Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble

VT and Keshe take the lead in breaking the most insidious human trafficking gang on the planet.

By Gordon Duff

Millions read the news today, the pedophile ring “busted” or the earlier article about how the FBI actually ran it for several weeks, expanding it, drawing in tens of thousands. Those who read it thought they knew, thought they were getting the story but as is so often the case, the truth goes so much further.

When Veterans Today tied the murder of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia to a White House blackmail plot and a strange tale involving the Keshe Foundation, it became clear that the highest and most powerful in Europe, the US and around the world, were tied together in a web of ritual child abuse on a massive scale. For the Scalia tale, refer to Appendix I.

Today’s story is one more aspect of this. VT’s involvement goes back to 1991 when key VT staffers worked for America’s intelligence community. A GOP high level staffer approached the CIA claiming that President George H.W. Bush was being blackmailed. It was said that the President was at a political fundraiser in St. Louis where, unknown to the President, top GOP campaign donors were having sex with young males, some of whom had been spirited away from Boys Town in Nebraska of Father Flanagan fame.

The rumors became more than rumors when Bush 43 took office and brought with him, according to a high level White House informant, a virtual army of Neocon pedophiles and “nancyboys” who set the tone for 8 years of crushed civil liberties. staged economic crashes and the dirtiest wars in America’s history.

The door didn’t open again until Iranian physicist, Mehran T. Keshe came to us with his own story. Invited to Belgium, sponsored by the Royal Family, Keshe was introduced to internet guru Sterling Allen and Belgian “fixer,” Dirk Lauressens. Within a short time, it became clear that he was there as a prisoner, not a guest, having fallen into a web of pedophiles that control public life in Belgium and the Netherlands, control corporations, courts, the police and do so rather publicly.

With Keshe’s story, we traced Sterling Allen, through his work with Belgium’s Royal Family, to his questioning by the FBI, to the seizure of his computers and eventually to his real task in life, webmaster for a massive pedophile ring that supplied children for the members of secret societies that control our daily lives through suppression of technology and the waging of endless war.

A pedophile ring, 70,000 strong, has been identified and hundreds arrested, an organization run on the internet, centered in the Free Energy Community, including websites run out of Paris, the Netherlands and Belgium.

What isn’t being told is that this same organization, also known as the Red Circle, runs through secret societies around the world:

St. Hubertus
Federalist Society
Knights of Malta (Rome, not KMFAP in Budapest)
Council on Foreign Relations
Federal Reserve Bank
Royal Families of Belgium and Netherlands
SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States)

Other urls found in this thread:

So much of this story revolves around Mehran T. Keshe, whose plasma related defense technologies, threaten the military balance of power, disabling American stealth drones and even leaving an AEGIS destroyer floating, dead in the water, in the Black Sea.

Anti-Keshe “troll” and convicted pedophile Sterling Allen, former Rense Radio host, now serving a life sentence, is said to have supplied the encryption keys that allowed the FBI to take over the Netherlands based site. From NBC:

Thus, what begins as a hundred arrests, when you peel the levels, involves the French elections and even the recent Bataclan attack in Paris now tied to, if you can imagine it, a police informant smuggled into France through Italy by Tunisia, who out of curiosity runs an anti-Keshe website.

Why do they hate Keshe?


Scalia – What really happened?

Justice Antonin Scalia was surprised when he was ordered to the White House. This was not a man you gave orders to, especially not President Obama. It was Justice Antonin Scalia who vacated the long sacrosanct immunity from civil lawsuits, opening the door for a weakened presidency.

Sources say that Scalia was the single actor behind the impeachment of Bill Clinton. President Obama was aware of this and had ordered the FBI to set out traps for Scalia. We will now outline the downfall of Antonin Scalia. Yes, this is a story of secret societies, operating worldwide and ritual Satanic child abuse that permeates Washington.

When Scalia left the White House after a meeting with the president just before flying to Texas, the manila envelope he was carrying had printouts from a computer seized by FBI Special Agent Jeff Ross of the Salt Lake City, Utah field office, or so informants tell us.

Scalia left the White House carrying “slam dunk proof” that would lead to the arrest, conviction and, of course, impeachment of a seated Supreme Court Justice, files that contained names of victims and details on sex acts, preferred “types” along with dates and places. All of this was on the seized computer and these files went “up hill” from the FBI to the Department of Justice and directly over to the White House.

When Scalia arrived in Houston and chartered a plane after ditching his US Marshall protection detail, Scalia and his companion, C. Allen Foster. Foster heads the Order of Hubertus and is co-owner with John Poindexter of the Cibolo Creek Ranch, 25,000 plus acres free for anyone to use, according to John Poindexter, “free of charge,” so long as they are a supreme court justice, “A list” celebrity like Mick Jagger or billionaires, others need not apply.

The crux of the story is how they got Scalia. According to sources, Scalia had been providing protection for an international pedophile ring and was murdered by “friends” who he had informed of the nature of his visit with Obama and the doom it signaled for those around Scalia, prosecution, ruin and Citizens United reversed.

The mechanism Scalia used to provide this protection was the Federalist Society which chooses the judges throughout the US judiciary system so should any unfortunate pedophile find himself in court, the judge was under Scalia’s control, thus making a successful prosecution difficult to achieve.

The Federalist Society grooms and recruits candidates to become judges at a young age – college age kids; they specifically seek out suitable candidates who have certain moral ambiguities that can be exploited.

Thus a stranglehold is placed on the judicial system of the United States by a group which serves the interests of big business – corrupt corporations, big pharma, the oil and coal barons; this is how their interests are, time and again, placed ahead of those of we, the people with the result that our environment and our bodies are polluted by the products of these corporations, be it poisons like aspartame and GMO crops in our food, toxins in our ground water (see Flint, MI) or just plain old exploitation of poor people such as the coal miners of West Virginia and Kentucky.

Scalia met with the Order of Saint Hubertus, the patron saint of million dollar dude ranch hunting. As of yet, no one has identified who was there, it seems that Supreme Court justices are found all the time with pillows over their faces and nobody asks a thing, but this was Texas and they make their own rules down there.



Scalia’s talk in Texas was said to have gone like this: “They have us, we are all going down unless we can give them what they want and they are holding all the cards, they have everything.” There was no negotiation with the White House, instead Scalia got, we are told and multiple sources confirm, a pillow over the face and a heroic funeral, one that President Obama refused to attend. Now we know why.

For a seated president to not attend the funeral of a pedophile is unthinkable.

The computer itself belonged to a Sterling David Allen, arrested and charged with child rape and sodomy by the FBI after an investigation that began with a meeting in Rome, Italy. The FBI had known about Allen for some time, had wanted to arrest him since 2014 but had been blocked, they just didn’t know why or who was behind it, not until Justice Scalia died. Within 9 days, Allen was jailed, and the evidence he held began to yield gold.

Allen is being held on these charges with bail set at $250,000.

We were shown an email from Allen where he tells of his January 15, 2016 meeting with Agent Ross at which time his computers were seized by the FBI. What we are told was on Allen’s computer and what Allen told agents is astounding. Allen confessed, we are told, not only to his own sex crimes but to being recruited by a powerful international organization that provided him broad protection from prosecution.

We are told that Allen became increasingly unstable as his own feelings of guilt and his own public confessions of child sex crimes were inadequate to bring about his own arrest, an arrest he openly asked for time and time again.

Allen, who using his computer skills helped fellow pedophiles scour the internet for vulnerable children.

High level sources confirm that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered, that in itself is neither an original claim nor beyond the realm of likelihood based on circumstances allegedly tied to his death. By that, we are speaking of the “pillow over the head” and allegations of a “cover-up autopsy,” well outside legal requirements for someone of Scalia’s position.

Sources in the White House confirm that immediately prior to his flight to Texas, ostensibly for a hunting trip with 35 “close friends,” many of whom are members of the highly secret Order of Saint Hubertus. As is being reported, initially in the Washington Post with broader allegations made on the InfoWars website, tying the Hubertus Order to Bohemian Grove antics, long subject to speculation in the alternative media.

We became aware of the case in August 2015 when we were shown correspondence between Allen and representatives of the Keshe Foundation. Allen ran several popular websites on alternative energy and was a popular speaker, often appearing on the Coast to Coast radio show with Detroit native, George Noory.

Increasingly it became obvious that Allen had been using these venues for sexual trafficking of children. It wasn’t hard to figure out, he did it openly spoke of it constantly (as seen in the YouTube above) and lived as though he were above the law. Over the next few months, particularly when confronted by Iranian born physicist MT Keshe, who ordered Allen and those around him banned from all Keshe forums, Allen openly flaunted his criminal activities.

What made this particularly insidious is that it was obvious not only that Allen was not acting alone but that he had broad support not only in his home state of Utah, where he was able to avoid prosecution, but in Belgium as well. There, Allen and associates Hans Bracquene, Dirk Laureyssens and Ad Van den Elshout moved against the Keshe group, securing against Keshe’s wishes technologies with defense related applications and passing them on to MI 5 in Britain.

When Keshe moved against this group and tried to secure his patents, he found himself being chased down the highway, shots fired, his car run off the road. Police arrested and soon “misplaced” the culprits, and soon thereafter, representatives of Belgium’s “royals” told Keshe to leave Belgium or be buried there.

On the European end of the FBI investigation, the trail, all of which is easily followed by the “breadcrumbs” Sterling David Allen has left, leads to the highest and most powerful of the scientific communities where blackmail, kidnapping and torture, threats against families and in particular, threats against children, have placed members of secret societies in positions of power at universities, think tanks, police and counter-terrorism agencies and even the European Space

Source: Veterans Today

This was on the article regarding the dude:

Is there reason to doubt this? Pls no bully.


Of course this is what came to mind. He's been known to provide less than factual information, though I suppose you could argue VT still breaks stories the MSM won't, clearly.

But we actually are witnessing an international child sex trafficking ring being uncovered that does, in fact, include tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of members. We came that close to voting in one of their high priestesses, who was about to fucking drop nukes the world over.

Where we go from here, I don't fucking know. Does anyone?

I personally cant find any reason to doubt it. That's why I'm wanting Holla Forums to scrutinize it. This explains several things. Only thing that sounds fishy is the "Ok goys, this is how Scalia really died" part.

Did they get an informant?

Really the only way to get anything done is show blatant proof that this is the case. If some crypto genius found evidence in, say, the images attached to the podesta leaks, G fuckin G

We meme like never before. But now we also have to get physical. We need to subvert the subverted. Infiltrate the old guard and purge them from the inside.

If that doesnt work, Civil War soon.

If someone is not executed for this stuff, I will be angry as hell

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And the number of this means that they aren't just getting DC, but Pedowood and London's pedo ring at the least.

That's what we call him here too you fucking hillshill.


Well that is interesting and warrants further investigation. Obviously don't know much yet, but this could be the start of something huge.

You guys have no idea how giddy I'm getting at the thought of purging an underground cabal of satanist pedophiles.

unfortunately, half these faggots probably escaped to pedohaven UK or Qatar

If you always expect this, then you're going to be mislead eventually.
Wasn't it a hooker killed him? She probably did it when he was sleeping if she didn't have a gun. Would need an autopsy on the body though.

all we need is one zog pedo, a jug of water and a towel to get this shit started. they'll talk.


That's fine. We string up their henchmen, starting with the ones on Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC, then we drone the fuck out of them.

He's a jew who admits that 40% of what he writes is false.

This article fits nicely with what we have all been seeing. So I'm asking if someone knows something fishy about this.

Remember they got Weiner and he is co-operating. The intel community knows and the LEO community is on the trail now full speed now that Trump won.


VT generally and Gordon Duff in particular tend to publish a lot of "good mixed with bad". It's not as bad as Soorcha Faal but that's not saying much

Dude.. Hitler looks like CIA guy there

Oh hell yes, bring them down.

I don't know Duff and I could give a shit what he has to say, but if you're not convinced at this point this shit is international you need to leave.

Makes you wonder how much of the money went into buying cheese pizzas instead of "muh progressive windmills"

I know, it's called judaism, but that doesn't change the fact that everything that comes from Duff (and really VT in general) is bullshit.

You're telling me we can't find one of them and torture info out of them to rat the whole fucking system out? I mean Torture can't be used in court but all the evidence you would find could be.

All true anons should read Gordon Duff's material over the 6 years I've seen him right on just about everything. He has top intel sources not wannabes all ex-intel agents and some current ones. He is not a journalist…

There are many things he has said that await confirmation but Please name one thing that hasn't proven to be true. I have yet to see Duff wrong.

What the FUCK is that video


70,000 is not a lot of people when you consider how large the world is and how absolutely committed each and every single one of them are to taking their sins to the grave. It's hard enough getting solid info on stuff like the Freemason cult, and they have less than half the blood conviction these pedophiles do.

Because they know. They KNOW that nothing in the world will save them if we find out. Every single one of their "comrades" will throw them under the bus and deny association.

The reason Celebs never threaten to move to Mexico.
(other than Ventura)

Fair enough the thought of a black van full of a bunch of frog mask wearing user jumping out and grabbing one of these pedophiles is hilarious though. You can even make Bane quotes while torturing him.

I don't know if you've been paying attention but there seems to be heavy implications that masons are involved with this. I'd advise you to refer to the sticky and go through the archives.

Meme it.

Forgot image.

no m8, I think you mean islam

–Gordon Duff

just sayin'

I swear to god, anyone that actually thinks oaths and magic are real…. especially faggot ass masons… I wish I could kill everyone and just restart the world myself.
Totally just kidding
no im not

That or we Sum of All Fears them.


How rivals remove each other.

It's a year too early for you to be making new threads, faggot.

I heard he really was found with a pillow over his face by his maid, and that they did botch the autopsy. And there was a coincidental e-mail in the podesta leaks that mentioned "wetworks" right around the time he died

I gotta say that when I see Keshe's - a harmless crank - name I suspect the whole thing is bullshit.
The lunatic Persian promised to show off a levitating "UFO" 5 years ago and nothing came of it.
The again he was based in Brussels at the time which is the world center of child sex trafficking and mudslimes are known for emulating their prophet's paedophilia.

Stating again that I don't know Duff and I dont give a shit what he has to say but this makes sense.

Magic is real. The sooner you realize that the sooner you can restart this world.


The Scalia connection doesn't make any sense. Pic related.

FBIAnon–a person the claims of whom have all turned out true–also revealed that his murder had nothing to do with human trafficking.

The only way I can see Scalia being involved is by virtue of Clinton and friends trying to blame the impending exposure of her Satanic cult on a dead man with no plausible deniability–because he can't defend himself.

I'm not prepared to toss based-Scalia by the wayside just yet.


Get your act together hippie.


I actually do faggot. I am NOT going to go making every line greentext in this instance. I simply did it for the quotes. Fucking thing was TOO long for 4 posts. Doing what you are implying would have made 5 fucking posts. I had to cut down characters you fucking shill.

Well that's shocking. Fuck the VT fodder, this makes me tremble.


Do you have more of this stuff?

I'm a girl. I can't stop crying now. That traumatized me.

So slowly are the wheels of justice turning. I wanna see these fuckers strung up by dawn! This shit has been going on for far too long. Everyone already knows about it, but no one has the balls to expose it. Now… it's time. Yesterday already, damnit! Let's send these fuckers to Hell.

Right, but what this is claiming isn't that he was killed because of human trafficking. He was killed because they had dirt on him as a pedo.

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No shill now is not the time for fear. That comes later.

Is this related to Dutroux or the Franklin cover up?

It's apocalypse time for the left. We are an inch away from having a supermajority to amend the constitution. They are in deep shit and they're doubling down on losing rhetoric. We need to be careful not to squander this victory, but they have nothing to look forward to for a generation.

Pretty much this. Their henchmen should be targeted first. They are obviously all sociopaths if they protect people they know for a fact abuse or murder kids, so if you kill enough of them, the rest will scatter like rats, afraid to risk their lives for pedos.

Duff is a disinfo agent and Veteran's Today is a dogshit disinfo site.

Yeah, I hate that we're at the point where all of this is not just believable, but even somewhat likely.

Same difference.

For him to be a career pedo, he would have had to have been involved with human traffickers just like every other pedo politician, thus the need for alleged secret orders–which is another thing I don't buy. As a Catholic, Scalia was expressly forbidden from being a part of secret orders. And if we assume that he had a membership simply because he would have something to hide AS a Catholic, then we're question begging.

This man was universally reviled for standing ground on constitutionally and culturally conservative principles in the face of tremendous public excoriation, but all the same I'm expected to believe that he was this compromised and blackmail-worthy.

It does not make sense.

Good God. Too many newfags acting like rapefugees, moving to the place with the dank memes while not giving a shit about preserving the culture that made creating those memes possible in the first place.

More than one site has been killed that way.

Fine I get it- we're all equal. Doesn't matter I'm a girl. Just saying seeing that broke my heart.

What if one of those 70.000 is on the verge of curing cancer. If the cure for cancer was inveted by a pedophlie. And, I wonder what people would say if he want revenge and let peole die. XXXDDD

That makes this email so much more interesting.

The guy they were carving up was a rival gang member. Don't feel too bad about it.

Now show us your tits.

He might have been killed because blackmail wasn't working.

Tangentially, but I'm sure the evidence is there. It's an actual parallel society.

Learn english, fuckhead.

If this hits the mainstream it means we possibly have a divide between jews.
Some seem to want to highlight this evil.

Ok then, read his articles from 2012. Find something proven to be false, better yet look at what has proven to be true.

post more gillian

Learn to die from cancer bitch, you deserve it and the day will come.

That would just make it even more confusing and stupidly complex.

Reads like disinfo. The ideas are true and the people are all changed.

All satanist pedos will hang.

Or they couldn't blackmail him because of his religion.

I swear jesus knew this shit would happen.

Bitch I've been on 4chan since fucking 04. I am a first year oldfag. My memes were some of the dankest. Jumped ship here since 2014. I actually remember one of the first forks from WTsacks banning was "not4chan". You are here to respect MY fucking culture faggot.

what if they make him do that to make him seem crazy and defuse any chance of spilling the beans later on o_O

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His research would be seized. So unless he kept it all in his mind it wouldn't matter. Kill him like all the rest. Or better make them kill each other Casino style.

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Neither satan nor god condone that.

But lesser "gods"?

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Hey anons wanna have some fun….post a VT article any watch the shills attack visciously.

That alone should tell you "maybe I should check this out".

P:Hey goy we have proof you did something or fake proof. Do what we say or we'll make it public.

S:Fuck off. I don't care.

P: ==BANG==

Seems pretty simple to me.

Pretty much this.

attention whores are cancer

They will.

Worlds a dark place

There is no proof it's the same person, correct? Anyways, this thread is interesting when taken in the context of the pizza threads that have been going on. I wonder if the other stuff could be spammed now and believed by the masses.

You will die of cancer, or something else. Just wait and see. Pedophilia will outlive you. You have to take that as a man.

Only if you understand Duff as a bullshit artist covering his ass. Otherwise, no, it makes no fucking sense at all.


I like pedophiles. I hate normies. They can't invent anyhting, they have low IQ and can only survive by being followers.

Circumstantial evidence is in favor. She posted that same anime image in the last thread I saw her in along with the tits photo, also bragging needlessly about the existence of a vagina. Total cancer obviously. She's been warned about this behavior more than once so I have no compunction reminding her that the Hivemind knows and remembers all.

Thanks. Lol. Pol compassion. Here's my pol tits: @@

It's normies. They are dark and narrow-minded. And you can't do anything about it. I've worked with retareds and you have accept them for what they are and make the best out of it.

It's nice to know we have one of the scum here right now.

No they want. You will die but pedophilia will live. You will have to accet that on your death bad, and you have to acceot that your doctor might be a pedophile, and still, you can't do anything aout it.


You don't know that, bitch. It's none of your buisniess. It's not your world.

Does he have no skin on his face?

You can obvisusly underthans what i say. Yoiu are not good enough for perfct english and gramma. i speak the way you were born = Imperfect.

One interpretation is that Scalia had evidence on the pedo ring, that's why bobama called him to the white house (obama is an obvious pedo). Things didn't go too well, Scalia wouldn't fuck a kid or something for them to have equal evidence on him so they offed him later.

I hate to agree but this seems likely. The fact that he claims 40% of what he writes is disinfo could just be his plausible deniability to leak real things every once and a while. But I still agree with you

As nice as they are, no one here really wanted to see your tits. Or more accurately, seeing them was quite edifying, the endorphin rush helps with migraines, but it doesn't get you any respect on Holla Forums. Quite the opposite, actually. Hope that helps.

Jesus Christ kill yourself at my earliest convenience.

Obama is a pedo, and so is donald trump. They are great men not Holla Forums losers.

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Boy the shills are fucking mad I wonder what we posted that got them so mad.

I wonder if it was this?

Do you have brain damage?

Your time will come, pedo scum


That tits photo wasn't me. I'm not a fucking dumbass who thinks my tits and vagina make me special. I'll go back to lurking and trying to help solve this pedo shit. :-( MAGA.

Filter the shills. There are many.

Anyone want to speculate on a timeline? I wonder if this can be kept quiet until Jan 20th… Does the lame duck have any way to force the hand of this nation into a situation that could prevent such information from coming out? I doubt it. Also interesting to speculate on the whereabouts of some of these players. We know Huma is still here as of a few days ago. We have no idea where Clinton is, save for the picture release after the election that turned out to be a phony. Apparently, a great deal of the James Alefantis network on social media deleted their accounts…

I just wonder what the plan is, they must know it's not going to disappear like it has in the past.

Man, between this shit and the Biden scandal… it's nice to know that pedo hunting will become a sport in the not so distant future.

Yes. That picture is damning if true. I can reconcile that with my observations easily, and it's clear to see how they lost control of the narrative some time ago if their plan was to annex Mexico in WWIII. It would've worked, but met significant resistance, probably leading to our being round up by FEMA.

I just hope to god that picture was bullshit, it's hard to sleep knowing things like that were avoided with as much certainty as a coin toss.

Godspeed femanon stop being such an attention whore though.

You will suffer a painful and slow death, shill. If not on this life then on the other by the hands of GOD. Hell awaits for all those like you, who would hurt and abuse children. Hell is an humid, dark and hot place where all your worst moments of your life repeat forever, that is the less that you deserve, scumbag.



Here's one of my favorite of her.

The same "shills" who call out Sorcha Faal stories…

More great insight from Duff:


You've never seen Mexican cartel members torturing each other before?


I am suffering a painful and slow death you dumb idiot, I have liver cancer.

I always thought NAFTA/TPP was a strategy to de jure annex Mexico and Canada without de facto doing so.

That bitter feeling of knowing I totally would just put my dick in the damn bitch if it were actually possible. Astral superpower 2030 I hope

Nothing surprises me anymore. You could say lizard people controlled by space jews are trying to enslave us all and I would actually consider it.

You will end up in hell for that hatred and discrimination,. You sound like the girl in The Excocist. I love you no matter what. I want you to know that.

Why is it effecting your spelling?

Your time too, normie scum. You will be buried in your grave by a pedophile Priest. It's your destiny.

It's too much jobbb.

I got smitten by yours. It's a community, we all stand together and support each others weaknessesss.

this thread brought out the shills faster than mentioning tavistock or pedowood. (pic related)
They're in coverup mode. They changed the logo of Besta Pizza to hide the links to boy fucking. That recent photo of hillary walking her dog in the woods was an obvious photo op. Soros has some shit planned to be sure, that guy doesn't quit, he's had a bad track record lately since being booted out of Russia. He needs to be banned from every decent country tbh.

Being able to consider things without fully accepting them is a virtue imo

You forgot GATE!

But seriously, this shit is madhouse. I hope the FBI is starting paperwork to set us Holla Forumsacks as stormtroopers because I don't see how else we'll root this out except a sustained, blatant, frontal attack on scores of fronts at once.

Checked, but I don't know what you are trying to say. If you think you can't explain it don't worry I guess.

Not if he himself was a pedophile. Then it makes no sense whatsoever.

He hides a disgusting habit from the public for decades, the disgusting nature of which is affirmed by the fact that he keeps it secret, and therefore NOT subject to blackmail?

There is a thin argument to be made that he cared more for preserving the constitution than he did about being exposed as a pedophile–assuming he was–and therefore would have no problem with public exposure in the face of pressure, but that idea is stretching the thread of logic to infinitesimal proportions.

If he were truly a pedophile, it makes a lot more sense that he would play ball. Not take one for the team.

Why are you dumb faggots giving 81573c (You)'s???

Do you ever see anons saying "I'm a guy so blah blah blah"? It's because it's irrelevant. Bringing up the fact that you're a girl means you want people to perceive something through that lens. Tits or gtfo, it's meant to teach you a lesson about attention whoring

that's what I'm seeing here too. If he was really into their pedo games, he would be used to these sort of things. He was fucking up their gun control plans. What I don't get is why didn't obama replace him right away? Why wait until the next president?

I don't know what happened, but there were a lot of people who wanted Scalia dead. They have plausible deniability because he was an old WOP.

I think we would've just formed the NAU under wartime conditions that ended up forcing Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean states to relinquish sovereignty under an EU-type system. This entire plan seemed to have been btfo since Brexit, but perhaps the judiciary calling for a hearing on whether the referendum was legal or not could have been the precedent to just clamp down on maintaining the union, especially when faced with war with Russia. NAFTA was certainly a start, TPP was probably expected to go smoothly…

it's probably true

Soros must have something planned, and we should be very concerned. They have "terrorist" training centers, remember that. Not to mention the exotic technology at their disposal. Certainly a very tenuous peace we have right now.

GATE probably fits into this tale somewhere. Maybe.


It's also meant to keep men from larping as women on here.

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A lot of things were expected to go smoothly that didn't, eh heh heh. But the fact is they have a core of partisans here. People who understand what the mission is, why it needs to be done, and are willing to risk life and limb to do it. Frankly I feel like Trump is wasting time already. We could excise the worst of this cancer post-haste, and we've seen how powerless the left are to stop us; they've been so thoroughly indoctrinated even the rumor of a gun of some kind maybe being nearby is enough to scatter them to the four winds. I'm waiting for the Men in Black to show up at my door any day now and reward my loyalty with more work.

Get some standards m8

It does not help to explain anyway, you have no self-insight.

You're making america worse by being a retard.

Said the retard…

Well, if you think about it, it's just pragmatic. Trump would have been emboldened if Obama elected another jewish hag. That said, Trump's supporters were mobilized by the idea that they could take back the court. Either way, it was a lose-lose, but the deep state expected Jeb! or Killary, so they figured waiting it out couldn't hurt too much LOL.

That said, the target on Trump's back includes tens of millions of Americans. They want you fuckers dead so bad it hurts.

Your insult has wounded me deeply m'sir, such valiant display in defense of the lady has taught me the error of my ways. Truly I'll never tell an user with a case of gotis to stop being an idiot ever again.

TPP is dead, and he's not even sworn in yet. Dunno what you want him to do before he's even in the WH, that being said, there's 2 months for the globalists to cook up some shenanigans. I don't think war with Putin is going to happen though, if it were hillary, yes.

filter 485c76 and 81573c btw

Also the information has been posted and if it's got any good leads we'll make use of them in the ping pong threads.

Yup. Those don't look quite like bots yet though. Tavistock always brings that shit out of the woodwork, it's quite interesting, and frankly unsettling.

I'm confident Obama is way too chickenshit to start WWIII on his own at the end of his term. He still thinks he's going to have a legacy - and I'm sure Trump is savvy enough to have done nothing to disabuse him of that notion. The next few months are a Dark Hour. Things shift behind the scenes, we sit here with our dicks in our hands. I just desperately, desperately hope that … I don't know. That my efforts all these years pay off in tangible way. I feel like I've been tilling and sewing my whole life. It would be nice, for once, to reap.

You came here after the deduplication bullshit, retard. It's shows from your fucking filenames.

The fact that you are getting away with this is terrifying. They day a board stops putting newfags in their place is the day it starts dying. When those who are too fucking lazy to learn what makes a place good before they start posting are not culled they will soon become the majority and the board is done. There have been no exceptions to this, ever.

tits or gtfo
preferably gtfo you stupid bitch

I can imagine now that maybe Obama isn't "their man," though he is still probably/most definitely a pedo. But I think he was supposed to have a much more impactful legacy; a black FDR, if you will. Behind the scenes, well the NYPD is an actor, probably the one who put this whole story into motion with that warrant for Weiner's PC. I think a significant faction of the FBI probably had a real hard time keeping this quiet before that. Saying this, the culture of the alphabet agencies seems to be very much grounded in groupthink, command structures, and suspicion. It must be pretty fucking unmotivating to try to catch these faggots only to find that your superior is fucking the same little boys that Bill Clinton is and that further inquiry would result in a suiciding.

We will certainly be sitting with our dicks in our hands, it's almost like this ride we've all been talking about for so long might finally be ending. But I'm probably being more than presumptuous with that claim. What do I know, this board is for inuit ice carvings anyway.

Imblygin Scalia was murdered and not spirited to south america to fuck some kids with Merkel because too many plebs were on to them.

The only reason intel speaks is to disinform because they are the trillionaire, satanist, pedophiles. Creation of government intelligence was formally legalizing their activity.

The Iran deal, as best as I could tell, was not supposed to happen. I'm not exactly sure WHAT the fuck that was. It's the only thing making me still question Obama, but it may just be that the whole secret muslim cult thing is true and that a kebab outjewed the jews for once.

Exactly. Very bizarre, especially so with Trump saying recently that he might just keep the deal, which made me laugh like hell, because I'm pro-Iran when compared to the rest of the faggots in that region. If Trump backs out from our Saudi commitments and we align with Iran… I mean, how in the fuck can we explain that without looking at Obama first. Very suspicious.

Don't take that last part seriously, it'd just blow my mind to the point of no return.

I'm wondering if maybe Kerry just sucks that fucking badly at international relations lol.

Bad source?

Isn't he trying to sign a peace treaty with the penguins right now? Boy, our nation could really use that pick-me-up -__-

jej. I actually had a small spiritual vision when that happened. It was Kwan Yin, standing in the mosque with her arms folded, smoking a cigarette, wearing fishnet leggings and a jean skirt. She was saying to herself, "Fucking Abrahamic religions."

Probably that and all the bots/shills
It might also be an attempt to distract from the pizza threads.
One thing that might be interesting is I wonder if that email that mentioned "wet works" and "pool parties… at the vineyard" meant that they tried to blackmail Scalia into pedoshit, he refused and they killed him for it.

Kerry is a fucking war criminal and should just die. Phoenix Program?

is he actually alive or do the sound from his throat come out automatically? :O


Annexation of Mexico is a post-Obama ideal that was supposed to be realized by Killary.

A black psychiatrist who worked with my father recommended that we stay together as a family. He said it was important because we were one of the few remaining African-American families in our neighborhood, one of the few families where the father remained in the home. Our communities were in jeopardy, many of the black men in jail or in rehab. Some local men of color were around but they were struggling with unemployment, which left them feeling inadequate and open to public scrutiny. If my father were to leave, the damage to our family could be irreversible, according to this therapist. I also think our church influenced my mother in her decision to let him stay. She was a born-again Christian and I thought I was too. There were so many pretty women at our church without husbands. Most of my friends’ parents were divorced. I didn’t want my mother to be alone. My faith led me to more questions, which were never answered. I not only blamed my mother; I also held God responsible. When the therapist saw my resistance to his rationale, he quickly suggested that my parents take me on a family trip anywhere I chose. I picked Six Flags Magic Mountain. I had already decided any doctor who thought my father should remain with us was no one I could trust. But I was a kid who wanted to go to an amusement park.

Being a military person, he knew how to cook and do other simple household stuff. Therefore, he managed to convince my mother that he will take care of us.
I can clearly recall, it was a hot afternoon when my father asked me to come to his room. He was stitching some of my clothes. I went inside and stood next to him. He got up to close the door and came back. He asked me to unbutton my pants. As I did that, he made me take them off and lie on the bed.
He went away, I thought he has gone, so I got dressed and was just about to leave when he returned. He had gone to get some oil. He again made me take off my pants and other clothes as well. He did the same to himself, and applied the oil to his penis. I didn’t even understand what was happening. He pushed himself inside me, and did it repeatedly. After he was done, he ejaculated on me which I earlier thought was piss.

One of my earliest memories is of sitting in a lawyers office with my sister and being asked which parent I wanted to live with, I was four and my parents were divorcing. I was so scared that I would never see my dad again that I said that I wanted to live with him, I didn't understand what was going on at all, all I knew was that I missed my dad.
My parents ended up getting shared custody of my sister and I. We would stay with mum from Sunday to Thursday and with Dad from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. My dad was a primary school deputy principal and a drunk and my mother is an old fashioned, strict but kind woman.
My dad would drink every night that I was with him and when he got drunk he would tell me how much he missed me when I was with mum and how sad and lonely he was, he would tell me that he was going away and was never coming back and I would never see him again and that it was my mums fault. When dropping us back at mums he would sob and tell us goodbye and hopefully he would see us again.
I was terrified that I wouldn't see him again and he used this to keep me coming back to his house even though it was filthy and he wouldn't feed us and I was miserable. He would get drunk and make me sit next to him for the whole night while telling me (what I later found out to be) made up stories about how bad my mother was and how she was trying to ruin my dads life. He would then go to bed and make me sleep next to him in his bed.
Fast forward to when I am seven years old and this has been going on for years. I had become an severely anxious and depressed child and I was extremely attached to my dad and hated my mum because of the made up stories. We still had the same housing arrangements. My dad had come to hate my sister for not sharing my obsession with him and would scream at her at night about how much he hated her and that she was just like our mother.
When I was at his house I had to get up in the morning at 5am and make him breakfast, I had to shower with the bathroom door open, I had to sit next to him at all times (lounge, car etc), I had to sleep in his bed. He started frequently kiss me on the lips at home or in public and he would pinch or slap me on the bottom. If we were laying on the lounge he would be spooning me from behind. At the time, I didn't think it was weird or unusual for my dad to be doing this and I was happy that he was giving me attention, I thought it was normal.
He always had lots of girlfriends and he would take me with him to stalk them. He would drive past their houses slowly over and over for hours and then call them and hang up. I later found out that he took my sister to hide in some bushes to watch a girlfriend as well.
Late at night in his bed we would chat and he would hold me against him so tight that I could hardly breathe or he would make me lay on top of him. I thought that we were just hugging and that it was totally normal. One night he took his penis out and masturbated while holding me against him.
Within the next year he raped me twice. I've blocked a lot of the details out but i remember being told to shower afterwards (while he watched) and not to tell anyone or he would disappear and I would never see him again.
Not long after, Christmas 2004 I was with my mum visiting relatives and my sister and I were by ourselves watching the news about the Tsunami in Indonesia and I start talking to her about dad. I told her I didn't want to go back to see him ever again and how I hated it there (this was really surprising to her as id been obsessed with living with dad for years). When we got back home from our trip to see the relatives mum told me if I didn't want to see dad again then I would have to call him and tell him myself. I called him and said I wouldn't be coming back and he cried over the phone and tried to blackmail me into seeing him. I hung up.
Nobody knew about the rape and abuse until years later when I was 13 and I told my sisters boyfriend, who of course told my sister and she told mum. My sister told my mum in front of me and all she did was ask "is this true?". My sister held me while I cried in my bed that whole night. My mum got the police involved and they came to my school to interview me and film what I had to say. They then arrested my dad at the school he was working at and interviewed him. I got to see a recording of this interview a few years ago and he basically tried to convince them that I was crazy and that he was innocent.
It went to court and he was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault and 1 count of aggravated indecency and was sentenced to 13 years in jail.
He filed an appeal and it went to trial again and we won again. I just found out that he has, again filed another appeal and that this will be going back to court a third time. He is out on bail pending the court case.

What a mess, and no one knows what to do about it.

Why would someone do this? God damn it bitches, stop being degenerate. Tits or GTFO doesn't mean what you think it does you stupid tards.

Obvious shills.

The question is what exactly are you shilling?

I still don't buy the Scalia angle, but maybe there's some elements of truth in this article along with the lies. I believe that's one of the rules for most effectively disseminating disinfo.

Maybe there's more to see here.

….Either that or CTR was simply told to go nuclear and slide any thread that even mentions "pedophilia".

They look like a pair of pepperonis attached to two malformed tumours

Wait, why was this thread bumplocked?

Hmmm….This is peculiar.

Scares the shit out of me if the D.C. Pedo ring goes bonkers and triggers an event that causes bad shit on a global scale so they don't go down

Fuck man I'm so sick of worrying about cointelpro like a fucking schitzophrenic. I used to really like VT back in the day until I saw this video

I remember this was being suppressed but Gordon Duff has other known shill like the Fetzer guy who said that the 9/11 planes were holograms so idk wtf to think anymore
i was just about to post this

hey, can someone post the meta guide to shills.jpg I somehow lost it in my folders/forgot to save properly.


Hey i want to annex Mexico too but not for the jew pedos. Just want a white country Alaska to Panama canal, isn't that the plan long term?

OP's source is a writer who admitted half of what he publishes is bullshit