Studen Loans

“We would cap repayment for an affordable portion of the borrower’s income, 12.5 percent, we’d cap it. That gives you a lot to play with and a lot to do,” Trump said at a rally in Columbus, Ohio, on Thursday. “And if borrowers work hard and make their full payments for 15 years, we’ll let them get on with their lives. They just go ahead and they get on with their lives.”

The bankers have gotten tens of trillions of dollars in bailouts. Donal Trump's plan is a joke. Here is a real plan,

1. Total student loan debt forgiveness
2. No more student loans, let the private sector handle that
3. Student loans are dis-chargeable, they are currently not

This will make the universities competitive and great again. Trump's plan is just making the chains of debt slavery slightly easier to bear.

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Debt forgiveness would collapse to many sectors of our economy too quickly and completely and utterly destroy market trust in ever giving anybody a loan ever again. Not that this is necessarily a BAD thing, but I just don't think America is ready for it yet. It's more of a "Second Term" deal, after everybody has unified again and realized that Trump was right all along.

Getting rid of all new student loans and giving them standard bankruptcy procedures, however, is a great thing to do.

well trump is turning out to be another reagan,this will help the leftists in long run.good job memeing this faggot.

Why not have a global debt jubliee? It's impossible to pay off the 152 trillion dollars.

Not necessarily. They, the FED, can simply print the money, write off every student loan, and the Jew bankers can on their merry way. It's only like 1.5 trillion. How much was the Iraq War, 3 trillion? The financial crisis has cost Americans much much more than than that.

Trump needs to cut funding for departments that only serve to pump out leftist ideology. This is extremely important.

here's a better idea. kill all students and professors with documented support of communist parties and practices. every single one of them.

You want free college education? You need to hand over the control of the schools to RWDs

I never did understand the justification of the Studen Loan business.
Repaying the flat amount I took out I can understand, hell I WANT to pay for the time I took out and the money I used to earn a degree, but for fucks sake it's the disgusting amount of markups (Room and Board should not be this much you sick cunts) and baffling amount of interest on your loans that makes me wanna puke.

Surprise surprise. He has already flipped on deporting illegals ( just the violent and drug running ones) and now this bullshit. What a joke. Oh and by the way I'm a professional CTR poster that's an intern for Soros.

Debt slavery. #justajewishthing

What he should really do is what he said before, and force colleges to take on the loan efforts in some capacity, so that they will be forced to stop offering programs that don't actually have career paths instead of leading to baristas with worthless papers. Realistically, if Gender Studies taught facts, it could probably be absorbed into sociology, but that would require leftist faggots to stop worrying about muh feelings and actually pay attention to fucking facts for once in their lives without curling up in the fetal position in a ball pit with a therapy puppy.

You don't understand why a financial system run by Jews who want to shackle and control you went absurdly out of control and effectively enslaves you with debt?

I'm curious, who'd pay the expenses of the education? Government?


Meanwhile, these morons took out tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and expect to not pay them back. If student loan debt forgiveness becomes a thing, I'll be a little annoyed that I didn't get a free education too.

holy fuck op, check your autism.

If we go back to a gold standard then $50,000 in student will become even more of a burden than it is now.

The students and donations(endowments is the word I think). Just like before.

You can do better CTR. Just quit Caressing The Rectum and try!

Shills used to be good and at least try. This is pathetic. Trump's proposal is literally nothing!

so.. what would change?

Why are you recycling articles from October? Fuck off


If you want your debt forgiven, line up for execution.


Bankers and government did that. What is your point? 1.5 trillion is a drop in the bucket on that chart.

It will increase our debt, but the potential economic growth from helping to free up an entire generation from crushing debt may be well worth it

The majority of which, are now our enemy.


Then who cares if it is better for the economy it is better for everyone.




Anything that screws over a moneylender is a good thing in my book.

Just think. Only 8 more years of being totally and completely shitter shattered.

I already paid back most of my loan, I hope I didn't just get fucked.

That's the problem.
There's no more money left to bail out anyone else.
20 trillion in debt, remember?


Fuck that. I have no debt and have worked my ass off to keep it that way.

NO, goy…it doesn't work that way.
The Fed is not who you owe the money to, it's the Government. The Fed is a private bank.
It's the government that should declare their debt to the Fed onerous, and then end the Fed completely…then the TREASURY could not only print (originate) the money, but they could loan it out at 0% interest.

Guaranteed money from the gov't is the opposite of being screwed over

Room and Board is so much because freshmen need their feels to be protected, and want a surrogate mom to take care of them (Aka an RA). Take away the RA, the constant "diversity events", "intentional programs" and all the other shit, and you'd see competitive pricing.

"Oh please goy give billions of dollars to the universities and the phds in gender studies"

"Oh no goy a WALL? do you think we can afford that in this ECONOMY?"

Ayy, same boat.

You do have debt. Basically, without a global bankruptcy, you will have to pay back the share of debt your fellow citizens have incurred. Tens of thousands of dollars.

Probably you'll have to pay back a significant portion of it, since you sound responsible. You are a hundred thousand dollars in the hock for some fat Latina's achorbabies.

Sociology is not facts, dumbass.

All social science must be purged form university because it is all bullshit. Sociology, psychology, political science, etc. should not even be considered legitimate fields of study.

Only after the jubilee ends and every single (((central banker))) is hung from his own entrails.

Can we talk about how FAIRNESS fits into all of this? What about us who worked throughout college and are on scholarships perhaps (yes I am talking about myself). Why should everyone who isn't as financially responsible get freebies? Why do I have to be punished for being responsible?

fucking cuckchan cancer

Universities are the highly exclusionary domain of the rich and the white. All the nogs and poorfags treating higher education as highschool 2.0, thinking STEM etc. is just a route to a job, belong in fucking trade school.

#2 is batshit retarded unless #3 happens. what they should do is simply refinance everyone's student loans at (or near) the T-bill rate making them easier to pay off. They could liberalize the loan forgiveness as well, of course, but that's the first step

say what you just said except make it corporate bankruptcy instead, and see how retarded what you just said is. kys and livestream pls

Should he let them continue, it would be his sin.

No, YOU kill yourself faggot, this hurts people that aren't drowning in debt like you retards

Thank god.

My debt collector wants 500/month

can we bring back tar and feathering?

How is he wrong, though? Fuck these cunts, I don't mind if they have reasonable degrees or something but I'm not paying off the debt for millions of retards who couldn't exercise a modicum of self-restraint

Gas the fed. Gold-backed currency now.

this times a million

go to marine school in 2003-2005
curriculum is carbureted motors
2004 marine industry switches to efi

Pay the rest of my loan?
Yeah I don't think so.

This is great news. Many people like me took degrees in not-useless areas and got royally fucked by the (((recession))). Now I have a debt that is growing at a high percentage every month and have no hope of buying a house or starting a white family. Sure there are plenty of snowflakes with women's studies degrees who would benefit, but there are many like me too.

Let's not cut off our nose to spite our face.


The DoED "Dear Colleague" letter of 2011 needs to be rescinded.

It's what basically started listen & believe / fake rape culture on campus and the lower standards of evidence.

I hate the people that feel entitles to higher education, especially when it's tied to elitism.

what a waste you fucking idiot. you could be starting your own business and try your hand at personally making america great again, instead you're wagecucking so you can be our equivalent of the boomers in 30 years.

You can only contribute $18k/yr to a 401k. If you over-contribute and dont pull your extra money out in time you get double taxed.

You are at least one of the following: lying, poor, or stupid. My guess is all three.

I personally would like loan forgiveness, but listen, its not because I didnt pay back what I borrowed, its because the interest rates in the private sector are so abusive that I ended up owing TWICE what I borrowed in the first place, After i finished paying off the company, they billed me again and said "heres your interest you dumb cunt, lol"

Even worse, my timing was awful, and during obama's fucking jobs crisis i was unemployed, doing day labor work for a YEAR before i finally found a company that needed a full time worker, during this time, despite the fact that I was unemployed and unable to pay, the loan company assured me that they wouldnt collect during this period, but didnt mention the part where they still hiked up the interest rate and so when i finally got my steady job, I was greeted with a fucking $60k bill to pay or they start garnishing my wages.
The debt was then sold to another company, and now apparently i owe interest on the fucking interest.

The fucking loan system is so fucking jewish it hurts, this is EXACTLY what jesus was talking about when he forbade interest on loans, and this is EXACTLY how the jews got so much power with usury. I dont mind paying my debt, I dont mind paying a little extra for the effort, but to pay more money than I ever borrowed in interest? fucking what?

Oh, psychology has been used successfully to fuck your people for decades, so successfully you deny its power.
Don't open your mouth unless you know what you're talking about, pumpkin.

Is this your position with credit cards and business debt too?
I voted for Trump, but even I know he declared bankruptcy a couple times in some of his less successful businesses.
Anytime repayment becomes difficult, it's the lender who should lose. That's what interest is for on loans: to pay for the loans the lender lost on. Bankruptcy exist so creditors don't eat out of your hat for your whole life until you're 70 and dying.
I mean, a bunch of anons in this thread literally want to see liberal tears and don't care if Jews get richer as a result. The right solution was never to have non dischargeable government guaranteed debt; the second best solution is to simply make it dischargeable (forgiveness would then be case-by-case in court).

Good goy.

Right, just like Donald's bankruptcies mean he can't get credit.

Get real.

Collapse is good faggot. Every once in a while a pine forest needs a good fire. If you prevent that fire for too long, you risk losing the entire forest to decay.

Trump is basically punting the Banks in the gut, they need student loan debt slavery in order to maintain the status quo. If he removes this control mechanism, oh boy, white people in college again? What a nightmare.

















Paying off student loans is ridiculous, because it permits the continuation of the current system: Students going to college for useless degrees and not being skilled in actual jobs, on top of being indoctrinated into liberal beliefs. Fuck that. No loan repayment. What the system should do is be more generous with giving out grants to cover the costs of university for students who are in the top-tier regardless of income level, which would allow for more students in the business owning middle-class (who receive no financial aid from the state/university and whose parents have to put all of their income back into the business). Debt forgiveness is anti-white. Grants for merit are pro-white.

This sounds like a good plan to me.

Are you retarded? People decided to take a loan, they made a deal, so they gotta pay up. There is no going back for stupid decisions. No one forced you to go to university or accept those conditions.

He should just make public Universities cheaper, remove SJW classes and invest that money into STEM classes, remove the "POC people get in easier" crap, and instead choose people purely by SAT or entrance examination. To be honest there should be nothing other than STEM available in Universities in the first place.
Private Universities can do whatever the fuck they want.