Can we meme Martin Shkreli to be the head of the FDA? Post your smuggest Shkrelis and lend him your energy

Can we meme Martin Shkreli to be the head of the FDA? Post your smuggest Shkrelis and lend him your energy.

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Reminder that Shkreli did nothing wrong. He jacked up the price on Daraprim in one fell swoop as a protest and middle finger to Obamacare and the insurance companies that were forcing pharmaceutical companies to raise the prices on other drugs like Epipens. It was never about jewing regular people, the condition it treats is very rare and he offered to give the drug away for free to anyone that couldn't afford it.

I can understand why you would cheer this guy on for being politically incorrect.

However, his actions are the definition of cunty and when it comes to people's health, you probably don't want a cunt in charge who puts the pharmaceutical industry above people's health.

He seems like quite an opportunist as well, using a populist movement as an excuse.

He jacked the prices only for insurance companies. People could buy it from his company directly for almost nothing.

Do some research, unless you are CTR.

for real?

Who do you think pays for the insurance premiums genius?

Did he? Or is he just saying that because it's popular to hate the insurance companies?

It seems like shifting blame to me.

Pretty ebin if true

He mined so much salt. The only people that complained about it openly were faggots that know their lifestyle leads to HIV.

The Whole point as that other user said was a middle finger to and a big red sign to the problems that Obamacare produces

The only people that paid the outrages price on his drug were Insurance companies. No single person every paid the amount he charged. Nor did anyone without insurance have access to it. He was trying to satisfy his investors, and had personal beef with insurance companies. Something about them making it impossible for people to get medicine and drugs unless they had insurance. I'm not to serious on the specifics.

total shitlord. meme it

He jacked up the price on an old shitty drug that's mostly used by degenerates with full blown aids.And then he offered to give it to anyone who couldn't afford it.

He sends the drug to people for free; only asshole insurance companies get charged.

Besides, these people have fucking aids; why the fuck would Holla Forums care if they were uncomfortable? Unlike Holla Forums Shkreli actually gives a damn about these people and raised prices to fund r&d for a better drug. He is pro-degenerate, much like (you).

check'd - Shkreli to FDA it is then.

I googled him and thanks for enlightening me. The media and the plebs were ofcourse just shitting on him but it turns out he seems kinda cool.
What a shitlord.
He needs to be in the Trump government. Along with Ron Paul.
God, restarting the American empire is going so great. This time the world!

Wonderful digits user.

making Shkreldawg FDA head would instantly catapult Trump beyond GW as best president ever

Has anyone been through his lecture series on finance?

Go back to fucking cuckchan, libertarians. Fuck this shifty swindler.

Is he qualified and will he cut regulation on drug testing?

These are probably the same crowd of people who worshipped Ben Shapiro for being against "SJWs" lmao

He did the EXACT opposite of you you justr said, you are either retarded or a shill.

I heard he was a kike. If so, he has to go back, no matter how based. Jews do not belong in the US. No exceptions.

He's albanian

Watch this.
All news media outlets should hang.

Why did he donate to Boynie? Boynie denied the donation and gave the money elsewhere, but still…

That's worse than being a Jew.

I get that people like him because he was a general but I definitely wouldn't call him the best ever. I'd probably say Teddy Roosevelt or Andrew Jackson for that.

Albanians are practically the spics of the Balkans, but I could neither deem them the same as a Jew nor worse. Probably because the Jew is a frail creature afraid of confrontation and schemes against you in different ways, more subtle.

t. Greek, we got lots of them here

People involved in medicine typically like socialism because it gives them more customers that have more money. Until the government can't pay you anymore

It's just a meme, of course Jews are the worst. Albanians have to be one of the worst non-Jew groups out there though, although I'd say gypsies are worse.

Also, will Golden Dawn remove Albanians, like they will with kebab?

Albanians are mostly gangsters and pimps in western Europe. Also mudshits.


MEMRI - TV is owned by Jews

Its basically the Middle-East version of a Jew running a Neo-Nazi party….

I remember listening to his testimony at a congress hearing, he answered all but two questions by pleading the fifth.

>Shkreli followed his lawyer's advice and refused to answer all questions with exception to the question pertaining to his name by South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy[100][101] – including those related to his acquisition of the most expensive music album ever made[102] – by exercising his Fifth Amendment rights.[103] On the same day, Shkreli wrote a public message on Twitter reading, "Hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government",[96] and later he took to the internet saying he was willing to take questions from the public that he’d refused to answer before Congress, justifying his position by accusing the Congressmen of being motivated purely by “self-interest.”

As usual Wikipedia is wrong, he also answered 'yes' a when a congressman asked if he was listening to their questions.

Seems like an interesting character but at only 30 something years of age it's unlikely he'll hold any significant position in government.

Most Albanians are on par with gypsies actually, except that there's usually less roaming homeless Albanians around for some reason. Probably because they seek for manual jobs more than gypsies.

Golden Dawn doesn't like them at all, but there's some tolerance for single-digit numbers of Albanians in gatherings among local divisions. Definitely no people holding high places or any rank though.

This. Also some of them might never show you, but they got tattoos of mafias on their bodies somewhere. I happened to come across a mutual friend when I was younger who had such a tattoo (trashed long ago thankfully).

it must suck to be impotent

No, I hope that fucking pharma-kike hangs with the rest of them.

It must suck to be a grubby yid who supports the poisoning of the bodies of aryans nationwide.
whites are the #1 targets of psychiatry and big pharma, enjoy your mullato goy-cattle populace under BASED MARTIN xDD



Traitors are worse than enemies, fucking subversive scum.

The only Jewish thing in here is you swallowing the lies of the media while asking for seconds.

If you have the disease that the drug he price hiked treats and show that you cannot afford it he will literally send you an unlimited life supply. The price increase only affected health insurance companies, and that's pennies to them.
Not only that, but you can get sued and arrested for not doing everything in your power to ensue that your publicly-traded company doesn't get bankrupt, you can only watch your company going to ashes and not act out of choice if it's not publicly traded in order to protect investors.

This faggot doesn't get shit until he drops his wutang album

>when BASED MARTIN openly practices pharmakeia
go kill yourself and

I'm more curious what an album that cost 2 mil and wasn't released to the public sounded like. I bet it was mega trash with a gimmicky release which is the only reason it would have ever gotten any notoriety.

(((I wonder why)))

Former nog music lover here, Wu Tang clan released scores of albums, together, as solo projects,and as new rappers signed to wu tang, all under the wu tang brand, 90% were trash tbh so I would count on it being poor.
Sage for off topic.

I'm just trying right now to find some more info on the man. His Social media skills are fantastic though.
I really want to like the man, but i keep thinking that he might be jewing us somehow

The head of the FDA will be Gregory Cochran (google him). You heard it here first.

No shit he is jewing us, he's the head of Turing pharmaceuticals.
Anyone who partakes in that shit needs to be ousted with the force six gorillion suns,

Insurance is already disconnected from risk. Fuck it and bulk it for all is worth. Afterwords, that's what they are doing to us

isn't that the faggot who sucks kike dick?

I understand where you're coming from but you're simply repeating what you've heard from news outlets. The businesses and pharmacies are the only ones paying more for the drug now. The price hike might actually lead to new developments and improvements to the drug itself while ordinary people can get it for next to nothing.

daily reminder to never trust what you see on the electric jew

No, he's a complete and utter shitbag.