Steve Bannon of Breitbart News chosen as Sr.Avdisor and Chief Strategist

In before Kikebart
We all know Steve's no "white nationalist", and tolerates the degenerate Milo, but he's basically the furthest right pick yet, and now has YUUUGE influence over the God Emperor Steve Bannon the Sigillite?

We need to Ben Garrison this guy. LEftists are already calling him a "white supremacist" "anti-semite" and "literally the KKK", so let's turn him into an actual one.

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Jake Tapper
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Jake Tapper [email protected]/* */
Bannon's ex-wife swore in court in 2007 that he “didn’t want the girls going to school with Jews…He said he doesn’t like Jews…"


Ahahaha holy shit

they're mad

What exactly does a chief strategist and senior advisor do?

Basically is the guy that controls the general direction and strategy the President is gonna take the country in. Has much more policy influence than Chief of Staff.

Remember Karl Rove?

Basically that.

I feel good about Trump's direction in policy as long as he has this guy and Miller the redpiller in his ear.

I'm so glad that fat ham head is gone. I saw him kvetching over the possibility of Ryan getting ousted. That would cement his powerbroking death.


I was hoping more for a link to the job description. I couldn't find it and only found links that Bannon was appointed to it.

Here's what chief of staff does

Can't find anything about a chief strategist.

These kikes constantly call each other's shabbos goyim "anti-Semites", there's no truth to it.

From the 'Anti-Semitic' Kikebart:

god i love that reincarnation of Goebbels


Does anyone at this point? Credibility of jewish press & entertainers is destroyed. Their own behavior caused it, but as usual they trot out the same delusion of "Everyone but us is the problem!"

If Trump made Ron Paul the head of the Treasury people would be getting JFK'd.

I get the feeling that if we haven't been screwed the fuck over just now that this + Rinse Penis' appointment is Trump tying to connect & control those he needs to get the support of who aren't on the same page (Bannon = taking advantage of the alt-right meme for growing popular support, Priebus for reigning in the GOP). If that's not what we're in for though then this is going to be a much rougher ride than most of you were hoping for.

Hitler ruled by setting his powerful allies in positions of overlapping portfolios, and playing them off against each other. Maybe that is Trump's goal here, keeping his subordinates at each other's throats so he can keep himself in control.

No mannn Trump is a fraud, he's not even klling niggers bare handed, cant you see? Everyone is a kike but me.

t. Stormfront

Oh fuck, Reince as Secretary of State is a good pick, but that worries about who will fill the vacuum in the RNC.

Cool. A lot of the faggots on the left are convinced that Breitbart is the heart of the "alt-right," so this will keep them busy chasing a decoy while we do real shit out-of-sight.

Hitler is probably saying to now "you listened, americans!"

He's the Sidney Blumenthal/Karl Rove/Valerie Jarrett shadowy consiegliere to the President.

Which makes him as influential as anybody.

But what of all I hear on Trump surrounding himself with mercs? He can't get a few more for Ron and pals?

Chief of Staff, not SoS. Ever seen House of Cards? He's now Doug Stamper.

Secretary of State is the U.S. top diplomat. Not in Priebus's skillset or experience.

Tht would be playing his cards in a stupid manner. Do you honestly believe the kikes would just let it happen publicaly? I'am 100% sure Trump is working with people like Ron Paul behind the scenes.

Anybody else wondering what Trump has in store for Stephen Miller? (Trump's Senior Policy Advisor)

I really missed his speeches before Rudy Giuliani took over the role of attack dog. But he's basically been writing Trump's speeches since the Republican National Convention.

30 years old and has a lot of potential.

Damn, just watched Molyneux's video with Roger Stone where he pretty much prayed this wouldn't happen.

I think Trump made a deal with Priebus to support his campaign in turn for making him Chief of Staff.

I think he's got control of him though, the way he pulled his ass on stage to speak during the middle of his victory speech shows that he's controllable.

As long as that fucking snake Newt Gingrich isn't anywhere near his cabinet I'll be content. Newt is too smart to be trusted.

Ah yes, Trump Jewish speeschwriter.

Have you read his biography? The guy is pretty fucking based for a Jew.

So much to the point that other Jews have been calling him a "self-hating" Jew.

Wew, Hitler was literally right.

The man is literally Goebbels reincarnated as a Jew because god has a sense of humor.

Reince is chief of staff to show the rest of the republicans that if they get on board they'll get rewarded. Note that Rince never even tried to backstab Trump like the rest of the republican party.

Priebus is an excellent administrator and backed Trump while taking flak for it from the GOPe (he wasn't an early adopter mind but he fell in line with time to spare and deserves credit for that), and never betrayed Trump or flip-flopped. He is not a fiery ideologue and will basically do whatever his boss tells him to.

I don't understand why people are worried about Priebus. He's a great man for the job.

If Trump is Reinhard,
Bannon is Oberstein.

I don't even give a fuck, its worth it for how asshurt this is going to make CNN, FOX, and every liberal on earth.

He is Trump's 'Jew behind the curtain.'
He is still pulling the strings from the shadows.

Trump rewards those who are loyal. Perhaps the Pauls shouldn't have shittalked him the entire election.


I feel like we need to dig up more intel on this guy. Politico had an entire mini biography dedicated to him, but we need something less kosher.

Definitely an asset to deflect claims of antisemitism.

Elder Paul scares the shit out of the Jews, Rand Paul already knows he sold out when he went to Israel.

Sure I'd like it but expecting Trump to pick someone who was a dick whenever Trump's name was brought up is unrealistic.

Bannon is a great appointment. He's extremely nationalistic, he's self made, very intelligent and articulate and has basically been the brain power behind all of Trump's talking points and media baiting tactics. He understands the jew and the system. Priebus is a choir boy who has strong ties with the GOP and can help relations with the senate. This isn't a surprising move at all to anyone who has put any thought into Trump's cabinet over the past 6 months. Christie is a fat degenerate with no real value outside his initial endorsement.

My mom keeps complaining that Trump kicked Christie to the curb. I think its some weird fat people solidarity or something.


Paul has no one to blame but himself. No one was paying him to act like a huge retarded cuck.

Fair enough, he's definitely on our side now though.

archive .org/stream/TheTestamentOfAdolfHitler/TOAH_djvu.txt

Christie got the boot because the bridgegate scandal is exactly what a new president doesn't need. He fucked himself.

Yeah, sorry. I know the difference, I'd just woken up and had one of those moments where you write the wrong damn thing inexplicably.

On top of that he just acted like a retarded sperg on the campaign trail. He's basically just a fat cuck.


Bannon funds the government accountability institute which is basically a well funded conservative CTR whose resources include a 1billion dollar cache of servers and algorithmic programs to scan the entire deep web for research on elites and scandals. They are responsible for the release of Clinton cash and are the driving force in bringing down the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

Bannon as Chief Strategist means that Trump's primary policy adviser is pushing nationalist strategy. As others have pointed out, Bannon is no WN; but he's as far right as we're going to get at this point in time and, at the very least, he is wary of the Jew. Out of the men surrounding Trump right now, I can't think of a better option than Bannon for this role.

I agree. I've seen others argue that Bannon should have been chosen for Chief Executive, but that would be a total waste. Chief Executive is a "getting shit done" position, not a policy-making decision; this means the "shit to be done" will be decided by Trump and Bannon, with Priebus charged with carrying it out smoothly and effectively. Priebus has a good working relationship with the existing GOP. He's perfect for the role.

Well said, user. Agree on all counts.

I''m really starting to like this guy more and more…

Will they pay me to shill on Holla Forums?


Goldman Sachs, Hollywood, a documentary about king cuck Ronnie Reagan…

You guys are getting REALLY desperate

Are you from the US or just a stupid nigger?

100 million*

He's one of the biggest reasons we're stuck with a demographics crisis.

To be fair, Reagan fucked up pretty badly when he legalized a whole shitload of illegal aliens.

and lincoln fucked up when he legalized being a nigger. point is Reagan was a figure head for americanism and patriotism when he was in office. Regardless of his policy failures.

I see you're just a fucking retard.

get out and go back to 4cuck faggot

Wait, you don't know about the Rothschilds? You know, the people we're fighting now, and also fought in the civil war? Come on.

kek, two of your top presidents are the ones who fucked over whites the most in our nation's history and you're telling me to get out.

I'm not saying Reagan is the literal God people make him out to be, but he was far from being "king cuck:

Kikes played both sides of the civil war so that's a wash. Lincoln did not deport niggers, instead he gave them voting rights. Nice fucking job there.

He's the original cuckservative, and quite possibly a literal cuckold, given Nancy's promiscuity.


kek, my two top presidents are Andrew Jackson and George Washington nigger. Stop trying to derail the thread you half breed cunt.


I said two of, and you're the one who brought them up which I'm right about or you wouldn't be praising them. You're welcome to drop it as soon as you want but I damned sure won't do so first.

Some Washington Post kvetching

and then Lincoln screwed them over by not paying them and issuing greenbacks LOL

That doesn't make it any better.

This. He was loyal and a good leader rewards that.

Enough green text bullshit, the slaves were gonna be freed eventually and were nowhere near as important as the Confederacy appointing (((Judah P Benjamin))) to their Cabinet.

I'm done debating history with someone so fixated on niggers instead of currency.

Well, it was pragmatic clearly. They become a southern fifth column.

Bump to counter the dark eyed dark haired shitskin half breed muslim that was trying to derail topic.

You're as much of a fucking retard as the Holla Forums faggots, demographics are the most important thing in a nation.

Get out you fucking anti-white kike.

Trump needs to reel the GOP in by stages making the cucks irrelevant one at a time until they are all gone. If he moves to fast and ousts too many top cucks at once they could re-group against him without each one having been humiliated and replaced.


Holy shit dude open a fucking book. Haven't you heard of Liberia? He backed the movement to send a lot of them back and they ended up forming their own fucking country in Africa..

Also, he was killed. So there's that.

this, tbh

Lincoln defenders always fall back on Liberia despite the fact that he gave up on that idea before the war was even over.


He's great on the surface, but his background (ties to GS, Hollywood) is enough to warrant some suspicion. It's not any lack of qualification, just concerns over ulterior motives. Something to watch out for. Hence not a sharp "no" on my part and more of a "hmm" reaction instead.

As far as Priebus, most concerns are just that he's GOP and a likely neo-con as a result. Honestly he makes me think of Pence in that he's a GOP but a surprisingly loyal one with reasonable skills. He'll be great if that loyalty sticks because of his experience & influence with the GOP but once again it's mostly suspicion that keeps the enthusiasm down.

I really don't have any issues with these two picks, I'm more worried about who's being floated as secretary of state. Priebus rumor turned out to be true which gives credence to the short list for SoS, all of which are shit.


It was co-founded by Andrew Kikebart.

Priebus created a national get out the vote organization that has been better than it was even during the bush years.

Trump really relied on the RNC organization this election for get out the vote efforts.

I think Priebus earned his job. He's probably a neocon before but he seems kinda shifty like a rat so he probably doesn't give that much of a shit.

I think his rage at having it left undone bored him into their bloodsynch, but I've been drinking and am high off memes.

Its disputable just how effective the get out the vote was and contributed to Trump's success. Weren't people saying that the get out the vote team was focusing on down ballot candidates instead of Trump?

I get where you're coming from. Though it could also be argued that Bannon's experience working around Jews is precisely the reason for his exercising caution re: Jews. A man who says that he doesn't want his kids schooled with Jews is clearly wary of them.

You could try helping us meme Dick Black into that spot then No really the guy is a Trump supporter who gets his foreign policy plans.

A fair point, but it could also be argued that it means he doesn't want them to know first-hand what they're like going to school with some actual Israelis was one of my first redpills. It really depends on perspective in this case. I'd be more concerned if his qualifications weren't as great as they are, but I think Trump has a plan involving more than just his skills.

But he also ran Breitbart, a kosher conservative media outlet with a Jerusalem division that was "conceived in Israel".

Yeah I've been in that thread, already submitted the survey. Hopefully Trump listens.

We aren't going to get a Trump administration that's not friendly to Israel. Simply getting a presidential administration that puts US interests above theirs is a positive step.


Hitler is always right.

Kinda like Holla Forums

Perhaps. But do you really think that Bannon would Jew his own kids into a false sense of security about Jews, just so that they'd grow up to be Jew friendly in the future? Personally, I think that's a stretch.

I understand the concerns with Bannon, and I agree the risks are non-negative. But as things stand, I think he is the best available option.

You know Miller is a Jew

I guess if that is true then he is ok. There were several Jews that volunteered to serve in the Wehrmacht and SS and they were treated with respect.

Plus many after WW2, like Kubrick and Bob Fischer who were Jews that strongly opposed the Jewry and their evil deeds.



Looks like the ebil white men narrative is going to stick.

Reagan was literally a piece of shit traitor, lurk more newfag.

and has been 100% taken over by femkikes


Never doubt Uncle Adolf ever again.

But wait! There's more…

Looks like we have a Kike-Cabinet to look forward too.
God fucking damn it Trump. I shilled for you.

You idiots know the movie "The Believer" was inspired by him, right? It was meant to be a warning to other jews.

This guy is probably more anti-semitic than anyone on Holla Forums, believe it or not.

Such a progressive staff.

What a nice rare Linebeck. Mind if I save it?


The Believer (2001) - A young Jewish man develops a fiercely anti-Semitic philosophy. Based on the factual story of a K.K.K. member in the 1960s who was revealed to be Jewish by a New York Times reporter.

1960's. That film is based on Dan Burros, not Miller.

Huffinglue will go the way of Gawker by Q2 of next year. Mark my words.

Remember what happened last time you faggots thought you found a "good jew"?


Goes to show you how willing libcucks are when it comes to blatantly and boldly stating objective lies to their readers.

Reince isn't a kike. He also did a pretty good job keeping the RNC from becoming a complete shit-show with a massive ground fight. His position is actually quite fitting for what he's good at, while giving him little influence of Trump's policy.

Also from his wikipedia:

If Trump starts appointing people from the Kristol crowd or cucking for Paul Ryan then we can be concerned. And either way, this Bannon appointment is huge.

What religion is Mr Bannon, by the way?

I'm good with Rinse Penis and Bannon.
Anyone who doesn't like what's going on doesn't have realistic expectations.
Trump isn't the end. Trump is the beginning. With immigration strictly controlled and niggers taken off food stamps, who do you think is going to be voting? White right-wingers. The left will deteriorate and become a crazy fringe that the media will discuss when it's been a slow week.
Trump is important because he made white nationalism okay. What happens to it from here is up to us. We either push slowly to the right further and with purpose or we get complacent and Clinton-ize ourselves.
But whatever happens, you need to understand that Trump is just a step in the right direction. Trump is going to end the flood of leftist voters in this country and allow the overton window to shift further and further. It will be our job to seek out candidates that fit our agendas for senate and the house and governorships and make sure they are elected.
We can take a few weeks to relax, but Trump just opened the door for "alt-right" politicians. Of course the alt-right are faggots, but we need to use them until we see the kind of change that we want to see. Until kikes are completely out of our media, banking and government.

it's OK, you're anonymous :^)

this reminds me: the Trumpenfuhrer should make Zyklon-Ben the head of the propaganda PR department.

Reagan is the reason you can't afford to buy a machine gun without selling a kidney. Look up the Hughes amendment.

Reince isn't a kike he's of German and Greek descent and says on Wikipedia is Eastern Orthodox

What's the price now and what has to be done to reduce it that Reagan didn't do?

Roger Stone keeps calling this guy a social media/internet media wazard. I'd bet anything he had people combing these boards.
Golly, we really may have had influenced reality through our combined will. We steered the timeline back, I think. It keeps moving though, so we got work a plenty to do.

I like that Huffingtonpost has taken on a Drudge Report kind of character to its frontpage headlines. It reads like a bizarro world parody of Drudge.

I love this pick. Bannon will help keep Trump from straying too far to the middle.


The MG registry was closed so what is currently on the market is what you get. No new FA's period.

Reagan was amazing. Much like Trump, loved by the people and hated by the media. All the "smart, educated" people were advising us to retreat step by step from the USSR, don't antagonize them. There was a high level of communist sympathy in universities, government and media - like the cultural marxism of today, but not cultural. Reagan stood up to the Soviet empire and called it evil. He also ended a period of American decline where our will to live seemed to be fading away. God bless him. Yeah, he got some things wrong, but in that pre-internet day he showed great courage and vision.

That's the same thing I tell my wife's son.

Lurk more newfag. Reagan was a Zionist puppet.



#StopBannon tweeting now

Wow MSM is salty as fuck

Sounds like it'll be roughly as effective as #NotMyPresident

Jesus. He looks forty-eight.

seems like Trump made the right choice if they are that despaired.

From the article, last line.

Agreed. If Republicans think it is going to business as usual, they need to think again. Stonewalling Trump is stonewalling the will of the American people and will not be tolerated.


Those niggers are going to play ball.

I wish Reagan hadn't turned my beautiful home state into a cucked perma-blue shill. Pushed no-fault divorce in California, legalized millions of illegals in California.

Later in life, he said no-fault divorce was his biggest mistake, but the damage was already done.


So like the Drudge Retort?


The media is kvetching about this guy even in the eastern Yurop where nobody knows who the fuck he is. Guess the kikes are really triggered by this bad goy.


He seems too pro-wall street for me.

What's the deal with Miller? He's Jewish or 1/2 Jewish but people like him. What about him or his history should make us optimistic about him?

Holy Roman Empire unrelated.


We really need to quit using this term when we are specifically refering to Communists/Jews. Just call them Communists and Jews.



In other news the retarded cucks shit in their diapers once again.

Republicans Again Choose Paul Ryan as House Speaker

I could have sworn this Bannon guy had something to do with Metal Gear, but I can't quite remember.

Bannon (Banon) was the name of the leader of the Returners in FFVI.

Where's the synchronicity?

Kris Kobach rumored to be next Attorney General. Prepare for Jewish tears.

Good choice, though. Very strong on immigration, possibly the strongest.