Catholics Demand Trump Respect Immigrants

Roman Catholic bishops are urging President-elect Donald Trump to adopt humane policies toward immigrants and refugees.

Church's white and Hispanic base split between Trump and Clinton in last week's election. (KEK)

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said serving and welcoming people fleeing conflict and violence is part of their identity as Roman Catholics. Church leaders said they would continue to offer that aid.

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Fun Fact: the architects of the Movie Code were Catholics and Jews taking advantage of

*the poor reputation of Hollywood after a notorious murder rape to push multicultural values

It's almost as if the church's support of mexicans was wholly because of their largely catholic adherence.

It's always just Immigrants

Not illegal, not undocumented, not incorrectly documented

It's always just immigrants

I'm getting really fucking sick of this

fuck right off.

jej, why are you even here?

He will claim this is a D&C thread, when it is the Catholic Church trying to conquer through mass immigration.

Form the article:

Funny, that is exactly what they said in 1965, when pushing the Immigration Act of 1965.

The fuck right off is to the cathcucks.

The guy who rammed through the 1965 immigration bill was Ted Kennedy who was a roman catholic. He promised it wouldnt change america's demographics, glad that faggot got shot.

Go lay down in the street.

I have the right to demand that the pope commits suicide
doesn't mean it's going to happen


He's talking about the bishops. The ones in the article.

Ahh, Podesta. Still trying to drive a wedge between Catholics and Trump?

I don't want to be an edgy goy but it's getting hard not to be with this fucking pope.



Communist Homosexual


Catholics are pissing me off, if Soros could finance this massive invasion to Germany, why can't some other rich faggot finance a massiva invasion to Vatican? That niggerlover pope requires a few million of Somalis.


Race before religion.

I grew up as a Roman Catholicism has betrayed the religion and its people as far as I'm concerned as a Roman catholic the pope and the papacy need to hang from trees. They can be replaced by non-faggots

" God and Country" used be one and the same once upon a time.

Catholics, when are you going to purge your cucked leadership?

Who cares what a bunch of kiddie-diddler homos thinks, anyway?…

These "Catholics" aren't Irish, Italian, French, or Polish. They're violent, smelly, short, disgusting, stupid illegal beaners from Mexico and they're all going back. I don't acknowledge the legitimacy of Vatican II, fuck that gay shit and fuck illegals.

if catholics are cucks then why is poland, a country with a majority of catholics, not taking any rapefugees?

I stopped believing in the Vatican's legitimacy during the reign of Pope Benedict XVI who made too many leftists compromises. The papacy need to be killed an replaced with deus vult militants ( marriage+ kids should be a requirement).

Pope John Paul was somewhat based I believe very anti-communist. It also helped that Poland (among a few other countries , Czechs, Slovaks,etc.) has a belligerent nationalistic government. This was done on purpose by jews/ post war powers to counter the USSR/Russia in part but also to as a strategic point in case Germany rises again (repeat of post WW1 doctrine) and finally to make sure Germany never regains their lost territory.
Poland is also pretty poor and thus not as palatable to rapefegees as say Sweden, England, Germany, or France.

We will.
We will respectfully decline them.

Catholic leadership is really cucked, but most laity Catholics voted Trump this election


Death to papists. Kill all Catholics.


Benedict pls come back
You can't just quit
God doesn't just let that happen
Francis is a fraud, a farce and everybody can see it.

Fucking Papists.

Fuck the Catholic Church
Traitorous Jew Scum.

holy shit the newfags in this thread

Powerful commentary there, "oldfag".

Run of the mill behavior for Babylonians.

Good thing trump is not catholic or gives a shit.

Because muh human rights and muh jesus


I grew up catholic in a Polish/Irish family and attended Catholic schooling since I was 4. My city has also been overrun with spics and turned completely into a ghetto over the past 15 years, went from 60% white to 75% spic in just a generation. The only majority white place you could still find here anymore was my church.

I totally gave up when they recently started doing half the masses here in spanish for a bunch of shoddily dressed beaners with spiked hair playing on their phones during sermons. I think I'm just gonna start calling myself slavic pagan if I'm asked as a fuck you to the church.

im not an oldfag it's just that you can tell by a post that they are new it's hard to explain im not mad or anything
im glad we get some new refugees to rape our waifus

The next step is to call them simply "new americans"

He was only "anti-communist" as far as it helped his western plutocrat masters. By that point in time, the Soviets were actually less harmful than Western liberalism had become.

K, I'm not an expert on John Paul I only knew of him after he became a human sized muppet.

Let's respect them by sending them back where they came from.

Church has become pozzed as fuck this past decade. How can we fix this?

Trump could put the FBI to investigate cases of pedophilia in the american Catholic Church. You have to press them too, these people have a lot to lose if more scandals are exposed. Investigating the corruption of the Vatican Bank in American territory is also a good one. They will want to enter into an agreement.

Sure m8. "Americans." Just like how (((they))) want us to believe that Swedes are brown people in hijabs, and Germans are now niggers.

Vatican II was the Church's French Revolution, the era of Francis is akin to the Bolshevik revolution. It will come to pass in due time, and Christendom will be restored.

The Catholic Church is wanting to do a religious colonization of the United States. You have a lot of money, it is the last frontier of the civilized world where they can expand and continue to finance the luxury of the Roman Clergy. It is very important that you warn the American Protestant population about this danger, barring the advance of Catholicism in America is a very important point. Show your friends and colleagues how Latin America is a shithole and relate to Catholicism, relate to the Catholic countries of Europe that are the poorest of the continent. They are valid relations, since Catholicism preaches poverty very much to its faithful as if it were a gift or something to be venerated, even being pure hypocrisy of them.

The Church of Ahriman, the Church of the Jew Saul who plotted with the Jew Judas to slay a holy one of Mazdan blood. Damned be them and their books, for they had perverted the words of a Mazdan Magus, from the writing of the so-called Gospel to the concealed letters and the false revelations.

Reminder that Catholics hate what kikes have done to the Church over the past century more than non-Catholics ever will. The word of this heretic pope and his bishops no more reflects the will of Catholics than the word of king nigger reflects the will of Americans.

Latin American countries are dominated by Catholic doctrine called "Catholic Charismatic Renewal^", which is a mixture of Christianity and Socialism, a total heresy accepted by many Catholics as a way to attract faithful.


we need a "Trump" pope


Lurk 2 years before posting.

The vast majority of popes before 1958 were good and faithful vicars, unfortunately most have been memory-holed by the current Church hierarchy. Pius X in particular stands out because he could see what was happening behind the scenes in the Church at the turn of the 20th century and fought the modernists tooth-and-nail.

We can respect them.
By turning them around to fight for their homeland.

But that communist mulatto liberation theologian was sandnigger-worshipper never a Catholic.

Roman Catholics 'demand' something of a man with Scottish Presbyterian and German Lutheran background. Yeah, that's going to get far.


Well, actually…

I find it abhorrent for the catholic church to suggest mexico is not a good country to live in. das raycis tbh fam

Former Catholic here, this fucking pope turned me into an agnostic.

As a Catholic I hope Trump personally throws the beans over the wall, respectfully.

Trump should send all of the illegals to Vatican City.


You're fucking autists, all of you.

The Catholic Church knows where its customer base is - it is, as is the case with the 2 big Abrahamic monotheisms, universal. The Catholic Church literally means the Universal Church. For all Humans. With all Human souls being equal. With Catholics and Christians forming a kind of spiritual nation/race, AKA the Kingdom of Israel universalized to all races rather than just ethnic Jews.

Why do you guys for some reason think that the Catholic Church favour/ed whites? This isn't just recent, Catholic priests and monks encouraged all that miscegenation in places like colonial South America and the Philippines, hundreds of years ago.

I mean in cases like gay marriage, abortion and other traditional living issues you're right the Church is subverted and cucked. Christianity is a Traditional religion based on the principles of the Old Testament of Zion - it's perfect in the sense that you want a strong family unit, gender roles, etc.

Yet racially - no, the Church isn't cucked. Humanity is made in God's image and a Black Christian is a brother to you where a White Pagan or Atheist is a heathen dog.

2 Peter 2:21-22

fellow apostate here, the New Mass got me

Daily reminder
Catholics turned out for the God Emperor, it'll be even higher next time around when many illegals are removed.

Source for those interested

'Universal' does not mean "multicultural utopia", every nation has a right to protect and preserve itself. One of the missions of bishops and priests is to administer and serve the needs of the various local populations throughout the world, and possibly take into account cultural differences when it comes to how they practice their faith.

Miscegenation was only used in foreign lands as a means to convert the locals, which is understandable, as it obviously had no effect on the white population back home.

Non-practicing former Catholics are more likely than protestants to 'identify' themselves as Catholic because it's a cultural thing. The reality is that any unrepentant "Catholic" who votes liberal is objectively outside the Church.

In any context. GTFO

White atheists that aren't liberals know that your stupid cuck religion is another Jewish manipulation tool.

Case in point, "Judeo/Christian X".

Literally not a Christian thing. Secular phyletist heresy.

Doesn't surprise me.

What's wrong with niggers being Christians in their own countries?

Also that 'it doesn't matter if the miscegenation happens in non-white countries' isn't Christian either. Christians theologically do not care about race - if Nigerian Christians or Catholic Philipinos flooded Europe and married Europeans and created little abominations, this is no problem and in fact is a beautiful thing, equally as beautiful as Europeans reproducing themselves - because there is no difference between Jew, Greek and Scythian, all is one in the Christ Yeshua bar Yosef.

In fact it'd be viewed as the second wind, saving grace of the Church from complete irrelevance in Europe. The Faith would be restored and the scourge of Atheism would be vanquished, Christian Europe would be resurrected - who cares if these new "europeans" are brown and yellow mixed race people? They are Christian! Deus Vult!

What's wrong is considering them "brothers" in any context. Giving any thought whatsoever to what they do in their own shitholes, then POSTING about it is just another way that niggers waste valuable resources.

I really do wish Holla Forums had a one true religion we could build into something as powerful as the Catholic church.

Holy shit, those spics and their fucking cell phones during Mass. I've been Catholic all my life too, and went to Catholic school up through 8th grade, and I've never seen such disrespect from any other group. It's fucking ridiculous. It's always the brownest, most spic-y of them doing it too.

what the actual fuck are you smoking? Did you just make that up out of thin air?

Aaaaand he's never read the Talmud.

And he hasn't read the encyclicals either.

1/10 for minimal effort

Kek is a perfectly acceptable religion.

Just because the Vatican is pozzed doesn't mean white catholics are pozzed. The Vatican is just another mainstream institution that has been subverted.

60% of white catholics (not hispanics) voted for trump. pat buchanan is a catholic for fucks sake


According to exit polls, Trump got 58% of the white vote. So he did slightly better among white hispanics. White Evangelicals, Mormons and Catholics despite the shilling and cuckery of Rick Wilson with McMuffin.

Here's their problem– those "4 in 10 spics" don't contribute shit. speaking as someone whose grandfather got kiked out of a lot of shekels ny the NYC archdiocese while he was dying, want to see how much they will pull out of out Catholics as they keep pushing this shit.
My parents sure learned their lesson, and "Catholic New York" goes right into the trash when it arrives in the mail.

this. and they aren't even real catholics, with their "Santa Muerte" and all their other bullshit. Just like the niggers in Haiti with their voodoo, they worked their own superstition into Catholicism.
when I was 14 or 15 and was shown "The Mission" in high school and rooted for the Jesuits, wow have I realized how wrong I was. The Spaniards and Portuguese should have crucified all the fucking Jesuits who thought the Spics needed Jesus rather than their tribal gods.
If only the Spaniards had purged central and South America as the English and French purged North America, imagine how different the world would be…

No, not Catholics, the Jesuits fueled by kike money are demanding this. I come from a very Catholic Country and Jesuits are looked upon with distrust. Don't fall for D&C tactics

so, don't kill them unless they attack first?
got it, I'll relay it to the ICE squads

They'll be humanly removed from the US.

It's really a shame they never discarded of "Pope" Francis while they were removing communists in South America..