If a woman is able to demand to have an abortion and have it because she doesn't want a child...

If a woman is able to demand to have an abortion and have it because she doesn't want a child, what would it take give men the right to force an abortion to take place if he doesn't want a child?

Restoration of the patriarchy


What if nigger wanted his mudshark to abort?

Check "race" ratio and genetic pool please, if the line keep like that at the end nobody would care about women want/desire/think.


No and you know it because they are smart enough to notice that something is wrong with feminism.


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A bit of everything that is against "women rights".

The biggest joke about those pictures is that its literally a trap triggering women that he is a better woman than they can ever hope to be.


If a woman has a "right" to abort the baby that implies that the man has no responsibility or ownership of it if he has no say. Ergo, he can not be held to support a child as it was not "his."

Checkmate feminists.

I could see that happening, actually. Even more frequently with niggreesses than mudsharks, too. Niggeresses are encouraged to reproduce and break apart the family so they can get child support payments and single parent benefits. With fathers being allowed to demand abortions, niggers would get their niggeresses to abort the fetus so they wouldn't have to pay the child support.

Niggers don't give a fuck about women's rights, it's true, but they wouldn't be able to comprehend the idea that there wouldn't be someone to pay their welfare check. Just look at Chicago, Ferguson, black professors calling to exterminate all whites, shit like that.

If financial motivation is given to blacks to not reproduce, or in this case not pay child support, they will likely take it.

The only risk is that of white couples aborting their children.

I knew something was unsettling about those pictures.

I'd rather see a man be able to force a birth if he wants to keep it

Don't even praise them nigger. Those pictures were made by a total feminist cuck. What you see one way the faggots in that image see another, and as it so happens the faggot in the picture has it correct. The intention of the artist was to show how creepy or eriee the whole 50's housewife culture was. The only picture that wasn't supposed to be part of that is the selfie with her painting. It's like she doesn't realize it's the same shit lol. She just wants to seem pretty and artsy but in a moral liberal way. Showing shoulders? A woman painting? That will show those 50's misogynists!

Abortion is wrong and not only does it put out a light of a possible human before it was even born, it also screws up the woman for life.

One statistic i would like to see would be how many kids a woman who has aborted her first child, had later on in life.

While this is logically correct, if society were to follow through on this it would make for an incredibly r-selected world of low-investment parenting, rife with single motherhood (one of Molyneux's biggest peeves, and not without good reason).

Are you kidding me?

No but men should be permitted to withdraw consent to the birth. If they do so within 1 month of being notified of the pregnancy then they don't owe any child support. Also women go 0 dollars from government to support their spawn. Basically make it so that if women want kids they'll need a male's consent and financial support or be independently wealthy.

Is this supposed to be a serious argument?

I don't care if you're a Holla Forumsack. I hear you shilling for this shit after SHTF and I'll punch you repeatedly in the neck until you die.


I would settle with just being able to legally inform the woman of non-commitment and as long as I do this while she still can have an abortion I've legally washed my hands of the matter.


Women can't abort: They stop slutting it.
Women can abort and men are responsible: Sexist against men
Women can abort and men aren't responsible: Women abort and still slut it up.

Women with sexual dominance = no more space programs and being invaded by countries with actual men. I suspect the US military is getting close to being on life support.

Fuck off with your pro-tranny pro-abortion subtle kike propaganda, Rabbi.

hint: OP's pic has a benis


Here's a better idea: Why don't we rewrite the criminal code to reclassify abortion as an act of homicide and stop using it for birth confrol.