Is anybody talking about this kid?

Trump's clone, I mean.
Has this kid been controlling everything from behind the curtains?

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He sounds like a mini Richie Rich.

he's good with the cyber

I predict big things from Baron

Don JR and Eric just don't have the genes

he's the only one with an article pending deletion
the jews are trying to shut it down, because they've already seen what happens when it begins

I think Barron is the one pushing this 'Barron is the genius behind everything' meme.

Solidus Trump is a feat of genetics and parenting. Still can't get over how tall he is for a 10 year old.

Yeah I reckon Barron is basically a god. Maybe he will be the next Hitler? The next one to try to lead us to greatness. His brothers don't match up.

i for one cant wait for Lord Barron's reign

The name Barron is a Teutonic baby name. In Teutonic the meaning of the name Barron is: Noble fighter.



They're probably trying to delete it due to it being an article going into details of a 10-year-old's private life and the legal shitstorm that could result in.
Reminder that the Lügenpresse are also raping his privacy right now - if you want to shit on someone then it's more effective to pick an article that has a real person and not just a list of IPs attached to it.

So that's who's been posting on Holla Forums inb4 underage b&


Well, it's not like a kids has a lot of info for a wikipedia article, but obanga's kids probably have their own so i dont see the problem with barron.

Jesus Christ he probably does shitpost among us.

Guys, it's not Eric or Donald Jr. who are Holla Forumsacks. It's Barron!


What's Baron's Stand though?

The God Emperors kids all seem to be happy and normal, the picture the Don doing Barron`s tie during election night showed a normal farther son moment in an extraordinary situation. It would appear that the President elect has found the line between sharing his wealth with his kids without turning them into spoiled shitheads.

Hillary has a fury plebbitors who helped her out with it. Trump will have his 10 year old son helping him out with Cyber.

These dubs confirm that Barron is a shitlord who has not done anything wrong.

These dubs confirm that Barron will be know as the Kike slayer

Sounds lonely.

I respect Don Jr. as he's definitely red-pilled and savvy as to the scope of what has been happening to whites and who has been doing it to them. I predict he will be instrumental needling his father towards white nationalism during his reign in subtle ways. Eric has sorely disappointed me with his recent comments about David Duke, in spite of his Aryan visage and previous ability in delivering some candor and bantz versus various media kikes in the past.

Barron, however… all signs thus far point to Barron being the possible future savior of mankind. Pure weaponized white intellect, tempered with autism and unlimited resources.

Barron will most likely be responsible for the righteous genocide of countless inferior alien species that the Galactic Trumperium crushes in its quest for expansion and dominance among the stars.

After Eric's cuck "bullet in his head" comment with regards to Duke, yeah he's got to be the one. DTJ is also a good in-between while we wait for the Barron of the States to assume the throne.

Barron, you cheeky fella.

May Kek meme it so.

Barron clearly has incredible genes, and is (so far) the ultimate specimen in the Trump dynasty. It's possible that in the future, he'll marry a German supermodel and produce an even more perfect heir, but for now, he's the ubermensch.
And yeah, it's possible Barron's the one who shitposts here. It would explain why he had such a minor credit card - he must have been, what, eight?

As for Eric's comments on David Duke, I think he was just playing PR, on account of his father running for president and the lugenpresse being desperate to tie him to anti-semitism, which is still a fnord. For now.

Sorry for low res, I just pulled the first image result. The murals from that airport are quite famous.

Look at the kid beating the sword into a plough.

That kids a millionaire with the best education in the history of humanity. He's already leagues ahead of us on life. Do you hang around with teenagers at the mall for fun?

You might be right, see

actually an anonymous imageboard is the perfect place for a famous person to shitpost

We've had shitload of high-class people coming on here, what are you on about?

Pretty sure the most soon-to-be powerful people on the planet post here.

How tall will he be when he stops growing? Bane big or Mountain big?

The expression on this kid's face is the sort that makes you wonder how many seconds it took him to see completely through you and your motives.

Makes me wonder what my life would be like if my parents weren't boomer-type liberals who had no reason to live to pass on to me.

Hell of a thought. This kid at 10 has more purpose in his life than I do in my 30s even after a few years of Holla Forums.

I don't think Barron is Melania's son at all

I think he literally is a clone of Trump himself, that they're raising as a son

Have there ever been any pictures of Melania pregnant?

if you understand the laws of attraction, people are attracted to partners that look like them.

melania looks a hell of a lot like trump, so it makes complete sense that their kid is a spitting image of trump (or either for that matter)

melania has the same high squinty eyes as trump as well as the same type of thin lips.



We better keep EmusAussies away from him, otherwise he'll be the worst shitposter ever.

Matching dubs confirms Barron for Übermensch

I want to /ss/ Barron. In a non-lewd way, until he's of age. And then in many lewd ways.

To be serious, he is certainly being groomed for politics and business. Trump's IQ is 156 and IQ is part genetic and part education/raising. Barron is probably a genius. If he goes reich wing we will have our white utopia. Within 10 years of his election we will have Mars colonies and interstellar travel, and he'll probably personally engineer a virus that will kill all shitskins and only shitskins. Savior of the white race! Savior of Humanity! The Donald will be the front line to tear down the corruption and pave the way for Barron's Revolution. The Donald is starting from a deep hole in the ground, he's limited in how far he can take us. He'll build that hole into a hill for Barron to change into a great Mountain. And this will happen in my lifetime. MAGA! MEGA!


Older user here. I worry about this kid. Not because he doesn't have a good family who have lived in the same way but maybe I just worry about him. He reminds me of me and has the same facial gestures I had.

I hope he can find a way to become the Overman without slipping into nihilism or christian slavery. Or way way way way worst, rebelling against his dad who he has no idea what a hero the guy is.

Sometimes living in the shadow of greatness you become a fearful shadow of your former self.

But he looks smart. He's good looking. He should be OK. A lot better than me, raised by a horrible mother in a Mexican hell hole.

Good genes
Good genes

Drunk writing, terrible and sloppy

Kids only rebel when they have shit fathers who completely fail as parents. The only thing you need to worry about is one of these schizo libcucks actually going through with the wacky threats they're making. It only takes one.

Barron how does it feel to know that you've already beaten the manlets at ten?

Eric didn't hold the line and went full PR, you are right. He showed weakness, and he deserves his chastisement. I predict that Punished Eric will now be the most fervent WN of the Trumps, eclipsing his brothers and sisters in his zeal, the shame of his statement branded in his God Emperor-given photographic memory.

Daddy Trump is just a puppet
The Baron is playing 5D chess with us all




At the end of der Trumpenfuhrer's 8 year reign he will be 18 and ready to succeed the Emperor and usher in a new era of MAGA.

Well, if Prince Barron does post here, I want to tell him that I have great hopes for your future. Be proud of your father and your family for accomplishing the impossible and trust in the American people, especially the white people who are genetically your cousins.

We shall make a great white space imperium, and we'll make the kikes pay for it.

The word kek and pepe started around 2005
when was Barron Trump born? 2005
Is Barron Trump kek incarnate?

Barron is Gregor.


Praise Kek

Barron if you're reading this.. plz tell me you have Bionicles.
The Future Emperor deserves to be able to play with the Best Toys ever invented

Tom Hardy's a midget. The boy is probably already taller than him

Fucking Barron defeating the Kikes and ushering the Galactic Dawn of Man. Our memes have probably gone to far but let's keep going!

You don't know how Huge that fucker is until you've seen him in person

The boy looks most like his mother


But he works all the fucking time.

At least he's around, and his other children seem to love him.

And Barron was on the campaign trail with him. Watching, learning, and seeing the hardships his people face. Seeing the Jews assault his father for nothing more then doing what was right.

We were wrong Holla Forums Trump wasn't the God Emperor Barron is.

We already confirmed trump is Paul, would make sense that his son would be god emperor

Baron's stand is「IN THE FLESH」
Well look at the lyrics

So ya
Thought ya
Might like to
Go to the show.
To feel that warm thrill of confusion,
That space cadet glow.
I've got some bad news for you sunshine,
Pink isn't well, he stayed back at the hotel
And they sent us along as a surrogate band
We're gonna find out where you fans really stand!

Are there any queers in the theater tonight?
Get them up against the wall!
There's one in the spotlight, he don't look right to me,
Get him up against the wall!
That one looks Jewish!
And that one's a coon!
Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?
There's one smoking a joint,
And another with spots!
If I had my way,
I'd have all of you shot!

Also, it comes from the album 「THE WALL」



I'm not sure what to make of that picture

xurious? is that you?

Barron confirmed for actual genius

No… redskull ("no name fagging!"). That's a really cool future-fash swastika.

Start thinking with your dick.

but she's been pre-dicked

Don Jr is the only trump child with actual intelligence, Ivanka is hot but rehearsed, and Eric has his heart in the right place but lacks the brainpower to persuade his opposition

Don Jr is going to be a president one day

Expecting Barron to be anything right now when he's never even spoken is just being naive



I need to go to bed, you people are making me delirious

Sam Hyde is Barron secret weapon in the media

would you rather he be a slave to his worldly desires? not necessarily the desires of other people's flesh, mind you

Eric has the brain power… he's just a little shy. It's part of being blond. You are either full viking or genteel.


Bitches love my legos.

If you're here Barron, I have one thing to say to you: check 'em.

I want newtards to leave

Hi Holla Forums. How's being an egocentric materialist treating you today?

>Barron Trump.
>Bannon from Breitbart.
They share four letters in common. What is Kek trying to tell us here? I googled baon and this popped up. Well played, mi'lord.

sauce on that

Hopefully he won't fuck it all up by marrying a Jew like the rest of Trump's family

That's delusional slave talk, brother. Our desires make us MAGA. There is no other world. Just the future. The temple is the body and virtue = happiness.

Has he really never spoken? I'm surprised they haven't tried to interview this boy, especially now that he'll probably be living in the White House.

Inb4 Barron dicks Duterte's daughtor and creates a hyper autist Ultimate Gentleman

All of that is dependent on whether the boy stays in New York or not.

Fuck off. She's America's first princess and I wont hear any more of your hate. We did what we had to do to MAGA!

It's not a coincidence that all of Trump's kids married Jews

He speaks here but it is just a few words. The jews fear him.

It was only the daughter who was married off to solidify an alliance with a rival family. This is an aryan tradition. The sons married aryan blonde qt3.14s.

I predict that Barron Trump will be to Donald Trump, what Donald Trump was to Fred Trump. In fact, I think the God-Emperor is grooming him for that. Barron is the only one that was ever groomed for that.


You gotta stick with the objectives here, if Trump supports the Jews getting stronger he's not our allies, as we know it Ivanka is not our ally

Sociopaths for the Lest
Austists for the Alt-Right

Both need to be Eugenics!


I just found out Tyler Breeze posts here on Election Night, so I'm not as surprised as I should be that Finn Balor posts here too. I wonder just how many famous Wrestlers post here when they're licking their wounds

No, all three of the eldest are married to Jews. All three of them.

Going to need source on that.

Makes sense wrestlers are generally right wing.

Well, OK. Then ask yourself a few questions. Has the Jew become stronger since 2015? Is Israel a burden/curse of World Zionism?

To me, the Jewish dystopian dream was never stronger than in the 1990s-2010… That was the height of Cultural Marxism and Zionism. I see that slipping in a very fucking dramatic state.

No one on Holla Forums gives a fuck if Jews live in sand niggerland. As long as they don't disrupt Aryan National growth or block archeology research Gobekli tepe. And we know Arabs will because they are 1400s-Christian level retards

Sone guy posted during election night in a thread that Wrestlers were very happy that Trump Won, and that famous Wrestlers like him have always been more conservative than other athletes, he did this whilst posting a pic of Breeze. That's all the evidence I have. And that's all we need until next year, since we shouldn't want their careers to be fucked since the media would say they went on a literally hitler website until Trump brings in the libel laws

Why is she ever the only one talking about Equal-Pay and free Day-Care?

Let's not forget about the general testosterone.

I want to fuck his tite boipucci.

When Trump gets the NSA, he will send me to kill you for this. And I will make sure it is a slow, long, hot kill

I do, we should learn from history and finally just exterminate them all. Those fuckers always worm their way back in

Still better than worshipping a fucking kike.

Because she's a woman. And women are fucked these days. They think motherhood is evil


Yeah, because of Christianity. If you worship the ancestors of Jews, don't cry when they become your aristocracy.


Pedos don't hang, they get castrated and are left to die from blood loss. You get the worst since it's the future Emperor you're insulting.

Yeah that sums it up.

No, israel suffers the worst. They get exactly what their "intellectuals" did to America and Europe. I've said it Before and I'll say it again, this is the Best way to BTFO israel.
Karma's a Bitch.

oh shit

Donald jr. married a kike and converted to judaism…


To be honest its more that they are creatures of the environment they grew up in. The Jew has designed our economy to force them into work, what follows is fully explainable.

It's funny though that white women did help get Trump elected. They're learning.

stil not a downboat

base Coulter gloats

OK, nice larping I guess. Go back to your SIMS game now or whatever gay shit you kids play, SecondLife

They would have enough money to hire hundreds of oldfag type posters and create their own Chan utopia which can be only accessed by them.

Who knows tho, maybe they get tired of winning so they just descend among the "common" folk once in a while

This is the thing about Ivanka learned from Jew swine howard stern before he became a total cuckold as he is now. I was like 8 or 9 and used to listen with my grandfather ever morning, and trump would call in often just to fight about shit, to mock a reporter whose GF he stole, etc..
Ivanka–before "Apprentice" and all that– was not considered a "good catch" by "new york society" standards since Trump himself was considered a NYC tabloid joke. I can't imagine what a different view people must have of Trump if you didn't read his gossip in the NYC tabloids or hear him on Stern.
Anyway, trump said on Stern he wanted his daughter to marry Tom Brady. Brady wasn't interested. Ivanka had to marry money (keep in mind, Kushner's old man went to jail for fraud) and the kike insisted she convert.
his fucking younger brother is dating Karlie Kloss, the kikes seem to have their pick of the best Aryan stock since it's "not racist" to be with a kike.
coming from Queens, Trump was considered "White trash" or "new money" that the old money "Astor" sorts wanted nothing to do with. Now, of course, Tiffany will have her pick of anyone, but he was considered a trashy Queens guy who just made good by NYC Old Money.
T. guy who grew up in Jew Sanke City and was on scholarship to an expensive NYC prep school.


Your writing is very obvious, Schlomo.

No, you're just 4channing hard. You don't belong here with your 100IQ


You're the one who doesn't belong here.

Oh shit, didn't know that all three of the eldest children were married to kikes. No wonder Trump hates them.

Trump doesn't hate them, the only one who he seems to be farthest from is Tiffany for some reason. Might have something to do with her mother though.

Reported for kike.

Good post indent-user. It's funny how much Trump's background defines him, when the Rothschilds had a similar rags to riches story.





Well fuck you too buddy.

You're a fucking pussy.


derail harder Jew

You will burn on Earth before you burn in hell, kike.

What a time to be alive!

He loves his children

He loves Tiffany too. The reason they might not be as close is because her mother took her and raised her in LA, instead of New York like her brothers and sister.

where have you been brother
bionicles are the superior choice
i like you

Hell is a viking myth

OFF TO THE >>>/oven/ YOU GO, KIKE.

I don't even know what statues are being destroyed in the third pic, but that pissed me off more than anything I've seen in the last week. Destroying history is one of the most degenerate fucking acts a person can do.



fucking hell, how tall is Barron? he's not much shorter than trump who is above 6 foot.

Yea seeing footage of ISIS destroying shit made my blood boil.
Meanwhile france is doing the same thing and is demolishing churches


"Kinshasa" doesn't have as good a ring to it, as good as Graves is.

The fuck are you talking about? How is describing perfectly apt punishments for pedophiles and kikes "LARPing"?
The fuck are you on?

Cheers user, dubs confirm Bionicles are White.

He looks more like Trump than his other kids.

What do you mean "You People"?

clones still have to be implanted in real wombs
Didn't you even play Metal Gear Solid?

Pic related



Richie Rich is mini by definition.

wait a second, wasn't Don 60 when this guy was born?

I always knew it was Primarch Barron Trump posting here. I can't wait for him to take command of his first Astartes Legion. Don't be Horus, u little shit. Or Magnus for that matter.

Barron is a little more than 5"6 I believe, and he is only 10 years old. Months ago we estimated he would grow to be 7ft tall, hence the first Space Marine Primarch with a geneseed.



he only says "no" in that vid. Dammit I want to hear him speak more. I was wondering if he has an accent because evidently he can speak fluent Slovene

Also, legit question, is Barron autistic? He's always so fidgety and disconnected-looking.

It doesn't say Eric. The last letter of the first name is definitely not a C.

He is into computers and has literal autism. What do you think? Barron is the shit-tier bottom of the barrel of Trump genetics. He will never be alpha or social-savvy like any of the other Trumps.

But male age doesnt matter unlike the womens age

5'6 at 10 years old puts barron in the 99.9th percentile for height.. not bad

I aint clicking that shit nigga, it better show the age of the women too. Here is the archive link, you are full of shit

Imagine having a Techmarine as president. That's amazing and terrifying.

He's a little kid. Any boy ought to be fidgety, restless. I could barely sit still for years; I just wanted to be outside, running around. And I assuredly had little interest in what the adults talked about unless I wasn't supposed to hear it.

Now there's an interesting thought. Trump has the money to make it happen. What if Barron wasn't really his son at all but an actual, real-life clone of The Don?



He's American
Go home, media

I almost feel sorry for him.

I had the same look as a child… I still do.


did his mother seriously kiss him on the lips


Well, it wasn't a French kiss, so I'd say that's ok.

I had a friend who used to do that with his father.

Thats some serious gay.


He was a damn toddler, who gives a fuck.



Then the Ancient Romans and Greeks were giant faggots, because that's exactly how they used to greet family members and peers. Read a book nigger.

Naw, some sort of Northern European variant of the cheek kissing. My grandpa, god rest his soul for all his words were vindicated by time, used to be bothered that I didn't greet him that way, wriggle away when he tried. Dusty old 6 foot 8 giant wanted it on the lips, rest of the world did good with hugs, freeked me out a little. Turns out it was the old family way of doing it. Mid-England patrilinial, possibly Huegonot matrilinial.
Seems to be an American thing to scoff at a kiss full on the lips, the Disney movie Atlantis comes to mind for an example.

Some people like that sort of thing. I know I do.




Who cares about this autist genetic dead end? Stop sucking off a little shit that doesn't even know how to clap.

I'd be fine with him being Sanguinus tho.


Reminder all autists will be purged on the day of the rope.



Who was the hottie in the blue dress again?


Here are the shills, mods, can you stop sucking cock now?


Whoops, missed one.


God you're a sad little creature.

Most cards have the middle initial.

This. ADHD was invented when white boys wouldn't sit still for government programming and forced to take amphetamines. "Asperger's" is just the resultant drugged up screen zombies. Just hand them a mop and a test injection.

Don't you idiots see?

Barron IS Trump, Trump is Barron from the future.



Barron is his own father!
He's like a time traveler

ADHD does exist but can be easly fixed by intensive concentration training from childhood. Encouraging effort and improvement rather than results, having the mother sit with the child to study with them, etc. will solve it. What the Jews do is they either push drugs down kids throats, or say it doesn't exist altogether. Both can fuck with kids' heads.

t. ADHD adult, trying to survive in uni with as minimum meds as possible

Those digits confirm the new Trump timeline

Good goyim.



Just go on a nofap. If your brain doesn't fry in the process, you'll be cured of (((mental illness))).


Trump's crotch cheese is gonna be a skrelli/jaden smith hydrid.

I would wager he loves kanye west and his prostitute wife.

He speaks here.

Satan speaks the truth

maybe barron trump will be a real life patrick bateman

He's definitely got a damien vibe to him.

"Les Enfants Terribles"
Trump called it…

Based Barron. That's what they'll call him.

Would a trump use discover? It's for the poor

Unless the name is really short with no middle initial, it wouldn't work since it wouldn't line up with the numbers (at least that's how it is on my two cards).

What would really prove/disprove it would be to get a copy of something Eric Trump handwrote and compared the handwriting.

It's probably just some random dude with the same last name.

Barron is probably just part of the autiste elite.

The Eric theory pretty much dies after his David Duke comment.

You should tell us more about your eperiences. Are you AWM? He was one of the people that posted in here that had a completely unique way to type, you're the second one I see that does that.

Also, any of you guys know whatever happened to AWM? He posted regularly here a few months ago and made threads to dump his drawings and musings. Is he gone? Was he not the real AWM?


The reason mothers have more and more retarded children as they get older is because they are born with all of they eggs they will ever have.
As the eggs age with the mother, changes can happen to their DNA.
This can't happen with fathers because men refresh their sperm cells about every 72 days.


I don't think so. I personally believe he said that so the media can't attack them from that angel. Remember actions are what matters.

Those thunder theighs.

It's a Semitic thing. Fairly sure there is a verse about condoning this in the Old Testament.

Goodnight sleepyhead

Goodnight sleepyhead!


he better not turn into degenerate pleb trash like every other presidential child of the past 30 years

You can play pr without talking about putting a bullet in a dude you don't know's head

sadly you have to be 35 to run for president

Goodnight sleepyhead

That feel when we have to wait until 2048 for him to be able to run.

There's something wrong with Duke. He shouldn't be trusted.

My feeling on this guy as well.

are blondes genetically different?

I know redheads are

It bugs the shit out of me because I can't figure out what it is exactly, but there's something just not right with that guy.

doesn't matter, duke hasn't said anything racist, so wanting to kill him is a bit extreme

clearly he's a werewolf



You're not excited to be the older generation that that younger generation curses because your votes dont really effect you as much in your life as theirs?

You're not excited for that delicious butthurt?


Hello Murdoch

Praise kek

Nigger did you read your article? It clearly says it is still not clear. THere are arguments for both cases in your article.

"goodnight sleepyhead

This boy will found legions


You forgot
Primarch confirmed.

Goodnight sleepyhead

ivanka before barron.
barron needds to be 50th

He's gonna be YUGE.

So, we memed a Warhammer 40k future.

I can truly see: The future is bright, Very bright.

Praise Kek. Shadilay.


Trump Jr. is the shitend of the family, he wont be doing anything aside from over dosing on cocaine.

We are dealing with dimensions of chess that shouldn't even be possible. How many layers deep are we? 10?

fucking die

that's what i was actually thinking, i love your trips.

Fucking Hell, how unrealistic can you be? Not even 100 years ago they were at war with each other and the Troubles only ended around 18 years ago.

I was just joking jerk :[

I remember this mural, it digusts me.

Goodnight sleepyhead.

Sony is going to reboot Richie Rich with Leslie Jones.

When I was little, I hated being dragged around by my mother to social functions. Hated it. Life as young Barron must be hell.

Trump is basically a Greek demi-God. The real deal. He is the stuff of legions.

Listen, you jewish shit. Neander-kikels are pushing this theory about autism.
Barron is healty boy with IQ around 147 or higher. How do we know that? Because Don is IQ156 and Melania ia around IQ130.
But most important is race. Taxonomic, Barron is between Aisto Nordid and Tronder, strongly West Baltid influenced. That is mix between Nordid and Cro-Magnon Upper Paliolitic surviver.
See these plates and go and fuck yourself, dirty ugly Neanderthal/Negro/JapheticCaucasian mongrel jew with your autistic theories.

Goodnight sleepyhead.

Goodnight sleepyhead.

May Kek protect our future emperor in his sleep and grant him pleasant dreams.

oosh never expected all that from a tiny shit tier comment.

Consolidate your thoughts then post nigger.



lol does that mean 99% of Holla Forums users will be purged?

I'm the OP you damned faggot

Agree. ADHD exists. But it is not attention disorder, it is intention disorder, or lack of motivation with minor, unimportant things, like BS in the school.
Cames from less functional prefrontal cortex, whitch is part of the brains for controling emotions and for long term planning. Also, ol religious BS sits in that part of the brain.
Children with ADHD are born Vikings, they are impulsive adventurers, researchers and never slaves. Therefore, jews are trying to sedate that best part of population.
t. ADHD newer sedated jew hater

I will be surprised if I see 2030 let alone 2048

Old doesn't mean that you just graduated high school, Chaim.


We can swap one of them for Pence. I think Trump is gonna uncuck him.

never ever insult our prince Barron again
or suffer conseqences in the gass chamber

As much as I'm warming up to Pence, I don't see him as a leader. Maybe a useful lieutenant, but not a guy leading from the front.

Underrated post.



Is he the one who hacked the DNC?

Goodnight sleepyhead.

just WHAT did he need to talk about, at the age of TWO?

Americans have handshakes. Nowadays you do a little pull in and give a good pat on the shoulder as well. Handshake itself is a good way to show your strength and will. When my old neighbor had a stroke, the one thing that really seemed to bother him was that he couldn't shake hands as strongly as before. Having a good handshake is important. Kissing is over-sentimental.

Making America Great Again.

He could be a four year filler before we get Baron. And i'll rather take him over Ivanka tbh.

Damn, no wonder why I simply cannot bring myself to believe in god.

t. same person you replied to with different IP

This. I remember when Ivanka cucked out early on, bitching to daddy to tone back his rhetoric because his 'hatefulness' was hurting her business dealings. Something about restaurants she owned and losing chefs.

Trump put everything he owned, including his reputation as a winner, on the line. He took a one-in-a-million shot and it paid off. I don't see Ivanka having that kind of dedication to America.

But Primarch Barron all the way.

All jokes aside, my father used to be insanely rich until he got busted for doing shady shit. I used to live in extreme luxury (comparatively to the rest of Russia), and said luxury did nothing but desensitize me and make me greedy (raise my standards unreasonably).

It also made me socially inept, because I was always getting my way and never needed anything. My friends were only my friends because my parents were rich and I would buy booze, cigarettes and other shit for my "friends".

Luxury spoils a kid, and Trump Tower is the epitome of luxurious living.

I believe the key difference here is that your father wasn't Donald Trump. I don't know how well your father raised you, but I'm pretty sure Trump has instilled better values in Barron than any other father would.

Kid is going to be a tween idol. Which will be useful for undoing the ideological subversion these dumb fuck kids are being inundated with. It will be "cool" to rebel against their parents' nutty ideologies.

Barron is the key.

I get concerned when I hear about shit like him having an entire floor of Trump tower to himself. I have faith but it's incredibly easy for a parent to spoil their kids with nearly unlimited means to do so.

Yes but he never sees his dad. He's being raised by paid workers. That shit is enough to grow a man up real quick in the right situation. Kek wills it to be the right situation.

If true that isn't a good thing user, guess what other type of people never sees their dad?

Great men grow up in strife. As do serial killers. I trust Trump's genetics.

here he is with his gf

future memories of trump's campaign are constantly flowing through his head
you can see him practicing don's self clap, right in this video

I hope Barron wasn't marked by the jew.
I'd hate to think he was circumcised.

Hopefully. Both the Bushes and Obongo's kids were useless. They never made us proud to have them in the white house nor did they ever do anything relevant. I hope Trump's family becomes the example to follow for White House families in the future.

Is Barron Nero?

melania wouldn't have allowed it

you can still regrow your foreskin

That's my thought. Wonderful mother.

A covering yes, and it's better than being cut, but nothing save regeneration medicine will regrow the nerves. Barron is a whole boy who will lead us out of darkness.

Yes but the point is I don't think an entire floor to yourself in a skyscraper and a horde of professional waiters counts as "strife".

The answer was niggers


Trump didn't get rich by being honest. I understand that the general consensus is that Trump is a good guy, but believe me - power comes to people who crave power, and money comes to the greedy.

The only reason why I was hoping Trump would be president is because I thought he'd use being the POTUS to solve actual real issues and feed his ego that way.

But then he's just gone and said he's considering amending Obamacare instead of killing it off, and then he said his [THE WALL] will actually be just fence in some places.

The guy's cutting corners and it's triggering muh PTSD

It's the Slav mixture.

he is too young to be classified retard

I think the kid is alright. His mother grew up not particularly wealthy and supposedly she is very protective. A father doesn't have to be there 24-7. A father just needs to be there to terrify you when you've done wrong.

Obvious CTR. Image gives it away. Some normie TV show that nobody on Holla Forums would watch.

The fence is for parts of the boarder with natural barriers already doing some of the job. You don't need a 40 ft wall on top of a 40ft cliff. Don't be such a dumb nigger

It's a reaction image. I got it from here, because it looks funny. Are you going to analyze every meme that gets posted on here?

But a cliff can be surpassed. The whole point of the wall is to have an unvaried barrier around the border.


Every barrier can be surpassed, my chromosome deficient friend. That's why we will also have boarder patrol, UAVs, and ground based sensor systems.

But spics mostly burrow

ground based sensor systems

kys leftypol

Does Barron do wrong? I know that Ivana was the main disciplinarian with Ivanka.

From interview with Marie Claire:


Jesus, let the kid live his childhood

barron is Ozymandias
mark my words

5'4 actually

Goodnight sleepyhead

goodnight sleepyhead

During Trumps winning speech @ 3am, did anyone else notice Barrons' eyes bulge when his dad made the comment about the inner cities?

He was like "how the fuck do we deal with that?" Barron most definitely posts on at least one of the chans and is already red-pilled as fuck.

WTF? Are you Asian?

Kid is 10 years old, I think not.

What's his end game?

Future savant of rightousness or super villain? Time will tell.


Wow, I really fucked that up. It may only be 6pm but I'm going to bed.

You understand Shadbase is almost certainly making an image of him right now. QT Shota.

If anyone wants to change MANFRED VON RICHTHOFEN to BARRON WILLIAM TRUMP and Baron to Barron that'd be awesome. I'd do it but I have to leave right now.

Jesus Christ he's being raised as an Ubermensch.

When I was 10 the internet wasn't a thing that got used a lot here. So you're right about that.


Frank Herbert, pls.

IQ inheritance is fairly unpredictable. HE surely won't be a dunce but he could easily be much lower than his father.

Alexander the Great had Aristotle

Barron Trump has the entire internet

Based on my heuristics for judging intelligence and what I've seen in Donald and the beauty of Melania, the kid probably has an IQ north of 140 at least. He could even have swung the other way, giving him an IQ closer to 170. He is tall for his age and has no apparent facial asymmetries or bodily deformations. While these are minor correlations by themselves, in the aggregate they reliably indicate that Barron's IQ is +3 SD's. That, and he is receiving the best education which is more than likely being directed by his father.

I think we can expect great things from this kid. I hope they're making him into a super hacker. Could you imagine the potential if you married actual technical ability with actual power? Right now Washington has the latter but mostly at the expense of the former.

Also, is young Lelouche Barron's anime avatar?

criminally unchecked trips

No, he is not too young to be basicaly classified. What do you think? That he will grow up to alpine or something? Med? Armenid? With basic data and knowing parents and grandparents, you could predict 7y old with 95% accuracy. Without prewious knowleage I agree, its a bit too young.

It is in the middle between father and mother minus recess to the mean.
(156 + 130) : 2 = 143 - 3 = 140
Problem is, inheritance is genetic lotery. Could be 170 too, but that is rare. There is 99% chance for Barron to be in 135 to 145 range.
Also, IQ is pure genetic inheritance. Education has no role. Look at the niggers. Best educated nigger is still stupid IQ85 nigger.

Even the nips know something is up with Barron. Or maybe they just want to rape him or something.

what site/resource is used here?

They just think he is really cute. It makes them want sperm.

Neo-danubian female is the spitting image of Natalia

So have any of you noticed that all of Trumps children are Jews?

Well, actually, not all of his children are Jews. As it happens, only Ivana, Don Jr. and Eric are jews or married to Jews (making their children jewish)

What do Ivana, Don, and Eric have in common? Each were born by Trumps first wife, Ivanka who is apparently of Czech descent. But is it just a coincidence that all three of these siblings born of Ivanka just up and decide to become Jews? I have a better explanation.

Ivanka, Trumps first wife, is a crypto-kike succubus name/gene thief. Donald was completely unaware of her jewishness when he made babies with her.

Trump, a proud christian Aryan man, after some time must have realized that kikes stole his family name and lineage. This angers Trump.

So where does Barron and the presidency fit in?

Well, Trump, having realized kikes (yes, his own goddamn children) are stealing his proud aryan heritage and everyrhing hes worked so hard for, in his very old age of 60, decided to have a son with a German/Slovenian woman to raise a christian child who he will name as his heir before he dies. Hence why his name is Barron (from baron, meaning a nobleman)

Donald Trump is now using the kike'd up part of his family as a cover against anti-semitism. These good relations with his kike offspring serve only to reinforce the idea that Trump can not be hitler and that he genuinely doesnt realize the international banking cabal he regularly calls out is almost entirely Jewish. Also, this simultaneously increases tensions between Israeli zionist kikes and internationalist secukar kikes as they cant possibly coordinate a uniform response

Trump is playing some serious 8d chess here. All of this while making america great again.

Goodnight sleepyhead

She also traded Ivana's virginity to Jeffery Epstein aboard the Lolita Express


There are a lot of Holla Forumslacks who have an autistic hatred for Duke because they think he's controlled opposition.

So, do his brothers and sisters (and nephews and nieces) get to live in the White House or is it just him?

Sounds more like your dad didn't give you the hugs and beatings you needed growing up than that wealth poisoned you.

What a fucking thread
Trump best role model for Barron
Make Slovenia Great Again

I understand you like Trump, but you don't need to suck his dick every day

That site was shoahed long ago. You can still find most of the plates with jewgle. Just tipe in subrace, you are interested for.

Natalia who?

Same here, pal. I newer gave s shit about religions or gods. Started with pantheism, when young, as a philosophichal stand. Evolved to some form of solipsism.

IK it's cliche to say but you're a fucking newfag, posters who are rich or famous are not uncommon on the chins. perhaps it's because they don't get their asshole licked being anonymous

implying IQ156 is something special on Holla Forums

Wouldn't surprise me if he was in charge of the shitposting division of Trump's campaign.

We all said that Eric was the one lurking the chans, but now that I think about it, its probably Baron.

Lurk more.

Oy vey. I am gassing myself now.
Yes, between Neo-danubian and Tavasid.
Good eye there, user.

Fixed it

noice, Obi van

Should have made it the ghost of Nikola Tesla.

Tesla vas Serb (or Croat?), Barron is half Slovene. So better choice would be Herman Potočnik Noordung.

Everything is a hoax

Barron is trolling leftists IRL now.

Look at his shoes.

Toplel, this kid is awesome.

I dont get it

I think those are new balance shoes
made in the USA so lefties hate them

Oh ok. Thats a pretty esoteric 'screw you'. I mean get why the Trump family would buy those shoes and do it to represent their political stance in terms of wanting to buy American made stuff but I wouldnt automatically see it as some kind of subtle middle finger.
If Barron had some kinda shirt that said 'MADE IN AMERICA' across the front I could get that.

the CEO of New Balance endorsed Trump, leftists went mad and started burning New Balance products like a bunch of retards

that makes way more sense.
I think I'll be getting a new pare of shoes then… ;)

And he is already taller than most of them as well

You and me both.

I suck, meant to respond to

"New Balance for a New Era"

that should be their slogan


>I'm 6 foot 4

Barron really will be God-Emperor material. I heard somewhere his projected height is something 6'7-8" possibly more.

they're the officially shoes of the republican party


thats cool, one thing that annoys me though is when 'alt-right' sites or people publically endorse something.
Its like when David Duke endorsed Trump and now when ever Trump is brought up in public every one immediatly goes for the

Its fine for them to say they support them but to publically endorse them just gives fodder to shitlib argumentation. And some potential Trump supporter who's cuckservative will here about David Duke and the 'KKK supporting Trump' and then back out because 'omg kkk'

They called Trump "literally Hitler" before it became news that white supremacists are supporting him.

It has really makes white supremacism as a counter-argument to Trump look silly. Hillary even got lambasted for calling out the white supremacists (deplorables) which is super lolzy.

So, I know where you're coming from. But I know a loooot of white people, and virtually none are concerned with the KKK argument, which is great. I know a loooot of nonwhites, and they're all over the KKK thing. It's creating a great divide, allowing some honest conversation.

and either way, it's lols :D

Barron will be in girl's rooms adorning their walls in poster form.

"Goodnight Sleepyhead"