Truly you are the expert.

Should I get an x200 or an x220? The possibility of libreboot being available for the x220 by the end of the year is pretty unlikely. Does the newer/more powerful hardware in the x220 justify it's purchase over the made-to-be freedom respecting x200?
So many questions, so little time.

X220 is far more powerful than a X200.

I guess it's an x220 with coreboot

Should I get a x230 or a T430 if I'm going to use it mainly for programming? Is the increased screen size important?

Get the one with the best keyboard

Both have identical keyboards

Does anyone have a Thinkpad guide, I had a link to one but the page died.


May I pwease haf it :3.

Can the X windows system be run in a very low ram environment?
I bought a thinkpad with a low amount of ram(32MB)

Yes. You might have to go back to XFree86, though.

Few months ago i fell for the Dell XPS 15 meme and now im sick of it. It has so many problems: crappy keyboard, cpu and gpu throttling "by design", wifi disconnecting randomly, uefi botnet, inability to make me_cleaner work due to intel boot guard or something like that, and shitty drivers to already underperforming nvidia gpu.
Im thinking of selling it and buying either x220 or t420 as well as egpu dock and either 480 or 580 for it. Is thisa good idea? Will i feel the difference from downgrading from 7700HQ to 2620m? Can i pass-trough external gpu to wangblows vm?

also for the remaining money i could hire an escort to take my virginity

Yeah you'll notice it, Kaby Lake i7 HQ is a huge step up from a top-end Sandy Bridge i7 dualcore.

32MB RAM? What kind of toaster ThinkPad is that? 760?

not only that just going from a ultrasharp 4k panel to one of the garbage tn panels that plague a lot of thinkpads will be painful.

Use rsync

When the fuck are we getting the Day of the Rope for rulecucks? I just had my post on (((Notebookreview))) edited by some faggy mod because it said Jesus Christ in it, citing as reason "people might get offended"

God fucking damn it, what happened to the internet?

Next time say Mashallah.

Hey I might try this just for shits 'n giggles, thanks user!

Yay my dock should have arrived in my country, which means i'll get it tomorrow!

Hey look, I found a X-ray picture of my X31!

Except it didn't, god damn Christmas shoppers and their last minute buys. DHL says I'll be getting it tomorrow, so there's that.

I did get the hand strap in the mail for my G1 though, now to find a way I can carry it with my CF-31's shoulder strap.

trackpoint scroll isn't working in debian
this t430 is useless

google it you nigger retard

exploded x200 w/ red trackpoint if anyone wants it



/g/ really is here huh

You can enable trackpoint scrolling/wheel virtualisation regardless of it not being in the settings UI, stick it in /.xsessionrc as described:

I'm a NEET so I'm in bed 24/7. I usually put my thinkpad on a sheet of cardboard while laying in bed. Is this good enough, or should I buy a cooling mat? Have you had any experiences with one? I'd like to hear how guys you use your thinkpad while in bed.

on top of a super thick blanket while blocking the vents

Damn, this dock's awesome!

Now I only need that damn SIM card cover.

I use a thin folder I had lying around to keep the vents unblocked.
My thinkpad is my main machine since I can't be assed to go from my room to my PC (long story, can't move it), and I'm probably going to develop back problems from lying around in strange positions for long periods of time.

How long until I develop callouses on my fingertips from the trackpoint?

fan_level set to 6 when plugged in, zero thermal issues

Get the soft rim and thank me later.

i'm a cat tongue guy myself

Can any of you guys play 1080p videos on the xx00 series of Thinkpads? My T400 always freezes if I do. Maybe it's something to do with mpv?

Dust. The answer is always dust.
You need libva g45-h264 driver to play h264 1080p videos. If it's VP9 or something beefier, processor will throttle.

I just got this beauty

Damn i'm jelly. How much did you pay for it?

I got it for free. The hospital I worked at was getting rid of them

I just got my T470s as my new main PC to replace my old 2011 Mac; so far, it feels better than the mac in both keyboard and trackpad (trackpoint) feel.

jelly af tbh; it costs $250 for a decent quality secondhand lets note in Japan.

I've got this Macbook Air for school. It's got a chiclet style keyboard with completely flat keys. Shit feels absolutely horrendous. I hate it with such a passion. Typing on this computer sends me into a low-grade rage every time. Who designed this bullshit?

Curved keys feel so much better to type on. I don't know what it is. Maybe the subtle curve helps you to subconsciously feel your way around. Maybe the curve makes the impact of pressing a key more comfortable.

These flat keys are actually a little bit painful to type on. (Don't tell me to toughen up. I'm an avid guitarist and my fingers are strong and callused. There's something else at play here.) I cannot type as accurately or as quickly. I wonder if the keys are more spread out than on a standard keyboard or something. So pissed off typing this on this shit keyboard.

Can i set a dual 1440p monitors setup on a x220? And what about the W520???

Are you a nihonjin

Not him, but a lot of used tech is less expensive in Japan. x220&ei=UTF-8
Many of those are auctions, but there are some pretty low Buy It Now prices. Also most parts and accessories are dirt cheap.

So for someone who has no clue on Thinkpads, what's the best model to get?

xx30 with Classic Keyboard mod if you're adventerous, otherwise xx20.

Or just get a Toughbook if you have more money than water.

Is the thinkpad t420 still a good choice for Linux?

Yes just watch the temps and replace thermal compound if needed. I'm told you can switch out the t430 chicklet keyboards with the older ones. I have no idea about t44/50.

the newer keyboards aren't bad to type on, it's the new layout that's complete trash.
I'd do it as soon as you get it, even when I opened up my relatively new, to me, t440p the compound on it was as hard as a rock. also dust.
my t440p is pretty good, though it has some flaws like any laptop, shit screen (replaced with FHD IPS panel), wifi card was trash in any OS (modded bios to remove whitelist, put in AC card), no thinklight(mine came with no backlit keyboard too. WHY), no latches, minimal indicator LEDs, no proper buttons for the trackpoint(can be swapped for one with buttons).
it's also the last intel gen where you can swap out CPUs


not even that
sure you can remap some things but most of this was just retarded.

Would it be possible replace my thinkpads screen with an e-ink display?

anything is possible with enough money user.

Can a x220 handle a 1440p monitor?

what are you going to do?

Anything fancy I can do with my X31? I was thinking of doing a playthrough of Deus Ex on it.

Has anyone - or does anyone know of someone who has - replaced an X200's guts with one of the 51NB boards or a custom board from somewhere else? I love my X200 but the old hardware is starting to bog me down a bit. Getting better performance in the same chassis would be ideal.

dint get chink'd

yes, but it would be extremely painful

Avoid anything 51nb until they do another batch, the first batch is always the buggiest.

I can get the X220t and X230t for the same price as the regular non-touch model. My question is that does the touch version have any utility for a non-drawfag? Is the touch model as durable as the regular one? The only use I can think of is media consumption under comfy blankets but then I have heard that Linux on touch screens is iffy.


Jsut bought a CF-52 Mk3 with a dead (and missing) screen. Came with a brand new battery though!

X2x0t have a IPS panel as standard.

Managed to pick up a R50E Thinkpad for 30. Needing to source a charger for it, but is there anything else needed for it?

2GB RAM and a Dothan CPU.

Can someone spoonfeed me on these modified chinkpad boards?

Some site 51nb is apparently selling motherboards or even entire laptops with updated components... like an X61 with a skylake cpu for example.

Is it real and if so, how do I get one?

asking because the entire site is gutter oil runes, i can't make heads or tails of it.

Do they have a storefront for international sales?

There's a Retro computer shop that has a huge job lot of Pentium 1-3 era ThinkPads, should I get some? ThinkPad 700-series for 8€ a pop isn't too bad I suppose.

Meh, pickup only, fuck that.

Should I get el-sahef's X32p? I just sold my CF-52 for 5€ more than I paid for it, lel.

Here's the ThinkPad I was talking about btw:ür-T30

Anyone know of replacement fans for the X200 and it's relations that is a notable improvement over the default fan? Mainly looking at improved cooling but it is pretty loud at higher fan settings so a quieter one would be welcome too.

For those of you that have corebooted your thinkpads (yes, coreboot and not a fork) how hard is it really? I was thinking about buying an X220 with an i7 and IPS screen and then corebooting it + using me_cleaner.

How can I tell if an X200 tablet has an IPS screen or not? If the processor is 1.86ghz or above, does that guarantee it has an IPS screen?

All X200t models have a IPS or PVA panel.

All of the information you need should be written on the cap. It will most likely be polarized so make note of +/- before you remove anything. Silver bearing solder with rosin core flux in the thinnest diameter you can find, would be best for the job. Be sure to clean the old solder up with a solder wick before putting the new cap on there. If you can find a place to stick it, try taping the new cap into place so it doesn't move when soldering. If the caps are surface mount, get a hands free magnifying glass and hold your breath. Good luck!

then don't use forscin or obd2

Tablet calibration is kind of annoying to do. However the main tradeoff you make with tablet variants is that they're often lower specced and heavier than the regular ones, and less common. On the other hand, I was appalled to return briefly to my regular X200, and how bad the screen is.

Also if you care about Libreboot (X200) the tablets are much harder and it doesn't work for all of them.

There's a X201 with a nearly dead battery and broken webcam on my local adverts site for 15€, should I buy it?

Nevermind, seller is a gigantic faggot who doesn't want to ship.

Speaking of which, my X31 has a extremely annoying coil whine issue. The inverter whines a bit, and when I switch from AC to battery power I hear a loud coil whine.

Is my board dying or should I replace capacitor C683?

linux lite worked pretty well with my touchscreen. kind of late to the party


Is the increased screen size important?

Well, is it important to you?

higher resolution on smaller monitors usually doesnt exert that much more energy but changes the price significantly.

Any questions?

HOORAY! I finally found one! Ended up asking a reseller in Germany, 30€ for a stupid plastic lid but hey, it's better than nothing I suppose.

Just ordered my T70 from the chingchongs. They were all out of X62s and I got the last T70. Paid out the nose for it. Pic related.

Display: UXGA IPS (1600 x 1200 / 4:3)
CPU: i7-7820HQ
Storage: 256GB NVME PCIe SSD
WiFi: Intel 7260AC

First order of business will be to install Linux.

have fun exploding

what's the max resolution for a T450?

I too enjoy sucking cock. Faggot.

How much do you think is reasonable for completely unused, scratchless T60?

There’s no such thing. By this point in time, all surviving T60’s are severely blemished. A blanket of hair underneath the keyboard. Encrusted semen on the touchpad. Skin cheese crammed in every crack and seam. A sticky film over the entire case that is impervious to every known method of cleaning.

I also hate eBay. Every single thing I have ever purchased from eBay has had a glaring and unacceptable defect of some kind.

whats the best battery life you can get? I don't mind carrying around a couple of precharged batteries

Laptop batteries use 18650 cells. You can just replace the cells with the highest amperage you can find. Expect to pay $5-10/cell. Buy from a reputable source. Do not trust the Chinese.

Oh god, this. Anecdotally, but we did have an ongoing drama where some Chinese seller shipped us sub-spec batteries, and it was a back-and-forth to get the things refunded, not to mention a trap related to shipping them back for it. Eventually it was settled in our favour but what a waste of time.

I'm not so sure about that. First, if the controller chip loses power it bricks itself. So you must keep the chip powered. Second, even if you keep it powered and successfully replace the cells the chip will still think that that only X amount of capacity remains. There is no way to reset the controller chip.

You can replace the cells, but you will not get an increase in battery life.

It would be great if it was as simple as replacing the cells, but that's not the world we live in. Instead we live in botnet, continuous security vulnerability world where we are expected to scrap a computer after as little as 5 years. I am so pissed.

Someone in Japan managed to recell his X31 battery pack:

So, I have a t420i, which runs nice for me, but I want to go full retropad. Should I buy a t61/60? Is it really worth the buy, as in would I get much different. On large part I want to test NT4.0/5.0

T2x if you want to run Win2k, T4x or X3x is the best if you want to run XP.

sorry, could you explain? Does it have something to do with multithreading or scsi?

I actually was able to do this (twice) with a 44++ 9 cell battery. I used Panasonic NCR18650b's. I bought them from a seller that agreed to spot weld tabs on for me. I soldered them in a 3x3 parallel-series connection. They should read 2.8-4.2v at any cell, ~7v (x2) at every 2 cell group, and the rated ~10-12V from top to bottom for every series 'column'. My advice would be to buy an aftermarket battery ($20) with shit cells and use that because the OEM batteries are a bitch to get open. Actual increase in life compared to new-new stock was not that great because the Sanyo cells are very high quality (2800mah, I believe vs 3200 for the new cells), but the charge/discharge properties on the cells I chose are pleasing and I am quite proud of myself for successfully completing the mod. The IC lockout can be avoided by soldering wires to the test pads of the control board near the four solder points (use a multimeter to check) and then using alligator clips to the contacts on the batteries to parallelize the connection (a bench power supply pushing 3.4V between the pads would do it too). I then had my second battery pack, and soldered it to the original connectors. On the OEM board, there is a lot of thermal mass on the control board, so use a very thick tip w/ temperature control (I used 650F). It's very helpful to tin the spot weld tabs first because the cells are very sensitive. I had some very minor short circuits, but only on individual cells (voltage drop is most important to avoid) for less than a second.

The secondary pads (positions 2 and 3) complete the undervoltage detection circuit, but actually just track a single (middle) cell. I can't really emphasize how tight tolerances have to be, but as a safety measure, once you've attached your replacement connections, use some hot glue to secure the connections and then just snip the old connections instead of desoldering them. The risk of ruining the battery is IMO too great, but I am not a soldering expert and can only do minor SMD repairs by hand. I used Kapton tape to cover every connection I could. I used an industrial glue to glue the pack back in place, and just to be safe, I charged the pack overnight in my sink, then ran the Lenovo battery reconditioning test. Capacity only rose by about 10% on the first discharge, but it continued to improve, and my estimates have stabilized with the increased capacity. The controller does not recognize the design capacity as having changed, but I get around 30% more runtime.

i put in an awesome 15in samsung 1600x1200 panel because the old one was incompatible with libreboot.

i envy you.
keep us updated on how it holds up. it's a ragtag system, but these modern components are efficient enough for thermals not to be much of a problem, right?

Can you post photos of internal circuit board and mark all solder points? Are OEM and third-party boards too different?
I've never opened a Thinkpad battery, yet never seen someone recelling 44-series batteries too. Do you think would this also work for 47-series too?
How did you charge the battery pack without inserting it into laptop?

The CPU+PCH combo are on par with originals on overall TDP level, though it doesn't need to run at full speed all the time.

I am interested too. Keep us updated and post some stress test results. Is the fan noisy?

To be honest I got very excited and forgot to take more pictures. But when I get home from work I can draw a simple picture that will hopefully highlight better what I am talking about. With regards to the third party boards, they are just as fully featured, but the contacts are simple through hole connections (no test pads), with much less thermal mass. To work on this board, I instead, soldered to the reverse side of the board, but kept the connection horizontal, and I used 24g silicone wire for flexibility as wiring on the bottom side of this board makes it a very tight fit because this is where the proprietary connector that joins to the laptop is.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no guide to re-celling the 44++ batteries. With earlier models you could run a small voltage across the voltage protection circuit to reset it, but now, it seems that 44 series and beyond will write to the IC and cause it to report 999 cycles, and then the OS will not even attempt to charge the battery.

Conceptually, I would say as long as you fool the protection circuit (on newer than 44 series, this may include a check for the ~8.4-12.6 range, but I can't imagine it being much more complicated, as the level of complexity on the 44 series is already quite astounding for a battery).

Lenovo offers an aftermarket charging station, but I'll clarify, that I instead removed all components from my machine, and charged it in the machine body (x230). Risky, but to be honest, the novelty associated with the project caused me to be a bit careless, as I wanted to see if it worked.

Are driver boards between 6 and 9-cell packs interchangeable? I hope they are. As I remember 6-cell packs should be 3*2 parallel and poorfag 4-cell models are 4 3.6V in series resulting 14.4V nominal package voltage.

I'm not sure about the 4 cell packs, but from my limited testing the IC is purely electrical with it's checks. It reports Design, peak, and current charge levels, as well as basic information about the board. Reconditioning using Lenovo's utility reflected changes in the peak level. I haven't repacked a six cell but I believe you are correct, they are 2 parallel circuits of 3 cells in series. For any lurkers, make sure you use unprotected cells. Cell level protection is pointless when you have an IC, and they add a few mm of length and will not fit back in the back. Based on my results, repacking the NCR cells should net you around 6000mah peak.

Sorry, replying on my phone. will not fit back in the pack***

Another mod I will be attempting, is swapping the speakers in the x230 for more multimedia friendly ones while retaining the housing, as I do like to watch videos from time to time more so with spoken word than music, the speakers are terrible.

Period correct hardware.

What if I recelled my X31's battery pack with 3400 MAh Panasonic cells? Would I get insane battery life with that and a undervolt?

The undervolt protection circuit only triggers at dangerously (to recharge) low voltages so it should be fine. You would get proportionally better voltages. It's important to look at the spec sheet on the output over time. This will be a 2d matrix on the spec sheet that shows the discharge pattern. You almost certainly won't be able to use all 3400mah with the IC cutting off discharge to protect the cell.

Okay, I found out that lenovo 47 battery (4-cell slim for x200 series) consists of 4 prismatic 103450 probably Sanyo cells. If we double that amount, we get a pleasurable grip on the back and with Panasonic NCA103450 2350mAh batteries, around 67AH capacity in flat form factor that doesn't form a weird bulge on the bottom.
Oh boi, time to learn some CAD and get a 3D printer for prototype asap.

Erhm, proportionally better life, as long as the discharge function is relatively linear. It usually is, but there can be some quirks). The other thing to watch is the charge/discharge amperage. Parallel circuits extend this capacity. For instance, the cells I chose were rated to peak 5A, but the whole pack only ever hits 2A discharge under max load, and maybe 2.5A charging, so well within spec.

That sounds like a worthwhile project, I lurk this thread often, so in addition to the shitty drawing I'll try to get up, if you post your board before you disassemble we can take a look for similarities. The 3d printing component is very interesting

hmm, okay, I'll see about it...

please tell us if me_cleaner/flashing the me works

I think he was talking about undervolting CPU circuitry only.

Nah, not yet. And you are still left with buggy chinese UEFI written by g-d know who.

Oh hey, I got a DFHR6772XA-0 in the mail this afternoon.

Panasonic's part number for the Toughpad G1 SIM card cover, which means my Toughpad is finally finished!

Yeah, rereading that, it's clear that was the case...

Anyway, here is my shit drawing to the best of my memory as to the layout of the control board. I do distinctly remember searching for identifying markings on my OEM LGC battery, and not finding anything outside of the fairly standard TI control chip. So nothing exciting all things considered...

The heavily shaded areas running from battery V+ and battery V- to the control board V+ and V- are contiguous nickel plates that are spot welded across all tabs (these plates also run from the 4th, middle cell, to the under voltage tabs in the middle of the board). There is a very generous amount of solder on the board, and it's unlikely soldering your replacement pack directly to this will desolder the tabs, as the nickel plate seems to be through hole and may be 1/8th-1/4" in width. This is not the case with the cheap knockoff control board, or the plate end of the connection, so be careful. I tried to circle to the best of my memory the locations of the test pads used. They do correspond by proximity to each tab. I enlarged the connector to help with orientation, as the bottom side of the OEM control board must be perfectly flush to the housing or it will not join (there is more room in the aftermarket housing because the board is smaller). The nickel tabs are resilient and I had to use a strong pair of flush-nose wirecutters to cleanly trim them. I highly recommend stranded silver 24 gauge silicone wire for flexibility and be sure to run the wire along the existing path because there isn't room to run wire over the top of the batteries.

My basic procedure was:
1) wire up replacement pack
2) find test pads
3) wire replacement pack to existing battery's test pads to equalize charge levels
4) Sanely desolder replacement pack, and solder to existing connections on the same side of the board as the OEM battery
5) this is a good place for a multimeter sanity check, and if everything is working correctly, cut and trim the old battery out (reverse order)
6) fit the new battery in and if the test fit is successful, apply the glue/tape to seal it permanently shut

If things don't go according to plan in Step 6, take a break and think about it because most mistakes are made doing things quickly out of frustration.

Overall it took me about 3 hours, but I expect someone more skilled could do it in about half the time.

One additional tip if using the OEM battery, don't try to trim down the 4th cell's nickel tabs too much as they run across all the cells in the row. Instead, once you have the parallel circuit or have bridged the ~3.4V connection, trim the plate to a comfortable length to pre-tin and then use a hot-glue reinforced wire-to-tab solder for the replacement pack. I do not think I am skilled enough to trim out and solder a new wired connection in between the cells (1,7) without causing overheating or a short circuit.

What is the difference with the p at the end of a model? For example the difference between the T43 and the T43p?

What's the consensus on the W models, school is starting and I'm going to be using it for a third of the day with no battery, I don't mind the weight and size of it but can the battery hold out that long, are they beefy or truly slick machines.

Lurk on Thnikwiki next time.

Hory mory, decent 103450's cost a fortune.
The cheaper ones (probably Samsung, 1800mAH) are packaged with circuitry already, so I'm not sure what's inside and whether tabs are easily accessible for hand-soldering.

Which cell is 4th? More retard-friendly diagram is needed.

I can update it. In the current orientation, bottom left cell is cell 1, bottom middle cell is 4, bottom right is 7 i.e. top->bottom and left->right rotated -90 degrees as it were.

So overall, in my configuration, I had nickel plates coming from cell 1 positive terminal to control board solder point 1 (left->right orientation), a second plate from the positive terminal of cell 4 (connected in parallel to cells 4,5,6) to the second solder point on the control board. A third plate runs from the negative terminal of cell 4, in the same configuration as the previous, to the third solder point on the control board. The last plate, runs from the negative terminal of cell 9, bends around the the bottom of the other cells (it's insulated), and to the fourth solder point. The tabs that came with my cells were very short, and less rigid than the nickel plates, so I was unable to use them to bridge the connections directly. There are some creative solutions you could attempt to salvage the nickel plates if you're so inclined, just parallelize the connection and then salvage the plates. If you don't measure the lengths of your replacement tabs, they will probably want to fold over when shoved in the pack and this can cause a ~3.4v short. I noticed this especially in relation to the middle row of cells.

Thanks, I've already figured the 4th cell and symbols near it.
I think I might be successful in creating 8-cell battery since tablets have similar design: 4*18650 + 4*103450, but I'm afraid the controller is weirdly shaped and electrically incompatible with 6/9-cell or even 4-cell slim models. Have to find a near one for scuttle to be extra sure. If the battery will report when plugged into non-t laptop, count it as half success.

wow, I used to have some pretty sick japanses 18650 batts. now i can get a sick battery for like $90 probably...


And now I knpw a bit about electronics, I wont be getting a high mAh and have them run in series not parallel for maximum congruency!

ebay some end at $10

u can convice ppl on craigslist to go for that low too

You don't want your SDR inside your actual computer user, they suffer enough from being plugged into the USB port right next to the machine like they are.

Then what is this?

probably something that's deaf
Literally first link in searcks.

Just got lucky and got a 19 Mk5 from my local computer dude for 30$, BIOS passworded to hell and back (it even has a Power On Password or something?) and no caddy/battery.

It's exactly the same one I owned in 2014 though! Off to find how to short circuit the EEPROM so I can reset the password.

Just get a fucking Macbook Air. Best battery life.

This. I've got a Macbook Air for school. And a vintage TP with a dead battery for everything else.

Macs are good and all, but shit if something breaks.

Fuck, short-circuiting the EEPROM does nothing aside from it letting it turn on 1 second and shutting down.

Looks like it's going back for sale, it's in pretty rough shape and everything is missing too.

but most importantly

That kind of black and white thinking is not practical. For some people it is impossible to meet all computing needs with a real Thinkpad. Some of us, for example, have jobs that require the use of software that only runs on Windows or Mac OS.

"Get a new job" is not a solution. I like my field. And further, like it or not, some fields are superficial on a certain level. If a prospective client (who is totally ignorant about computers) sees you using some busted up laptop that is 10 years old they are just going to think that you are poor and suck at your job. Maybe in your field it is ok to have the opposite philosophy. If so great. But for some of us that kind of attitude is not going to help at all.

First of all, a real Thinkpad is going to necessarily be an old computer. Newer Thinkpads with updated hardware do not have the build quality of a real Thinkpad, and they are cucked by Intel ME, etc... If you think that your Thinkpad "classical edition" or whatever is a real Thinkpad then you are sorely mistaken. If your Thinkpad is not a T60/X60 or similar vintage then you can pretty much just fuck off out of this thread.

So a real Thinkpad is old. As such it is not up to the task of running certain software. I sure hope that you are not running Windows on your Thinkpad. Really, at a bare minimum a self-respecting user should be running a non-systemd Linux distro. Ideally you would be running OpenBSD (my opinion), as Linux has basically become irrevocably cucked now.

Now, maybe you want to be a faggot and run the newest version of Windows on your brand new backdoored Chinkpad. (I'm sure you'll dualboot with Ubuntu like the queer you are). This will let you cover all bases with one single computer that purports to be a Thinkpad, but we all know that such a setup puts you in an even lower rung than the average Mac user. This is because such a setup is based on vanity alone. It's not a real Thinkpad. Sure, it kind of looks like a Thinkpad but underneath it's almost a bigger piece of shit than a new Mac. (It's pretty much safe to say that all new computers are total shit at this point.)

tl;dr if you actually use a real Thinkpad you need a separate computer for doing pozzed shit on.

More and more it is becoming ideal to compartmentalize computing. This way you can have a very clean system for certain things (your *nix Thinkpad, used for coding etc) and another system for other things (a shitbox faggy Mac for whatever normie shit you need to do for work/school).

Take your meds Terry, you can own a business grade laptop without giving *pple any money.

Turns out the device kinda sucks:
It's a basic shack in a chip so you can't expect it to compete with a real radio. Also you'll need an amplifier if you want to transmit any distance.

What computer does TAD use anyway? I don't follow him.

He used to use a very powerful desktop with a 16 core Intel CPU but I think he's on a van-down-by-the-river-grade laptop now.

Nobody knows where Terry is though, he isn't updating his blog.

Pray for Terry.

Only recently was I able to get my hands on an X60 in good condition for a decent price. Of course, the shitstorm with intel had to happen right after. I was planning to put OpenBSD on it. Will I be able to use firefuck efficiently? or will I have to use a 'minimal' browser? my #1 choice would have been dooble but it's not in the repos. Basically, what browser do you use on older hardware? I'd prefer one without javascript + an adblocker.

You will need at least 2GB of RAM and you will need to increase the default user RAM usage limits. Firefox is noticeably slower on OpenBSD. If you use a javascript blocker it is very usable though.

I don't know why you would want to. Running Firefox on an OpenBSD X60 is like taking a shit on a cute virgin girl when you could just do regular things with her.

What would you recommend then? I would have liked to use links in graphical mode, but it's not in the repos. Surf is alright I guess.

Meant for

Also, how do you suppose it'll fair after the meltdown patch? It has a core 2 duo but it's only 1.83ghz.

They probably did not even patch it.

Not yet, but I have faith in the devs. I don't think FreeBSD has patched it yet either.

It absolutely is in the repos. I use it, and nothing else. It is listed as "links+". I've heard that some packages don't show up for current users. If you run current, and links+ does not show up in the repo, then I don't have an answer for you.

No idea. I am assuming that if the "patch" comes with a big performance hit that the devs will allow users to disable it before booting.

I don't anticipate any problems for myself. (For reference, I use a T60 with a Core Duo 1.83GHz and 2GB of RAM.) I keep my system as light as possible. No big and ugly programs. I don't do anything that requires a lot of power. I code small things in C and they compile almost instantly. IRC and email with irssi and mutt. Browse web with links+. Watch porns that I download with links+ with ffplay. Look at pictures with sxiv. Basic retarded cozy computer shit. Occasionally download a torrent with btpd. We'll see.

Oh, you're right. How gaffe of me...

I'm the same as you, I actively try to avoid bloated programs whenever possible, sans firefox (but I have been using links more and more on my FreeBSD laptop). Where we differ is that I generally have 3+ torrents running at a time (rutracker is great). By the way, which wm do you use? I've used ratpoison for years but I wanted to try something new/novel.

btpd can handle 3+ torrents at a time. But it does lack some features. I don't
think it does DHT, which sucks for downloading rare torrents.

I use cwm, which comes with OpenBSD (but it's not the default WM).

Thanks for your replies. I'm a FreeBSD user but I honestly think OpenBSD is much better (the devs actually use it, lol), I just know more about FreeBSD so I've been deferring from switching for a while now. Seems like I'll never go back

Selling off some shit to make space, and then I'll get the el-sahef X32p I guess.

What's a cooler wifi card that is in the X60 bios whitelist? I don't want to trannyboot it to remove the whitelist because I am a bsd user.

You can mod the stock bios to remove the white list. This is the best option as the whitelist approved parts are pricey just because they're approved.

I have the middleton bios on my T60. The reason why I'd rather avoid this solution is that it made the boot times WAY longer. I use an ssd too and it generally takes a minute at least. How much more expensive are those wifi cards, really? If it's something exorbitant like 50$ I'll pass, but I'd be fine paying ~20$ or so.

the problem is you won't find an ath9k card that's whitelisted

Flash coreboot+seabios
Works great with BSD.

How in the fuck do I change the password for Intel AMT on an X220? I login with Ctrl+P, it never asks for a password, there is no option in any of the menus for setting a password.

What does the first menu say?

FUCK. T23's palmrest ended up being damaged after all after getting dropped a few months ago.

Guess I have to order a new one from eBay. Also bought a new palmrest for my T22 again, since i'm a retard who drops his shit by accident.

New thread:

A thing to consider putting into an expresscard slot might be an ethernet adapter (so you don't have to use the ME-infested embedded one). Any recommendations as to a specific brand/model (preferably with Linux/*BSD suport)?

discord gg/CFP44ZC

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