Starting either late last night or early this morning, Twitter began banning accounts by the hundreds for "hate speech", an unprecedented move even for a kike like Jack. Pro-Trump accounts, both large and small, are being banned with no warning and no explanation. It seems that Trump saying that Twitter won him the election during his 60 Minutes interview got the attention of enough kikes. The goal appears to be ban anyone they consider "alt-right".

Preemptive Shitposting FAQ:

Because Twitter is a massive platform and has been one of our #1 ways of reaching out to fence-sitting normalfags. Trump was right, we successfully bent Twitter to our will and popularized a pro-Trump narrative.
No fuck you, you little faggot. It doesn't matter whether we identify with that term or not because the kikes clearly do. We need every avenue available to spread memes and propaganda.
You should have an account ready, but the use of Twitter is reaching out to normies. Being corralled to a pro-Trump hugbox is fucking meaningless unless we get enough people over there.
I agree, but plenty of these accounts were true JQ-aware kike-hating 8/pol/ shitposters. Some never even trolled, just posted news, polling statistics, etc. We need to accept that we're all being suppressed right now.

So what should we do? In the meantime we need to regroup, make new accounts, spread new handles of high trust big names like Ricky Vaughn. As we've seen from Twitter's stocks, they're on life support and can't find a buyer. If we're going down, we're going to take them down with us. We can't allow them to create a large progressive safespace free from Kek. The yids are in full OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN mode. Let's do something about it.

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When you're using the enemy's infrastructure, they are under no obligation to give you a platform. Twitter being dedicated to the destruction of the White, European race is not breaking news, it's not cutting edge information. Their corporate addresses are not secret. Their employees are not anonymous. If you want something, physically take it.

Well then I'm going to make my own twitter! With racism and blackjack

Honestly Twitter will be dead of its own accord shortly

twitter is finished

it's time to abandon it's rotting corpse and find new sites to take over

I doubt it.

You should use that to target anti-whites.

It was only good for this past election to shitpost and reach a wide audience. Victory is already had so it's worthless now and they'll collapse soon as all the major bidders left them hanging after the bans.

Let it die so something else can take its place. Can't put the genie back in the bottle we reached critical mass long ago.

This, although i know you are not talking seriously.
This is what is needed right now, new platforms to express ideas and share, but without kikery

We should push for government regulation of Twitter and Facebook.

Are you delusional? Or just a Trump nuthugger who thinks it's about some candidate and not something bigger?

I'm not banned yet. I guess it's time for me to convert my Twitter account into a nigger and troll the shit out of black twitter.

kindly take your reddit tier memes and fuck off

Fucking 4cuck refugees

You joking? Take a look at their earnings reports.

The rules are not enforced equally.

When is the last time MSNBC posted a profit? Or paywalled liberal newspapers? The people who own these things don't own them to make money directly – the own them to subvert and spread favorable propaganda.

I just began calling Jack a kike thrall cunt. Messaged an anti-homophobia campaign twitter and called them pozvectors, suggested suicide.

What else at this point other than to shitpost and troll? Since Milo every major account is just going to get purged, and that was known like 6 months ago. You're not going to accomplish much kissing Twitters ass trying to build up a large follower base.

Did you actually think that was going to happen lol? You'd think Milo and Ricky would have sent a message that it doesn't matter how big or small you are.

Looks like they're cracking down all the way around.

this is what needs to happen

mass reporting of all leftist shit posters, i'm sure can bot it, point it at a leftist hashtag and report all tweets looks like the good alternative and they have a frog as their logo.

sorry about the pic for ants

So the death of twitter is here? Not yet?

Apparently some on our side are reporting threats of violence and threatening to get the FBI involved unless Twitter does something. It seems to be working.

Came here to suggest that, but looks like some people are way ahead.

Just turn it on them and report all anti-white racism. If they act on it, win. If they don't, that's a story to spin + it will be glaringly obvious if the only racism left on Twitter is against white people.

Twitter is of no importance and not worth taking, it cannot be taken. It shouldn't be.

What we are about to see is the escalation of drama and sjw madness which has nothing obvious to feed on, so it will begin to feed on itself.

Sit back and enjoy the show as they progressively slaughter each other and establish new levels of elitism in a leftist civil war. Without an enemy at their gates, they will kill each other inside the walls.

Hell, they already tear and gnaw at each other, this just leaves them with purely infighting. is a great alternative, but like I said in the OP, Twitter's value is the ease of access to normalfags. I suggest we ride down Twitter until they file chapter 11.

I think they're actually going to crack down on obvious anti-white hatred. At least ones that go so far to advocate violence. Continuing to allow it while cracking down on pro-white accounts just helps our side and I think they're finally realizing that.

Here's what you do: subvert the kikes
make up a new twitter, make it black or islamic man
keep a low profile for a few days
then slowly turn into a tranny, start making posts about Muslim brotherhood or nation of islam, quote quran and malcolm x, also start talking about gay stuff
Then talk about the problem of israel. the JQ. how israel is trying to divert your people to rayciss europe when really you should protect the fatherland from the jews
tweet at preachers and imams, harass rabbis and ((the revealed))
then post screenshots, faggots

option 2: who cares, it'll die out soon enough, report niggers for no reason

Twitter just outright permanently banned me for no particular reason (didn't even give me a reason or a chance to rectify whatever I did wrong) back in the beginning of 2015, so I'm done using it.

It's time for us to make a REAL twitter alternative (not jew-run containment-site).

We have enough programmers and devs here to get something real going, something open-source and possibly decentralized.

How do we do this Holla Forums?

Epic closing of the barn door after the horse has bolted.

No. The best thing you can do is infiltrate and amplify the most vicious anti white shit you can find and do it yourself too.

Anything we design will be a containment site until Twitter is kill. It needs to die first.

Twitter already has a block function. So yeah, the business is now dead.

You don't, since companies won't use it and it won't be advertised on TV, so normalfags will never see anything you do on it. WikiLeaks, Trump, Breitbart and/or InfoWars would have to throw their weight behind something in order for it to be even a little more useful than just working around the bullshit on Twitter. But that'll never happen because they know it'll be covered in TGSNT and Holohoax infographics immediately and it's not time yet :^)

Newspapers are cheap, Twitter is not.

He's not banned. He's allowed to stay if he deletes a tweet. So it's not happening all around.

If you can get enough of the leftists and normies to get banned and upset, they might switch to a new platform too. Then you might not be dealing with trends getting shut down by the site owners and moderators because it doesn't serve their agenda. Twitter may be on its way to be the next MySpace, with everyone leaving in droves to use another platform. Hopefully not another Faceberg though.

Yeah that's never going to happen.

He was banned until he deleted it.

I made a twitter account years back for stupid reasons and used it for approximately two hours and not a single time since. Keep getting obnoxious emails about attempted logins from various sources several times a week, but it gives me no option to just delete the account.

I should use this opportunity to go and get it banned so that shit stops happening. It's fucking obnoxious is what it is. Thanks for the heads up, OP.

You can still log in when banned, you just can't do anything at all.

Something akin to the Fairness doctrine from broadcast television

yes, this is what's happening. They finally are realizing that letting people spew anti-white male rhetoric is pushing more people to our side. Banning popular alt-right accounts was just a way for them to kill two birds with one stone. Luckily, this will just piss off the people who want to post anti-white things and they might drop twitter altogether

I bet Twitter wants to be integrated into government funding as a "service"

On the flip side, if they do that I believe users would have first amendment protections which won't matter, twatter would continue to be a kike shithole


Not under a Trump administration it wouldn't.

Is there any way to drive them to bankruptcy so they're forced to sell? are there any redpilled billionaires that would be interested in buying?

We need our own platform while simultaneously taking Twitter down. The course of action from here on out should be trolling the everloving shit out of people on Twitter. Let it burn.

Threaten to get the FBI involved. It should light a fire under their ass. If not, report to the FBI anyways. Let the bitch suffer.


a jew advocating white genocide? what a surprise!

Use it to get anti-whites suspended and banned.

She'll go into full shoah mode and holocaust all of her tweets, report first with an archive, then threaten to make them shit themselves.

fyi "mongs" is now a banned word. fml


tbh Twitter pretty much is shit now.

welp good thing I still got gnu social

Don't threaten. Just report. No more warnings, civility, due process.

Gabai- The officer of the synagogue who determines which congregants are to receive Torah honors at the service.
Hello Shlomo!

If you can add notes to your report note that you have also filed a tip with the FBI.
If they threatened Trump note that you notified the Secret service of the thread on the president elects life.

it's really good in keeping an eye on subhumans. they literally broadcast their crimes on it.


We don't need a Twitter alternative. Twitter is a cesspool.

its called, fix the shithole known as GNU social, and there you go.



Don't just get the left banned. Get regular and innocent accounts banned too. Get people disgusted with the platform and make them drop it in huge numbers.

only when they violate the rules, now


To drive (((Twitter))) to bankruptcy would require a lot of people working in tandem to do one of the following:
Driving them to bankrupcty would only work if we became Anonymous again. Unless we are willing to invest our time into driving everyone off it or hacking them, Twitter will stay up for now.

Are there any good twitter alternatives Trump can support?

maybe i shouldve read that part first

he can just make his own social media during his presidency and advertise it live at a press conference

it's a stock driven company, just meme some vague shit to drive stock prices into the toilet and you could force a chapter 9

Make some shitty hashtagh like #Twitter1984 and post about the new censorship. Criticise, shitpost and make people leave twitter under all circumstances.

Dubs confirm

They'll keep twitter going. It'll just be a money sink. They'll get the money out of white hides.

I can see it now.
Microtransaction Twitter.
You can only post a limited amount of tweets a day but can purchase more. Subscriptions allow unlimited tweets.

Agreed. Cultivate alternatives while destroying Twitter. Twitter will always be a marxist pile of trash, so it must be destroyed.

Why not both? Gab has a higher character count and it’s not like you have to stop destroying Twitter.

They have been planning on this for a long time.

There was a post on 4cuck a few months ago, saying that Twatter was going to ban tonnes of pro-Trump users in a massive display of sour-grapes if Trump won. As is tradition, OP was a faggot, but he claimed to have inside info.

Dug through my chan folder for a minute and HOLY FUCK, I actually screencapped it.

When was that reported? It seems they just started doing these bans since Trump got elected.


Interesting. Seems to be some truth to that. There's no way they're going to ban the account of the president-elect though. That would be fucking hilarious.

Make alts and flood twitter with extreme left wing posts until users realize the double standards at play
shit like
Make sure to use proper leftist terminology like gender neutral pronouns and make absolutely sure that you don't come off as a troll.

Make sure to retweet and favorite similar posts whether you think they were made by trolls or actual SJWs.

The problem is, that real leftists tend to adopt these ideas, no matter how crazy they are, once we put them out on the web.

It seems like it would be more effetive if you targeted users in the middle. Just regular everyday people. Accusations of racism, sexism, and xenophobia are great. Also throw in transphobia, islamaphobia and homophobia for bonus points.

Extra, double team people with Left and Right accounts to really turn Twitter into a toxic pit of shit for everyday people.

These are good points, rather than giving the SJWs ideas we should just pretend to be SJWs to regular people to the point where they get fed up and redpill themselves.

What is the term for pretending to be an extremist on the other side to discredit them? I know for sure there is a term for it.

If we shit it up enough, completely tumblrize it, normies will leave of their own accord. Of course, we'd need to find a whole lot of autists who are capable of writing absurd SJW posts all day. That shit's pretty draining for normal people.

Maybe we could do some judo. Take the batshit insane momentum that's already on tumblr and somehow transfer it over to twitter. #OccupyTwitter or some such nonsense. Just tell them Twitter users got Trump elected and that twitter needs to be cleansed. The only trouble here is that most tumblr snowflakes wouldn't last 3 seconds on twitter without getting triggered to death.

Good. The crazier they get, the more people turn away from them.

You have GNU Social which is Federated. You can run independently with only you or only who you want to register or you can run a public one. And so long as you allow the Federation you can contact anyone else running one. It's not quite decentralization but the ultimate point is that not one entity can control it. And not even a mass of people can control what gets pushed along it.

For true decentralization there's the Twister project. Messages are transmitted and stored on a blockchain, unlike a cryptocurrency blockchain however there's no "tokens" required for paying to transmit, but if you do want to put out a "promoted" message you can dedicate processing cycles to it.

Point is the heavy lifting is done already, but as you can tell from GNU Social what with Hannes and Mattl it's absolutely infested with SJWs. But being open source, forks aren't only doable but for example on the front end for the UI there's at least 3 other projects I've seen that split off from Hannes work or supplant it completely (including nodejs implementations that forego the sluggish php/mysql implementation the servers are built on now). As soon as one goes gold solid enough it should be a matter of replacing the existing front ends and pulling from or converting the existing message databases (if people even want to keep them).

But hey, Nonsensicole and her SJWlite crew shat all over the GNU Social implementations focused on free speech when they were picking up steam last year, trying to keep their user base gravitating around them to keep their Twitter analytics up, so, I mean, if you want to keep rewarding that behavior…

Make leftist and rightist accounts. Get them in fights with each other. Have them report each other.

You can't just spam false reports or they'll probably ban your account.


The only way to do that is probably a decentralized social network where no single person or organization has a grasp over content policing. Looking up kikepedia returns diaspora* which seems promising.

Or you could make leftist accounts and just go after people commenting on news sites.

For example, some random old woman comments on an article "what's the world coming to" or some generic comment. Viciously attack her for being xenophoic and let her know how she makes you sick. Nothing too overboard, we've all dealt with these nutjobs before so we know how they argue. Well start giving it to people that don't even deserve it or even expected it to come.

Make sure you come off as extremely condescending and oozing with smugness. Let them know how uneducated and disgusting they are.

Also occasionally retweet shit from beyonce or something "ya gurl you go".

I've been reporting every tweet I see from anyone. Twitter is killing itself and I'm helping.


It would be nice to have access to lists of new accounts, to ruin their impression of twatter right away. Automated lists, like those used by the accounts whose only purpose is to try to accumulate followers.

I'm not sure if something like that exists, but that would be excellent.

Instead, we can focus on people with not many followers who don't use it that much. As soon as someone comments have two or three socks attack them and move to another CNN article.

Since we fight on the assumed side of the left, chances of getting banned drop. Shit, we might even get others banned for arguing against us.

gnusocial is full of homo despotic faggot socialists. You get banned for NOTHING!



Sure, use but it's pretty much private and basically a pro-Trump hugbox. It doesn't allow us to confront the media and political figures directly. We have to stay in their face. Why do you think Trump himself uses it so much?

Right now the best way to operate is to:

-Keep Holla Forums as where we discuss our plans anonymously, but not where we want normies arriving or even knowing about.
-Use for similar, but discussions are only semi-user among namefag Twitter bros.
-Shill Twitter constantly with Holla Forums stuff. It's our best way to stay in the faces of the journos, kikes, and politicians basically all the same thing :^] while maintaining an audience of normies. Twitter is how we control the narrative.

This all said I hope Twitter crashes and burns, but until then we must maintain a presence until something else takes its place.

Also, normally I wouldn't say anyone who disagrees is a shill, but anyone who disagrees is a shill.

This is the company who thought a "Safety and Trust Council" was a sound business idea

I've been pushing this exact line on my leftist trash friends on kikebook that I've been harvesting salt off of the past week and it literally sends them through the roof once they research what the fairness doctrine was.

meme it hard and mine the salt

Thanks user I'll check this stuff out. Appreciate the informative post.

fucking anime THOTs smh

He said that would happen on the night of the election, it's been a week since then.

I agree, but it appears to me that anyone who engages with poc or women get the boot.

This is what got me banned. I guess you're not allowed to call out leftist so called journalists.

Maybe they expected Hillary to win and use said list.
But since Trump got it, had to re-evaluate the list?

Report Trump's tweets.

The God Emperor will crush Jack.


The two current weak points of the left:
1. Not reeling in their crazies
2. Turning people away with insane rhetoric

Go full tumblr on normies, all while decrying the outrage that sexist america didn't vote for Hillary Clinton, and that if it wasn't for voter fraud and media bias, she would have gotten 97% of the vote. The left doesn't reel in their crazies, so Twitter will let it slide, no matter how nuts it is. We make the left look even crazier than they already are, and in turn their own crazies will follow suit and get crazier. It's a feedback loop that will make them so toxic that nobody in their right mind would ever cast a vote to give them even a scrap of power. We takes the methods of subversion that were used on us and turn them back around on them.


you're all confused

you can't get banned from the GNU Social /network/. If you go to one of the commie instances… here let me help you out.

See all those instances like Quitter? See where all their top level domains are at? Predominantly European. They're stacked with commies and their admins or social justice. Now check this out:

Different instances have different rules. Find you one, or build it yourself, which has as little rules as possible. A couple of those flat out say everything is permitted but child porn/child modeling pictures, which is the only thing that'll get you banned.

Twitter's main objective once they got that investor money was to train you on the idea that a corporation, a service, is synonymous with a platform. You need to focus on the idea that protocols can be shared in technology that no one person can pull the plug on. Take email for instance. You can start an email account on gmail or hotmail, but do those companies have it limited to where you can ONLY email people on the same service as you? No, you can email other companies that have email servers, you can email the dweeb running a server in his basement and it goes to and fro without restriction. That's the objective GNU Social brings; that not everyone registers on one server, you spread out. It's easier on servers, it puts the power back in the hand of the user instead of a lone company dominating the platform.


Is there a way to attract followers to socks? I noticed on my regular account I get followers I don't even know when I comment on a news article. People with 64K followers and just as many that they are following. Usually some singer or something. If it was possible to attract a bunch of these it could make your account look more legit on the surface.

Have multiple accounts make only a few reports every so often.
Protect accounts by posting low-key SJW pro-black/etc content.
Have some do:


what a faggot


This. This crap really does need to be nipped in the bud, the correct solution is GNU Social.

It's going to beyond annoying if Holla Forums falls for this en mass and we end up with the same problem a year from now because we were too dumb to do it right.

Why's GNU social better?

Like it except for the part about ripping Trump's throat out. Bad idea., even if only pretending to be retarded. No threats against the God Emperor.

Not run by the Jews for a start, but moreover it's a decentralized and federated network of interoperable Twitter clones that ensures that Holla Forums-tier ideas cannot be truly censored, certain nodes may hugbox themselves but they can't shut down the message as a whole.

This is my intent, except from a purely business standpoint. A lot of small business as well as companies use twitter primarlily to be able interact with their customers. In some of my networking to start my own business, I'm trying to persuade others to abandon it due to what a shithole it has become as well as it's general uselessness. Basically, telling others that it's just plain become bad for business.
I've always had the idea that if I had any kind of programming skills, I would like to try to create and promote an alternative that caters exclusively to business use (strictly consumer interaction, no tolerance of political or emotional agenda driven shit-posting; light, harmless bantz acceptable). With enough popularity it could at least drive the companies away from twitter just to get away from all the liberal bullshit "complaints" that some companies have to deal with, while leaving twitter as a stagnant shithole circle-jerk hugbox until it finally dies.

Looked it up. Looks overly complicated and inaccessible to normies.

What if crazy liberals started convincing these businesses that being on Twitter isn't good for business?

Even as someone running a couple of instances it's really only "good enough".

The basic code is sound, and it was as easy to set up as a phpbb board. I'm not doing it because it's "omgfantasticthebestthingeveryouneedtoleavetwitterforitnow", I'm doing it because I can control my own destiny on it. Only a hypersensitive hosting company can tell me what to do, and I made sure to find a couple who wouldn't.

I want pure decentralization. I've been spoiled by Bittorrent, Bitcoin (and other coins) and the Hydra image database project and want the same for these projects, but for example Twister is more of a toy than a tool at this point. Try convincing a normie to compile a program to push to localhost and a random port number accessible by web browser. And the fact that more and more people access the web with iOS and Android devices makes such a suggestion even more impossible. At least GNU Social with the "qvitter" front end resembles Twitter enough and behaves in the same "log in, post, follow other users, log out" way enough that it's a baby step for the casual user.

Personal responsibility and agency versus sacrificing freedoms to someone else's liability. That's really what it boils down to. To what degree are you willing without having your cake and eat it, too?

Once an instance of GNU Social is up, anyone can just go to the website for that instance and use it like a regular website. It's pretty cool, you only have to be a little Holla Forums to set up an instance, but anyone can use the site itself once the instance is set up.

I… what. You click register and you're registered. Your profile is at domain.tld/username. If you want to follow someone on the same server you click "follow". If you want to post you type your post and click "post".

The only thing I can think which is a step beyond in complication is if you want to follow someone from another server you either have to click on their profile's "follow" button and direct it towards your profile by logging in or adding it manually by typing in that person's @[email protected]/* */

That's the trade off so that you don't have some shared username repository where some instance can dominate all the usernames. And take them all down with it if they pull the plug on it.

Are you looking at the instances with the Qvitter front end that clones Twitter? Like,,

Ok thats nice but billiions of people arent on some autistic sperg platform, dude. Why the fuck do you think Twitter is so valuable? Normal people dont give a single fuck about GNU.

That was my point, user; that because of these crazy liberals, Twitter isn't good for business. Therefore, an alternative created exclusively for businesses that limits retard exposure would be better for business and a reason for them to abandon Twitter.

it's about our ability to spread our message to normies. We dont want a special place like …. we want mass communication. STAY ON TWITTER

It requires an email to browse the site.

Has twitter disabled the reporting function? clicking Report Tweet on desktop does nothing…

Gab has the same fundamental problem twitter had: It's centralized

As long as this is the case, there is always the possibility of it going totally to shit, just like Twitter did. It would be better, long term, to move to more a federated network. At least that way, we can quarintene the cancerous elements in the wider community.

Make a throwaway if you want to use it then.

Decentralized anything will never work for the masses, and sadly that is where we must operate.

I am of opinion that we simply have a few years per platform and at that point we ought to create an exodus. It sort of helps that many youtube ecelebs like Molyneux already hold account so in my book that's where it's at. Until it becomes shit too.

Sadly, I'm not sure if it's possible to transfer the significant amount of people onto a service that is not superior by design. But that's what must be done.

it's still trash because it kills free speech. nobody should get banned for what they post

Torrenting copyrighted music, movies and vidya games works extremely well for the masses, despite being illegal.

A new distributed social media platform and its users would not be operating under that same threat of lawsuits and ISPs disconnecting customers after receiving copyright notices from the MPAA or whoever. This would mean that it wouldn't have to be 100% decentralized, but could have a few centrally-managed servers acting as seeders to fill in the gaps if the end users didn't have enough upload bandwidth to keep the whole thing working smoothly (like how World of Warcraft has a few Blizzard servers active 24/7 in the torrent swarms to help distribute patch data)


Post names and addresses then please, or are you just larping FBI

Anything that provides the same service but is more complex is bound to fail.

Torrents work because they're free. Once twatter goes full draconian, people will seek the new thing. And they'll switch to one that is easier. I get that decentralized is better but hot damn, unless God-Emperor makes an account on some of those networks you'll never get there.

You're right. I like the idea behind GNU Social, but after using it, I don't think it will catch on with normies. If you have to explain the theory behind how it works, it's no good.

Keyword being "create". You want near-complete destruction of the original site and full migration somewhere else. You want a place where you can freely communicate with everyone without censorship. It doesn't work if 90% of users stay on the old site. When these sites start to turn, we need to engineer their total destruction. We need to make them so distasteful to normies that they leave of their own accord.

I'll be called a shill for this, but if everybody left twitter except the SJWs and their handlers, it would die very quickly.

Something's not right here.

I've been wondering where that faggot is lately, haven't seen his streams in the protest threads?

the eternal leaf strikes again!

That's not a bad idea.

Some years back I had something similar happen with a Facebook account I made only to get pictures from one event. A year or so later I start getting emails about the account, I thought I deleted it? After awhile I try to log in and can't. Spend a rediculous amount of time trying to figure out how to recover the account and can finally recover it by naming a friend (I only added one friend). The recovery process was really broken and could be used to take over accounts easily, again this was many years ago. When I log in it says the last login was from Triosk, Moscow, Russia..

Most normies had to have the very concept of a social netork explained to them at one point (and not all that long ago).

I don't personally think the idea of remote follows is not all that complicated… The bigger problem for GNU Social stems from the two interfaces; Qvitter is nice and simple looking, but it's buggy and slow; while Classic/Statusnet is reliable, but dated looking and somewhat clunky. Thankfully there are a couple replacements/alternatives in the works.

* is all that complicated

Torrenting has evolved to be very easy for Joe Sixpack to use; certainly far easier than navigating IRC channel and asking bots for ftp links. We're past the days where UPnP support was sketchy and users had to forward ports in their router config to get incoming connections to work for this "bittorrent thing".

The innate strength of bittorrent is that it is both gratis (free shit) and libre (one cannot simply (((shut it down))) ). Ease-of-use improvements have strengthened both of these aspects to the point where a lot of people streamed movies using Popcorn Time without even realizing they were running a javascript bittorrent client inside their browser.

You think like a lefty? Are you a lefty?

why the ever loving fuck would we have to fake fucked up lefty tweets when twitter is already goddam lousy with them.

Next you'll probably say let's hire a whore and use her to frame a brothel for prostitution.

So basically, you always have to move the complexity to the backend and keep the frontend facing stuff like the interface simple?

Maybe I'm just old, but most people I know don't torrent shit. I've always had difficulties with it.

Shit like Kazaa, WinMX, Limewire, and Frostwire were great. I knew a lot of people that used to use those. I know one single person who transitioned into using torrents once those systems were shut down.

Pretty much everyone else just switched to micro-transactions on iTunes, and then to ad sponsored shit like Spotify.

So instead of one hugbox we have two?

You go more extreme than the ones that already exist, you say shit so extreme that even the extremists begin to question it and you start infighting. And you also direct it at normalfags that wouldn't otherwise have SJWs down their throats. Find stuff that is completely innocuous and go full tumblr on them.

that's actually a great metaphor

napster = twitter (one responsible entity)
kazaa, limewire, winmx, frostware = gnusocial (client-server relationships)

bittorrent = twister, or something better that doesn't exist yet (full decentralization)

So could a, god help us, "iTunes" model and philosophy be far behind, what Twitter is hurtling towards, with only vouched entities being "listed" and those "acquiring" their content compensating those ecelebs for their shit

I've never been able to explain bittorrent to anybody, and have them actually clearly understand and successfully use it. It's not difficult but people have a problem with it. Seems to be dying off lately IMO, harder to find new stuff

I did just get a normie going on Soulseek though, because it's basically Napster and they can understand that. It's just music though. It's never going to grow, has a specific crowd, but it is understandable

Holy shit…they banned Pax? what the fuck

We should help though, any one with old accounts, or unused accounts should start trying to get every B-list and C-list e-celeb banned from twitter.

If they all leave then twitter will fall. It won't be a method for propaganda distribution forever.

Twitter helped get Trump elected.


If anything, it deserves a reward for being such a versatile platform. Nationalising it would be a good change, along with cleansing it of its more politically-biased employees.

The difference is that now the complex backend can run on every user's device in a way that does not require the user to be technically proficient, or even aware that it is happening at all. That makes it much cheaper to organize and build out a network, since you don't need some enormous wealthy company like Facebook to host everything on multi-million dollar servers and manage everything centrally.

Just saying Twitter can do what they want as a private company doesn't seem right. There is a law in California that says enclosed shopping areas that chose to be open to the public to mull about and talk and shop cannot then control what people say there by excluding the discussion of politics - i.e., signature gathering for petitions. So why doesn't this rule apply even more so for a forum like twitter - where once you've opened it up to universal discussion of topics, you outlaw certain opinions that are not otherwise illegal? It is discriminatory and not consistent with the other California law. So why aren't people filing lawsuits against Twitter (in San Francisco)?

Congrats, you just made my inner Ayn Rand cringe. That's really hard to do.

Reported for Jewry.

Nationalization seconded. Also Facebook and Google. Their stockholders too.

What are we going to do, cause a famine?

People should never have been supporting fucking Twatter in the first place.

This is why I really cannot stand aids-right cancer


I believe a scorched earth policy is better. Extra Crispy.

Get the fuck out.

oy gevalt

As a rule of thumb, if you can shut down a company and execute everyone who works there, and no one will starve or go without heat or clean water because of it; and if being rid of the product they produce might actually help society and improve people's lives - it's probably safe to nationalize that company.

This is D&C.

normalfags will come to gab, once twitter becomes boring

and twitter will become boring since they are banning all the top content creators

That means absolutely nothing. Marx was a critic of Jewish identity too. It doesn't stop these Jews from 100% working in Jewish interests no matter whether they are aware of it.

Basic CoC stuff.

post your gab here fam

fuck off with your gab shit

Collectivism is Jewish interest. Taking someone else's shit and appropriating it for the greater good is collectivism.

It's better to nitpick that company to death and let it burn in a legal hell or to bust it up into smaller companies than it is to wholesale make it property of the State.


You didn't comprehend me. I'm saying that Rand's efforts were purely for the benefit of Jews, even if she wasn't aware of it. Collective interest is so ingrained in them. It'd take an explicit anti-semitic identity to break the instinct and even then a Jew has to be watched.

Never make the mistake of Uncle Adolf.


Or join one of the existing instances:
There are a lot more, but those 4 are the most free (as in free speech) ones.

Satan, as someone who would generally disagree with the notion of nationalizing industries, I can safely say that where it concerns the tech industry, you may very well be correct.

also it's down right now but is doing a server transfer and they'll be back up soon. They're primarily ran by /baph/

I've seen that once, but I've never gotten it to load or to federate. Lets hope they get it to work.

With control of the Presidency, Congress and Supreme Court, we can write laws that force them too. And which force them not to give a platform to our enemies.

I bet they will ban trump soon. leftists will demand it.

Perhaps. It would certainly be the coffin nail for an already dying social media network

>sorry about the pic for ants
you should be

No, fuck that, every tweet must be allowed

We're talking about the Trump run government?

nice try, rabbi.

Nazi fags whining about censorship at Holla Forums when they ban real pro Whites.

enjoy your ban.

Twitter was made for CIA to stir up colored revolutions. This is not suprise, we coopted their propaganda channel.

underrated post for sure.

Interesting. It does seem as if that person had some inside knowledge, plans just shifted a little between early August and now.

And isn't CNN an extension of the CIA too?

Can Trump just fucking disband and get rid of the CIA?

Either way, crack down on it.

In fact, go fucking hard as balls. Report EVERYTHING

Black joke? Report it
Jew joke (even if made by kikes)? Report it
A tweet stating preference for a body type? REPORT IT.

Flood their entire damned system with reports that SEEM real enough. Make them either drown in triage or become so heavy handed everyone leaves, or they realize what's being done and reverses it. This works.

Example: Back when g.e-hentai still hosted loli, the sponsors threatened it. They complied. /a/ flipped a lid so hard they reported probably in the hundreds, if not thousands, of galleries that featured anything remotely underage.
e-hentai then created sadpanda to calm the autismo.

That's how hard you have to double down. Considering you're dealing with twitter and not some random 2D smut site, you need to go even harder still.

Shillary, pls. You are ded now. Kindly fuck off.

Somebody needs to kill some of the bosses at Twitter, so they understand that there will be consequences when they purge us.

Kill their kids, would perhaps be better?

(((pure cohencidence)))

Hello there, FBI.

I reckon Twitter reads this thread, and polacks are dying all the time, so why not take out the cucks censoring white people for protesting their own genocide?

And btw, there is nothing wrong with encouraging foreigners to kill foreigners in most countries, and I'm not a burger.

hello nepfag, t. uran man

A less than 1% market move is noise, not signal. Jesus, we really need to develop some financial literacy around here.

Polite sage for off topic.

Kike logic.

People have been saying this for how many years now?

And don't come back.

>But what about the one saying "KILL ALL WHITES"

The person you responded to was right. These jews literally own trillions in assets, look at how much Soros is willing to spend daily. These things will stay active as long as the people behind them are active, it doesn't matter how much money they lose - they're owned by the same people who literally control money.

Reported for Holla Forums D&C

Time to doxx Twitter CEOs and execs.
These people are clearly hiding their own dirty hands.

These people are pushing their luck.

Because another way to stop speech is to take them out permanently altogether.
They have the internet.
But we have their addresses and guns.

Twitter has been desperately shopping around for someone to buy them out and absorb them, and after the recent 10-Q they released where they missed earnings projections by like ~25%, no one is interested.

Jews really dislike them it seems.

Let's meme it so it's not. :^)

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, cuckchan fag.

What's with the oath breaker then?
Yes it was mentioned, but it wasn't promoted. It doesn't make sense to post the """oath-breaker"""

How to lose all your credibility:

1. Be Twitter
2. Enforce massive censorship.
3. ????
4. PROFIT!!!

Know how I know your a d&c shill?

Hey faggots, should we start mass reporting every SJW that complains about white heteressexual cisgendered men and weaponize their new tool against them?
You know… for the lulz…


Yes. See

Why so mad chaim?
They're the ones proposing a hugbox with no bullies, right? Nothing more fair than helping them to get rid of the bullies among themselves. We should do our part to help their cause :^)

Because I hate nothing more in the world than echoboxes.

Not really necessary, Twitter is dying all on its own, but go ahead, knock yourself out. Screencap any lulz.

I missed that post. I really believe this shit should be turned against them - it's like Obama's executive overreach, lefties are freaking out about it now that this will be on the hands of their political opponents. One should makes them feel how their methods feel once they're weaponized against them.

You're trying to completely divide us from them.
Fuck you.

I want to break their conditioning.

Yeah, I guess I'll set up a new account when I get home. Anyone got a way to create a new account and get it authenticated so I can mess with people?
My last sock-puppet account was banned last year for triggering some tranny but when I tried to create a new account it asks me for phone authentication and I'm not giving them my personal information.
Will do.

You can't break their conditioning user, you should watch old man Yuri. Here's the link for the full video of Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society - all one hour of it.

There should be sites that let you set up burner phone numbers, though I never bothered to try any myself.

If you mean echobox for leftie scum then reporting them would be a good idea schlomo,it would balance out things,but why you getting agitated.

I'm tired as fuck and heading to bed but I think there's some way to get a new twitter account without a phone number.

But if they do require a phone number, it's just one more reason Twitter needs to go.



Maybe if you're weren't being retarded shitposters, Nobody would mind you.

Just goes to show you there's no such thing as "the best of them".

Dicky Spencer is comparing it to the Night of the Long Knives, pretty accurate tbh.

Start by blocking promoted accounts and accounts with promoted tweets. That's Twitter's value - advertising and everything that comes with it.

The trick is to only report normal people. Leave the well known SJWs, progressives, and celebrities alone. They won't be banned anyway and their obnoxious behavior will help push out users on their own.
If twitter and Facebook want a hugbox ecochamber, then help make their dreams a reality.


fwiw the services where you can use a temporary number for account creation have mostly been burned

You can use your own burner to do a bunch of accounts but I've never ran into a hard limit plus there's the tradeoff of letting Twitter know there's a common denominator between the accounts, and if you're especially naughty government will know where you physically were when you started the account.

Guess again.

Remember that advertisers are the achilles heel of most social media and tech startup business models, the one thing gaymergoys got right was the email and snail mail campaign to advertisers. If we can start another one pretending to be concerned soccer moms and such about twitter "allowing a platform for vicious communists" or "involved in censorship" or whatever we can start another shekelshoah.

Pretty sure is either Dolus or Constance.

Shame there are so few good graphic designers compared to programmers.

So? We should flood the system and make it unworkable. I don't know why that hasn't already been done.

are they banning any of the twitterists that are wanting to assassinate Trump? If not then it's clear and obvious bias and the alt-right info channels will pick up on it pretty sharpish.

This. We have reached critical mass and it is time to be offensive ALL the time.

Odinists are the real pro-whites, thank you very much.

we'll see how long this one stays up

Fuck the alt-right.
This will affect the scum calling Trump gay and incestuous, more than it will ever affect legitimate right-wing, pro-Trump accounts.
How bout no?
Pic related - it's the "alt-right" using Twitter as a weapon against Trump.
Yea, ok. And a rose isn't a rose if it calls itself a tulip.

Renegade is fucking cancerous. The only disappointing tweet I've ever seen from Evalion is in there, too: "don't struggle, goyim. There's no point in fighting" basically.

I don't know what those people are smoking, but they actually need to be dealt with. The most disgusting thing of all is that those retards are trying to delegitimize our native religions in the first place. VIKINGS would never accept just giving up on a problem and running away.

Refer to the FAQ, faggot. I wrote it for subhumans like you. The faggots aren't the only ones being suppressed. We are as well.

He's just an autist looking for an excuse to bring up Renegay. I'm 99% sure he's shilling for them using reverse psychology.

I have a supplier of numbers but am not going to post publicly (obviously).

It's time for twitter to die like myspace. It's already bleeding money. Someone needs to go head for an alternative twitter that promotes free speech.

It isn't just about the people getting banned.
It's also about overwhelming their triage capabilities.

In fact, the more you overwhelm them, the more likely they'll flat out ignore famous people and ban only normalfags, since they'll likely not even bother reading or accessing the situation if they're flooded with reports.

Rude, I wouldn't use the word "normies". They're called normalfags.

They keep shooting themselves in the foot since twitter especially since twitter has fired 350 a few months ago and normalfags are still upset twitter is planning to slowly shut down vine in future. This just incentives more people to leave anything owned by twitter .inc


How long before Google follows suit?

I've never made a twitter before but did so just now, and I was banned.
I didn't even have any Holla Forumsshit in my profile, I just followed some people with pepe avatars.