Operation: Smash Cultural Marxist Symbolism

I have always hated the way the degenerates have hijacked the symbolism of the spectrum of light and rainbow (as used in children's nurseries). I thereby propose to start using a continuous spectrum of light in all our material with the red at the bottom, to reclaim the natural spectrum as wholesome.

Additionally, I attach an updated Smash Cultural Marxism logo with what I believe should be its logo (with a Satanic upside-down star with 6 discrete colour bands).

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A rainbow bridge does lead to where the gods dwell.

absolutely fab tbh



Good idea. Meme it.


Inversion of the natural order; the rainbow flag fits quite well in the kabbalist cults attempt to ferment death and disorder on this planet.


I like the idea though, but gradients on a flag is absolutely the worst design and is Africa-tier flag fashion.

It has to be reclaimed somehow. Get creative!

red should be on left and indigo on the right though (UKIP!)

Maybe we can slowly take over theirs by first saying if it's striped vertically it stands for the deversity of European culture and heritage?


Without the media, we can't reappropriate a symbol very easily. I approve of the creative thinking, but people will always associate rainbow flags with faggotry now. Besides, more and more people are already turning on the rainbowfags.

Though the leftists are cucked up so having it the wrong way round is probably more leftist.

A good idea for this is to change the black of the family into a continuous spectrum instead of being in black. I have the SVG sources and will upload them somewhere…

They use the rainbow flag because it was a symbol of God's mercy in that he would never flood the world again to destroy degeneracy.

They sure do love to test him… Forgetting that he only said he wouldn't use water, not that he wouldn't destroy them.

Walk the rainbow bridge.

No. Use the color scheme in alt-right media so the leftists don't know anymore what is, or isn't, racist.

I'm not sold on this gradient thing for the simple reason that gradients are very difficult on any non-computer medium. Can't make a gradient with scrap fabric, or a paint brush. Printing a gradient on cloth is expensive. Still, I'd like to see where this idea leads.

One idea I've been kicking around in my head for a while is combining the rainbow imagery with the fashy sun-rise imagery a lot of people have been working on.


I don't want the rainbow back.

All our bloody imagery is designed on computers! Just use the SVG source for the gradient in Inkscape and it is very easy to use!

At the very least, we should take it from our enemies. Do not consign this memetic weapon to them.

That's true, but most of the faggot rainbow imagery is done "in meatspace". Fag parades and whatnot.

How would it aid us?
I think we should further tarnish it
NOT ONLY is it a gay symbol
something like that.

Make a new logo:
Upright star
Continuous gradient background
Pepe in the middle

The problem is the Christian/rainbow association. We can't very well convince Christians to drop Noah.

But Noah's rainbow was a real rainbow. An arc through the sky of continuous gradient, not a rectangle with clearly delineated colors. That discrepancy should be exploited.

Why is that a problem? We in general like Christianity but think it has become cucked. We shouldn't use Christian symbolism, but reinvent it with a twist for the meme era!

maybe we should change ourselves instead of trying (and probably failing) to change them?

Who's "We"?

We aren't trying to change them!!! We are adopting the continuous gradient for the alt-right!

The alt-right already has a flag.

Culturl Marxist Milo fags not welcome

I think if you're creating a symbol you want something simple, easy to recognize, and easy to create. This is why corporate logos and country flags tend to use simple shapes that are distinguishable at a distance and at most a few colours. A spectrum is complicated, difficult to recognize (because there's already the similar-looking rainbow flag), and difficult to create

isn't he against cultural marxism?

Do you understand how fucking hard is to make a gradient flag?

Yeah, an internet-only flag is a good way to spill spaghetti.

THIS IS PERFECT. Make them associate the rainbow flag with anti-family values.

I made that in 5 minutes. It isn't hard. Uploading sources…

Most white people are Christian, or at least think of themselves as such, so memetic imagery related to Christianity should be used to our advantage. Right now the LGBT people are exploiting the rainbow to make Christians more cucky.

To stop that we either poison the rainbow, or take the rainbow. I think taking it would be more effective.

Poisoning the rainbow is worth discussing though. There is a third major source of rainbow related memetics: the marketing materials of the Wrigley Company.

Juxtapose images of disgusting fag degeneracy with the words "Taste the Rainbow". Make normies physically gag.

The rainbow smells like fish and poo now, they can keep it.

Just associate the smell with the color spectrum, to illustrate the point that they destroy everything beautiful.

Gay Snek Flag is an abomination.

Is that picture from PorcFest?

Agreed. They've already tainted it. So we point out the unnatural nature of their rainbow and ruthlessly exploit the natural spectrum. We then get Christians to encourage all Children's nurseries to use the natural gradient – in the computer age it is easy to do. We can provide lots of SVG templates that they could download etc.

Why don't we just co-opt the rainbow and turn it into a hate symbol? Something about the vibrant brilliance of the white man against all other races?

IIRC it's from somewhere in LA after the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

why? I thought it was pretty awesome


While I support fracturing the left's fag voting block with pro-2A messaging, sneks should not be abused. It's just wrong.

This entire thread is cringy as fuck. Whoever all of you are, go back to where you came from.

Also op is the biggest fag because he wants things to be "wholesome" yet doesn't realize that a rainbow is white light separated. If you really wanted the wholesome unity metaphor then white light or something such as a sun would work and honestly rainbows just look trash.

As for op and his premise of reclaiming the rainbow, that itself is not a bad idea but i don't see how using a continuous spectrum does shit about that.

very fair

context Trump is always right. Very slovenly and disrespectful.

Kill all faggots.

Holla Forums pls go

I had thought of the white light prism thing too. Not need to suck a cock.

Although it's clearly inspired by this "offend everyone at once" meme. It's supposed to be provocative, I think it's effective. We shouldn't be too precious about things if we want to win at memetics/propaganda.

You strike me as the kind of guy that walks into the shower and yells, "Hey, everybody! I just dropped the soap!"

Why try and coopt fag symbolism? Maybe you want to try to reclaim leather chaps and prolapses, too?

pic related. It's op's brave and daring natsoc army coming to reclaim your symbols.

These fags especially should go home.

That's fair.

It ISN'T fag symbolism. That's the whole point! The faggots have co-opted the most natural of things. The fuckers probably co-opted the rainbow to increase their opportunity for paedophilia.

It's heartbreaking how the communist nazi jews are pushing hard against the confederate flag. They're very effective at making it unacceptable to fly our flags.
Would it be possible to turn that around? like says. Turn it into a hate symbol somehow. It's probably not. Niggers can literally snipe innocent policemen off the streets, murdering fathers and they get praised as civil rights activitsts.



stop shitting the thread up with your reddit memes



Holy shit is that real?

simply use all 7 colors instead of six.

jews are weak against the number 7.

this aint fucing.. pokemon, nigga


How has no one posted Dio yet?

There was actually a dual interest they had in using the rainbow:

1. The rainbow represents the breakdown of white light into its constituent components. Similarly, they wanted to represent both the breakdown of "whiteness" (i.e., the breakdown of White social order, White families, and White institutions) and have a namby-pamby way of showing that their "movement" includes people of all colors.

How does the rainbow represent the breakdown of "whiteness"?

2. The Rainbow, up until the degenerates started using it, was heralded as God's covenant with Noah that he would never again cleanse the Earth with water. Because of that, religious institutions (read: The Catholic church, as well as many other denominations) used it as a symbol of fellowship, brotherhood & communion, and as a symbol of hope in that it is a reminder of God's covenant with Man.

So, the faggots took the rainbow and inverted it (note OP's pictures) and, much like the inverted crucifix, made it represent the exact opposite thing it originally stood for. Instead of representing fellowship, communion, and brotherhood, it represents anonymous anal sex with multiple random strangers; instead of being a symbol of hope, it's a symbol of despair, since all fags are mentally fucked and will always be mentally fucked because they're trying to work against nature and find love in another man's hairy ass.

SVG sources: drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzhCjrBZZZrASzhoZUNJd2xDUDQ?usp=sharing

Why you think they picked that? The plan was all along to push their shit to kids.

I saw in some kindergarten walls full of those colors, imagine when the kids grow a little older, they will attribute all the fagness to innocence

also nurseries and schools always have loads of flags up from every country in the world, and maps of the world, all kinds of anti-nationalism stuff. You'll notice it a lot as soon as you know to look for it.

God I hate that shit.

Will also continue this at operationcounterglobalism.org

Jews are heavy into numerology, see the gematria and co.
7 Is the number of god.

Learn your basic kikery, please.


Fuck all kikery. We're not having either 6 or 7. Neither exist in nature. Also, 7 wouldn't be as easily distinguishable from the degenerate faggot flag.

Simply using 7 isn't kikery, it's them being weak against it that is the kikery.

The rainbow needs to be taken back from them.
Using a number that has a negative psychological effect on them is not a bad thing.

I don't wanna connect the rainbow with anything like swastikas, but the rainbow still needs to be taken back.
7 colors, or bust.
Defying the jew, not playing by its rules and desires is key.
The jew made it 6 colors, therefore it must be 7, again.

Well shit, we've been counting our fingers wrong this whole time!
one, two, three, four, five, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve? Holy shit, he's right!

Leftists are degenerates.

This whole thread is not how you do it.

Pic related how you destroy the rainbow symbolism.

As a rule of thumb, keep it simple, funny and offensive.


Not in the context of the spectrum of light smartass.

jesus christ, spoiler that

Rainbow is an important symbolism as are the 7 color/rays. I like this idea of creating a subtle subversion to recapture the rainbow. We can make this like a more subtle pepe to signal our position to one another. 7 color rainbow with violet at the top


Your tinfoil hat is corroding.

Who gives a fuck. The rainbow is a universal symbol.

Rainbow bridge to asgard. Enough said.

There's been more than enough discussion on this fag but every now and some retard who hasn't lurked long enough or simply just doesn't pay attention comes along and asks this question. Milo is a gay-catholic-british-jew that pic related warned us about.
But jokes aside he is first and foremost a jew, meaning his motivation is whatever benefits him not society. Him being gay is most likely the reason there is such a prevalence of fags trying to weasel into the aut-right. His endless tirades about how much he loves to spread for niggers is also degenerate as fuck and spreads ir propaganda to the retards who continuously listen to him.

Since you're a rainbow expert explain this image without translating it.

What are those kikes doing near china?
Why are they Autonomous?
Why do they even exist?


Communist revolution was heavily kiked. Later they made themselves a safe place in eastern Russia

fuck off

Pic related is the rainbow bridge. It's the tunnel of light and the inner sun. If we use the rainbow it should reflect pic related.

Prasie Kek! He has reached rainbow body!!


(no idea what "rainbow body" is other than being some kooky buddhist thing that David Wilcock talks about)

There is literally nothing wrong with being gay.

Our symbol is pic related. Friendship spiral optional. It's subversive while maintaining appropriate level of esoteric validity.

I messed it up. See attached with 7 colors. Some draw fag can do better I'm sure.

needs to be thicker

This thread made me realize something.

Why the fuck aren't we D&Cing the shit out of the left? Look at this shit for instance
printing out a 100 of those and throwing them where the fuck ever is a great idea. GAY TOLERANCE ISN'T ENOUGH, THE WORLD MUST BE GAY. Print out pictures of Mohammed eating shit, t. Muslim transexual Alliance against cis-gendered prophets. A more subtle approach is to print off a fuck heug list of "genders" and demand people memorize them or else they are sexist. Slaughter the sacred cows of the left and blame it on an even father-left. Identity politics is a rotting house and we have only to kick in the door for it to collapse.

I would like to know more about this picture.


what the fuck are you doing

Praise him!




Good idea. The radial spectrum would differentiate it further from the degenerate flag.

Rainbow is God's symbol, not theirs or ours. He'll handle it soon enough.


Could start a reverse CTR. RTC: Restrain the Cucks. All the anti-white stuff the left spews just needs to be brought home as whites are the true power of the left. Find a way to get them to realize they'll need to make sacrifices.

some autist pointed out to me once that this image implies that a black family in a white world must protect itself from degeneracy.
I made pic related instead. still not happy with it though, not sure what colour "the world" should be represented by.



what is it that you wish to express?
use what you can to express yourself as effectively as possible.
shed the light with humility.

somebody please have an actual flag of this printed.


that's the only keyboard I need.



I agree. We must reclaim the rainbow and return it to what it once was. A symbol of nature, beauty, colors and leprechauns.

You can't make flags with gradients you fuckin idiot

What century do you live in? I thought we had these things called printers, and most flags are printed these days.

Do it like the "Pointilists" and impressionists do, maybe.
It only has to work from far away. Temporary flags would be easier since they could be printed and only used for a handful of rallies before "retiring"
Alternatively single-colour gradient shirts so when everyone stands together it works from above/far away.

also we need to meme the Dodge Interceptor back into production in the US, but with a modern engine. Badass looking car. Also being so wide and flat you can put all sorts of decoratively fashy things on it

[spoiler]>literal snekfags

technically that sorta thing has its own "political movement" (for lack of a better term) of anarcho-punk.
Whole thing started as a revolt against Thatcher, to be as gross and disrespectful to all sensible morals as possible

actually, good idea. That's exactly who would adopt it as a "hate symbol" the most.
Negroes hate organised faggotry.
They'll slam each other in the booty and let their asses hang out but they'll kick actual swishy-fags to death. Op SanFranChimpout go!

also wasn't there a rainbow game company way back? Fuck if I can remember it…was Atari or Nintendo and then died out.

Concentration Camps badges

There is NO purple in the electromagnetic spectrum. Violet originally referred to the very much BLUE Violet flower. It's now a synonym for purple cause… degeneracy I guess? Either way, lose it.

That halo is interesting as the colours appear the other way round on other halo examples I see. It seems though that the degenerate faggots surprisingly haven't inverted the colours actually either out of some sort of masonic kikery, so red should generally be on the top in contradiction to OP.

Using a gradient flag is a good idea though (a flag can easily be turned either way round :P).

Entry-level shit. Even Yid Kristol does that.

He is opposed to feminism. Same as Sargon. These people are fine with liberalism sans third-wave feminism.

They aren't right wingers.

I think it was a response to both the government suddenly calling the Gadsden Flag racist, and the Orlando shootings. Them calling it racist is absurd, they're just trying to demonize any resistance in thought to the current globalist program. I preferred making my own version.


The rainbow is the symbol of the light bringer, Lucifer, who is also the devil.

Appropriate for poopdick fans

I thought fags dressed up?


All you need to do to change the public perception of a symbol is to fucking use it.
Ideally, we get the media to talk about it. This means this is one of the few times raiding might be useful as long as we pick the right target.

Make a throwaway twitter account and replace your profile pic with the rainbow, pick a high value target, and stormpost with infographics and such.


This is a golden opportunity to LARP as radical leftists in order to piss off as many people as possible.

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, maps made me think of conquerors and exploring the world. The Age of Empires and such.

Better quality

Halo (from Greek ἅλως, halōs[1]) is the name for a family of optical phenomena produced by light interacting with ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Halos can have many forms, ranging from colored or white rings to arcs and spots in the sky. Many of these are near the Sun or Moon, but others occur elsewhere or even in the opposite part of the sky. Among the best known halo types are the circular halo (properly called the 22° halo), light pillars and sun dogs, but there are many more; some of them fairly common, others (extremely) rare.
The ice crystals responsible for halos are typically suspended in cirrus or cirrostratus clouds high (5–10 km, or 3–6 miles) in the upper troposphere, but in cold weather they can also float near the ground, in which case they are referred to as diamond dust. The particular shape and orientation of the crystals are responsible for the type of halo observed. Light is reflected and refracted by the ice crystals and may split up into colors because of dispersion. The crystals behave like prisms and mirrors, refracting and reflecting light between their faces, sending shafts of light in particular directions.
Atmospheric phenomena such as halos were used as part of weather lore as an empirical means of weather forecasting before meteorology was developed. They often do mean that rain is going to fall within the next 24 hours as the cirrostratus clouds that cause them can signify an approaching frontal system.
Other common optical phenomena involving water droplets rather than ice crystals include the glory and the rainbow.

gynecomastia is a bitch.

too many hormone disruptors in our food.

Who's "we", newfag?

It looks like a dinosaur with a bowl cut. The adult's heads are the eyes and the children's heads are the nostrils.

More accurate Cultural Marxism logo with perpetrator front and centre. Marxism is only the subversive leftist path, but the subversive rightist path used in CULTURAL Marxism involves using many shekels from the globalist banking elite to control and subvert also. Hence I have Iron & Sickle on left path and Shekel symbol on right path.

Smash all marxism.

Marxism leads to cultural marxism.
Equity is an unobtainable fantasy. Initial step ladders to glory are the better method.


It is interesting that years ago I thought "fuck the Nazi's for taking a cool symbol like the Swastika and ruining it for everybody."
Now here I am hating the faggots for ruining rainbows.

I hear a Turk.

user, we all know the real Satanic star has 8 points

i meant 6 dammit
i wish we could edit our post sometimes


Classic dilemma: do I shit up this thread to correct myself or just say fuck it?

He's a gay jew, what more do you need to know?


i would argue that Sargon is on the edge of being a full blown nationalist, but this idea that the Left wing is always morally right and is somehow more intellectual than the Right wing is what keeps him bluepilled. There were countless times where he would talk about how he adores the British culture, and the people in it etc.

as for Milo, he's just an opportunistic scum. If we were the establishment, he would be the biggest communist you have ever seen - fighting for LGBTFO rights and whatnot.
But however, he does serve a purpose for redpilling the bluepilled.


The fag flag skips the color indigo. Start including an indigo stripe. Leaving out indigo results in 6 colors rather than a holy 7 colors.

This would be a proper spectrum of additive primaries and secondaries.

I like it


This is big
This isn't by accident

Additional colors: the tertiary and quaternary colors.

Fucked the alignment.

Gamut colors (according to Illustrator).

The faggot flag with hue flipped 180 degrees. So the anti-LGBT flag.

What the spectrum flag should look like if it contains only single-wavelength colors (real colors).

What the spectrum flag should look like if it contains only single-wavelength colors (real colors)…

Reposted because color management; duplicate because no user post/file deletion on Holla Forums.

Report these for me

What the spectrum flag should look like if it contains only single-wavelength colors (real colors)…
Reposted because color management; duplicate because no user post/file deletion on Holla Forums.

Illustrator needs a goddamn "Turn off color management" check box on the "Save for Web" box.

I'll eventually get color management to quit fucking with my export. This should be non-managed now.

Double-checked, this export is good and as intended. (No more repost spam yaay!)

Here, have an animation of it now…

Christ cuckery is Judaism 2.0, and is not the future. I made a single-wavelength version with even distribution [whereas the queer version has purple at the bottom, which is a non-physical color, and the queer version isn't an even distribution of hues] here:

Since there is no reddish-blue or blueish-red in nature, our brains create a fiction for us. This should be your very first gut-hint of the power within MemeMagick(tm), noticing this truth. You can see what I mean here:

Let's get two-dimensional!


Bump for all the alt-kike faggots and other newfags getting triggered over this.


Kind of shakes my faith in Kek that you didn't get dubs for that.

That's beautiful!

I just realized that Holla Forums replaces transparent with the default background color in thumbnails, pic related. Was going to scold you for using a solid color rather than transparency…

can't unsee

Here's a version of that with a continuous gradient

OP here: Updated the original so red at top again.

I like this

Same tones as queer flag

I mean obviously Milo is not Holla Forums-tier, and I don't actually waste my time watching him or listening to his stuff. But for the most part I got quite a bit of respect for someone who is unabashedly for free speech in this increasingly moralistic and totalitarian public sphere, and who triggers SJWs and feminist via having "identity points" while doing so. If nothing else.

How would you think was on the bottom?

granny tits

Questioning and opposing an Egoistic Autist in a fairy tale sure is gay.