For all the idiots still having doubts about making "the switch"

Was my first thought when I was in doubt whether or not to install a linux distro

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Who are you posting this for? Holla Forums is a cadre of elite hackers on steroids who already know about Linux, and have eschewed it for superior BSD systems like MacOS.


I initially wanted to congratulate myself for falling for the gentoo meme & how fluently the install was. But after realizing what I was doing, I decided not to do that and crapped out this huge pile of shit. But yeah, didn't think about that.

My work flow has actually improved since I switched to GNU/Linux (and LibreOffice).

I've recently switched to MacOS for my main laptop and I've never been more productive. Having everything that just werks on a UNIX machine is a dream.

Linux isn't suitable for serious work in most fields outside software development. The specialized software for Linux simply does not exist. Also, Linux documentation sucks. I'd rather use BSD if I had to move off of Windows.

Except it doesn't always just werk.
The most shameful example is the which crashes every time I send a mail to a certain email server, and they ignore this bug for years. (yeah I can use something else of course)
Also it has shit performance in general.
And has even worse OpenGL/Vulkan support than what's found in GNU/Linux. Vulkan is simply non existent
And it's still easy for a userspace program running with regular priority to hang the whole thing.
It doesn't support good state of the art filesystems. HFS+ was shit, APFS is a bit less shit but still no data checksumming, and still proprietary shit for which it is (unlike HFS+) not known if it will be ever readable on other OSes.
And the direction they are heading now as a company also doesn't promise good things.

Obviously, nothing but software devs and NEETs here. If you want software advice in your own niche, you're better off asking elsewhere.

All my shit is supported on my 2017 model workstation with great documentatiob on kerbel parameters & scripts in how to maximize user friendliness

*mobile workstation

Does for my field.

Ubuntu just works just as much as MacOS does.

Seems like you’ve never used macOS. Ubuntu suffers from the exact same bugs as it did since 2012. For example, the bug that causes apport to crash, filling a brand new install with “System Problem Detected” pop-ups. You don’t see amateur-hour stuff like this on macOS.

Arch Linux. It isn't a bloated mess like any other distro.
Also it is simple, modern, pragmatic, versatile, and user-centric.
Read more about this marvelous distro here:

Yup. Sysadmin here managing thousands of linux systems. Mac OS all day. I need a terminal and a web browser to do my job, why the fuck would I waste my time using a linux desktop distro? And sorry to break it to you Holla Forums, but I have never heard anyone in a professional setting so much as mention gentoo other than as a joke.

Protip - If you do any of the following:

You are a basement dwelling hobbyist like 95% of Holla Forums

Why would anyone use any other OS? Which OS do you recommend?
You are probably a shill.

Never heard of chromebooks?

7/10, made me reply.

I'm currently using babby's first Linux and you're retarded. Nothing ever breaks, my DE is simple and similar to old Windows, all my programs just work, and I get plenty of if not more work done because it was so easy to customize after install, much easier to install shit that I need and uninstall it if it sucks, and built-in workspaces are awesome.

I'm not big into programming, nor do I constantly tweak shit. Once my shit is set up, I leave it alone aside from changing my wallpaper once a year maybe.

The only reason I can see why you would hate alternative operating systems so much is if you are extremely dependent on over-complicated big-two-only proprietary software. I only have one such program, and I just dual boot Windows or fire up a VM to use it. All my games and less complicated programs run in wine.

Meanwhile I hate Mac's UI, and Windows is pretty much completely unusable to me now without installing classic shell. I have no idea where anything is and this touch screen shit is awful. On Linux I can just pick a DE and it doesn't change a whole lot. (Aside from GNOME which I would avoid since it has a history of changing shit.)

I realize it's much harder to go fully free, but saying that no normalfag would enjoy using Linux is retarded and if you're suggesting Mac OS then you don't care about freedom anyway. Just look at how many retards use Ubuntu or Mint and stay there without ever feeling the need to switch. They aren't "freetards" or hobbyists, they are 100% normalfags.

Also, recently a Windows update broke our printer driver, but it still worked for me. :^)

You're missing the entire point. I just get work done, you are a hobbyist doing it for fun or because you "care about muh freedumbs".

Nope, my work gives me a mac and I just use it to get my job done. Why would I go to the extra trouble of installing a linux desktop.

Who's dependant on the "over-complicated big-two-only proprietary software" now bitch. All I need is terminal and browser to admin my linux servers.


Correct, I do this for a living and IDGAF about freedumbs between 9am and 5pm anyway Also I'm not saying Mac OS is particularly good or that linux is shit, just that if you spend time installing linux on the desktop/laptop, you're a hobbyist, simple as that. The novelty of dicking around installing an OS hasn't worn off for you yet. Give it another month of Sunday afternoons and you'll be just as jaded as I am.

Why are you shitting all over computer hobbiests? You realize you're on a computer hobbyist imageboard, correct?

99% of the world's best software is made for windows.

I love computers, but I don't want to spend all of my time doing maintenance on my personal work machine. I have other hobbies, not just computers.

Here's a fag who can't into automation.


I use Linux, fucking autist. I just forget that we don't have ids on this board. I meant to reply to this post in particular also, not sure why it didn't add a reply link.


I really wanna play ARMS and Mario Odyssey, maybe the switch won't be so bad

I write a huge amount of code and I use a Linux desktop as do my coworkers. Default GNOME from Debian stretch. Since all our software is for Linux, having an environment where our tools are all Linux is very convenient. I've got custom kernels that match our target platform (we changed some of the API) in a Debian repo that both the build system and the desktop installer pull from.

Kike shills don't want the goyim to have privacy and freedom.


Why would you use old 32-bit intel? Even if you're a freetard, *00 Series thinkpads are librebootable and use 64-bit