Hot new book just dropped!

Stronk independent wyman Meygn Kelly released her new book. Be the first on your block to read and REVIEW it.

I'll be sure to pirate this




Her head looks photoshopped onto that body. The lighting is all off and her not having appreciable amounts of hair makes it look weird.

How close am I to the actual cliffnotes of this gem?

I would fuck her

Get out.

Does she get naked? If not it isn't worth it. I'd buy two if there is a snuff video of her in it as well

Nothing like a little grudge fuck to pass the time


I've had enough of her, get her the fuck off my board

you're right. they did a good job where the chin meets the neck but the face looks way more in focus than the body. Either that or they airbrushed her face so much it looks unnatural.

Stop bumping this thread you retards. Holy fuck. Fucking newfag trash

Holy shit that subtle but brutal burn

She looks so fucking poz now.

The new Reich has spoken, book is terrible.

Fresh OC inbound. How’d I do?

Bretty good user

Send it to her twitter

She has kids and has been married to the same guy since 2008. Although this is probably a good summary of the books content.


thanks, kek

Another multimillionaire stronk womyn spewing pozz.

Her husband is in a tough spot. He fucked up by marrying her in the first place. I can't even imagine the level of condescention pouring through her every word toward him. How does he refrain from blackening those eyes?

My favorite one.

These are amazing review, especially the first one

Is she trying to make herself look like Melania? Did Trump psychologically damage her harder than we thought?

She makes him put on a golden wig while he ritualistically cuts her hair into a trim 'maddow'

Shit makes me feel like a mgtow. In any case, Megyn is going the Anita route and is nothing more than a professional victim now. I'm sure she'll cry about the "harassment" she has been getting. Too bad for her the only people who will care are leftists who don't buy shit save Apple products.

she already cut her hair because trump was in her head

Excuse me, it's wymyn you fucking shitlord.

She cheated on her husband multiple time, she's just another whore with an attitude.

There was a four or five panel image of her as her hair grew shorter over the campaign, ending with her as a shaved head Britney Spears.
Any of you niggers got it?

Again, for reference.

Just think about how pissed she must be that all of her fellow Fox News commentators' books are more successful and all have received higher praise.

Add to that an army of obvious pro-Trump trolls destroying her, any day now she's going to start crying on air

No doubt.

Hopefully he's livin the neet life and being an otherwise good role model for the kids. He'd get raped in court obviously… so kinda trapped.

This one, user?

The topics may be interesting but they're written from a cucked perspective. I can't believe people buy these books, especially ones from the republican women.

You can't be a good role model for your kids if you're a no balls type of guy, he could fuck her shit up in a public manner.

That's it, you're a star user.

Clippers with no guard after her book flops

Trolling aside, what's in that fucking book?

She implies Trump tried to poison her.

True, but thats a ticket to court, divorce, and not seeing your kids except during once-monthly visitation. I mean yea, there is a piece of him I'm sure that wants to fucking bury her… but weighing it all out?

Bury a vapid cunt vs. Spending time with kids?

you're not serious, right user?

He did something to her. Look at how short her hair is now.


I can.


Megyn has become a symbol of peak cuckery and shitlibbery within the "conservative" movement and now she will be discarded. From now on do not post her, she should fade into obscurity as she just wants attention.

Blow it all up, you can spend the rest of your life with them. In the end they'll realise who's the good one, and if you leave enough traces behind, like most kids who realized they've been lied to in a serious manner, they absolutely refuse to have anything to do with the parent in question. Waste a few years to ruin the rest of hers.

Just a reminder that:
1. This beast will only die from lack of attention.
2. She doesn't need your help to convince people her book is trash
3. There are way more desperate womyn journalists on facebook who would react to an obvious review bombing by us against a fellow womyn journalist.
4. OP is either a clever marketer priming this scenario, a cointel shill trying to distract you, both, or just a genuine idiot. I'd say marketing is most likely.

Tell me. What was she thinking with that hair?
She wasn't even bad looking before, but that short hair is just terrible. And I'd say the same for all women.

All the friends I have whose parents divorced ended up lefty cucks. Not that personal anecdotes are valid evidence.

strong independent wymyn need short hair to be more like men, if you see a girl with hair this short you can immediately know something's wrong with her head

Who is doing the shoops for this book?
eye looks airbrushed
body doesn't look like hers
head angle seems off, not too mention unconvincing jawline.
This seriously reminds me of MS Paint shoops of jim.

What caused all of this? Wasn't it because she was biased during the debate?

Holy shit, absolutely BTFO. Great job user

Bengarrison Kelly Jewish Attackdog.jpg

Here, user (this is what started it all)

Or, you know, OP wanted to share how badly her shit book is doing for us to laugh at.

You fucking troglodyte.

She's a wealthy public figure begging to be shit on for even more shekels so let's not disappoint her.

What mustn't be forgotten is that Trump literally isn't accepting the Presidential salary, so he literally is doing this all

They thought this was going to be the killshot.

You forgot and added the obligatory cleavage.
Every fucking time.

she was on Dr. Pin earlier today. that's about as low as you can go.

Phil you fucking auto correct.


Discussing her fee fees no doubt.

*forgot the added

Fuck my computer

Okay, which one of you spoiler glorious faggots wrote this?

She was so rustled that the crowd laughed and cheered for Trump


this is one of my favorite trump campaign moments, especially since it was so early in the primaries and meant to be disqualifying

Book released yesterday and already they cut the prize… God… sometimes i love you shitposters. Im so earnestly awaiting for her tears in the fat black whores show.

Trump had a "controversy" just about every week/month and none of it ever hurt him because he had the right message.

As he said, "I could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and I wouldn't lose support!"
He was right

I saw that too

referrer from pol,
delete or shadow delete multiple comments from same referrer,
real name and address confirmed with credit card payment,
identity added to extremist database sold to governments, political organizations, and corporate hr departments.

Implying we dont just google it like normies.

I wonder if she has a sex tape?

Yes, her and Jim Norton


Typically when women who go through some sort of trauma (like a breakup or someone close to them dying) they have to change something drastic about their physical appearance so it looks like they're moving on. Ive seen women get tattoo, dye their hair, some buy clothes and some lop off their hair, They cant deal with the change mentally so they have to change something they have control over.
Don blew her so hard the fuck out, she cut her hair, wrote a book and went full tilt SJW. Can't handle the bantz.

the memes just won't end




Pretending for a minute that this actually happened, why did the dizzy bitch drink it if she didn't want it?

Pic related

Holy fuck you're right, look at the before and after.

This election absolutely ruined her. Trump will maga by causing all the leftists to become so emotionally damaged they end it all.

she played a big part in getting her boss fired. she thought the Jews would be tripping over one another to offer her shekels since she "stood up the ebil White Racist." the Jews already had a feminist version of "Nixon vs. Frost" all ready to be filmed…and then Trump won.
Fuck her dead rotting skull.

This has not been driven down to a single star as of yet. I would think a few seconds of your time would be worth the additional public humiliation. The Emperors' enemies deserve no less.