Operation Jew the Jew (Jewish Reform)

Now that we got Trump elected we're going to have a lot of time on our hands. Aside from PizzaGate there really isn't much to do. I'm proposing we use our free-time productively by attacking the Jews in the *exact* same way they've been attacking us, starting with rallying for Jewish Reform. We could get brain-dead liberals to protest Israel if we ran with these points:

These two points alone are enough to get the fire started and to really push for Jewish Reform.

Here's some ammo to get you started:


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dont need Holla Forums to usurp Israel

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Liberals already do protest Israel because of the Palestine situation and the whole illegal settlements thing, among others. Basically its >muh apartheid to them.

great post! we could work on and build up the Palestinian situation by letting normies know 40% of pal. children get raped by the IDF


Expose the culture of critique to some critique and watch how they neurotically over-react.


I remember that, they even got the video pulled from jewtube.

yes! how do you guys think we should go about this? we could create a new type of dank maymay, much like pic related, but very VERY normy friendly with an emphasis on information. we have to tell the liberals what they should think and why, otherwise they wont take up the cause - too damn stupid.

Continuing D&C would be good. Drive the wedge between blacks and jews further by spreading stories of jews leaving the US after the election. The implication being they are leaving blacks to be genocided.

Just need to make blacks aware of how ethiopians are treated in Israel, start from there to show them that Jews were the ones running the slave trade in the 1700s. No need to lie like a kike.

OK let's outjew the jew. First thing, reframing the debate; do NOT refer to israel/palestine conflict as anything other than "The semite civil war." This will seem outside the overton window at first, but it has the benefit of being the most elegant description. This is crucial for a meme to catch on. With this concept of semitic consistency in place you can begin painting the _STATE_ of israel as literally hitler, and/or a brutal apartheid.


good ideas. am also thinking about attacking the Zionist aspect. if we can divide the Jews between the evil Zionists and the regular 'good' Jews, that will be a yuge victory

I think the division of aspect between zionists and hebros should be a well timed event. Hebros must feel a wedge social pressure to split from zionists, both sides must consider it a ' with us or against us ' situation. THAT is when you merge this idea with the redpilling of blacks and bring the hammer down upon the wedge, and we should have a shia/sunni style split on our hands.

i like the way you think. what are some of the ways we an accomplish this? was thinking about

i don't think we should confuse them with the idea that there are 'good jews'

the kikes in our land are our biggest problem, though i agree the best place to start with a red-pill is with israel

There are no good Jews, those who seem like they are good in any way are trying to save their skin and will backstab others as soon as they have the opportunity to do so.

I propose we all now enter real life politics and ride the coat-tails of Trump's presidency into power in our own communities.

This is a good idea

This one isn't good because it encourages negative stereotypes to be held about themselves.

This is akin to trying to subvert gays by stating that homosexuality is inherently pedophiic. Whether or not it is true is beside the point. The fact that it attaches the negative stereotype TO THEM means they will not get on board.

That said…
This one is great.

If anyone has any media connects, it's worth trying to get a write up with something like the following:

Why Netanyahu Gives Jews A Bad International Reputation

Talking points would be on Pro-Zionist Warfare and there's several sourcable pieces of material (Clean Break Plan) that could be used.

The idea should be to cause a divide based on something that affects them negatively on a social level.

Don't forget to bring up the Israeli wall. Drawing that comparison to Trump will make their blood boil. Also, to most of these people, Jews pass as 'white' so be sure to exploit that angle as well.

>Evil white Israelis oppressing the poor, brown Palestinians! It's white privilege at its worst! Just look at how they attack them with white phosphorous!

if we come out and say all jews are bad we're going to be called bigots. cant work that way at first m8s

do eeeeeet then

thanks lets do this!

very good points. maybe we could draw attention to pedophilia and slavery in Israel without linking it to the religion of judaism itself?

i bet you could get breitbart to do a piece maybe?

good idea didnt think about the wall aspect

This sounds good. It may be worthwhile frame it as unwillingness to act on behalf of the politicians and law enforcement in the country. Try to dig up the testimony of victims of past child-trafficking cases around the world to show the damage that it does to people. An emotional connection is absolutely necessary so that the viewer can't just sweep it under the rug in their mind.

Muh PR. You need to make sure niggers hate every single kike otherwise they're bound to be manipulated by the remaining ones and turned against us yet again. Kikes only project being on Europeans' side when they need to save themselves. They are and have been the White man's enemy ever since the Roman Empire, ignoring that makes you purplepilled at best.

because telling niggers to hate hooked-nosed Jews is totally going to work! jesus christ you're autistic. learn to play some chess, user.

Ignore the "isolate by extremism" shill.

Your plan is solid.

Your image is apparently Pre-Frozen and Tangled

This is another good reference. The guy explains what is called "Darkei Shalom" aka "Peaceful Ways."

It is similar to Taqiyya. And making that a meme for normies to absorb should be done.

There is a gradual progression towards it, idiot. You start by showing those who are clearly against them. Once that seed is planted, you start making them see the underlying unity the moderate ones have to the harsher elements, just the way you can make people see Islam as a threat by showing the moderate Muslims' approval ratings of what the more extreme ones wants overtly. Eventually, you're gonna gradually see some niggers ready to get rid of kikes the same way we do. Of course, if you go the autistic way and spill your spaghetti at the beginning, you're just gonna turn them off to the idea.

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