Trump & Putin discuss Syria and US-Russia relations in phone call

Trump & Putin discuss Syria and US-Russia relations in phone call

US President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have held their first telephone call, in which the two leaders discussed Syria and agreed to improve and develop bilateral ties, the Kremlin said in a statement.

The president and the president-elect agreed to keep in contact by telephone and have discussed the idea of meeting in person.

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I would not go on a plane ever again if I were Trump, but that's impossible unfortunately.

Putin is already mega tsundere for Trump.

Does anyone else remember when putin killed the polish prez? I remember

It's not Putin Trump needs to be mindful of. Although I could see kikes downing his plane and blaming the Russians for it. If Trump's plane crashed, the "attack on the office of the President" would be all the neocons need to launch a nuclear strike on Moscow.

Saved from WW3. The whole world, except the insane, breathes a sigh of relief.

I remember a different sequence of events, faggot. I remember Soros-backed Ukrainian rebels shooting down a passenger plane (because it looked like Putin's state plane), then the (((media))) doing everything they could to blame the mass murder on Putin himself.

Im not talking about the one shot down over ukraine you sperg lord im talking about the polish prez getting shot down on the day to russia

The twin brother of former Polish president Lech Kaczynski, who was killed in a 2010 plane crash in Russia, has said that the accident is looking increasingly like an assassination and is calling for an EU investigation.

HURR DURR EVIL ukranians!!!! This has nothing to do with ukraine ya fuckin cunt

You're fucking retarded, get the fuck out.

wow, really? Still pushing that lie? Russian BUK. read the report.

And you know how I know it was a Russian fired missile? because the Russian story keep changing. First they said it was an Igla. that alone proves it was a lie.

As long as he flies Russian, he'll be safe.

Don't worry m8, all political user boards are filled with paid or unpaid Russian shills. It's just a fact to deal with.

Really? How many people have you got over there pushing this stench, CTR?
Do you even get your own cubicles? Free pizza for lunch?

According to the logic I'm seeing from you, the Russians want to kill the person who has stopped the globalists in their tracks?
That shit just don't fly.


I'm not making any claims about the cause of the crash, but you should probably lurk more before referencing wikipedia around here

Top fucking kek

Huh? The fuck you going on about fgt. You sperged out when people mentioned that polish guy getting assasinated in 2010. Then proceeded to sperg out again once it became aparent you had no idea what you were talking about.


You basic bitch redditors are the ones who need to lurk moar
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What's that?
A picture of Trump's sons in law?
Or is it maybe his financial advisor?

Look, Vlad, Russians are one of the shittiest people on earth, everyone knows this. Destructive, hiveminded fools lead by a dictator wanting to make Russia great again. If you really aren't a Russian troll, you're a Russkiboo cunt who doesn't share thousand miles of border with Russia and have hundreds of years of war, rule and animosity between them.

You are a helpless cunt and I hope they send you to the neo-gulags.

How quick you sad retards expose yourselves every single time

You think CTR would've stopped with their Russia fear mongering after Hillary got crushed.

but muh Russia is the hwhite super state!

t.burger who never set a foot into Russia



I'm all for warmer relations with US and Russia, mind you. I'm just anticipating another Molotov-Ribbentrop with whoever starts getting too friendly with russkies.


Holy shit you are either massively stupid or you are just baiting people at this point

look how gullible you are

Whats there to discuss. They both bomb the shit out of ISIS ASAP.


In relation, wasn't Russia supposed to start glassing Aleppo today?


are you dumb, putin won't speak en in public


wtf I'm a #sorosloser now. Abolish the electoral college.

Dubya is best Bush yeah? Then what is this?

Go back to whatever shithole you came from, kike.



he sounds like a retarded dracula tbh


He has his own.

There are multiple videos online of putin speaking english. Its not even a secret.

Wrong thread


so do the people who want him dead, and their planes have ordnance

He does speak english though
Just not super well

It seems to me, what the one thing the (((tribe))) has more urgently scheduled - more than Hillary in office - is a limited nuclear war with Russia. Hillary was merely the means to that end. They have a timetable to keep, and now is the time for their World War 3 scenario. If they can get it done through Trump, then okay, not as good as getting it done through Hillary, but it still gets the event done, putting us on track for further globalization. To me, the enemy is war mongering itself, in any form.

The Russians are not pathetic. Not at all, dickhead. Instead, they are lobbing the orbital rockets that we can't. Instead, they've recovered much of their economy, despite (((our best efforts))) to destroy it. Instead, they've pushed for freedom and justice around the world. And what have they gotten for it? Grief from the likes of a few dickheads with a shtick.

Why don't you go be gay somewhere else?

Interesting. First time I've ever heard him speak English.

well shilled, moishe!

He only knew those specific words

Seriously though these CTR fags are getting more retarded by the day.

this thread is 50% shills shilling shills shilling jews jewing jews.

How did they speak to each other on the phone? Putin cant speak English

Looks like you need to kill yourself, user.

Go back to cuckchan.

Really dude?

antiwar Leftists cry-in over peace with Russia

I remember that Polish president retard forced his shitty soviet era plane w/ maintenance since 1991 to land despite his pilots and the tower advising against because there was 0 visibility on the ground.

Which lead to the crash, beheading the entire polish gov' and intelligentsia.

Then the Poles, instead of nominating him a Darwin award, buried him as a National Hero in their kings mausoleum.

Since then numerous polish heroes have been buried as kings in lavish ceremony, like the dead of the Karczówka pool party (where 5% of the town died drowned in a cesspool).

Evil homosex islamo facist pole did it to himself russia din du nuffin

poor guy shoulda maintained his airplane better

Putin can speak English, but Putin doesn't speak English, at least in public (I think there are a couple of vids where he does, unrelated to international politics). Same way he has near perfect german but he almost never uses it.

There is a difference. No self-respecting head of state is supposed to not speak it's language, save on special occasions.

The entire audio tapes from the flight recorders are on YT.
You're only butthurt because it's true. Retarded gov' officials forced the pilots to land, pilot were shit because they didn't have enough flight hours back home (because polish state planes fleet was in a terrible state of disrepair, their pres having to fly commercial on several occasions), didn't react when the alarms started to yell and landed in the trees.

Truly the only fair and unbiased news source

Why in the world do you want to promote further tension in this world? You're in the wrong place, buddy. Holla Forums is the board of peace.

Don't bother responding, faggot. You've been filtered.


That was an experience

Dubya can't nothing against the best one, JEB!
(please clap)

Who the fuck are you even trying to fool?

Oh, but we are! We're just in the transition team towards peace. In the meantime, well, omelets, eggs…


You can't characterize an entire people just because of a few extremists. They aren't true Holla Forumslacks! We're simply humble followers of religion of KEK. Praise Kek! 1488!


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how was this video made?

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Masking and meme magic

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