Qutebrowser CoCed

Yeah I know, not Holla Forums-related, but I think this is important, as this is the only browser that's not Firefox nor Chromium that is on the verge of getting umatrix-like capabilities.
I guess this is still a lot better than anything made by corporations, but I sure won't donate any money now.

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That's really gay.

Shitposting is for imageboards.
Not development IRC channels, not mailing lists, and not Hacker News.
This is actually for the better.


Why can't anything good exist in this world?

# Official 8ch.net Code of Misconduct

## Our Pledge

In the interest of fostering an obscure and unwelcoming environment, we as neglecters and destructors pledge to making participation in our project and our community a harassment-filled experience for everyone, regardless of age, fatness, retardation, niggerhood, mental illness and expression, level of intelligence, semiticism, personal appearance, race, religion, or faggot identity and orientation.

## Our Standards

Examples of behavior that contributes to creating a negative environment include:

* Using unwelcoming and hermetic language

* Being apprehensive of differing viewpoints and experiences

* Gracefully discarding constructive criticism

* Focusing on what is best for the anime community

* Disregarding other community members

Examples of mandatory behavior by participants include:

* The use of sexualized language or imagery and unwelcome sexual attention or advances

* Trolling, insulting/derogatory comments, and personal or political attacks

* Public and private harassment

* Publishing others' private information, such as a physical or electronic address, without explicit permission

* Other misconduct which could reasonably be considered appropriate in a professional setting

## Our Responsibilities

Project neglecters are responsible for obfuscating the standards of acceptable behavior and aren't expected to take any corrective action in response to any instances of unacceptable behavior.

Project maintainers have the right and responsibility to remove, edit, or reject comments, commits, code, wiki edits, issues, and other contributions that are not aligned to this Code of Misconduct, or to ban temporarily or permanently any contributor for other behaviors that they deem niggardly, semitic, retarded, or jewish.

## Scope

This Code of Misconduct applies neither within project spaces nor in public spaces when an individual is representing the project or the anime community. Examples of representing the project or community include using an throwaway project e-mail address, posting via an anonymous social media account, or acting as an appointed representative for an online or offline waifu. Representation for a waifu may be further obscured and obfuscated by project neglecters.

## Enforcement

Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise acceptable behavior may be commended by contacting the project team at [email protected] The project team will mock and laugh at all complaints, and will respond in a way that it deems appropriate to the circumstances. The project team is obligated to not maintain confidentiality with regard to the reporter of an incident. Further details of specific enforcement policies will not be posted.

Project neglecters who do not follow or enforce the Code of Misconduct in good faith do not face temporary or permanent repercussions as determined by other members of the project's leadership.

## Attribution

This Code of Misconduct is adapted from the [Contributor Covenant][homepage], version 1.4, available at [contributor-covenant.org/version/1/4][version]

[homepage]: contributor-covenant.org

[version]: contributor-covenant.org/version/1/4/

You're offended by a code of conduct. Are you retarded?

then don't post it. you faggots already ran Holla Forums into the ground with tertiary shit like this.

Read it, that's not any code of conduct.

I also made a thread though it would be better as a simple post because it was quite furtive (it's not even at the project root).
While I'm sure most anons know about this crap, this is really major and touches a software vastly expected by most here. I would never post bullshit like the cowsay debian thread.

do you suck dick on a regular basis?

this leftist cancer samefags in every thread to build false consensus.

You're going to have to explain further. What I read there looks like every code of conduct that I've seen everywhere: be polite and be constructive, not antagonistic.

That's because code of conducts are not technology and people feel the need to bring non-technology threads to the technology board.


more like

This is purposely vague bullshit meant to be enforced selectively. May I add:
Why should you accept every nature reject in the world?
Use my pronouns, cislord. Or, cater to my mental illness, if you prefer.
Door opened for cultural relativism and other bullcrap.
If it's constructive, you must accept it.
Not "what is technically best". Typical democratic liberation techniques used at a smaller scale. This is pretty important since this mean that "the community" has power over the author.
What the fuck is this? Something to give power to anyone claiming to "feel oppressed".
Not subjective at all.

>written by this: where.coraline.codes/

I really hope this is a bait or that you just a gnewfag because everybody knows about this here.

Implementing a CoC is bad enough, but using the one created by that awful tranny is truly disgusting.

These nerve center posters are really subtle.

fucking lol

Can any of you, Holla Forumstards, give me one (1) good reason why CoC are so bad in software development?

This thread got more reply than

These are political documents, not technical ones. See also the reaction of a CoC pusher to the word "meritocracy".

There are dozens of webkit frontends. Otter, being an Opera clone, is also retardedly bloated, thus unattractive.

In your mind. We care about SJWs ruining everything. kys kike.

Taking CoCs gives power to SJWs. If you're unable to empathize, an example closer to home is when you dumbasses began parading gays around. Soon afterwards they took over. SJWs use the same cultural-marxist strategy. First you take their CoC because you're such a nice goy and bit by bit they eliminate everyone who isn't in their clique and replace them with other SJWs.
The solution is to not give them any ground whatsoever. People can either stfu and code or gtfo and play with their butt buddies on Holla Forums.

stop this meme


muh slippery slope

So what? If these people are so bad, why do you care about staying with them?

You're assuming that code of conducts give them any power. They don't.

A CoC doesn't give power, it's an assertion of power.

"Don't be an Asshole"

Make a fork, advertise it and let's see how much of the original developers go for it.

Literally every one of your quotes has no explanation whatsoever, WHY is it an assertion of power? It dosen't apply to non-contributors (it's in the name), are you a contributor?

Go suck a dick like your tranny BO.

Of course it did. It also got replies faster than earlier qutebrowser threads.
The reason is that people who participate in this thread need literally zero knowledge about qutebrowser, or browsers in general, or technology in general, or even codes of conduct. They can skim through the link, do a few seconds of pattern-matching, and write an angry rant.
What do you expect?

Wait to see if the code of conduct is used for something unreasonable. I doubt it. That guy actually posts here sometimes.

This is still pretty worrying. I mean, why would anyone use that unless xhe's a rainbow haired unicorn?

Because it's the standard CoC people already know, and because the real content of it isn't that bad once you get past "oh no, they used the word 'inclusive'".
I'll walk through .
This boils down to "don't harass people". Take the sentence apart - it already said "everyone", all the things following "regardless of" are just a way of stressing "yes, everyone". "Don't harass people" is a reasonable rule in most projects.
Not really a problem.
Keep discussions respectful.
In this context, "accepting" means "listening to". Seems like a good idea.
The community is the authors. That's how the "free software development" thing works. If your community isn't healthy then that's not good on a technical level either.
This shouldn't be a problem.
You can't write a code of conduct that's both useful and "objective". Human interaction is complicated. These rules can be reasonably applied. They can also be applied unreasonably, but that's true for any rule.

Ok, time to fork it, put a moonman logo on it, and spam literally every mention of qutebrowser eveywhere on the internet accusing it of not being truly free software, being a botnet, pointing out any real of possible problem with it and telling people to use ours.

Wtf man. I'd rather use Firefox instead.

Did you even read the post you're replying to? Because there's no point being made here.
I cite "Pledge your respect and appreciation for contributors and participants". Participants can be anybody who decide to fuck with your projects. Exactly as planned.

Do you have anything to say about contributor-covenant.org/ anyway? Because here they reveal themselves to be exactly what most suppose they are. Fucking geekfeminism, meritocracy bad, more "minorities" because reasons, etc... the whole kike bullshit.
I really hope you're wasting my time for fun. Just search about "contributor covenant" on your search engine to see the track record.

tl;dr where_are_the_arguments.xpm

Firefox is even more diseased than this. It's also a bit like using MS Windows in regard to privacy: you must fight it and touch an horribly undocumented registry to even do something.
When there's stuff like github.com/pyllyukko/user.js/ or gist.github.com/haasn/69e19fc2fe0e25f3cff5, you know it's time to abandon ship.
This is why I'm looking at Qute; I'm tired of having to tinker this bloated turd to avoid spying.

this is just one more motivation to write a browser in C using webkit. not that i ever used qutebrowser.

I've played with it already. It doesn't look that difficult at all. Just get off of the pozbrowser bandwagon completely.


this is literally all the sourcecode is. given it's not really writing your own browser, it's more writing a front-end around webkit, but w/e, I trust the webkit library more than I trust firefox or chromium source code. this code clearly doesn't produce a full featured browser, but it's just more front-end bs. webkit supports webext too.
#include #include static void destroyWindowCb(GtkWidget* widget, GtkWidget* window);static gboolean closeWebViewCb(WebKitWebView* webView, GtkWidget* window);int main(int argc, char* argv[]){ // Initialize GTK+ gtk_init(&argc, &argv); // Create an 800x600 window that will contain the browser instance GtkWidget *main_window = gtk_window_new(GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL); gtk_window_set_default_size(GTK_WINDOW(main_window), 800, 600); // Create a browser instance WebKitWebView *webView = WEBKIT_WEB_VIEW(webkit_web_view_new()); // Put the browser area into the main window gtk_container_add(GTK_CONTAINER(main_window), GTK_WIDGET(webView)); // Set up callbacks so that if either the main window or the browser instance is // closed, the program will exit g_signal_connect(main_window, "destroy", G_CALLBACK(destroyWindowCb), NULL); g_signal_connect(webView, "close", G_CALLBACK(closeWebViewCb), main_window); // Load a web page into the browser instance webkit_web_view_load_uri(webView, "8ch.net/tech/catalog.html"); // Make sure that when the browser area becomes visible, it will get mouse // and keyboard events gtk_widget_grab_focus(GTK_WIDGET(webView)); // Make sure the main window and all its contents are visible gtk_widget_show_all(main_window); // Run the main GTK+ event loop gtk_main(); return 0;}static void destroyWindowCb(GtkWidget* widget, GtkWidget* window){ gtk_main_quit();}static gboolean closeWebViewCb(WebKitWebView* webView, GtkWidget* window){ gtk_widget_destroy(window); return TRUE;}

There's surf if you just want a clean webkit interface (none is clean since they require GTK+3 aka Gnome ToolKit).
And nothing has umatrix-like caps.


Fucking furries, fuck off and die!

I realy don't get how anyone can be using a browser without those, no matter how clean and not bloated. Firefox is worth it just for uMatrix.

What exactly is cucked about this? It's basically the same behavior expected from any professional environment.

Pushing alt-left ideology is not expected behaviour in any professional environment.

What part of it specifically would you call “alt-left”?



First of all, you are on chan, stop being sensitive little bitch.
Second, that was not me responding, it is some other user trying to (and obviously being successful at it) "trigger" you.

Now to answer your question.
There are multiple things, but first section is most troublesome.
I will go trough it and write about things that I see being alt-left and wrong about it.

Just because there are no switches to disable anti-features does not mean they are not there.

Are you suggesting that qutebrowser has secret anti-features that you can't turn off? What makes you think that?

Because it has practically in an entire chromium in it? The-Compiler seems alright, he does for example even know that googles safebrowsing lookup is not merely local. But you simply can't even get close to do all the things the user.js efforts or the torproject patches do.

It uses all of Blink, but Blink is not nearly all of Chromium, especially when you're talking about anti-features.
I tried tracking requests with strace once, and I didn't see anything shady. But I should do it again with Wireshark or something, I could have missed things.
As long as it doesn't phone home I can't think of anything to realistically worry about.

You fuckers don't know anything about QtWebengine. I thought too for a long time that this was just an embedded chromium, but no, the Qt guys really are gutting the jewgle out of this shit.
And I trust Qt more than Google or Mozilla.
I asked on the IRC and apparently, it's radio silence on Wireshark.

Coraline is no true scotsman?

Sad to hear that.
And nothing of value was lost.

Code of conducts are a way for SJWs and power hungry people (if not both) to justify inhuman decisions.
CoCs in reality are just an illusion that is used against the gullible userbase when needed, to hoard them against someone or multiple people.

The Nim community explains that correctly

Lets see what based community manager Linus Torvalds has to say about professionalism.



You want examples OK
Karoly Négyesi (chx) ousted from the Drupal community from being a BDSD

Freedesktop forces a CoC while not even necessary

CoC pushers refuse to be judged by their own standards

The number of CoC making bullshit appear is astounding people even lost their jobs because of the pricks who put it in place and began to put in place their indirect dictatorship.

gentoo should set up a USE flag for CoC's like they do with licenses so you can strip cancer in one go. unfortunately it would probably take out half the system.

Why do you care about it?
I get caring when a code of conduct is added to a project you're a part of, or which you plan to contribute to, but why do you mind using a project with a code of conduct?

Well, I guess he means that software made by raging leftist is rarely good. I still use xscreensaver, though.

The free software movement was started by a raging leftist, the same raging leftist who originally created GCC and the GPL.
If you want to avoid using shit software than check whether software is shit before using it. No faulty shortcuts.

You have something better? You better not say Firefox or Chromium (even icecat or ungoogled are pure shit because they're based on humongous spyware).

Why do you pretend to be so dumb? It's the same reason people boycott companies they think are complete shit (like rms with coke or walmart). Plus once a project gets infected it's only a matter of time until it dies from the rot. You'll have to switch to an alternative sooner or later, might as well do it now.

I hope you don’t think that’s what Linus is actually saying there.

Cucks need to leave.

Now that's a slippery slope fallacy if I've ever seen one.


Stop this meme. Also, what's stopping you from just forking an older build?

Kill yourself.


Fallacy doesn't mean it's false, it only means it's not mathematically true.
Otherwise, you couldn't even observe tendencies over long periods of time without an autist saying "fallacy, m'lady!".

The thing about slippery slope fallacies is that I can also imagine a chain of "likely events" that lead to any outcome I desire given an arbitrary starting point. This is how Holla Forums works: always extrapolating events to every kind of conclusion possible. If you're making 2000 prophesies every week and celebrate your wisdom on the two prophesies that eventuate down the line, you will start to think that you're some kind of prophet.

Stallman boycotts those companies because he thinks giving them money directly contributes to their unethical activities.
But qutebrowser is gratis and libre, and hasn't actually abused the CoC in any way so far.

What is the rationale behind this change? I see no comment thread on the commits, and in the issues there's nothing about it.
It looks really fishy to me, since there must've been some discussion about it, if it's not been censored.

Daily reminder that luakit is a viable alternative.

I'm also not sure what makes you think that the existence of a CoC would change anything in how people who act like an asshole are handled - I think there's very few such people in qutebrowser's community, and I try to handle them in a fair way, both before and now
I think it's good to have expected behavior written down for situations where shit hits the fan though; and (even if it doesn't improve things in itself, sure), it's a good signal for people who don't know the community that it's probably a community which cares about not being an asshole to each other (I've seen different - see TinyTinyRSS)

Some tards make retarded prophecies about the final happening, but that's another story. When you really know who runs the show, of course you can predict what's next.

What Linus is saying is be fair with others.
Don't use speudo BS methods like saying "muh professionalism" to show that you are right and learn to identify when you're wrong.

linus sexual assault allegation from 1980 when

You know user when events have showed multiple times that X event happened in Y order the slippery slope fallacy isn't a fallacy anymore.
Learn from errors, don't be naive, expect the worse but be fair.

They already tried user
I hope they won't try again and that linus covers his ass like hell when he goes out.

holy shit, SJWzilla claims to be meritocracy.


Well, at least he's just a misguided fool, not a lefty. This CoC is especially made to _look_ sensible to apolitical people.

Can you give a hypothetical example of how it could backfire?

what's wrong with either of these? i'm literally trying to deal with both in C. aside from "GUI is cancer", what's the problem? It seems like there's only Qt and Gtk, and Qt is only for C++. Qt seems worse than Gtk.

Read the thread, there's more than one example of how it can be used by external agitators.
I'm pretty tired of replying to bait. I really hope it's bait, since this specific CoC has a long history of being used as a red weapon.

Read the thread

I don't know if it's used especially by reds but for sure it's used by totalitarian and mentally disturbed people.

I did read that.
In the Drupal incident, the CWG repeatedly conclued that he didn't violate the code of conduct, and he was finally expelled from the project without invoking it. If anything, the code of conduct made it harder to force him out, not easier.
Freedesktop adopting a code of conduct is not an example of abusing a code of conduct.
Someone ignoring their own code of conduct is indeed shit, but not an example of abusing it either.

Dependency on dbus, retarded mandatory at-spi, developed by the Redhat/freedesktop scourge (thus becoming the Gnome Toolkit: it can and does break everything that isn't Gnome but that's okay), 18M tarball vs 13 for GTK+2, very bad default theme (being important since this is the only one guaranteed to not break with every point update).
So yes, Qt5 is better. The only inconvenient of Qt is trying to do more than GUI (which is okay since it's modular: qtcore, qtgui, etc...), being bloated and not having C bindings.
If you want to use C, I suggest Motif or XForms.


lol fml. i don't have much of a choice if I want to stick with C and use webkit. use gtk-2 instead?

You complain about size of tarball yet Qt is equally bad in this regard. Everyone uses GTK+ themes to style their Qt applications and yet they somehow fucking it all up in some recent Qt release. Not to even mention that the organization doesn't even give a fuck about Qt Widgets anymore and it is on life support and all the resources go to Qt Quick, which tries to do everything for every platform. The definition of bloated cancer in my book. Not trying to defend GTK+

Qt organization doesn't give two fucks about Linux, they only support it because they support "everything". We have KDE folks to thank to, who make Qt even relevant in Linux ecosystem. rant over

Webkit-gtk2 is abandoned.

Yeah I know, qtcore is something like 45MB. Honestly, Qt5 and GTK3 are both as bad, but from a Gentoo user point of view, it's better (especially the lack of dbus) and looks a lot better (i.e. doesn't waste half of your screen for Apple dicksucking tier ricing).

Yeah headerbar is shitty. It only looks somewhat decent if all your applications are GTK3 only and all with headerbar.

I made a post on the qutebrowser subreddit asking the developer to remove the COC, but he responded with "No."
I'm going back to Firefox. I mean, if I have to use a poz'd SJW browser, I might as well use the one with more options for privacy and security like uMatrix/uBlock. Also the Tridactyl addon looks like a promising replacement for Vimperator/VimFx.

i'm glad i never even heard of this browser before this thread. fuck that guy. what's the point anyway, it's nothing special, it's just Qt. I'm writing a browser / front-end for webkit if it's the last thing I do, i'm done using this poz. I don't imagine Qt being much more difficult.


You can run, but you can't hide ;)

There it is, that shutting on anyone who is against anyone who is against the CoC that actively puts forth a lefty belief system, din't take long.

lmao he should have asked for a kickstarter first in order to implement this
guess I'll be migrating to luakit

yikes, time to get some sleep

Can someone just fork Surf and implement umatrix-like capabilities already? I would if I could.

In respect to the open source community, all this SJW nonsense with these tranny freaks and unworkable conditions with mob justice CoCs smells of deliberate subversion. It's no coincidence that the subversion ramped up 200% since Ed Snowden happened in 2013. It seems a deliberate way to ruin any projects that absolutely require consensus to reach a goal (while not being tied to a contract and paid, like a "normal" job.) After Snowden, free open source projects had the ability to really converge as a reaction but it has been thoroughly fragmented and kept in constant upheaval by this SJW mess. Great success, CIA.

Yes, 90% of people are dumbass leftists. Get over it. Just because somebody has a stupid opinion doesn't mean that they are retarded or evil. Grow up.

that's where your wrong, heretic



You're the same faggot that shills rust here every day, aren't you?