UBERfags Hacked

57 Million People Exposed


So. Much. Winning.


The most painful words in the English language are: Stallman was right again

Has he ever been wrong????

Hah, that's what you get for trying to fuck taxi workers.

I don't think it's wrong to provide more competition in the marketplace. I think it's wrong to abdicate your responsibility in your business. Increasing the work burden inherently means increasing the cost of the service. Uber's system works because they've decided that they aren't going to take the burdens that is required of the fully regulated taxi services. For me, that is the wrong way of business.


kek, what the fuck is?



He's wrong pretty much every time he talks about something outside of the tech sphere.

so you're saying some pajeet taxi driver 1337 super h4xx0r script kiddie is behind the uber hack all because all he ever wanted in life was to drive a taxi so he could afford a toilet like some kind of plot stolen from an indian rewrite of taxi driver?

If we find the perpetrators wrote java ransomware, we know what's up.

Why the fuck would they want to hack glorified taxies?
I mean, the Ashley Madison hack was pretty kekkie but taxi information?


What a cutie. I hope her penis is equally as feminine.

Sir are you talkin to me
Sir are you talkin to me
Sir are you talkin to me
Please do the needful


What's the difference between corporation oligopoly and government in current year?
You didn't elect the corporation.

You don't elect your government either.
see: dead people 'voting', fake government-issued IDs for foreigners who get welfare, welfare customers voting in exchange for mattresses/building materials, sleazy party affiliates who take your ID away until you vote a certain candidate (and get a position/money out of it), e-voting, etc.

Even if you don't give a shit about freedumb you shouldn't support Uber based solely on the fact that they shouldn't be legal to begin with and they treat their employees like absolute dogshit.
They're going to eventually collapse, I promise you that. They can only ride this loophole bullshit for so long.

Gee, why would you want personal information on millions of people, I couldn't possibly begin to guess.


Did he asked for refund?

Go back to yet another "What browser should I use guyzzz XXDD!???" thread.

Who ever said that transportation networks were an oligopoly?

Let other services out-compete them. Fuck taxis and government bureaucracy.