Trucking and freight in Trump's America

Need advice from some Holla Forumslacks with both an understanding of infrastructure economics and the trucking industry.

Specifically, I'm considering getting my CDL and becoming a trucker for at least a year. What I'd like to know is what expectations or educated assumptions I can make about Trump's policy changes affecting the trucking industry. I've heard positive expectations that he might do enough to negate the insane levels of regulations the field is currently strangled by, as well as moaning that his appointing Martin Whitmer to lead his "transportation and infrastructure" team shows he's "[sic} just another flip-floping politician".

Can any educated anons proved some insightful speculation on what current year +2 will bring for the road warriors?

lower regulation, in addition to self driving trucks, dont go into trucking for the long term.

What's the main logistical difference between trains and trucks?

I assume trains are from major urban centers, with truckers acting as deliveries to more remote areas


No idea I was otr/local ltl for a little over 8 years. All I can say is if you're willing to forgo a lot of pleasures in life and work 70 hours a week for as little as a mcdonalds wage for the first year or two. Go for it. Once you have the experience look for something local and get paid hourly and be home every night. 25/30 per hour is great and you might even get a great company that works you 60 hours a week with OT (some won't pay you OT mind you) that being said I have no idea what the future holds for trucking. I left mostly because I was sick of the constant regulations being forced. Whatever you decide good luck.

two words: driverless trucks

I doubt self driving trucks will be coing as soon as you think. I hope not. I'm getting my CDL in January. Fell for the college meme and have bills to pay.

Trains use railroads and trucks use regular roads.


If you're getting your CDL why not learn how to operate a crane?

I'm in the same exact position, user. I wish you luck in the career; I'm still trying to figure out how to get my "18 Wheels of Steel" career moving.

OP may be genuine, but it's likely he isn't.
I've seen a lot of low effort threads with no links and nothing to contribute. Most of them slide threads from TRS and pedophiles, not to mention the (((pesky)))
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We're talking about what jobs that are the backbone of American industry would be like under a Trump administration. Fuck off.

If you think they're coming soon go for multi trailer driving. I think California is the only one that lets you drive triple trailers. More technical stuff like that will stave off automation for awhile.

Trains are meant to carry a shitload of diverse things with a crew, I think they're mostly 2 people now a days as far as freight goes. Most of the shit is automated on board but there's still a lot to do for people in the yards and stuff and it is HIGHLY regulated to get into. With trucks, a cdl and a nice nest egg you can sort of break into the game yourself. Some guys make ridiculous money cause they know a couple people. That road shit is still regulated as hell but not as much as trains are.

why don't you ask /o/? how did you ever think trucking was even slightly related to politics?

Some trucking companies will interest free finance your schooling, then take it out of your paycheck every week over the course of a year. Some will even start reimbursing you during the second year, so if you work for them for two years, school ends up being free. That's what I'm doing. The company I'm going with will have an online study course to help you get your learners permit. Then you take your permit and go to three weeks of school, take the road test, then get your real CDL and do on the road training with a trainer for 5+ weeks. Then you go out on your own.

Jews are going to destroy the industry with self-driving trucks. Don't bother.

we should false flag meme a Mother Against Automated Drivers thing.

I'm getting all my endorsements. Hazmat, tanker, and doubles/triples.

I really appreciate this info, user. I'm relatively new on understanding just how much Jews subverted university, and the fact that university "jobs" are horseshit. The truth is that America runs on working class jobs, and blue collar people, which is why I voted Trump. On that note, because my STEM degree is a pile of shit, I'm going to seriously consider this.

How do you prevent back injury from year of doing it, though? I don't want to be fucked up later in life, even though I think I would lovelove driving and listening to music, and keeping America running.

Haven't your ever heard that truckers get stuck in ruts?

I'm serious. There's a lotta good men who got stuck being truckers.

It ain't bad work, just be careful

I've had mine since 1996, I don't want to drive a truck though

It's gotta be better than working with asshole normalfag white-collar shits.

is cdl good for experience in other areas or fields?

Why the fuck do so many retards think we're in Trumps' brain and can know every single thing he'll do about X side of the economy. Hell, we can't even be sure that he can do everything that he laid out to get elected and when he'll do what he can do. He still has that fucking intelligence agencies' briefing that has neutered every single president since Kennedy to go through.

Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?

Go with a company that won't make you do a lot of loading and unloading yourself.

You're right. I work on a farm. I get where you're coming from.

I think it's a lot of people, who realize they've been (((lied to))) about white-collar work. I don't know any companys yet, as at the moment I'm stuck in a dead-end STEM internship-tier job. This thread was perfect for me.

I really wish I could work on a farm. I see it as the most honest, natural job possible.

Fuck. Must be like pic related.

I had a family member that was millitary intelligence. While I was never told any specifics about what they did. I got the impression that the world was, is, and will continue to be constantly on the brink of world war three.

has become the new

Get a hazmat certification.
Learn the safety issues pertaining to the industry. Even if the industry goes driverless, there will still be a need for safety inspectors and the like.
If you are good with electronics and planning, they may need your skills for the all electronic log book change over.

CDL is great because you can operate heavy equipment, too. Try to get into one of the unions. Help BUILD THE WALL nigger.

This nigger is right, also, might as well get your HAZWOPER 40 hr. and you can work on contaminated site cleanups. really good pay and you're an instant fit if you have a STEM degree and CDL.

Actually had my 40 hour HAZWOPER and 8 hour HAZWOPER supervisor during college. Didn't have the dosh to take the refresher and it expired.

I'm glad someone's benefiting from this.

Compared to trucking, how difficult is it to get a job working with heavy equipment after certification?

The election is over shills, didn't you read that on your pink slips? Or is it just that old habits die hard and you're doing it for free now?