Remember that little boy who crossdressed as Hillary? He has a twitter account

Remember that little boy who crossdressed as Hillary? He has a twitter account

Wait? I have to say more? You know the drill, but it would be fun if Holla Forums made him question himself and he slapped his own mother so it made world news.

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A kid adopted by two lesbians turns out gay. What a cohencidence.

Didn't get the hair right. She parts it on the left like a man

Don't bully him. Seriously, don't bully him. This is one of the first times Holla Forums has had a completely pozzed child at our disposal. Let's experiment, and see if there is any way to redpill him and get him to see the light. Let's see what works. Let's not just comment on his posts saying "haha faggot"

vid most definitely related

Report the parents for child-abuse.

How old is he? He doesn't look like he's at least 13. How can he legally have an account?'s_Online_Privacy_Protection_Act

Report his account to twitter, make them ban him.

I agree but someone's going to anyway. Recall that the hacker code named "anonymous" was responsible for gamergate's campaign of misogynist hate.

Yes, definitely bombard this kid with Sam Hyde. Being raised by two dykes, he needs a strong male figure to look up to. Sam Hyde is the perfect role model for him.

Nah, fuck off.
You really think this is a valuable use of time?

Looking at this faggot's tweets, Jesus Christ. Too gay to live past 2016. Suicide.

This. Bigger fish to fry.

Bump and reported.

If you don't know, this 14 year old is an E celeb. He is famous for making some of the most shit cockstent on the internet, and has a fanbase of 10% retarded teenage girls/homosexuals and 90% retarded teenage cringefags.
Penetrating him through bullying/redpills is damn near next to impossible, but i'd love to see Holla Forums try to break through the barrier of his fagness.

people who say "don't do this fuck off waste of time" without saying what it is that would be a better use of times are all shills. You guys are shills.

Like shitposting in the next thread you randomly open, right?

user plz

I just.

Found the instagram. It's pretty bad.

if you're gonna get at the kid would you at least try to be constructive about it? hes still just a kid and probably doesn't know any better
i dont want him turning out even more mentally ill when he becomes 18 because he got cyberbullied by e-drug-worshipers and didn't learn anything from it other than "bullies are bad"

maybe you could start off by educating him about virtue signalling and why he shouldn't be doing it

I'm gonna bully this little shit.

He's too far gone. His parents have indoctrinated him.

maybe you can save the white kid, would you at least try first if you go at him?

cuckchan pls go

Too much degeneracy for me.

Nah. He's a full blown faggot kike-bot.

Bump because it triggers you.

i took a look at his instagram and i think he might be doing the hardcore liberal stuff in an attempt to get laid; maybe he thinks that by being regular friends with girls he can get laid

maybe you could educate him as to how he'll never lose his virginity and how shallow his friendship with those girls on his instagram probably is, including not getting kissed, if he keeps this feminine stuff up
also hes probably gonna get bullied real hard in high school; it'll be far less likely if he quits with that emasculating stuff

also tell him to stop worshiping women; his probably worshiping of women alone might prevent him from letting himself realize why what hes doing is bad for him

Fuck you Holla Forums

Destroy him. KeK wills it.

He's a faggot.

take your shitty eceleb thread back to 4cuck Holla Forums.

eat shit


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Look carefully at the "protests".

This never works. Even feminist would rather fuck a dirty nigger than an effiminate cuck.

that's right, this place is for serious discussion, not shitposting. you'd know that if you weren't a completely obvious newfag.

I like what you're doing user, keep up the good work.

Asshole, your ego is ridiculous. Check yourself.

If the fucker is older then 4, it's set. That, the pregnancy where he was born determined everything.

The two dykes have him for 24hrs a day. Your 140 fucking characters isn't going to undo that. Use your time for something worthwhile. This little fucker needs to die of AIDS.

We should stick to what works. Holla Forums gets more people by disgusting them enough for them to stick around out of morbid curiosity. It's only after sticking around that they realise that Holla Forums is always right.
See Ben Garrison for proof.