Can East Asians join the wehrmacht and remove shitskins as loyal allies?

Can East Asians join the wehrmacht and remove shitskins as loyal allies?
t. Japanese

Yes, but I'd also like to commandeer this thread and request redpills on the Jomon/Yayoi split in Japanese genetics.
I've heard the underlying aspects, but a few concrete and non-kosher details would be much appreciated.

this is a low effort thread that belongs on 4kanker but i will still reply with how i feel.

I want a nation of my own i want Germany to be German again i want Holland to be dutch again and i want France to be French again.

Can east asians join the wehrmacht?
Can west europeans join the japanese self defense force?

I wouldnt care about shitskins if they weren't pushed into my nation and stayed in their own hellhole.

yeah but no racemixing, and stay out of our countries aside from visiting

I don't think you want those things either, though

jomon are the nips with monkey faces

yayoi are the nips with fox faces

The Japanese possess the spark that makes a civilization worth fighting for. Hitler called you guys Honorary Aryans for a reason.

I don't know about you joining the Wehrmacht or another Western country's force specifically, but we sure as fuck can be allied forces against the ocean of shit between us on the globe.

Northern France, Nederland, Belgium are rightful German Reich Clay.

youll be deported afterwords m8 I think it is best you just stay in your country

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But I live in Japan!

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please translate into japanese:
i have graduated from college twice in my life.

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I too would be interested in this. I've done a little reading, but it's by necessity very information-dense. But I think it's also on the back-burner of cultural awareness that it hasn't been monkied with, either, so not a lot of kikeshit to filter.

My understanding is that Jomon were the original inhabitants and may have actually come East all the way from the Nordic peoples, which would explain their being the origin of the honor culture Japan is now very famous for. Jomon women are pretty by Caucasian standards, and Jomon men are capable of growing very full beards. Just look at the difference in the eyes alone. They are by far the most distantly inter-related of all Japanese heritages, as well.

We as Aryans may actually be closely related to the Japanese.


Various breeds of dogs couldn't be more different from each other, yet they can all interbreed.

Of course, interbreeding completely destroys their value.

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east asian? China needs to be destroyed. i don't mind japan.

I like you 日本人 but the chinamen are kinda iffy in my books

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Literally what this guy has been saying and getting trashed for it.

Something about R1 genes and denisovians?