Sarkozy proposes carbon tax on US goods if Trump scraps Paris climate pact

Let The Trade Wars Begin

It's only 1-3% but this fuck has declared trade war on America non the less.
I think this is the same rat that stated that if the French do not willfully miscegenate with foreign invaders they will be forced to by law

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Fucked up the archive.

We'll see how long he can last when the U.S. stops shipping nigger semen their way.

I blame carbon tax for climate change on da j00s.

Frog's just being a puppet.

This exactly. Bring it on.
They have no leverage whatsoever.

lol, lol, yes, let europe shoot themselves in the foot even further.

If Trump cuts US NATO spending, france et al will have to spend way more on defense, not to mention the billions they are already flushin down the toilet trying to domesticate arabs and africans as house pets.


Bring it, our Frogs are bigger.

I don't see how this could end any way but well

Hmph. I skimmed over this part and didn't realize he was a candidate again. If he's elected we can be sure he's going to butt heads with Trump and tow the (((globalist))) line. How is this faggot's standing with the French people and how is France's track record with election fraud?

Thanks for stopping by Satan.

Daily Reminder

This will get Le Pen President for sure - nobody except indoctrinated college cucks give a flying fuck about imaginary man-made climate change since it's clearly a load of my bollocks.


What the fuck does France even export - cheese, wine and foie gras? Shitty little cars? reprints of Moebius comics?

I'm pretty sure the US can absorb this staggering loss.


Besides wine and cheese? A lot of aviation and automobile manufacturing. Like 20% of their economy being the latter.

Oh, awesome.
We can bring that manufacturing back to the states, and - Hmm? What's that? You don't want upwards of 10% of your economy to leave?
Oh really?

Well, let's make a deal…

That said, it's so much better than looking forward to nuclear war.

Build more plants in Detroit then. Fuck these frogs.


Build em right one the canadian and mexican border. That way they can smell American manufacturing every morning.

man fuck that mandatory unionized niggerhole. do what all the foreign companies are doing and build them in the south or midwest ie right to work states.
t. former union member

You'd rather have a globalist kike?


Build power plants in coal country, dump coal straight into them and have an aluminium smelters next door.
You'd be crazy not to build aircraft and auto factories beside them.

i know at least the honda plant down here has an on site smelter of some kind.

reddit is having a kaputz about it. Pretty funny tbh.


I get a lot of my keks from reddit, it's one of my favorite shit posting grounds. Easily mined salt.

I like to imagine that it is the sum of any college campus in the US

Won't this just fuck him in the elections vs Le Pen?

Does the French Establishment really want both America and Russia hating their guts while having to deal with a powerful Nationalist movement staring down their necks?

Sarkozy has approval rate of under 15%

everyone on earth will be given the same number of 'carbon credits' so a person living in a village in India, who doesn't even own a car, will suddenly has a 1000 carbon credits. If a family in America wants to have two cars and heat their home in winter they will have to buy credits from poorer countries.

Every citizen would be issued with a carbon "credit card" - to be swiped every time they bought petrol, paid an energy utility bill or booked an airline ticket - under a nationwide carbon rationing scheme that could come into operation within five years, according to a feasibility study commissioned by the environment secretary, David Miliband, and published today.

The idea was floated in a speech in the summer, but the detailed proposals show Mr Miliband is serious about trying to press ahead with the radical idea as a central part of his climate change strategy. Under the scheme, everybody would be given an annual allowance of the carbon they could expend on a range of products, probably food, energy and travel. If they wanted to use more carbon, they would be able to buy it from somebody else. The report admits huge questions would have to be resolved, including the risk of fraud, the relationship to ID cards, and costs. However Mr Miliband said "bold thinking is required because the world is in a dangerous place".

In a few years from now you will have another plastic card in your wallet - your carbon card. You will start the year with 1,000 points on it and each time you fill up your car, you put the card in a slot on the pump and it will deduct a few points. Each time you buy an airline ticket, it will cost you a minimum of 100 points. If you fly regularly, you may have to buy more points through the carbon market - but since it is all in the cause of reducing greenhouse gas emissions you do not mind so much.

The measures are nothing more but to create another futures market, to deindustrialize the west,and to implement draconian police state restrictions.

It's like Continental Europe is just begging to die

Oh shit. If we defund NATO, we can build

Looks like france needs somebody to liberate them from their evil dictator.

Or one big one
Lads, think about it. A reverse great wall surrounding China, with enough concrete left over to completely pave over Israel.

So India will get money from all over the world?

Sarkozy is currently President of Jack and shit.
He will continue in this role until the heat-death of the Universe.

The bigger factor is just buying carbon credits from shitty third worlders. They want to set it up so that (((they))) can pay developing nations to stay shit and undeveloped forever.

Wealth distribution on a global scale.

You misunderstand that chart is showing total military expenditure by county not nato specific expenditure.

Still though the principle is there if we cut back a bit on military spending or start charging people for defense we could use that money to secure the border or improve infrastructure.


If Norway did this, EU will kick them out from european economic zone. UK will proppably end up like Norway if brexit will go.

What should raise alarms is how China supporting this treaty.

Which is the profit margin on many goods.

Sarkozy is very unpopular and France would be third world without US exports. Same for Germany and the rest of them.

Christ, this needs to fucking die now before it goes any further

Hmph. I know fuck all about trade.

of course the slant eyed jews would want a mutual agreement contract; they can willfully ignore their end of the deal, while whitey honors the deal.

Misunderstand, perhaps, but the interpretation was basically spot-on.

The Chinese rip fur off animals alive and builds military bases on top of coral reefs.

Jesus Christ, that is some horrifyingly cyberpunkish shit right there.

"Oh just scan your chip and we'll withdraw some creds out to cover your shower, breakfast, morning entertainment and daily attire."

I don't know if my german friends agree but the best way to make germany white again is the start putting tariffs on their exports imo

Hanging Mama Merkel until she rots into a skeleton might work better.

Does (((Sarkozy))) even have any power? Wasn't he arrested for something political not that long ago?

Well yeah. But usually you need a bit of an excuse for things like that.

Allowing the rape of your women and children at the hands of violent Muhammad's isn't good enough for you?

It's gonna be great.

Tbh I think we should bring back ducking/cucking. Don't try to stop the memes.

sarkozy is a jew.

i found a bit different info source about 2015
countries like France, Poland and Estonia are above 2% in that

regardless of what (((they))) feed you china is the US bitch why they crying about apple when we don't give a fuck.The majority of their pop is all rural farmers not warriors and they never beat the US in a military conflict and they fucking know it but huff and puff like a peacock looking for someone stupid enough to believe their bullshit,worked fine with cucked obamanigger BUT we have the God Emperor now and he ain't having that shit AMERICA FIRST!!! let em cry about apple no one needs it any way we gonna bring back all industry needed for WAR!!!!


these rat libtards cannot understand the bullet to the heart they just dodged.Now their retarded little kids can even have a future and be like mommy daddy you was fucking stupid.Trump made us great again and you were a degenerate POS crying about that old dead thing called sjw and liberalism funded by that douche (((soros)))

Oh no we won't get any fancy french cheese or french wine!

Seriously what are they selling to us? It can't be anything that important compared to what they buy from us.

Is there any reason why we should even care about France? Fuck the current government, let them tax whatever they want, we can ignore them until a non-retarded Nationalist government is put in place there.

Apparently not

My god that sounds even worse than I expected a "carbon tax" would be.

I don't know anything about trade, does this mean we're fucked?

exactly we don't need there fucking coffee cups and other cheap shit we have so much resource and means to get them it puts them to shame yet (((they))) want you to think china has an edge when fact is they don't everything they produce they learned how to by whites.Trump gonna fix em make America Great Again as it was always great just got sold out to fking other countries with (((rats))) facilitating it to take down their only true enemy that can't be controlled.WHITE MAN!!FUCK YOU JUDEN WE KNOW YOU CALL YOU WHAT YOU ARE YOU SUBVERSIVE POS!!!!

The Le Pens are the most masculine politicians left in France.

No. They're going to try pressuring via tariffs, but they seem to forget just how large of a market the US is. The US can have much further and farther reaching impact by telling the EU to fuck off and buying through say the UK. And with Trump and Trudeau both running to setup their own independent trade deals with the UK – this entire threat falls flat on it's face.

On top of that, for those of us here in Canada if the US says "fuck you" to this bullshit, it likely means that the liberal party's carbon plan will fall flat on it's face as well. That's just plain good all the way around. Especially since they're talking that it would increase the price of everything by around 20%

We bringing back freedom fries? Because I cannot think of a damn thing I need or get from Europe.

No. Sarkozy is trying to look tough (manlets, when will they ever learn?) probably due to a floundering campaign and shitty numbers. Even more so, considering how much shit they probably get from the US, a carbon tax would piss off the consumers considerably. A carbon tax in general is a nice way to piss off your populace.

Freedom fries?
French fries is more insulting.
Maybe even downgrade them to cuckfries. Start the hashtag Cuckfries and talk about how French fries isn't current anymore.

Oh god yes, I'm British and I want Trump to fuck up the EU. This after Brexit and the failed Canada deal would be great.

Shows what Carbon tax really is.
Industry destroying political regulation.

I'm walking a way from this thread with this as it summation. Thanks Holla Forums.

More like regulation to destroy industrialised economy.

Oh please. Please do it. Please I fucking dare you.
Get into a trade war with The Unstumpable, He-Who-Understands-Business, The Emperor of America, President Donald "I Run This Planet Now" Trump, who now can use the largest economy on the planet as a fucking weapon when he beat an entire globe of kikes and cuckspawn with nothing but a twitter account and a loyal band of frog worshiping childless men who masturbate to anime.

It sounds really beautiful when you put it that way.


At least he has the moral high ground, right guys.

Thank fuck we elected Trump to stop this bullshit.

Would you prefer the jew or the gommunist jew in charge instead

Phwew we dodged a bullet by not letting that old baggage into the White House

More like regulation to kill the white race

Sarkozy is a flip flopping faggot that won't get elected anyway, still I do see the EU pulling a stunt like that.

You are both right tbh.

tl;dr Communism based on race.

France will be the first European Nation to fall to Islam. All the history, the people, the language of France will be threatened, perhaps even wiped out, because of (((Sarkozy))). There's your Jewish legacy, standing for all time forward as a reminder of who the Jews are to other people.

You make carbon credits sound so bleak. Hopefully, embed related (courtesy of Forum for the Future) will help you paranoid right-wing nationalists see that humanity has a bright future, but only if we all agree to work together to tackle global problems :-^)

More info:



Daily reminder Sarkozy said he wants to force the French to race mix through legal action.

No first world country could beat the U.S. in a trade war. American industry can gear up to replace foreign products in a matter of months to profit.
France and Europe have too many barriers to business with their laws that no one would want to take the risk


We're not the only ones who deem this absolutely disgusting and horrifying, right?

what do we import from france besides ridiculous hair products and faggot clothes?


Kek they really dont realize we already have their nuts dangling over the fire.

No, there is one other. One final hero who stood against the night.

Please don't say "yuropoors". Differentiate sharply between the peoples and the (((elites))), who where, coincidentially, mostly installed by US-directed networks and think-tanks.

Nice trips btw

get over yourself. yuropoors will be yuropoors until they rise up and uncuck themselves. And if you cant handle the bantz maybe you should return to reddit.

Sarkozy is the biggest cuckservative politician in France

because the US totally needs france more than the other way around

stupid jew

go go le pen

This is a twisted concept.

Which is pretty much the plot behind

Has a finance company that manipulates the world's carbon credit stocks to make massive amounts of money (created by a little girl at that), meanwhile in Japan they arrest people for starting a fire to cook food because it hurts their carbon credit rating or some bs.

Bah, messed that up a bit, the program that is used by the company is created by a little girl, not the company itself.

We barely produce goods anymore and those we do produce I doubt go to France. So go for it Sarkozy and we'll just cut you off politically until Le Pen defeats you.

Yes, this is how social signaling works

That is hilarious and I hope it becomes a meme. The reality is, is that Europe is financially fucked thanks from swallowing George Soros's rapefugee infested cock. They have zero bargaining power its as simple as that. While most countries such as Germany will still be able to move a bit of the books around from the previous year, it will become apparent that their economies are in free fall and it won't be able to be hidden any longer.

Hope the Europoors like eastern Europe because thats what they will all become.

I cannot wait for the EU to dissolve finally

wünderbar! A literal Rothschild kike who was voted out of office telling the world what to do. God, I hope Le Pen beats him. Badly. We need French here when the time comes to advise us on memes that will go over well.
I don't "love" the FN–too many kikes hanging around, she even kicked her father out– but compared to Rothschild kike Sarkozy who couldn't take the hunt once, FN is a dream.

How can people not realize that communism does not work and it always ends in mass poverty and mass murder

You mean give poor country elites money, which they will give back as kickback to ones who invented that scheme?

OMG guys, the new US president is NOT a marxist!! What are we gonna do?!?!? That Trump asshole is not subscribing to our globalism scheme!!!

"Identifying as part of a large in-group or „a bigger cause“ (nation, race, social class, religion, climate advocacy) is essential to Marxism, as it is an ideology of constant struggle and revolution. Marxism doesn't end as there is no goal – there is only eternal escalation of control over others.
The Marxist wants to influence people and force his beliefs and opinions onto others, either by social ostracism / shaming (cultural marxism) or physical violence (statism, government). Is is thereby the exact opposite of the non-aggression principle & voluntarism and implicitely immoral because it –requires– violence.
Marxism is a mindset, an intellectual virus that even seems to have genetic properties, as if the „genes“ for marxism / violence were competing with the genes for conservativism. It compels people to see everyone as part of a collective („focus groups“ in leftist politics, ethnicity, social status, religion etc.) and to engage in propaganda and political activism in order to change other people's minds (nowadays called „progressivism“ a.k.a. social engineering). It is literally the driving force behind any form of mental or physical violence.
Therefore Marxism and all its derivates (communism, [national] socialism, social democrat movements, feminism, „social justice“ activists, environmentalists to name a few) are inherently totalitarian, because it requires total control of other people - including their thoughts."

she kicked her father out because he was openly full 1488. However, her daughter has spent much time with him and I believe she is full 1488 like her grandpa

and the deutsche bank collapse was not averted, they just kicked the can down the street. Wait for that to come, and Germany to go into a real depression with a bunch of shitskins raping and stealing and Germany can't afford.
What Merkel was thinking– I always knew she was insane, but Jesus Christ, she literally has destroyed Europe and set up a situation where it would take a massive ethnic cleansing to prevent a return to the dark ages…

Good for America, they can just colonize Europe

Begin? Where were you in the last 30 years?

You don't understand politics at all.
Leave this board.

Sarkozy should be hannged, and burried ass up directly underneath Gaddafi.

white people colonize america
then europe goes to shit
americans colonize europe again
that irony

There isn't a face smug enough for this kind of feeling.

I don't think Renault cars are even sold in the US any more.

Consider it reconquista

this is so batshit it makes 1984 look tame and this was seriously meant as propaganda?

Sarkozy needs a fucking bullet

maybe you have autism

Maybe this world is so horrible I've lost faith that people won't seriously propose Mash Up And Eat Babies day to combat white privilege

Sarkozy is a faggot who sold out his friend Gaddafi for shekels.

what else was to be expected from a hungarian-born kike

Look at that ugly schmuck. The French have such terrible genetics. Little big headed manlets…


Le Pen will defeat this cuck next year so who gives a fuck?

Do it.

They are both members of the WTO, under the MFN clause this means that they will have to carbon tax every single WTO member otherwise the WTO will spank them hard.

For people who don't completely understand what "cap and trade" would mean, read "The Big Short" about the mortgage derivative scam. This scheme involves essentially creating "value" out of nothing, and then Western nations have to transfer vast quantities of shekels to Africa and other shitholes as a reward for never progressing beyound the stone age.
and take a guess who will end up with that money, as always happens when vast amounts of shekels are transferred to the Third World? Why of course, their heroic liberal, Jewish champions would be first in line to take their big cut.
It really has a lot of amazing similarities to the mortgage derivatives crisis, in that you are creating a "commodity" of out nothing, which the Jews will then make huge commissions on by "trading" it.
I've never seen anyone compare "cap and trade" to the derivatives scam, I'd like to actually write an article on it because it's a remarkable similar scam, but would be even more costly and harder to get rid of since it would have the government's seal of approval.
Imagine, every (((big bank))) would have a special department set up just for "trading" carbon credits and you begin to getthe idea of how it would go..

He's a literal Rothschild Jew with Greek and other scum mixed in. He has as much "French" genetics as a nigger right off the boat from the Congo.


Thank you, Holla Forums, mine eyes have been opened at last. Carbon credits promote the trend of overwhelming overpopulation, esp. by the third world.

Under this scheme, the most populated countries with the least amount of industrialization will gain the most. The most industrialized, most modernized populations will be impoverished in a massive wealth redistribution. In other words, it rewards the least sophisticated, the stupidest countries whose populations are exploding.
Can't see that backfiring, no, not at all.

This scheme could only be dreamed up by people who religiously believe that everyone should be the same. The problem with it is in the underlying premise: everyone is not the same.


you underestimate how fast they are reproducing. More like eight kids, average, per wife.

Spam the racemix webm please someone

surprise, France has already mostly wiped itself out by 19th century, as they eliminated most of the languages and regional cultures by 20th.

No, you'd have to completely destroy and rebuild the city Deus Ex: Human Revolution-style for it to be remotely useful for anything at this point.

I wonder (((who))) could be behind it.

someone posted it already (as mp4, if that matters)

I think they're all 1488 but they have to muh pr till the right time.

i had been looking for that, thanks. doesnt this tie into the UN somehow?

Yeah, the UN calls it Agenda 2030 (also sometimes called "Agenda 21"). A big part of it is making rural living illegal or impractical for anyone who isn't Bilderberg-tier, embed related.

Trump will rek this slimy kike so hard, his wife will divorce him and beg to be Don's concubine. This guy is the ultimate lying, traitorous jew.

Did you get banned from xenosystems, Michael?

To whom it may concern.

France's main exports are not food stuffs. They're planes, helicopters and spacecraft, followed by drugs (medical), cars and car parts.

But that doesn't matter, since this would tax US exports into France.

China Warns Trump against Abandoning Climate Change Deal, Increases Climate Change Aid to Developing Countries to $ 3.1b