Intel ME Vulnerabilities

So, this happened

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Could you at least summarize everything what it's all about.

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>For more information, please see this Intel Support article



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how many of these firmware patches are going to limit your ability to use me_cleaner?


Minix is a teaching OS and is fucking garbage. What did anyone expect?

Not only is that opinion non-sequitur, your opinion is simply false.

how many years back is that?

Skylake, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake, ergo 2015-now.

imo Tanenbaum gets an F.

Yeah but who wasn't expecting this was going to happen? Anyway it just confirms my decision to avoid Intel/AMD forever, no matter what they say they're gonna do.

MINIX3 is NOT a teaching OS.

Just gonna leave this here. It's guides and stuff on how to reflash the coreboot on chromebooks, getting rid of the included depthcharge and allowing for the removal of ChromeOS. Many Chromebooks are ARM-based, so by degoogling them through a firmware reflash and installation of regular GNU/Linux, this may be a way out.


all systems with ME 11
I bet similar exploits exist for pre-11 versions of the ME but the public won't ever find out about them

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Pre-Sandy Bridge CPUs are vulnerable to the memory sinkhole exploit, which is effectively the same as compromising IME (BIOS reflashing included), though you need root or a kernel exploit to use it.


Thank you for the direct links to intel user. How very kind of you. Good job with the extremely detailed OP as well.

What to do if you're on macOS?

Good point, what if Apple uses some weird proprietary Platform Controller Hub and thus has a non-compliant or even nonexistent Intel ME implementation? You still need to go through Bootcamp to boot into a non-Apple OS after all

It's not shit nor buggy. Have you ever used MINIX3, or do you parrot shit you read elsewhere as fact?

I've heard it's not necessary, at least for Ubuntu.
Also, a very long time ago I've booted Win8.1 from USB flash drive on a macbook (it was "installed" there beforehand in a VM) and it also didn't need anything special to boot, only drivers for vidya and shit.

Why on earth would you need an archive link for Intel's website?


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I don't know who Jewed you into believing MINIX3 wasn't shit, but open your fucking eyes, user.

The whole point of ME and UEFI was to have vulnerabilities there. Intel sells them to NWO, CIA, MOSSAD, NSA, jews
But sometimes some hackers find them out and use them or blackmail intel with them. In that case Intel fixes this one and introduces some other (or already have many spare).

Now even if you are using GNU LINUX, it doesn't matter as ME and UEFI vulnerability will work on your PC too. You and your Linux does not have control over your PC.

Oh no, a relatively new, and tremendously improved system is marginally slower than the older one (thanks to safe user-mode drivers over in-kernel drivers)... Even though MINIX3 provides massive security increase, self-healing capability and fault-tolerance, with a demonstrably better kernel and userland, you have to insist MINIX 3 is shit because you dug yourself a hole.

t. Tanenbaum

that was just a conspiracy theory
now we have proof it's insecure

This isn't news that it's exploitable. The memory sinkhole bug came out several years ago. Kaspersky also found HD firmware malware - granted that's not cpu bug, but it shows you the danger of the closed firmware on anything.