How Can We Punch Back Against Leftists?

Today, I learned that leftists are planning an (((equality march))) in a Polish town where I used to live.
Ordinarily, I probably wouldn't care. However, very purposely, they have planned it for the same day as our Christmas tree lighting ceremony. This is the very first time that anything like this has came to my area. Usually, things like this are reserved for areas to the north of me, like Royal Oak or Ferndale (for all you Michigander Holla Forumsacks).

So this opens some questions… First, we won the battle but obviously we are in for more war than we might have thought.

I thought about a counter-demonstration, but if anything is evident, we know people on the right do not tend to show up to demonstrations the way the blue hairs on the left do and there's no time.

Of course the 6 million more thing is an exaggeration, but do you show up to disrupt their rally peacefully? If so, you lose any sort of high ground.

Any thoughts as to how to counter these things? Obviously we can't just sit back and get complacent because we have a president that wants some of what we want.

What do?

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Find out where the march is going to be, buy some petrol, spill it all over the place, throw a match when they start marching.

Postal style!

If it's in Poland, then join up with a nationalist group and organise a counter-protest. Go smash some lefty skulls.

Marches do fucking nothing. Run for local office, that's the best thing you could do.

No, it's just a predominantly Polish town in Michigan.
Apparently on the SPLC map, it shows that there are some sort of WN elements, but I have never seen them.

I like this idea.

Seriously though, I had a thought that a good White demonstration could be people marching with standards flying the US flag on top, and that of their ethnic homeland second, i.e. Poland, Ireland, Italy or wherever. No provocative signs, even though they'll have many. No NS Germany flags even though we all love and cherish it.

The Left will scream all their usual -isms. Antifa will try to provoke violence. Jew media will try to spin it as Neo-Nazi KKK triple Hitler, but the lack of any such symbology will undermine that narrative.

My two cents.


I am not clean enough to run for office. I've never been in any sort of trouble, but anyone who knows me knows I'm a complete racist, sexist homophobe.
I do believe I could run a good campaign for someone else, though. Hell, anyone here could probably run a solid campaign for someone else if they really tried.

IEDS work. Plus they make the basemet dwelling neets nervous for some reason. Really it's just Shlomo D&C'ing us if you hadn't figured that out yet. Be a good goy and just shitpost in your safe space.

Of course it's Schlomo d&cing us. How do we punch back?
I think everyone is going to start seeing a lot more of this and I think it would behoove the right to counter things like this. They're trying to show their numbers and push people around.
There needs to be a way for the right to effectively do these things as well.

OP, Macomb County reporting in.

I'm at your command.

So the question becomes, then, how do we motivate the right to become more active?
Anyone who cares enough is probably riding the high of the election still. While kikes like this asshole are regrouping and rallying, a lot of the right is content to not play their hand.
But if the right gets stagnant and complacent, then our ceiling is Trump. I want a higher ceiling.

Subvert them, and spray them with pepper spray

I guess we will see how the cops feel about it. This cuck doesn't have proper permits to run a demonstration through the middle of town. The cops in our city are naturally going to want to protect our local businesses, which is all that's allowed here for the most part. Think I'll just send it over to the police's twitter and let them know to get their batons ready if this shit starts gaining momentum.

join iy and infiltrate it, make them do something stupid like shitting their pants to fight racism.

Just keep spreading stories about their behaviour that the media won't ever cover.

Polish hate commies more than any ethnic group I know of, this can't turn out well for these commie cretins.

He's some sort of self-important organizer, so I'm sure it's going to happen. Probably just go to get video of them doing stupid shit and have them arrested.

Granted, those agents are right on the money, the only problem is that they and the citizenry are cucked enough to call for your arrest over it.

In the old days, if you took justices into your own hands and took care of a problem the town had, say a really bad wife abuser no one liked and you got fed up with it, yo'd be doing the town a favor by offing him.

Now? The guy could be a child rapist cannibal who kicks puppies and you'd probably get prison time for so much as trading punches if you're white an he's black.

Just use their tactics. Infiltrate and discredit. Get a sign that says white men need to die. No white babies.

Literal punching back is the way to go. Just find one of these retards and sock him right in the fucking jaw
Fuck off, you won't to go jail for punching a retard, you won't even get sued because these pansies are fucking stupid and have no idea how laws work

Nobody will go. They'll end up with twenty or fifty hamplanets standing around looking for a carry out joint.
Just like last week - Ann Arbor and Royal Oak (RO coming in behind AA and Ferndale for poz levels) held "protests" and there were a couple hundred people in AA and fifteen or 20 in RO.

OP be a martyr and go with a polish flag, an American flag, and a cross. Just stand or sit where where demonstrating. They're sure to chimp out and attack you, people will film it, you'll get internet famous, and real Americans will get triggered and maybe join us

Yeah, pic related. In the old days I think people would have formed small groups and made these immigrants disappear one by one.

See, that's why they're having it on the day of the tree lighting ceremony. Even ten people protesting at the tree lighting is going to cause a scene.

Why would the FBI care if some Poles smack around people in Poland?

This is in a predominantly Polish town in Michigan. I should have clarified.

yeah that's why I have no love for the old WN.

back in the day where murders were rarely solved especially if they were ones done by strangers those guys spent their time writing shit about each other about how they're all plants and jews instead of going around and killing the biggest enemies of the white race.

The KKK hanging up some fucking low class niggers was just them treating a symptom but not the cause. The fact that jews were not being killed ten a day in the 40s/50s is fucking disgusting tbqh

By doing what we've always done.
Make fun of them for being leftists.

Some of you guys are pretty cool, don't go the the equality march tomorrow.

With memes why you haven't made any new ones is beyond me the doomsday conspiracy climate change shill should have memed a week ago.

You don't, this is the worst time to go postal and fuck things up, it'll portray us as the bad guys here and our opposition as victims

bring your own tree and push your way through the crowd to set it up

Of course you don't go postal or act like a violent nigger or break the law, but is it really time for "muh PR?"

If anything we should do peaceful protests and somehow get a loud system playing come together to troll the living shit out of shillbots

Crucify them, and set up their crucifixes along a busy road. That would at least shake things up.



no wonder your town is full of degenerates

Well they go all out. Our town does the Christmas lights for the entire downtown area.
The problem is that the guy doing it is from one town over and they have a very nice park which is self-contained and there's one entrance in and one out. Would be the perfect spot for a demonstration - unless you actually want to get in peoples' faces when they're trying to get a cup of coffee and see the tree lighting.
That's the whole problem. They want to disrupt and the guy is probably a Jew who found a way to piss on white family tradition while trying to undermine what has been achieved in the election.

On the page, he clearly focuses on protesting the election and it's clearly an anti-Trump march. However, this good little leftist has been reading Chomsky and has figured out that verbiage is everything. He calls it an anti-Trump march and people may show up to counter demonstrate. However, getting someone to counter demonstrate against an (((Equality March))) is a different story.

The cuck did his somework, I'll give him that.

Appeal to what they care about, say that you don't want people to be raped and that violence is bad. Then rattle off a list of rapufugee and migrant statistics, and say that you are worried about more people being raped as a result of this.

Break their fragile minds, not their bodies.

Just keep doing everything possible to trigger them.

rest in piss kike

you defend yourself. if they attack you, put them down violently and ruthlessly. dont instigate but dont cuck out if they come at you.

Jesus fucking Christ I hate you Holla Forums bootlickers so much

Close your fingers into a fist & swing.

infiltrate and discredit, as said, but be sure to have some hidden spy-cam disguised as keyfobs or pins or some shit
record their discussions, their sperging, their conspiracy to commit crimes
and then send a copy to the cops/feds/SS
and post it here too, of course

the FBI should fuck off as we are on their side along with the police. An America where leftists are afraid to go outside is an America where all of their jobs are much less of a hassle.

Just let whatever happens happen.