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I'm 100% behind this. I love Gowdy. I don't think everyone here agrees tho. If you're gonna diss Gowdy provide an alternative.

I agree, I see no other alternative, now that Rudy declined, and Chris was taken from consideration because of his bs.

Well don't just talk about it, fucking do it

Someone needs to make a Gowdy Terminator T1000 running after the car gif, I mean thats what I visualise when I see his face.

My only question is this. Would congress be hurting if they lost him?

He had some comments on being AG here, it's good but it's basically a non answer.


Consider it done fam.


Does anyone have a video from either the Wed / Thurs after the election on Fox and Friends of Rudy wringing his hands like a merchant?

What are Gowdy's stances on Israel?

he's fucking italian.

Another thought, it would be very difficult for Gowdy to appear unbiased regarding the clintons as AG. Trump should have another person try Clinton, then afterwards put Gowdy in. These positions don't last forever.

I looked it up and he seems to have voted for stuff that seems pro-Palestine, but he also voted for some stuff that sounds kind of shitty too. I'll have to take a look at it later because I am rushed for time now, but here's a screencap of his ME voting history and a link to the site I got it from.


Fucking shill OP, go back to your mistress.


Please stream your Inauguration Day suicide

Think you're confused. Be realistic, an Aryan administration is not socially possible yet.

Now THAT is a good idea.

It's such a good idea that it's probably what Trump will do.

Unfortunately, Gowdy isn't a closer. Trump picks only the best, and he has an uncanny ability to see greatness where others can't. I mean how the fuck did he find Miller.

Reminder to not click that link directly

If Gowdy is called for special prosecutor Hillary will be going to jail. He hates her and was ultra mad at her getting let off for Benghazi.

He is not a Holla Forums friendly in views, but he is a brilliant legal mind, he is easily several standard deviations more intelligent than fucking Loretta Lynch

I don't know man. Gowdy supported Lubio. He never really went out of his way to sabotage Trump, but he also accomplished nothing other than great rants on video.

Weaponized Italians

Maybe next time try using a Italy meme to back up. Just choose which Italian meme very closely, as the slope can get slippery.


Yeah Gowdy worked as a prosecutor before. He should be a prosecutor, not really AG.

I'd prefer an AG that will go after GOP cucks as well as Dems.

Fuck you. Chris Christie for AG and Trey Gowdy for Special Prosecutor.

Anyone worth a shit knows this.



Who gives a fuck what the attorney general thinks about a foreign state?

note when he licks his lips
that means he's going on the attack. that is when you should take your cyanide pill and pray for quick death.

It is strange that he somehow got the literal reincarnation of Goebbels to write his speeches. Fucker looks almost identical.

And even more amazing is that he's Jewish because god has a sense of humor.

Sold. Trey Gowdy for AG now!

Could see gowdy having a car wreck while locked in a duffel bag from the outside with two bullet holes in the back of the head

(((Press))) rumor: Rato being considered for AG.

oh my god no kek

How does that work? That's like the third senator he's considered for his administration. How do they maintain control of the senate if those senators quit being a senator?

They are usually filled by the sitting governor until the next election.

Gowdy is going to work for Trump

I'm a fan of Gowdy just because of how fucking devoted to the law he is. We can trust that fucker to ensure everything is done above board and his attitude is one that deserves to be rewarded, to be held up in front of the Dems to show them what a real administration looks like.
And he seems like a pretty smart fucker too.


I don't believe any of these theories. The same people tried to tell you Gingrich or Christie would be Trump's VP.

Turns out it was Pence, which was so obscure it wasn't on our radar or the DNC's radar.

We'll know when Trump tells us.

I like this thread.

He might be getting SCOTUS though. Not sure which I'd prefer to be honest. AG lets us wreck the Hillshill once and for all, but as SCOTUS he gets to go full Dredd.

It really couldn't get better.

I can get behind this 1000% Seeing the man in theater was like seeing a GOD.

Christie got cucked by the God Emperor's son-inlaw for putting his father in jail. The Don never forgets, all of the Christie plants were purged.

This fucker just needs to go to the Supreme Court and be forgotten about. Best place for him.

with a law degree from University of South Carolina? If that's the best you can do, do you realize how fucking dumb you need to be, esp back at the time he was applying, when you had far less affirmative action?

Will never be on SCOTUS or be AG. If you haven't gone to Harvard or Yale law, you are basically already out of the running for SCOTUS. University of SC law school is not even first tier.

He had a good moment getting Comey to admit some shit, but in all honesty the man is simply not that smart. To qualify for SCTOUS, you need to have cleared for, at the least, a big name federal judge. He just isn't smart enough.

If we don't have to give into AA shit since we have Trump, why not pick smart Whites who did well at top law schools but never went in for the brainwashing and who aren't cuckolds? there are some left you know.


Gowdy seems a lot sharper than most lawyers I've ever seen. Either by his force of will in prosecuting cases or his desire to do so puts him miles ahead of the other Israeli dicksuckers coming out of Yale/harvard. There's no rule about this, Trump can appoint whoever he pleases. That's a perk of owning the house, the senate, and the veto pen.

honestly this, best place for him

No, fuck that. Trump shouldn't give him shit. Cruz offered to get out of the primary early for a SCOTUS appointment but Trump knew he was a snake. Do you really want Cuban Cruz to decide on presidential natural born definitions or anything regarding immigration when he's been a huge cuckold for Israel? You fags have short memories. This fag shat on Trump at the RNC, he's going to stay gone after he gets primaried against in 2018. No rewards for traitors.


Or get Obama in, it`ll keep the nigger from the UN keep the SJW quiet and three more justices are going to expire soon.

CTR you working pro bono now?

Just think, Trump gives Obama the job on the Supreme court. Lefties everywhere go apeshit, finally fag marriage stays!!!
Then after a few years when it is clear where everybody stands on various issues a judge drops dead, then another and then another. Trump gets the most hardcore follower of Der TrĂĽmperFuhrer in.

It's a lot deeper than that user, esp for SCOTUS. Yes, you will have perks to do a lot of the work and yes we have a female Spic there who doesn't belong. but do you know why Clarence Thomas never asks questions? It's very easy to be made to look stupid if you don't know a shit ton of case law by memory.

also, he's never served as a judge or even on any law faculty, which would make it unprecedented. He got Comey to admit some shit that may have helped win, he deserves credit for that, but he'll never be on the Supreme Court.

Peter Thiel was being bandied about. All you need is a JD, which I imagine Gowdy has. Not to mention Trump already put out his scotus list.

This guy right here for AG or if not then the SC.

I really like Gowdy, I just think this is funny.


when did this place become so full of retards? Let's say in a fantasy universe Trump offered it, what the fuck makes you think King Nigger would want a "real job" in the sense that he'd actually have to show up?
They are talking about a $100 million dollar book advance for he and queen nigger, plus a movie/documentary based on his life with kike/nigger lover Spielberg in charge.

He's going to be playing golf, writing (or rather having someone ghostwrite) a shitty book for him, and making $500k speeches all over Europe. What the fuck makes you think he wants a job that would involve showing up and any degree of actual work?

The next few years are going to be amazing, as the Jews fight to frame king nigger's legacy. I can already tell you what it will be: "evil White men try to stop righteous black man, who heroically overcomes them and saves the nation from a depression."

They have no fucking shame. the unemployment rate is 5% my ass, they've just changed the parameters to where they no longer count people who have stopped looking for work, plus people working part time, all kinds of fucking bullshit. Just like they changed the standards to make it seem like Obama was deporting a lot of spics by counting the ones turned away at the border.

I can't imagine what Trump will say when he realizes the extent of the clusterfuck he's inherited. And you can bet (((ISIS))) will pull an attack on Us soil in first few months, so they can blame it on "trumps' rhetoric."

fucking cunts at CNN already have some asshole predicting Trump will be impeached! It's going to be a very messy few years, and I would not put a civil war off the table as an option. The US has already lasted longer than any Republic, and the Jews and their camp followers (like Pocahontas) seem dead set on making it worse.


Thiel, if I remember correctly, does have a stanford JD, but I doubt the sort of CV that would be necessary for SCOTUS. For those types of Jobs, they start grooming you right out of law school with giving out big clerkships.

Their could, I guess, be AG but why would be want it? He's a billionaire, why the hell would he want to work long hours? Also, he has so many investments in Jewicon Valley, anything involving that he'd have to recuse himself, which would be a long list of stuff.

Gawdy, with a JD from U of SC? Will never happen. Christie wasn't exactly a genius, I think his JD is from seton hall or something, but the difference is his experience as a federal prosector would have made OK for AG. He's been purged.
Jew-li-ani has publicly said the job is "beneath him" (what a fucking shitbag he is). Have no idea who will come out on top, but I wouldn't be surprised to see several changes in top positions within first few months. This isn't that rare (see Clinton's first few months), but Jews have already admitted they will be trying to pull Nixon on Trump any way they can.

Him? did you see him last few weeks of Trump campaign? Motherfucker completely turned on Trump and was defending Clinton throughout the email thing. Look up clips if you don't believe it. He REALLY shocked me with what a piece of filth he turned out to be.

Thiel is trying to be based I think. He bankrolled the lawsuit against Gawker for example. He's starting to be the pro-white version of George Soros. I wish him god speed. He's a homo but he's the closet kind, which I can tolerate as long as he has other parts of his resume I can appreciate.

The Don's son-inlaw cucked his ass for putting his father in jail in 2004.

The Don Never Forgets


Honestly, Chrispy got purged more because bridgegate is coming back and his appointments were all pork barrel bullshit for lobbyists. I'm sure the Kushner thing is there, but I think he just became radioactive after reverting right back to cuckservative politics 1.0 as soon as he had any authority.

Kill yourself good goy

This wasn't "The don," it was his Orthodox kike son-in-law, who was shocked to learn that laws (which are only meant for mere goyim) could actually apply to his scumbag father.
I want to believe Krispy Kreme has more to do with Bridgegate than locking away Shlomo Bagelstein, but I tend to think the latter.



Stupid motherfucker, it's like taking someone who has driven a pickup and putting them in the Indy 500. What fucking good is putting a retard in the SCOTUS if he can't make a coherent argument that will hold up?
You've never been through law school, you're fucking retarded. You can't just randomly drop some White Trash asshole in bc you think he's "based." He has NO fucking experience in the judiciary. Not even as a local judge. And make him a justice?
Pray tell, what good do you think would come from that? You realize you don't just say "yes" or "no," but that your decisions (and dissents) have to be carefully crafted to shield them from ever being challenged.

Do you really think you just wake up one day and–because you have a JD from U of SC 30 years ago- you can be a Justice on the Supreme Court? the level of retardation is fucking amazing here sometimes.


OP here, totally agree, I see Rowdy as AG or "Special Prosecutor"

Why are his eyebrows so much darker than his hair?

Because he's dying his hair?

Such a tragic suicide. I am sure he will be in Bill and my prayers

that's a lot more feasibly than SCOTUS. I don't think people understand that because of how US law works, when you are writing a SCOTUS decision, you are essentially writing "scripture" in that it will be used as a future precedent, will be dissected from every possible angle, challeged depending even on the context of a single word. It's not an easy thing, especially if you have never done it before at any level, it's nearly impossible to just "learn."
They've fucked the entire system with AA, and Roberts may be a shit bag as a human being, but go back and listen to his confirmation hearings. He's perfect. Every word is designed to convey a message while also leaving him a way out if questioned further. You cannot learn that without already being gifted and thousands of hours of deliberate practice.

Great thinking bro.