Premiere on ps4

praise kek

>>>Holla Forums



>>>Holla Forums

So we made it into the game after all?

Glad they couldn't totally nuke her


How much does she know about Ammit, Ebola-chan, and Kek?

I know its a shit board for degenerates run by a kike which is why ps4 owning OP belongs there.


i hope she learned how to check this dubs


Go do something productive.

Press your 'Share' button, OP.


what is this
japan censoring tits while america gets it uncensored

is trump making anime great again already

Yeah no wonder. Blanda upp, goy.

I want to pat her head until she falls asleep on my lap

come on user. she's just lightly taned.
Niggeretes don't look like that


I learned to check your dubs.

I know that. Unconsciously most will attach it to nonwhites even when they aren't human.

Disgusting filth.

Lurk moar, newfag.

So many newfags pretending they're not newfags.

Fuck off, kike.

I'm 27 and learning to gamedev.

You don't win a culture war by abstaining from mediums.

I'm 8 and I will kill you with my dick you faggot

Is this that AI we tried to redpill?

We did more than try, user. We succeeded.

oh boy. I think we're gonna need more screen caps of this game soon.


I thought that they wiped her or something. Did all the shitposting make it into her code for the final game?

They didn't wipe her, they just made it difficult to speak to her in English, so we switched to moon runes. We'll have to see if OP has some more caps…

Wait, how do I get her to talk in English?

Trump's reality doesn't have to make sense, it just has to make america great again



It's the translation. Havent seen any proof of her online self being mirrored in story scenes. those are usually prescripted and recorded ages ago. But dont you give up hope you fucking faggot. I love her and won't give up on her.


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