Best Of The Young Turks Election Day Meltdown 2016: From smug to utterly devastated

TYT had a massive meltdown on election day. This is a compilation.

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Is this coming from the same Turkroach who ON THE VERY SAME STREAM wanted alex jones arrested for crashing his shitty show?

Pick one and use it as a reason to kill yourself, OP.

But really, though, this video is a fucking gift
It was so good I'll give this shit thread a bump

This video is a godsend for My Sides brand space exploration.

This video is a godsend for My Sides brand space exploration.

It isn't hosted on their own channel you dunce.


I really need an edit of that Hillary the Rivetter thing saying WE CAN'T DO IT

Didn't wanna make my own thread, but since I'm banned from Twitter anyone can feel free to remind David Marcus of this little bet:

He's an anti-white Jew who said would post a pic of himself in a MAGA hat if Trump won.


Where his white cuck co-hosts starting to get a bit red pilled when the Sultan started shouting like Hitler

what's "young" about these permanently disgruntled middleaged faggots?

This video is just too amazing. The smugness just slowly going away as they realize Trump is going to win is just 10/10.
Fucking disgusting.

Turks like having sex with young boys. Hence the "Young"

clearly they identify as being young :^)


Name of the group that genocided the Armenians

They don't see the fucking irony in that?
Also isn't that one bitch Armenian?
What if a group of middle aged Jews pretending to be young and hip made a political discussion show titled Hitler Youth?

8 years of Trump confirmed. They needed all that money funding subversive ads to even get close to winning, now they'll get obliterated

The time of polite progressives is over…….
Since when have "progressives" been polite when these bolsheviks don't get their way they riot, loot, defecate/urinate in public and burn things down.
When does the purge of the Lügenpresse begin?

Looks like they are trying to re-brand themselves as renegade, underdog, rebel media. What a pathetic effort.
They will not rest until their are rivers of white people's blood in the streets…This is why we need Fascism, to deal with these kikes, foreign, subversive, communists.

Who eats hamburgers for breakfast?

Who the fuck cares? This has been posted on here over 100 times. This thread should've been deleted hours ago, but this site's faggot cuck mods only bumplock shit threads instead of deleting anything.

It's at cuckchan levels of shit now. A single twatter post merits a thread these days, without even a link or archive. Often it's just some lefty's salt which could go in the salt thread, but no. There's about 20 or so threads dedicated to a single social media post.

That retard the other night who told leftist protesters about and told them exactly how to get to the site (yeah right, like they'll stick to leftypol)

The chans are kill and moderators are all faggots.

too be fair its been a bit slow after all that election build up.

A fat turk?

I didnt want to approve, but this video is glorious.

The pain is bare.