"We have a white extremism problem"

> His election was the work, almost entirely, of white people. More than 90 per cent of Americans who voted for Mr. Trump were white, and most white U.S. voters, both men and women, cast a ballot for him (even though his opponent got more votes over all). And at least 90 per cent of non-white Americans did not vote for him. This was a white riot – an angry, rejectionist turn by a deeply pessimistic majority within the white population against the far more hopeful and inclusive politics of the rest of the country.



This is the part that really made me REEEEEEE:


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It's bizarre how leftists double down in their calls for the eradication of the right when they have no power to do so and the people are going to get hoping mad about it.

(((Doug Saunders)))

Every time

And that is why they are never going to learn.
Trump 2020

This makes my blood boil.

Actually it's because Canadians are still able to engage in white flight with a considerable margin left. Everyone who dislikes living with foreigners just moves to a small town and so there is no impetus to form a political opposition to nonwhite immigration.

If nationalism seriously gets going in Canada it'll probably be over housing prices.

I read that as "roping mad".

Good typo friend.

I spent a good amount of time looking for it, but all I came up with is Shabbos Goy for this author.

Source: cjnews.com/news/canada/muslim-immigration-not-threat-columnist-says

Interesting, having some college makes them like trump more than people with just high school. I wonder why? Maybe it's the people that hated the brainwashing only could stand part of college.

Another point, are they trying to start a race war?

So whites cant vote for their best interest? Yeah right give me a fucking break. This article is to trigger white guilt from people. Aint happening cuck.

I suspect that might just be the category where there's a larger proportion of whites.

Oddly enough they failed to reach the obvious conclusion that fewer whites need to go to college.

Totally because of racial equality and not because most Americans cant afford houses goy!

That kind of selection bias makes the graph basically meaningless. Affirmative action and college admissions mean those categories are skewed towards minorities and jews, both of which are known to vote democrat.

I would like to pressure some actual scientists to study this and account for these factors.

yep, I only attended some of college and I voted Trump, and I left cause I couldn't take the liberal shit shoving in school, forcing their crap down my throat.

If you voted trump you're a racist extremist therefore:

• you must live in a diverse city
• you must be forced to attend college
• your communities must be forcibly "diversified"

This Genius thinks this is the solution to the "racism" problem.

More evidence that the Mainstream is just going to double down on everything that fueled Trump's rise to begin with.

This "anti-racist" agenda really is a self-fulfilling prophecy.


The only thing that matters, is that people who earn below 30 vote overwhelmingly clinton, and the people above 80K vote Trump.

College is for niggers.

"White extremism" is just a lame scare term for the fact that whites are becoming more conscious that they are a racial group and voting for their interests - the advent of which was practically inevitable once whites got swamped by other racial groups hustling for their own interests under various guises. But this is 101 stuff, and come to think of it why am I even commenting on this shit article.

> arrivalcity.net/about/


We have an anti-white problem. I like to remind leftists that their rejection of Jim Webb perfectly encapsulates why they lost. It has mined much salt.

You know, while many of you dont use the ((())) things that much anymore. It has awoken me in a good way.

Because right now, I see this language no longer as human language. No longer as white mans language.

Today I see these articles, these "words" coming from jews, as shrieks coming from fearful animals.

You know how you watch tv, and go into an alpha mode mindset or some dumb shit like that? Where you take in information without question? Well these days I never ever get into such a mode ever again. I no longer even recognize these jew words, in whites as actual language. I just see them as echo's of jews.

All these words by jews, all the phrases that they create, all the articles they write. They are just animal sounds to me at this point.

No, it's daily interaction with minorities that makes you racist, not the lack of education or being segregated from blacks.

"worse is better" turned out to be the wisest approach to white nationalism

Is this a joke? Why do leftists consistently ignore their own extremism?

Yeah really. They always assume the "worst" motivation they can imagine. If people look back on the 50s fondly, it must be because they miss the Klan, not because they miss being able to purchase a home on a factory worker's salary.

why do cult members not realize they're in a cult?


B-but two-income-households! White collar diversity! You can make 200k+ as a graphic designer!

They only give out those surveys in cities too. Rural Canada is as racist as any hickville Americana.

Here are the mugshots of all the protestors arrested last night in Portland.
Just look at these genetic monstrosities.
These are the "Educated Progressives" who look down on the common "Uneducated" hard working American with a healthy nuclear family.

Checking those sweet trips of truth.

Jim Webb was a good man. He deserved to win the DNC primary. But the democrats did not deserve him, they got exactly what they deserved.

I've been rubbing it in with Jim Webb too. Half the democrats I talk to don't even know who he is. The other half just say "the vietnam guy?" They were genuinely offended by his killed a gook with a grenade answer during that debate. I point out that he was the only one who answered that question without citing a fellow American as his favorite enemy. Hillary listed Americans as her enemy, as did O'Malley and Sanders. Only Jim Webb didn't say any American was his enemy.

He's not a Canadian, he's a kike.

The classic elitism of a left wing yuppie faggot. It drives me up a wall. It infuriates me so much, I quit the tech industry just to get away from them.

You definitely aren't the only one, I just wish we had more sources of watchable tv/movies.

I saw "eric andre" for the first time, he does some knock off of Sam Hyde's stuff and insults sam hyde. Surprise surprise, he's jewish.

These protests are giving us some funny mugshots we wouldn't get under regular circumstances.


What role should Jim get in Trump's admin?

And even that's debatable…

Did Trump win the popular vote as well?


Archives of Clinton winning popular vote and how that'll totally continue Re: literal liberal bias:
Clinton popular vote, 11/12 2016, 11/13 2016.

Ontario needs to be cleansed, they're our commiefornia

Do you think we'd be better off with Hillary?

Border security and colorblind hiring/admission are crazy far-right ideas, mandatory diversity and a relative reduction of white voters is centrist.

I hope the media keeps pushing this, i hope they dial it up. It'll just push more and more whites to us. When they say we can't even vote for our interests it's going to piss more people off. The kikes just can't help themselves now.


Push this angle hard folks. We need more and more polarisation on identitarian/racial lines. Hit whites over the head with this crap long enough and they'll snap over to our side.

I think hillary was the event horizon for white group interests, we've now established that CYE 0 was just the right amount of poz to tip the scales for americans.

Europe, however, still needs some coaxing. They are ultimately less free in their lives and have a harder time breaking through the cultural barriers set up by 60's commies.

You have 10 seconds to convince me to read all of that kvetchy BS.

Sorry for the cuckchan post but 90% of the time I really can't be assed to read Schlomo's 908236923rd article this week about how we need to tackle White ricissm.

Something to do with the veterans maybe.

Christ that's horrifying. We're going to need more rope. I have to wonder what the criteria will be for our intrepid RWDS to decide who gets the noose. My hope is that social media history will provide us with the information we need on who was a traitor to their blood and soil. Imagine it, libshits addiction to virtue signaling will be what signs their death warrants. It wraps everything up in a nice little bow

Only if this kike knew that 65% of Canada isn't represented. He'd be in a world of hurt if a nationalist party happened there.

The reason Trump got elected is simple, (((Saunders))). You, the media, have a jewish problem. Anons know this, and we targeted the problem accordingly. You've always had this problem. You are the problem, kike. You have never been about the truth, only subversion. Trump's rise to the presidency has rendered, all of you, failed propagandists. Even the good goyim now realise this. They now know, like with freedom, if they want the truth they need to find it themselves and then defend it from vermin like you, Saunders. Because you pervert the truth, hide it, you and your kind want all goyim complacent and dumb. But now they, like us, see the true enemy. It is you.

The high school or less thing doesn't add up. Hillary overwhelmingly won the black and Hispanic vote. The drop out rates of those groups are multitudes higher than that of whites. If we also take into consideration the higher rate of degree holders that are whites I just don't see how this chart makes any factual sense.

I disagree.

This is really meaningless tbh. Liberals are more likely to go to university for bullshit degrees like Women's Studies and conservatives are more likely to just get a job. The liberal "we smart we have college degrees" meme needs to die. Having some bullshit degrees that won't get you a job or help you contribute to society (outside of crying on the internet and echo chambers) doesn't make you smarter.

Given how liberals treat opposing viewpoints being made so mainstream now, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of conservatives just got depressed and dropped out of university even if they were extremely intelligent. Overall, the entire "we have more degrees, we're smarter people" argument is nothing more than a fallacy, where they claim they have a document from an institution that claims they are smart. It's an appeal to authority (the authority that issued the degree). Getting a bullshit ethnic studies degree in a course where there's a ton of room for right and wrong answers (as opposed to hard STEM) and there's probably a curve doesn't make you smart.

The most apt way to put this whole thing would be to take a picture, like from the Hillary concession speech, and draw in a bunch of bullshit college degrees pointing to people crying, and then finally caption it with something like "see we're smarter we have more degrees"

Looks like they upped the brightness on those pictures.

Didn't he also endorse Trump?

we islam now?

No we don't, but we're sure going to if this keeps up.

If skinny cuck libshits who traded away their guns and declawed themselves and sideshooting niggers thing they're going to win a race war they have another thing coming.

They ain't seen nothing yet.


God fucking DAMN, year after year you played the white guilt horseshit, you made young white people feel bad just for their skin color.

And, what do you do now? You complain about "white extremism."

You've pushed identity politics so fucking much that you've forgotten that it takes two to tango. Well guess the fuck what? This "white extremism" matter is only going to continue growing so long as you fucking dimwits continue pulling this shit, and you deserve it for being so fucking clueless.

IIRC he didn't quite endorse Trump, but said that he wouldn't vote for Hillary.

Same. I couldn't stand being constantly talked down like a child. Even elementary school teachers aren't as demeaning as most professors. On top of that we learned things at a snails pace. I was either going to get an art degree or a history degree anyway, both of which are useless, so I figured I would just drop out and learn on my own to save money. No complaints so far, I've got a pretty decent job and zero debt, which is further ahead than a lot of college grads.

sage for blogpost.

It's fucking nothing dot jay peg

I think so yes. At this point I think so.

I don't have a full thesis on this, but I think that a long term goal of certain groups is to re-awaken, or forcibly restart some kind of global white nationalist identity. The media has literally memed white nationalism back into the spotlight on an international scale and there must be a goal behind this.

I believe that goal is the end of democracy. Corporations, politicans, and the media know that the surest way to end democracy is to convert the middle classes to fascism and I think that using racial identity as a wedge issue is the means by which they will do this.


(((they're))) still trying to shame us for our wrong think

Well congrats, you dipshits. You now have a criminal record that will stick with you for the rest of time, and accomplished dick diddley nothing getting it. At least a common ghetto negro manages to score thirty bucks robbing the convenience store he gets sent to jail for, you proved nothing. Good luck with future employment, kiddies!

Actually it does.

The left comprehensively lost the culture war among generation-z during Gamergate. The 30-something "hip" journalists who were supposed to be the commissars and thought leaders for young people instead became their unforgivable enemies.

It was a seismic soci-political event and that graph shows the true extent and scale of the fallout.


I don't fucking get this. They say low-education people voted for trump but beaners and niggers voted straight ticket democrat as they always do and Tyrone and Cholo often don't even pass fucking high school.

How do these two things rectify?

This is correct. His son openly supports Trump.

Bottom row, 5th from the right- is that Martin?


I think that the nepotism and anti-institutional nature of elite groups has finally caught up with them, their kids absorbed too much propaganda and became useless and uncreative cogs upon inheriting the machine from the hardcore, old school subversives. Their group has a lower capacity for intellectual flexibility and it has left them vulnerable, whereas the middle class has made huge progress in terms of its' de-centralized brainpower.

I predict that large banking families become incapable of defending themselves against the layers of scrutiny and interconnectivity that they sponsored. Rogue NSA/FBI agents are capable of stabbing directly into the heart of their mafia, whereas rogue citizens have played a part in securing a "nationalist" presidency to aide them with their cause. It's all decentralized and functions with dog-whistles that (((they))) are frantically trying to contain and subvert.

Even if this entire social cycle has been orchestrated, while keeping the media out of the loop to ensure their alienation and downfall, white homelands are now on the table as a potential permanent fixture of (((globalism))).

From the left*

at this point i can't tell if they're just retarded or if they think they're going to lose credibility by acknowledging that shit like this is why trump won

The end goal is maximum police state.
Tensions between demographics are being incited on purpose to encourage conflict.

A few riots here and there and suddenly everyone's freedom is taken away "for their own good". Why else would you invite throngs of disruptive Muslims into Europe who have no intention of integrating?

The SJWs are useful idiots, but so too are the blacks and the 'Alt Right'. Divide and conquer.

We're all being played like a damn fiddle. This is the real four dimensional chess.


These fucks just dont get that THEY caused this, do they?

For a decade of our lives, and frankly going back for the last half century slowly, they've pushed us and pushed us, they've called us every "ist" in the book to silence us for not falling into lockstep with them. They've belittled our concerns, they've mocked us for those concerns, and in the last decade they've gone purely on offense attacking us everywhere, shouting us down, shutting down dialogue and dissenting voices, suppressing our voices, blaming us for the sole responsibility of all the wrongs in the world, and in the last few years becoming violent when confronted with our points of view, lashing out at us directly in anger and hatred and then retreating into their echo chambers to reassure each other that their course of action is the correct one. Meanwhile their leaders have chipped away rapidly at our liberties, our prosperity, our ability to succeed in life, our .. everything really. And all of it to give themselves and their pets benefits and perks at our expense, all the while silencing us through being a very vocal and at times violent minority, but strong enough in a group/crowd to force their point of view

THEY directly caused this. THEY refused to listen. THEY shut us out.

Its not ebul hwyte waciss that caused this, its their own anti white anti "racist" sects that were hell bent on destroying us that forced us into the position where we find ourselves today, divided if not at war with each other.

And they'll continue to walk this path of stupidity, shutting out dissent, retreating to echo chambers for reassurance, and scapegoatting us for all of these woes. They're going to make this problem worse and worse as time goes along, because while they are indeed a minority, they're incredibly vocal and incredibly stupid and lack all forms of introspection and hindsight

Honestly if they dont chill their shit soon, they're going to be the direct cause of RWDS and DotR happening. They are right, they're lucky that so far its only been votes we've used as weapons. But if they continue this parade of ignorance and self destruction in an attempt to take us with them, they're going to cause so much worse to happen.

You say that as we call out their tactics. (((They))) are getting lazy. We must use that to our advantage, and get the word out about their plans to start race wars. In other words:


A massive chunk of this individuals either can't vote or aren't even register. Your point is moot but whatever. Shit, I mean, well giving thaty state ask for ID still so underestimate the laziness and indifferent attitude of those folks.


Will they ever look inward and see it is because the Democrats have failed and that Hillary was a terrible candidate?

They've been hoisted by their own petard. They can't admit that whites are angry for legitimate reasons (without being so condescending that the import of their article swings back around to "but they don't know what's good for them and should have voted Hillary", essentially rendering their opinion into toilet paper) because that's too close to approval for the (((MSM)))-indoctrinated to take but they can't deny that whites are angry because they self-evidently are (hilariously, decades of training muds to blame everything on whitey is backfiring spectacularly; they can't remove the issue from the spotlight because of social media) so they're essentially reduced to screaming "DAS RAYCISS" - which further exacerbates the "problem" that they're trying to talk about.

They're caught in a loop.

We have a complacent suicidal white liberal problem.
And a jewish problem.

Note the proportion of non whites voting clinton was GREATER than the whites voting trump.

good to to know the Trump supporters who went undercover got off. Their names didn't show up in that image. However I do recognize the face of one of the people in it.

This is the problem I see. Trump will probably not back down and go along with it, but failure to do so is a lose as well. He lets the riots continue and fails to act, he is seen as weak and ineffectual, he starts martial law, he is accused of finally becoming all the buzzwords they said he was.

From there, they can easily disrupt things more with their vast wealth and even lead to the UN getting involved. Americans will be reluctant to fight each other, but bring in a bunch of Africans, Arabs and Hispanics and they will be eager to help fight whitey.


Stop trying to point it out. As long as they think it's just people not buying their propaganda they will keep making their propaganda more extreme and it will have less and less of an effect to control the masses.

Back to r/thedonald with you

Alt-right is the medias boogeyman to convince people internet censorship is needed. The alt-right is a bunch of civic nationalist, libertarian gays. Both sides fight against us and nationalism.

I never thought I'd see the day that 4chan became the better Holla Forums again. Fucking hell.

Tensions are being kept artificially high. He needs to go after their funding. He needs to go after Soros.

You won't be missed.

It must go deeper than Soros. He's the fall guy.

good, go back to cuckchan, alt-kike.

For a Democrat, he seems remarkably sane.

Looks like Trump winning upped their Globalist time table. This is the hill these kikes are willing to get gassed and fried on? Alrighty then.


When National Socialism took power in Germany, one of the first things they did was ban Jews from the media. Because they write complete fucking horseshit like this, libeling almost everyone in the country.


What fucking planet is this guy living on? We can't even TALK about Islamic Terrorism without being called "Islamophobes"!

Good thing the libel laws are being opened up.

fucking lol

We're reaching levels of white extremism that shouldn't be possible.

it's happening

That's bullshit because Whites don't make up 90 percent of the population,even liberals are gloating that whites will become a minority.

I'm not too sure about being covert and peaceful at this point. Niggers and spics are openly rioting and wanting to kill whites. Simply being around them is enough to get hurt or die.

No more secret messages, no more being covert. Be proud of being white, and unapologetic for it as well.

But that's wrong, we also want to behead whites cucks,traitors and faggots!

They can't be this stupid
Ahhh, there's the shoe-drop.


Third option, he tells local police to clean up the streets. Under his DoJ, police will be safe again and feel empowered to do their jobs.

Leave now and never come back.

wtf what song is that ive heard the whistle before

Kill Bill


We also fall much lower on the global education scale. The only reason to even consider post secondary is to get a job outside the fucking country since there is little work here. And not to mention canada ratio wise is more white than the states, so ipso facto more sheltered.

that's not the point.

there are white cucks already wearing pins as a sign of protest against trump

Why are you posting an image from a (((sitcom))) of four kikes living in Jew York?
Seinfeld images, not even once.

Took a look at this guy, clearly a kike

it’s worth thinking of reducing the number of people who live this way
it’s worth thinking of reducing the number of people who live this way

They are going to keep going aren't they, even though the Jew lost he still isn't humble he's going to go so far till we end it or allow them to end us.

You really had to look?

Ohhh, I see. Nice.

If that hashtag becomes big we should definitely subvert it.

Figures. Purge centeral canada and all the cities. Purge london.

College dropouts are often entrepreneurs–you meet some people at college, have a business idea, decide you don't need this bullshit anymore, and drop out to do stuff in the real world. Small business owners probably went yugely for Trump.

I've known 2 saunders irl who weren't kikes, although maybe my jewdar was off at that time. It doesn't hurt to double check


Secretary of Gook Killing

Damn those extremists, exercising their constitutional right to vote!

Brilliant plan

What's extreme today was normal the day before.

Is a Secretary of killing inner city niggers?

lmao bitch, you won't be safe when I get you horizontal and fill that blonde pussy with aryan fury tbh

Yank anons need to set up a safety pin party in the niggertown or close to the niggertown for the libtards.

Lets bully him on Twitter

There can be.

It's great that they'll never learn. It just means they've created the circumstances in which Trump will win again in 2020. They've created opportunity for others like Trump to arise in other countries. So, by all means, allow them to keep doubling down because at this rate they're hastening their own extinction.

Is there any truth to this? It would be nice to know that less than ten percent of whites are cucks.

That was it for me too. I worked until 23 and then decided to go to uni. On the second day I told some leftist cunt "professor" to watch her mouth and left.

60 million white extremists seems a lot better than just one muslim extremist, I wonder why

pic related

It's hilarious how anyone with half a brain and an attention span longer than 2 minutes can debunk this shit faster than you can say "MAGA"


Kek doesn't lie.

A problem you say?

These assholes are always the biggest liars and it's hilarious every time. You know that they don't believe their own garbage, too.

No it's not. If it was, it wouldn't have gotten steadily less white for decades. If you were non-white, you wouldn't be in positions of influence (politicians, athletes, actors/musicians, etc.) where you appear everywhere. You would never say half of the shit that you say on Facebook/Twitter with your name attached because you'd be scared shitless for your lives. Hell, if it WAS a white supremacist nation, you'd have riots every time some non-white (usually a black person since black/white is the big racial ratings grabber there) hurt/killed did anything to a white person… instead, that stuff rarely makes big news while instances like Zimmerman and Ferguson blow up into international stories and spark national protests.

No you're not. I mean, maybe you're scared to tell your dad that you like dick, but you're not actually scared to be you in general life. Again, if you were you'd never post half the shit you say, and you'd probably not even leave the house. You know what you do when you're scared of someone? You listen to them. You fear pissing them off. If you're Suzy Homemaker whose husband is a violent guy will will give you a black eye when he comes home if his dinner isn't ready, you have that steak ready to hit the plate when you hear the door open. If your husband is some relaxed dude, you're probably on the couch half of the time and phone him at work to tell him to bring home some Chinese food or maybe a pizza. You're not scared at all because you know that whites don't really chimp out.

Pretty much this. All of the people I know who shill for "muh mo' Syrians" and "omg fucking Americans voted in Hitler omg" are either people who never left the small towns or are people who went off to college/uni in Toronto or Ottawa and usually end up either moving back to a smaller (white city) or really go super balls deep into Youtube compilation-tier SJW stuff. Obnoxious Canadians here piss me off (and oh man, there a re a lot) because they've literally never had to deal with a lot of shit Americans do because of the space.

Not really, in my experience. My entire childhood was spent growing up in a rural area, and I really can't say that there were too man racist moments, and not a single violent one. Again, that's just one single experience. t. nonwhite I'm sure there are plenty of examples but nowhere near what the media will say.

I'm really getting tired of this shit

That's a great idea. Libfags were talking about wearing safety pins to mark themselves as human safe spaces for nonwhites fearing the Trumpencide. and if we can make them think we're the ones wearing the pins they'll become a self-correcting problem.

You guys seem to be having a hard time with these numbers but I'm not going to make fun of you because they made them deliberately confusing. I mean I'm pretty sure that they're including non-voters in the "90% of PoC" that didn't vote for Trump.

They might just be counting niggers for the 90% they were pretty close to that figure.

Checked the check

Comment that they have an honesty problem.

I could actually hear your post as a Steiner promo.


Fucking lügenpresse! I'm not a "white extremist" I just hate niggers and jews as did almost everyone in the past and I think walls are cool, but I am super tolerant with asians for example and I don't want to invade every single muslim country that exists. Basically not wanting to get cucked in the ass makes you a white extremist/ nationalist/ supremacist/ racist at this point. Can we just sart sending journalists to camps please?

He's a fossil (in a good way) of what the democratic party used to be. People forget that the dems up until around the 60s-70s were the white populist party.

FDR as horribly commie as he was, was a populist and he didn't go full MUH MINORITIES, he was just a commie.

It was LBJ that really started the crapsack shit the DNC became. More so, it's because the populist wing that had slowly shifted from hard commie left to third position under the Kennedy's was all but wiped out after JFK was assassinated.

Ah yes, the "All migrants are the same and their situations can be compared" meme.
Migrants from a nearby country region moving to the city are the same thing as an invasion of foreign shitskins, goy!
The Calais jungle camp was going to be a successful Arrival City until you bulldozed it! Oy!
Refugees from Germany after WWII are the same thing as refugees from Middle-Eastern muslim hellholes! You accepted one, why not the other?

When do we gas intellectually dishonest kikes? The gall. I'm not the only one platinum mad at this I'm sure.

Racial reductionism maymays need to die. It's for your race, not your "skin color".



Saunders is a Scot name.

But white supremacy is literally correct, and it's what we believe in. We built empires and succeeded in creating a small island of stability in a world perpetually at war with itself. We don't owe anything to those we left behind, because they are free to copy our ways and grow their own civilizations just like we copied the successes of other great cultures to forge our empires.

Whites succeeded. That does make us better for the time being. It's absurd to suggest that whites must act as parents to the rest of the world. We created something, so others can too.

Half the country are White extremists, I like that better than their old winging.

It's like when you do something painful and you can't resist doing it again "just to be sure"

it's because they have no options besides doubling down. The leftist's game is to perpetually bluff as hard as she can. That means she's going all-in with her bluff. She has an awful hand but pretends she's got a royal flush. If at some point her bluff is found out, she has no choice but to double down because her real hand is worthless.

guess they are on tilt

If you didn't want to read the OP, why the fuck did you come here and post for no reason? Just for attention?

Weird, I'm a college educated white male living in an ethnically de-segregated urban environment, and I've been on the Trump train since it left the station. I hate how Leftists act like they've got a monopoly on intelligence and education; especially as they keep harping about equality and democracy, neither of which have any place within the American republic.

So much for respecting and tolerating people's differences.

If it doesn't have equal sample sizes for each category then it's not an accurate graph to begin with. This graph doesn't indicate one way or another. I'm pretty graphs like these are banned in marketing for the exact reason that they are extremely misleading and make the reader jump to conclusions. This is disinformation 101.

If we assume all things being equal you're supposed to arrive at the conclusion that (((smarter))) people vote Clinton. My interpretation aligns with many others here which is to say that the more time you spend in (((college))) learning Marxist ideology the more likely you are to become a Marxist and people who spent a little time in college with a smaller exposure to Marxist indoctrination grew to resent it even stronger than those who weren't subjected to it at all.

Either way this graph is effectively just different sized bars that mean jack shit without a lot more data. Dis-fucking-information

Fucking Canadians!!

Don’t know if it has been posted yet, but here’s two big, juicy „Oy Veys!“ by (((Dana Landau))). Pay attention how she’s also blaming the „losers of globalisation“.:


We /establishment/ now, fam.


go back to cuckchan, you altistic-righter.

I remeber when I could point them to the President, but King Nigger no more!

Even SNL is more honest than the Judenpresse now.

Does this mean we can get away with state-sanctioned genocide now? Are RWDS becoming a reality?

Most of what is taught in universities will become outdates and completely irrelevant within two to three generations.

No wonder so many university educated people are so stupid, they invest all their time and energy learning fashionable ideas that will not survive the rest of time.

This meme needs to die. Every arm of the establishment favored Hillary over Trump. Hillary was absolutely the establishment candidate, and this is why more leftists didn't come out and support her - they cannot hold an accurate view of reality and simultaneously view themselves as the underdog anymore. Leftists who want to think and understand are leaving the left in droves. The only ones remaining will be the rabid SJWs, the numale cucks, and low-IQ minorities - all losers by definition. The left as a movement will lose its popularity, and start to die.

fuck meant to say

Report every single one of these moderate cancers that cuck for non-whites. They were invited here by third parties during election to de-escalate Holla Forums's core beliefs. Trump was what united both and now that election is gone, they overstay their welcome. It's deliberate, presumably encouraged by certain interested parties. The end goal is to neuter Holla Forums into yet another kosher alternative. There used to be a thread on de-radicalizing young men from joining ISIS through suggestions on youtube and social media. Obviously ISIS was just a cozy codeword for these "pesky anti semitic goyim".

considering who clearly rules the universe I think "hopping" should never be typo'd

Damnit those niggers can still get some chuckles out of me.

you've nailed it on the head. I have personally seen the flood of these cucked moderates try and weasel their way into Holla Forums and change our core beliefs. Just have a look at this thread here

My id is 1d5f92

The fucking "rise in hate crimes" meme is getting on my nerves. Crime stats are published annually in the USA, so nobody has access to them right now. What they're working on are a bunch of spurious faceberg posts about how someone's friend's sister's helper monkey who is gay was harrassed.

(((Doug Saunders)))

Do you even read sonny?

I've tried explaining the same thing to people many times. The problem is no one wants to admit that these people perform worse because they're genetically worse. They're fully indoctrinated on equality to the point of denying biology/evolution and working backwards from the premise that equality is some natural law rather than man made feel good nonsense

In related news, I actually kind of agree with this kike on one thing. The rest of his rant were typical neocohen talking points, though.

"In order for you to solve this problem, you must first demonstrate that the problem exists in the present tense. Do you believe America has gotten more racist since the 1960's, or less? If the answer is more, please, point me to any law on the books that makes discrimination against minorities legal. If the answer is less, then you may not actually have a racism problem."

A common response would be:

"Okay then, please point me to anything in the mainstream media, Hollywood, video games, or Universities that glorify racism against minorities. Now compare that to the media of the 1960's. By any reasonable measure, American society has become less racist by orders of magnitude. If this problem exists in the present tense, it is surely not large enough to warrant this outrage."

Wrong boyo. White extremism is the solution.

You're buying into the left's framing. Don't do that.

It's persuasion boyo. The redpill isn't a one off, it's a prescription, and the first dose is admitting that the left has lied to you.

I don't have the time nor the inclination to quote Carlyle at length like some kind of aspie when talking to normies, user. Using their framing to persuade them will have to do, at least until they are intrigued enough to do their own research.


They aren't even pretending anymore huh. They just want to jam as much GLOBALIZATION IS GOOD down the populations throat as they force more brown people into the cities so they can take out loans and the banks can get fat stacks off of everyone and the strength of wage slavery expands.
Fuck this ride, Trump really is our only hope.

boomers helped clinton the most
does this kike even know?

Oy, /pol. I need an archive of one of the traitor collection threads from just after the election.

This is a terrible idea.
It's been talked about before. If we ascribe to the names they give us, the ideologies they created for us, or the symbols they want us to wear, we become identifiable. We become targets.
Our strength lies in the fact that we have no face, no clear distinctive signs that publicly express what we think. We are one yet we cannot be grasped and isolated.
By following this, we are playing into their hands. It would give them a way to attack us and ridicule us. In a situation where packs of feral animals powered by uncontrolled emotions infused into them by a cult that they follow without asking any questions, it would be unwise to signal to them that you are their enemy and that you concretely are, in their eyes, organizing into factions to oppose them, which can be painted as a direct threat by the media in order to rapidly escalate things into open conflict. Which is exactly what they're counting on. I wouldn't be surprised if this idea actually came from a jew.

already working on Trumps re-election it seems

By the time we come out of the shadows it must be far too late to stop us.

You can't tell who went to college by looking at their vote. It's impossible. It's propaganda. Just like you can't tell their race.

Remember when the polls were all wrong? It's because they were all fake. Just like all the opinions you see on TV or media about who voted for who.

Figure it out Holla Forums


I dont know how old you are but if you got a chance to live and travel before 911 you would know we are already in a police state. Most people dont even know how good the world use to be

Radfems destroyed any semblance of "equality" in the Feminist movement because they don't want equality. (There's also no such thing as "good Feminism"; all Feminism is misandry and cancer.) They only want preferential treatment for having a vagina.

So now they do the most womanly thing possible and cry like bitches because they didn't get their way. All of these hook-nosed kikes need to get punted right in the fucking box.

Is it wrong to feel guilty that whites didn't wipe out every other race? yet

Not if we get to abort the rest of the world…

They should really reaquaint themselves with the fables. The boy who cried would seems to be becoming increasingly relevant.

My thoughts exactly. The only ones who get it are the few remaining educated and reasonable leftists. But they're drowned out by their own allies and often branded traitors. They can see the iceberg ahead but their comrades are too up their own assholes with self righteous indignation to recognize that they are on the cusp of absolute annihilation.

We would be wise to do everything in our power to encourage and exacerbate the SJW types. The more in the face the media and these fucking leftist retards get with their propaganda, the more people will be driven into our ranks. The lefts attacks make us stronger, and we've long passed the point where they're self aware enough or wise enough to scale it back and be more measured in their tone.

TL;DR: We've already won, it's just a matter of time now. Encourage them to keep poking the bear.


I really need to start proof reading my posts.

Am I the only to think that he looks like Brendan Fraser ?

The Jews will pay for this.

2012 then 2016
It's like they just don't care.


Kek has blessed this meme.

Trump is definitely getting two terms.

Those people don't care about employment, they never intend to work. They protest everyday because they have no jobs.

Not going quietly = "white extremism"

They're really going to keep going, aren't that? They're really going to keep needling the big quiet guy who just wants to sit in peace, have his drink, and read his newspaper.


Tried that, didn't work.

For those of us that could think for ourselves, we definitely saw the downside to all this and became redpilled. Doubling down on it will only make their situation worse as people witness reality (assuming they aren't too far gone.)


The only person claiming to represent the majority of Americans in that "magnificent" non-democracy was an eccentric billionnaire surrounded by J*ws himself.
Opposed completely by a media with all kinds of propaganda and lies in a way never seen before. Regardless of everything, gets elected.
We have a problem with anti-White extremism. It is dogmatically preached by J*w dominated schools where those who oppose or are critical get thrown out of their jobs. The people that seek to get ahead in life through education are indoctrinated in an anti-Whte narratibve that imposes itself as ational, scientific villifying the entire heritage of a people and belittling, insulting them every step along the way. Completely avoiding the responsibility of the likes of J*ws, Africans, and Arabs themselves. Especially the role of J*wry in the colonialism and other affairs it blames unequivocally collectively on Europeans as the effect of "White supremacism" in the same way it used Americans as world police and foir their "wars on terror" in the middle east for Israel while Europeans pay for something which doesn't benefit them and want nothing to do with in general. Ruled by enemies and pawns thereof.


he has Canadian parents

Can we at least leave the Japanese alone in Japan? They stick to themselves and don't like race-mixing.

Sauce for the pic?


pic is proclaiming she's a coal burner.

Kikes must die.

Blacks 11 times more likely to commit homicide and are like 2/3rds of all rape arrests.

The more whites get attacked by the leftists extremists and the (((media))), the more whites will respond with in kind especially once they realise it is in their own interests, something the left says constantly as a motto "vote for your interests" but they forget that their interests now include being white because they haven't got a choice anymore thanks to leftist extremism and its identity politics making whites racially aware for the first time in decades. This is just rational logic but I forgot leftists aren't capable of personal responsibility or foresight. Reap what you sow. The day is coming.

>It might be worth facing the problem directly: If the strongest predictors of white radicalization are a lack of postsecondary education and residence in an ethnically segregated non-urban community, it’s worth thinking of reducing the number of people who live this way. Increasing the proportion of adults with university or college educations is both economically sensible – since this is where the middle-class incomes are found – and also politically wise. Canada has a considerably higher rate of postsecondary education than the United States, and it may be one reason why these currents of intolerant racial politics have not washed up here significantly.



>Democrats were counting on a rapid burst of diversification in the U.S. fueled by immigration to help Hillary Clinton. But it may have helped put Donald Trump in the White House.

Source: wsj.com/articles/counties-that-experienced-rapid-diversification-voted-heavily-for-donald-trump-1478741076

Essentially, when white areas are suddenly enriched by shitskins, they suddenly awaken to the fact that they are white and should vote for white interests against the interests of shitskins.



More on this, from a Harvard study no less (want to call yourself educated, will you?)

Robert Putnam's work E Pluribus Unum


It's over. The leftards only have themselves to blame. You can't play war games on whites like identity politics and not expect blowback, in the same manner you cannot taunt a lion or a bear thinking the strategy to counter it when it was at first only irritated to only irritate it more and expect it to just roll over instead of charging at you and eating you alive while ripping you to shreds. But please, double down own your failed tactics, lefty cunts. It will only cause more real extremism and your ultimate demise.

(Re)education camps

If they'd only shut up, I'd feel sorry for them.

It's all that Mountain Dew

(reminder: Doritos/Ruffles/FritoLay, pepsi products, taco bell openly stated that they do not want Trump supporters to buy their shit)

We're approching the Martin Luther moment.
North Europeans say no.



Labour did this in the UK. Now we have a generation or two with student debt, living with parents, degrees worth less than toilet paper, and (if they're lucky) a job in retail or the service industry.

How can they even say this stuff? While shit like BLM and ISIS exists.

What are they even going to say when whites do start to revolt? "It's actually extremism now for real this time!"

Over the past 2-3 weeks I've really wanted to start a news podcast where I report on news with a Holla Forums-friendly outlook. Not directly calling out jews, or blatantly promoting race realism, but framing the argument in our direction. I haven't gotten any feedback on the idea, and I was wondering what you thought.

What moment? When we will be drawn in front of a judge and told our beliefs are illegal?

Dude, the only thing jewier than Seinfeld is Curb Your Enthusiasm. Every other CYE episode plot involves Larry David arguing with friends/family/strangers over shekels.

Jews make the best antisemitic material out there. Not even the anons on this board could hope to keep up with them. Just watch pic related. It's like the Inception of antisemitism. It's about kikes kiking kikes that are kiking kikes.

All leftwing statement of a moral, idealistical or judicial nature are tools they use, not things they actually belief.

Leftists don't actually belief in freedom of speech for example, the concept of freedom of speech is just a tool they use to get their way and which they only enforce on their opponents, not themselves.

It's easier to say they simply aren't reasonable. They view themselves as correct and resistance to their correct beliefs as extreme. You disagree and you're immoral and wrong. There is no arguing with liberals.

Luckily if Trump does in 2020 as Reagan did in 1984 and Republicans are able to maintain his margins the Republicans will have about 70% of whites on their side, isolating liberals.

Either the exit polls are shit or the ballot boxes have been stuffed

His son did, and he himself probably voted Trump too, but he didn't say anything publicly other than a "no Clinton but maybe Trump" answer back in March.

Was the EC a big issue in the 2012 elections? I thought Romney lost the popular vote by 4%.

Trump is a boomer

I think Kristol is too

It's leftist damage control. "whites might swing the popular vote against Obama but he'll win anyway because there are just enough niggers in Florida to shut Romney out? The electoral college is fine."

And then in 2016 "Californian mexicans voted en mass against Trump so Hillary won the popular vote but everyone else said 'fuck off beaners' and Trump won the electoral college? Clearly the electoral college should be scrapped and California should decide elections."

It's pretty blatant partisanism and exemplifies why the EC probably won't be removed anytime soon- especially if happens and Trump ends America's trend towards a majority non-white society, making it likely that the Democrats might win by EC but lose by PV in the future once their pet shitskins are gone.

True, minorities are generally poorer and poor whites often have less higher education.

Lügenpresse, halt die Fresse

This. It really galls me that these communications and libarts majors are trying to insinuate they are "educated". Congratulations, you passed basket weaving and fingerpainting, how does that make you the authority on politics and economics, now? University was a mistake. Too many subhumans, too many useless majors.

Here's a question: why do liberals all look frail and sickly? I'm not even kidding, is there some mechanism to this? You can tell who is a liberal just by looking at them. They all have something subtly wrong about them. Like instinct telling you they are unhealthy and will not be a good mating partner, or weak and not a good hunting partner. Is liberalism literally a disease?


wow. I think this new tactic of demonizing whites and calling anyone with a different opinion an uneducated hick will really help the left in the next election.

They've been calling me an idiot/evil since the first election I can remember. All through the Bush election cycle and Howard (kangaroo election)

What is curious though is that there was a big push to paint me in a slightly different negative light during highschool. I remember being told

but now of course it's

I have a PhD in mathematics so when I argue in person, lefties are generally more confused because I break their worldview. "Wow user, I thought you were smart, why are you conservative?" I can generally give them soft redpills to point out the contradictions in their logic.

The point of this blogpost is this: learn from the left's mistakes. Never let yourself look down on the uneducated no matter what stature you have in life. It's our ideology's connection with the uneducated that validates our existence as a moral/ethical one with the people in mind.

A conservative represents rather than lectures.