Right Always Attacks Their Extremists But Left Supports Them

Why does the right always attack and disassociate from its extremists?

The left doesn't do this.

If you're a hardcore white nationalist though, you're bound to be attacked and disavowed by civic nationalists / pussies.

We need to stop hating on our extremists.

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Because the left has been allowed to control the moral argument while the right had been reduced to just policy. We now have the power to make sure that never happens again.

left has nothing to corrupt

it is already morally bankrupt

by which I mean

by sheer force of entropy, the left moves left

while the right also pushes left because of entropy, until there is a violent shift all the way right

we don't do the long march, we do krystallnacht

Hear, hear!

Is that a Hitler quote or a Trump quote?

…I can't tell sometimes.


No shit

Because they live complacently, when they need to be in perpetual crusades.

this is some

annoying spacing

i mean, cmon, it's like a haiku

do you come straight from reddit

or change proxy first?

Because the conservative movement gave up actually contesting an ethical philosophical defense of conservatism/right-wing thought decades ago, and instead restricted themselves to criticisms of the perceived "impracticality" of liberal policy ("too expensive" etc).

The problem is that once you give up the moral argument, they win in the long run by default. You need to defend right-wing thought from a philosophical perspective (Aristotle, Plato, Confucius - hierarchy is intrinsically good because it leads to order, equality is intrinsically and morally evil because it leads to chaos etc).


Agree they

Need to

Go back

Lines gotta have room to breathe user.

This is the

Reddit spacing meme


it's also shit and OP is a faggot refugee.

WN has been false flagged for years.

Almost every skinhead gang is a CIA asset, so is the KKK.

Any time they want to make us look bad they just tell their pets to commit crime that turns normies against WN.

(((They))) have been using the same divide and conquer strategy for thousands of years. This is why anonymity is so important for us - they can't link us to any group they control easily.

…but even here on Holla Forums we have people constantly going "dems dah real raycists" and attacking any anons that want to kill shitskins by calling them FBI and blah blah blah. The pacifist cancer here means that anytime a right-wing extermist attacks and kills our enemies, everyone here will disavow them.

You go back to reddit as apparently you browse there enough to know what posting styles they use there. I've never been there and I'm from /n/ and /new/ and Holla Forums. I've been here from the very start. I'm not going to change how I write just because in the last couple months some retards started perceiving my writing style as "reddit".

No shit, because it's the best thing to do if we want to further our cause.


Complaining about this shit ought to be banned because you faggots do it in every thread.

Leftists call Islam a "religion of peace" and they all call themselves "pacifists" and babble about "peaceful protests" and bullshit like that; yet they are the ones that always are the most brutal and violent and easily provoked.

So why the fuck do we have to prove to the world we're the actual pacifists? We need to kill our enemies like we used to, long, long ago….

Because the left are idiots, the left are a massive force. They use negative rhetoric to reinforce their ideals and this is how the dictate who is morally correct.
If they support a gay muslim who killed a shitload of white people it's okay because he was oppressed, if you disagree you're racist, homophobic, and a white supremacist.

Unlike if you support say David Duke who in all honesty has done nothing wrong besides supporting whites you can not defend yourself, no matter what you say about him that's good the left controls rhetoric with their negative thinking. He's racist, it's easy to latch onto it's simple, it takes no thinking it takes no explanation. He's against globalism, it's confusing to the masses it means it needs to be explained.

Simple shit man people always remember the bad about things. That's why so few care about the email leaks, they think it's just some memetic force that exists rather than what it actually is, they think it's some pink cloud that kinda just floats around it's an email, harmless, why should I care? Attempting to explain it's not the email, it's the content and the usage will be met with a blank face or expression of disbelief.

Also it's easy as fuck to false flag epic meme hate crimes, just spray paint a swastika and now you can blame "the evil white nazis" without any fucking evidence whatsoever

Nothing on he left triggers jews like the right

Since when has the KKK or skinheads ever done anything though? They just try to create a narrative by hyping up stuff like Zimmerman and calling a spic white.

Media controls perception, doesn't mean we should respond by proving we're peaceful, we should respond by gaining control of our own narrative again and excusing/burying all our violence the same way leftists do.

The left is the moral authority because they're in control of all the institutions and the centre right is constantly on the defensive tripping over themselves to prove they're not evil.

It's the timeless nature of power. Most people when they go up against power they begin to appease.

Then why are people like Brevik and Dorner (think thats how it's spelled) memed into gods?
See, using replies on here as any sort of metric is flawed being that we know for fact that there are infiltrators in our midst. I could be one, but how would you know?

It comes down the the old adage of lurk moar, you realize who are people that are from here and those who blew in the door like the trash they are, OP has given a good example of a faggot that has rolled in and started spilling spaghetti everywhere without knowing shit about the place said spaghetti is being spilled in. Of recent you ended up with shills and refugees in 'no you are' bouts of calling eachother kikes, shills etc etc ad infinitum.


They don't.

"Never punch to the right."

There's black terrorists running around in the streets executing whites and police and you're terrified the FBI might hire a Klansman to do something to make you look bad.

You're gaslighted as fuck.

…because I personally had a huge hand in that along with a couple other anons.

…but you have no idea how many times I've had to defend Anders Behring Breivik for example. Thousands of threads, often-times arguing with multiple people all dog-piling on me, in which I defend Breivik.

Shut the fuck up, I'm the oldest oldfag here, until anyone else proves otherwise. If I have to dump really old /new/ screencaps to prove it I will.

Where on the right, you only find alphabet soup infiltration and globalist/communist funded subversion, on the left, you find Soros $$$

Regarding infiltrators, anyone who doesn't follow the rules in pic related is compromised and traitors who deserve the bullet before even your enemy. See #9.

Kill yourself newfag. We perform hygiene on scum like you for a reason.

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God dammit, sometimes you need to take things face value.
Some times perpetual value.

some things aren't to be discussed on the internet lad

OP is a faggot that is not you should write a fucking Haiku

Reddit is cancer
Newfags must hang and burn slowly
Gas every last one



That you need to beat your chest and assert some authority due to how long you have been here is delicious. If you were an oldfag you would have been jeered off the boards YEARS ago not only for your fucking woeful formatting but for being this much of a crybaby faggot.

too scared to touch that one hey?

Your thread is shit, your posts are shit, ipso facto you are shit OP

hahahahaha thanks for confirming, those filenames, and you don't even know

I was a Holla Forumstard when I was 15.

I found /new/ around 16 or 17.

I was there for when Holla Forums was first created so Moot could steal users back from 4chon.net/new/

I am 23 and will be 24 in just 2 months.

Ask me anything, I have several thousand old memes from as far back at 2011 still.

I have nothing to do with reddit.

I am not new.

I have been here since before all of you.

Why more proof do you faggots need?

Go back to reddit.

Because there's only one way to be left wing at any given time. There's 10,000+ ways of ways to be right wing.
Portugese nationalist don't have the same endgame as Spanish nationalist which don't have the same endgame as Basque nationalist which don't have the same endgame as British nationalist which don't have the same endgame as Gaelic nationalist which don't have the same endgame as Nordic nationalist which don't have the same endgame as Mediterraneanist nationalist which don't have the same endgame as Chinese nationalist which don't have the same endgame as Japanese nationalist…etc, etc.

Progressives are internationalists and globalists, they have ultimately the same destination. That destination and future varies over time as different groups vie for their on ideological vision of course, but once one sub ideology "wrestles control of the wheel" everyone in the "car" agrees on the itinerary…at least until there is another internal struggle.

I've been on 4chan since 2008. 2011 was the worst year ever on 4chan because there was so many newfags shitting everything up.

Bullet through your right temple or stop using that fucking format, it's not too fucking hard to stop typing like a half wit autist. Oh by the way no-one believes your supposed oldfag status when you sperg about it


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go back to the Daily Stormer LARPer

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They all have the same endgame of order, it's a lot more plausible to argue that the left, side of chaos and degeneration, the side that exists only as an antithesis, is the side of hydra.

Your still intact ego is all the proof anyone needs

got anything from the mad hatter back on /new/?

Why are you newfags doing this to me?

Every single /new/sman browsing this thread likely knows who I am right now.

You don't though or you're just trolling me.

You think I just googled up these hundreds of screencaps in pic related in a desperate attempt to prove anything? You can't even find these on google images.

I have presented tons of proof. That you still pretend not to believe me just shows you're trying to shut me down.

Fuck off JIDF.

Because the right is infested with kikes and cucks, hence the need for a purge.

Oh it does now

you are sperging out and derailing your own thread with only the slightest nudge.

icing on the cake

I kind of feel like I'm an extremist since I want an all white world and to kill every jew and mud and degenerate but hey if that doesn't make me an extremist then… ok. Glad I'm mainstream now!

Do you have that image from 2011 it was someone's painting of all the former presidents in front of the white house. Then someone from Holla Forums altered the image and it had Keanu Reeves sitting on the bench, Lincoln fucking a fleshlight, a Jew in the sky and Alex Jones with a sign that said suicide pills and a lot of other stuff.

It snows on mount fuji.

Mindless shitposting
Typed out for the keks alone
Because OP is gay

Back in 2008 do you remember the user on Holla Forums who'd always dump race info stuff?

He would dump stuff like:

Mixedrace children suffer from more health problems:

Race: a social destruction of a biological concept

Thirty years of research on race differences in cognitive ability

The Color of Crime

Kevin MacDonald on Jews and Immigration. (Read Description)
The End of White People 1: Kevin MacDonald on Group Evolution. (Read Description)
Prof Kevin MacDonald: Interviewed By Danish lawyer Knud Eriksen - Part 1/4.
Prof Kevin MacDonald: Jewish Intellectual Movements In The 20th Century - Part 1/6.
Canadian Mark Steyn on Multiculturalism. (Read Description)
Truther Movement?, Conspiracy?, One world Communism?, What Truthers Never Seem To Mention.
Marlon Brando Very Angry at Jews Whom Run Hollywood. (Read Description)
Alex Jones Avoids talking about Zionism. (Read Description)
Unless you are Jewish, you are nobody in Hollywood. (Read Description)
Europe Must Be Multi-Cult-ural and Led By Jews. (Read Description)
German Jewish woman Anetta Kahane: Thoughts on Europe/UK.
Ex-KGB Officer Yuri Bezmenov - Cultural Subversion and Escape (1 of 3). (Read Description)
How Islam Enslaved Africans. (Read Description)
Tesco reluctant to refund Irish Christian over Halal meat. (Read Description)
Muslim with 11 kids blames racism for 42+ month Unemployment. (Read Description)
Russian Godfathers 1: The Fugitive (Part 1-6).
The NWO Files: Tony Blair & Politics Behind The Politicians. (Read Description)
The Origins of White Flight #1. (Read Description)
British Ethnic Nationalism #1. (Read Description)
An Ode to Japan by Libertarian Realist. (Read Description)
Bolshevism at Michigan State University.

That is when I found Holla Forums. That was my initial exposure to the redpill (in the form given by imageboards anyways).

tfw all the vids have been taken down by kikes

You go back, you're the reddit-expert who apparently knows what the posting styles of redditors are, since you browse there so much.

I suspected you were a tripfag. We don't want you.

That's what decades of propaganda does.

People have heard that the far right is evil for so long, most for their entire life, from so many sources that they can't even consider that they might be wrong. It's taken as an intrinsic truth on the same level as "when you drop things they fall"

It's why people like to compare people to Hitler when they want to say that someone is really, really evil. The left has been in control long enough to even shape the thinking of their opponents.

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Back to >>>/4chon/ cripplecock.

Posting styles? I'm talking about your autism-overdriven ego.

I used to have Andrew Anglin on Skype and I knew about him when he first created the Daily Stormer.

I like to consider myself an extremist, just because you're a WN-lite cuck doesn't mean there aren't people like me that literally want to start a holocaust and kill the mud races.

Look, another low-IQ fbi informant.

I am not sure. I would have to look through each screencap until I see one where one of his posts comes up.

The only thing that makes me an oldfag is the fact I was THERE. Not that I don't conform to your newly invented conventions of how an oldfag must behave.

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I don't think the FBI gives a shit about your whore of a mother.

You fucking take that back.

at least half a dozen have taken one on her.

I don't remember it. In 2008 I was only casually racist and ideologically a liberal. That gets me thinking that liberalism is a big problem because if you hold onto that worldview you can easily go astray.

The best redpill isn't facts and knowledge. It's to indoctrinate people into fascism.

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I know what you're talking about, pretty sure I have it, want me to just give you all of my folder?

The problem is "no enemies to the right" guarantees turd-in-the-punchbowl entryists trying to make the right look bad are immune to criticism.

Whether it's from the left or the FBI, it's just a terrible fucking idea to give them a free pass.

No. Just that image.

I have my entire folder in the cloud though. You can search through it yourself and find it. I think it's under the Lulz folder under Section B.

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I didn't see anime,
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No. That's not it.

It's this painting but altered heavily by Holla Forums like Obama has a KFC bucket on his head.

Holla Forums shitposting thread checklist

Call someone "FBI" even though the FBI is on our side: check
Whine about "reddit spacing" and tell people to "go back to reddit: check
sage the thread and report: check
Call someone a half/2+2/4/cuckchan refugee: check

What else should be added on here?

I'm lagging way too hard on this old piece of shit computer, got to switch computers and go find it for you, I know for sure I have it.

Add: (27) kvetching posts about anons not respecting you enough

but this is a checklist for what you guys do in every single thread

It's not about respect btw, it's about you fags being wrong. If you merely insulted me, that would be one thing. It's the calling me a newfag when I'm not and telling me to go to reddit when I don't even know how that site works that bothers me. You all need to understand.

Leftists are just learned sociopaths. Once you go down that slippery slope of degeneracy, there's no telling where you stop.

Can confirm. This guy is an old /n/ or /new/ poster from back in the day. Possibly smiley, definitely not Phantasm.

Remember that old radio show on plus4chan during the period of exile with the femanon? She became a massive tumblrina. (Pic unrelated).

I've been on 4chan since 238 BC

It's very simple OP.

It's because RightWing values are seen as the cause for the last big war (wrongly so, but we lost, so that's the way it is)

For the past 80 years left wing ideas have had a go, and are fucking up the world. The next big war will be the muslim sack of Europe.

When that war is over, it will be tolerance, anti-racism, open borders, family disintegration ideas and all of that which will be culturally blamed for the war, and the roles will flip.

Right wing extremists will act like the communists did after the war (no big deal we're communists), and left wing people will be afraid of expressing their views in public, while right wingers openly boast their views.



Because the west has no real right wing, its cucks who might as well be leftist.

We need moderates. They fill the gap between the cuckservatives and extremists. Once a good portion of the normal population takes a moderate stance on our views, then it's easier for them to follow the extremists. Do you think the majority of the population in the Third Reich were extremists? Ofcourse not.

Moderates are more easily swayed by mind games, propaganda, and other forms of social engineering. What we need are staunch extremists who can categorically and systematically explain what they believe, why they believe it, and why you should too. Moderates typically parrot whoever they perceive to be high status or prominent within their circles without ever actually evaluating the basic premises of their beliefs.

If you can't explain to me that you fundamentally disagree with egalitarianism and WHY you disagree with it, you're not red pilled enough.

Addendum: How popular do you think Hitler's rallies would have been if they weren't passionate? How popular do you think the Don's rallies would have been if they weren't passionate? Centrism and indecisiveness isn't a desirable trait.

I disagree with your first part. I think the reason people always disavow us is we have a general tone of anger. We are angry with Jews, refugees, cucks, faggots, degenerates, and whores. The left has a tone of acceptance and hope. People gravitate toward that because they want to get good emotions and to feel a sense of accomplishing something. Ironically we are the ones actually providing real progress. I'm not sure we can ever actually resonate with the majority of the population unless they are already angry and more open to our ideas. We need a real happening to stir up emotions before our carefully laid out reasoning falls on receptive ears.

This. Too much bread and too many circuses; couple that with the constant cataloguing of our actions and the ease with which friends, family, and employers can find it and you've got a recipe for groupthink.

This. It's literally on it's last ropes.
It's defeated.
All we can do now is teach the true path and make lefties as comfy as they can.
And that will be difficult.


Writing shitposting haikus.

That idea is literally something Marx pulled out of his ass in the Kikeumist Manifesto. It's the central reason as to why the leftist is "above" all logic ("because it's just how it works, man. Get with the times!") We will always be fighting an uphill battle until we can break this fallacy.


Actually I just got what he meant woops.

Like who?

Get that non-white controlled opposition shill off of Holla Forums.


My bad, I should've said

Don't tell me who to hate you faggot.

RWDS are going to be exclusively comprised of false flagging lefties. It's going to be hilarious.

The statement needs to be elborated.
There are memes that build.
And memes that destroy.

Essentially, the left was an attempt to find alternative memes that build, but in an opposite fashion. The memes they had however did not build, they destroyed. And the reason is the entropy of social-political memes.
If the right is like the burning of charcoal, the left would be the opposite. But the entropy of memes couldn't revert the burning of charcoal.

It's vague, but on the right track. That said, there are still left memes that we need to look at, as they burn the charcoal so to speak.

They will never let you destroy system without fight. There are only two options - bankrupt it, or burn it to the ground.

What the fuck are you talking about? Leftists are turning on each other all the time. There are no winners in the oppression Olympics; they can never agree who is on top of the progressive stack because it has no objective measure.

What are you sliding, schlomo?

I don't think realpolitik is what the right is becoming.
I think there are intrinsic human needs and values that are required for the stability of the people.
It's close to pragmatic, but not insanely pragmatic.
We're not robots.

Easy answer. WWII and the Holohoax.

It permanently separated the right from it's hardcore intellectual base.

you lost
we won
deal with it :)


New branch of thought on that tree: they only seek to climb to the top of the pile and have no qualms over destroying their "allies" to get there, hence extremism is encouraged. Meanwhile the right is trying to actually build something, and so most start from the bottom. We would be the architects looking at the bigger picture, able to see how high it goes.

Eventually we end up with something far grander than they could ever conceive, but it takes time to get something stable built and they seek to destroy, setting us back eternally until we can build enough to at least fend them off and keep building.

Essentially, 's dilemma comes from the fact that the right is mostly builders who haven't seen the vision the architects have made, while the leftist ranks themselves simply on how destructive they are. Making our vision clear to the builders is what we need to do to get them to contribute at our level and with our fervor.

I really should get to sleep, sorry if that was too out there

We have been under leftist forms of government since the dissolution of the monarchy and transition into democratic institutions. Its in their best interests to maintain that ideological homogeneity by keeping the right marginalized and moderate while allowing the left to be radical and all encompassing.

You're fucking retarded. You literally just broke the law. I could very easily report you to the FBI. Why haven't you been permanently banned yet?

You might as well call it the neo-right which is bought off, extorted, or threatened by the ADL and AIPAC.

is that animation 'pedo pepe' ?

Are you a gassed jew?

Interesting new angle of attack. You try to make anons feel like they'll be discarded now. Sorry, OP, but we don't work for your bosses who will cut off your paycheck soon. We do it for free.

Mate. That's my life goal.
Work out how to create heaven on earth.


The Right will always attack eachother because it's about competition.

The problem with the Left is that it has been convinced by the wealthy that keeping themselves poor is what's virtuous. Immense amounts of money goes into researching ways to keep the populace dumb and non-competitive.

They are essentially corrupting the youth instead of performing a fair fight. This kind of competition is expected in a system which disallows violence (trial by combat/dueling).

The only allowed methods of competition are feminine ones, so they have to perform social competition within the 'non-violent' capitalist one - especially within a democracy.

You do need to keep your extremists in check to some extent. To what extent is debatable, of course. Look what's happening to the left. Their extremists are what lost them the election. How many votes did Trump get from backlash against SJWs and political correctness? He won the white male college educated vote, for one thing. I don't think that would have happened if a bunch of wacko authoritarian marxists weren't marching around campuses.

I think the trick is recognizing when people on your side are doing things that actually undermine you. In this election, nobody was scared of "le evil nazis". Nobody was at risk of losing their job because of white nationalists. Nobody was having a hard time going through college because of right wingers. It actually helped us to have everyone running wild and causing as much damage to the left as possible.

Now that we are in control, we have to be careful not to turn into what the left turned into. They got the power to fuck anyone up with a word, and they abused it, and people fucked them up in this election. The extremes should not be exiled, but we should stick to message and principles. If someone abuses their power, we have to stop that. I do believe we have the better argument.

What extremists? The cucks that like a gay kike and "based niggers" or the hipster ex-lefty cucks that decided these shitskins are kind of iffy and dangerous, so it's time to be pseudo communist-nationalist abomination?

There is only one right and that right is Holla Forums. Gas yourself, kike.

Probably like 1/64th or less, don't really give a fuck when its that low.

What we should be doing is embracing extremism and attacking moderates. Swing that pendulum as far right as it will go and further.

Things will not get better with moderation.
I'm so fucking sick of cuckservatives and neo-con idiots watering everything down.

Prove it.

This. Halfway between right and wrong is still wrong.


Order doesn't necessarily mean good, just like chaos doesn't need to mean evil.

I had no idea I had that sort of impact. I love you dad.

Just be firm in your convection and when not posting anonymously share them in intimate settings where group think is less likely to turn on you. The poison of virtue signaling runs deep in modern culture be aware of that the more people you are around the more likely they will seek to out virtue one another and when you are farther 'right' than them that means to signal just how wrong they think you are. You have more impact than you can imagine.

tfw I've sperged out and hit myself like that before on skype too

God what a sperg I have been over my life.

Since when does the left denounce Islamists and Commies that kill shitloads of people though?

I'm talking about how the left never actually turns on the people who FIGHT for them.

The right always does that though, always denounces their warriors.

You can find naked childern on youtube in nudist beaches n' stuff. That pic doesn't really break the law as no sex or masturbation is happening there.

PRcuck, you can't be too far right. You can be too degenerate, you can too stupid but you can't be too extreme.

The design is to drag the overtown window rightwards as fast and hard as possible. Even if you are just right of center, you would benefit from allowing the furthest far right "1488er" to have their say, because their publicness will move the 'moderate center' rightwards and make you the new center. This is how leftists do it, no matter how extreme and retarded it might seem to a normal democrat, they never once described their trannies and pedophiles as "turds in the punchbowl", and before you know it, the most extreme, heinous degeneracy is the new normal.

Maybe instead of "extremists" I should have said militants. Militant leftists who go and kill whites every day never get shat on by leftists. They just get excused. Militant rightists get disowned.

e.g. when someone in Canada killed a bunch of Sikhs, every single WN group in Canada disavowed him

i'll heil to that!

Reminder that the "reddit spacing" meme is the stupidest shit on the planet. The stickied thread has "reddit spacing" for fucks sake.