Trump picks Rinse Benis for Chief of Staff, Bannon for Senior Counselor

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Official press release.

That guy is as Hardcore as they come.
I think he chose Preibud to show how made the entire GOP Kneel to him as a statement.

I'm not too bothered with this, although it is unfortunate that Priebus is close with Cuck Ryan.

Fuck. Bad choice.

Priebus was a proponent of the Republican doc which stressed amnesty.

He was fairer to Trump than most, I guess.

How new are you?

Predictable choice. Not the worst thing, but I do wish the roles had been reversed and Bannon was getting Chief of Staff. Rinsed Penis has actually been a loyal supporter, so I don't hate the decision, but he is fundamentally a Republican. Hopefully the press release claiming he and Bannon will be equal partners in managing the White House turns out to be true.

I'm guessing Priebus realized where the wind was blowing and attached himself to Trump to protect himself. I have no doubt he's just doing this to help himself, but he'll probably stay loyal, at least for now.

Why do we not like Reince? I don't ever remember him being anti-Trump, not once

Did I miss something?

Bad choice, he is too close to Cuck Ryan

Trump rewards loyalty but won't cuck out when it comes to firing people for their failures and fuckups, just like how he ran his business.

Good choices. I just wish it was the other way around. Rinse Penis has been sucking off Trump for the last 6 months now so he will be fine and do as Trump says. And thats great that hes keeping Bannon around

Like I said, even though he's been loyal to Trump, at the end off the day he's a pretty run-of-the-mill Republican, and thus most here don't trust him not to be a cuck. Priebus has been supportive ever since Trump was clearly going to be the nominee, but I suspect that's mostly because he's simply a die-hard GOP loyalist and would have been just as loyal to any other Republican.

Draining that swamp, eh? LOL, you faggots got played.

Because he’s a cuck, a follower, and a goddamn kike-fellating neocon.

Bannon is the member of Breitbart with the heaviest Right Wing Views.
This could end up meaning Milo Yiannopoulus will end up being Secretary Of Press, which I don't know how to feel about.

In thinking about it, Priebus is much more respected than Bannon by the filth that calls themselves GOP in congress. He is better to persuade them than Bannon would be, especially since Bannon hates Ryan.

We'll have to see how it goes. The God Emperor deserves a modicum of trust.

Since when do we like anyone currently in government? Trump is tolerable for now but it doesn't suddenly mean that we actually support any of these cucks that until Trump ran only cared about amnesty and tax breaks for their friends.

How do you guys get paid for this shit?

TRUMP was supposed to drain the swamp by beginning a total political purge of cuckservatives and anyone else owned by the globalists, not legitimize them and ensure their continued power.

I'm okay with it. The Press Secretary of a Republican President's job is to piss off and outrage the media so it takes focus off the president. Milo will be able to handle that job.

Priebus was a loyalist from day 1.

Now that's graspîng at straws.


Bannon is apparantly no fan of jews, lots of complaints about him on this, and little Benny Shapiro doesn't like him

Didn't he make the GOP cut funding to trump?
I have a feeling this is some favour.

There is no way this would actually happen, but it would be hilarious if it did.

Well if he has chosen one Breitbart member he could easily choose another, what other options other than Milo are there? Not his biggest fan all the time, but it would piss off the cucks even more

The old GOP is filled with neo-conservatives who are really just controlled opposition. You sound new, you should really lurk more. This isn't a Trump fansite and this election is merely the first step of many that need to go down for the world to be set right.

Honestly this reminds me of Pence's selection as the VP. Not the worst GOP but GOPers are still shit. Likely selected so that Trump can retain control over the party and its majority over the senate (remember he's the President, not the Führer). I'm not happy about this, but at least it wasn't a total kike.

He's a pawn of the (((globalists))). Ensuring his power ensures (((their))) power.

That's what some said about Pence, but he turned out to be an absolutely brilliant choice.
Trust in the God-Emperor

You need a loyal asskisser as CoS, and Rinsed Pubes is perfect to smooch up people in congress. I think the actual content will come from Bannon, who will be less of a public figure but will have a bigger say on policy.

Trump has to incorporate some of these people to his side so that he doesn't get completely stonewalled politically.

And also so that he doesn't get suicided. Such is the life of politics - making friends of your enemies.

Yea he did. Probably because Wisconsin pulled through maybe.

The good thing is that Trump can always humiliate them and Fire them if they step out of line. That's the good thing, he can even use this as a ploy, 'See, I tried to give them another chance. They took it and failed. Sad!'

We'll find out soon anyway.
I still think that's impossible.

This. If Congress follows, things will get done fast. Hopefully Ryan gets a new job far away from Congress as part of the deal though

This is actually a good move by our God Emperor, bless his name and magnanimity, since Phallus has experience dealing with the Republicuck congress-critters and will be held in check by Bannon if he starts to get off the reservation. I see this about as bad as nominating Mike "take the cock, get the shock" Pence as VP. Which has caused infinite amounts of liberal tears

FDR said anti-Semitic things in private too, that doesn't mean he was any less of shabbos goy.

He ran kikebart, a zionist propaganda outfit, and promoted anti-White jews like Pam Geller, who called for the nuking of Europe if Israel ever falls. Pretend I'm wrong if it makes you feel better, but the Trump administration is already being subverted from within.

He chose Bannon because he was a huge part of the campaign team. Milo had virtually nothing to do with the campaign; as far as I know he and Trump have never even met.

If Ryan were just a bog-standard congressman that would work, but Speaker is the third highest job in the country.

Any move would be a demotion.

Milo would be an absolutely awful choice

The guy is a lolcow, you don't put lolcows in any positions of power. Preferably you permaban them from the server so you don't have to deal with their shit anymore.

Milo is not your friend. He tried to scam Trump supporters. He's a jewish degenerate who cares only for his own ambitions, with the personality to match. And the agenda he pushes is another tendril of the clintons. He's an enemy pretending to be a friend so he can get close enough to stab you in the back; whether even he realizes that or not is immaterial, it's what he is.

There's talk that he won't have the 218 votes necessary to be reelected. It is talk, but I'm hopeful.

But he isn't necessarily acting like it:

What did he do scam Trump Supporters?
I didn't hear about this.

We'll see. I can't find anything about Banner shilling for Israel, though you're right about him liking Pam Geller. I want to see the rest of Trump's picks before i make my judgement about it.

Set up a fake PAC and a fake scholarship

Took money from Pro-Whites and pocketed it.

The White House Press Secretary has no power whatsoever and is merely a mouthpiece. His entire job is to host press conferences where he makes announcements and answers questions.

He said he was establishing some white men college grant and took donations for it but never did.

Do you really want to see Milo at a presser with a black dildo chalice and calling Trump "daddy"

I would legit stop supporting Trump if that happened, and so would half of his voter base.

No, and as I said above I strongly doubt Milo would get the job, just saying it doesn't matter very much.

Should nominate Filterman if we wanted to go full meme, but then he would be part of the establishment.

He should make Ann Coulter Press Secretary. The ass hurt would be off the charts.

Sounds funny in theory.
But would obviously be ridiculous and shameful in practise.

To the crybabies:

==Name other people who could fill all these positions? Bob from Whole Foods? Who the fuck does he have to choose from when American politics have been corrupt for decades?

Even someone like Rand Paul bends over to Israel==

Jonestein only supports Trump because it's good for business, Last year he was comparing Trump to Hitler (in a bad way) and claiming he was a Clinton plant.

Oh my fuck that's a brilliant idea. Imagine the fucking asshurt from the press having to take questions from Mr. Male Vitality himself.

I can actually see this happen tbh

Filterman would be hilarious. I hope if Trump launches Trump TV, Filterman is part of it.

Best choice tbh. The amount of triggering would be impressive.

Trump needs to smack him down publicly.

It sounds like on 60 minutes Trump will reiterate his actual plans.

Ryan needs to be ousted or we will have nothing after four years.

Penis is a massive cuck, but he didn't Cut anything, quite the contrary, he defend Trump against the NeverTrumpers, Bushes and Romney who wanted to cut Trump funds.

oh man that would be hilarious, i can see her destroying (((journalists))) all day

This is best idea ever. Ann would fuck them up daily.

Yeah but part of his brand is attacking the establishment so it's debatable whether he would take it.

We were all skeptical of Trump at the beginning.

During the primary, Trump met with Priebus, and this was the time when all the cucks in the party were saying that 'the party picks the nominee.'


I'll miss the presidential bantz.

Oh Holy Fuck…
We finally Memed it…
These feels

Trump's business style has always been "carrot and stick", and it looks like he's going to govern the same way. See his treatment of Megyn Kelly - she's a dumb bimbo when she's against him, she is thanked politely when she properly kowtows. Trump is literally training his enemies like dogs.
Penis did an adequate job of serving the God Emperor, and has connections with the people Trump needs to work with to achieve his goals. So for now, he is rewarded. If, however, he is a naughty boy, he will end up in the doghouse or oven, depending how far along Trump's agenda has gotten.

And yes, 100% behind Ann Coulter for press secretary.

Holla Forums on… party watch?

I like this meme.

If you think the media have no power you haven't been paying any attention the past 6 decades.

National Socialist American Workers Party here we come. Reminder California has a party called the Traditionalist Workers Party as well

Rinsed stayed loyal.
Chief of Staff…. I guess.

Bannon… Eh.
But only an advisory position, so that's not really an issue necessarily.

A national workers' party, if you will.

Are we sure this isn't an alternate history timeline and the current year isn't in fact 1933?


Oh please please please Kek let this become a reality. Iron Ann would make the media bend over and take it like the bitches they are.


Didn't those guys end up stabbing Antifa with their own knives not too long ago?


Yeah, what happened to those spirited lads?

Just like him "backing off" banning muslims when he's doubling down, this would work even better. They'll think he's capitulating, when the exact opposite is occurring.

The penis has been rinsed

I'm not sure what to think of Sengoku Reince. He seemed like Mr. Establishment Stooge in the beginning, but then when establishment republicans turned against Trump and demanded a new nominee he told them to eat shit, seemingly became 100% loyal to the God Emperor, and hasn't looked back.

That's tragic. But perhaps he won't need it if he's going to keep holding rallies. Instead of tweeting it out, he'll tell a cheering crowd of 30000 "Sweden is ruled by dummies! Terrible people, awful people. Made such bad deals. Let's rip them off."

Or maybe he just means he'll stay presidential on @POTUS, and keep @realdonaldtrump for shitposting.


The NSAWP is born

People forget that Trump has 40+ years of management experience, he knows how to get people to do his bidding and how to hold them accountable.


The kvetching begins

Press secretary will most likely be Hope Hicks

We'll all enjoy looking at her the next couple years



weeeeeeeew it's anuddah shoah

Oh boy.

Oy vey it's like anudda shoah

Apparently Reince and Bannon were such an effective partnership that Trump wanted to keep them close and working together.

man that didn't take long, also Trump statement said that Penis and Bannon have "equal power" of sorts.

Tapeworm really just needs someone to put him out of his misery

What a Beautiful Time to be Alive.

Creating a triumverate, perhaps?
Trump is settling into his role as Caesar nicely.


Shabbos goyim often hate their jewish masters, doesn't change that they're serving them.

They are up in arms


I very much look forward to seeing this Man's Work.


Don't be a retard. There's not even a remote possibility of that happening.

Oh lil Ben, so much hate in your……something jews have in the place of a heart. Imagine destroying your career for a cunt that won't even suck your dick and now this.

He is a yes man. Loyal to who ever is the boss, and Trump is the boss.

Trump is no fool and doesn't tolerate failures.

If Rinse Penis isn't working out, Trump won't hesitate to fire him.

I wonder what other kikes and neocons are gonna worm their way into power
This is disgusting

You know Trump made a great choice when the (((media))) starts kvetching like crazy.

What a QT.
Just imagine Bagging yourself a Traditional qt like that



For the cucks spamming "Milo for Press Sec".
He is not even a US citizen, he will NEVER get security clearance to work in WH.

Stop being so fucking retarded.

Rinsed Benis isn't a bad pick, He stuck with Don when everyone else in the republican party was plotting to steal the nomination from him.

I remember when everyone hated Pence and the concern shills were screaming "DRUMPF HAS BETRAYED US" over and over again. He turned out to be the best choice for VP and the dems had no file on him.



Pence does suck, because he's weak.

He caved on RFRA and left to his own devices he will cave.

Right, (((Sam))), because you wouldn't want anybody accused of anti-semitism and white nationalism anywhere near the new POTUS that you just spent a year calling Super KKK Double Hitler.


the Jews could have used Trump choice to divide his base, but noooo let's make they love it by screaming things they will approve.

And look how it's rewarded him.

Benis ran the fucking Party. Pepe needs him and Wojak to keep those cucks inline or they will just turn on him the whole time and blame Pussy grabbing.

How did he turn out to be the best choice for VP? Just the banning sodomy thing?

Agreed, Milo is definitely not happening. He can worship Trump from afar, and continue to be a spectacle on the side.
(If there's an ounce of business sense over at Comedy Central, they'd give Milo his own show in the slot following the Daily Show. Call it "The Right Answer" or somesuch, and have it be the exact same thing from a right-wing perspective. It would be a smash hit - and the prancing gay clown could gently spoonfeed right-wing ideas to normies the exact same way the Daily Show has for lefties all these years.)

As for press secretary, Ann Coulter also has close ties to Breitbart, and would be far less embarassing.

Yep, Obongo has had five different Chiefs of Staff so far. Presidents hire and fire them at will.

He had no weaknesses and was loyal. That's what you want in a VP.

So, is he still going to repeal O'niggercare and reinstate the bits that say healthcare until 26 and allow for preexisting condition or has he cucked out and will (((amend))) it? Don't want to make a thread on this because I know I'll get called a shill.

Gotta love the way when they're cornered and threatened that they push themselves closer to death.
All for future oppression points to opress the goyim with for 70 years.
But that won't happen this Time, since this is their final defeat.
There will be no single jew after this shoah.

Coulter was right: how many fucking Jews are in the US that we need fo fawn over them all the time?

In other news, Ben Garrison has been chosen as head of DHS.

Seems like this is the plan based on his statements, however keep in mind that the ACA is Congress' purview, so it's ultimately up to them. Trump will have the power to do a lot of things himself (especially immigration-related), but many of his other policies are going to require Congress to go along.

Not only is he loyal, he's been a good, calming, establishment-friendly "straight man" to make Trump seem less scary to the Republicans.
Ironically, he's also significantly MORE scary than Trump to the lefties, which dramatically decreases Trump's chances of being assassinated.

We'll find out tonight, probably - though given Trump's usual way of doing things, he might be A-B testing again. He's trying to find what solution will make most Americans happy and cause the least butthurt.
(Yes, the least. Sorry, he's trying to be president for all Americans now. Triggering cucks is a bonus, not the overall goal.)

i think this answers your question

Damn it, he should have picked Bannon.

Looks like Bannon is going to have equal power.

Honestly, Bannon's position will probably influence Trump's actions more than Chief of Staff.

Trump doesn't waste time.

Spent 100 million of his own money.

I came into this thread thinking "Libshits are going to start called him 'Rinsed Penis lol xD' on Twitter."

2017 is the new 1933. Kikes have fucked up really badly by doing to America everything they did to Wiemar Germany. America has a history of fighting tyranny with zeal and a population armed to the teeth to reflect that history. Kikes will wish the holocaust would have been real after realizing what is coming to them. They won't be able to run anywhere with the current level of technology.

Can you feel it, Holla Forums?
Feel it coming now?

I'm not surprised. Trump is keeping Reince close to keep an eye on him and balancing things out with Bannon.

Because Paul Ryan is still acting like a nitwit, I honestly think Trump brought Reince in so he can have an easier time getting Ryan tossed. This may have been part of the deal. Also, doesn't this open up the RNC chair position to someone more in-line with Trump's view?

Feels good.


This. Penis' role, ironically, is something like the shabbos goy. He can be used to work with the establishment guys who might be resistant to Trump's ideas.
"Here, you speak cuck, go among the cucks and make them do what I want."

Trump always said in his speeches that he'd destroy it "on day one".

How new are you? We've been calling him that since April.

Trump is not fucking around.

yes, and let their downfall be a lesson for ourselves.

Absolute power can make you feel overconfident and able to do as you please.
Let's not make 2044 the new 1960s. Let them win some minor battles, lulling them into inactivity. Slowly becoming more right-wing without noticing.

That's very good to see, if he is A B testing and does with "amend" people will be fucking pissed from the start.
Main reason I voted for him is because he wants to repeal niggercare as it's the only thing that truly affects my rural ass. City dwellers deserve the foreign hoardes imo, need to get uncucked somehow :^) always oust a traitor before an enemy, jimbo!



He went after Trump on that Khan sandnigger who was a veteran of 3 weeks.

if dubs bannon is press secretary

Exactly why we're seeing them more scared and desperate than ever.

according to legend, Kurt Godel found a hole in American constitution that would make it possible to instaurate a dictatorship.

Do you think the God Emperor has discovered it?

Back to reddit, kikes have enough victories throughout history. 2044 won't be 1960s because this time the final solution will be real, not be some made up bullshit made to guilt-trip whites. Not a single one will survive, no more tolerating them, no more expulsions of a parasite that always come back, no more Mr. nice guy. Kikes are gonna be removed from the gene pool for good. Not a single embryo containing a single Jew blood drop must survive.


dubs and Trump deports every single jew to Israel and then proceeds to nuke it out of existence

boy I have never stepped into that shithole. been on the chans since 2008. Respect your seniors.

And be more self conscious about your lack of temporal permanence. Absolute, permanent victories do not exist. Even the Roman Empire fell.


when will this cuck learn

The shills are back, can it be any more obvious?

this is a super cuck alert, I repeat a super cuck alert! avert your eyes and hide your wife.


I've been on cuckchan from 2006 to 2013 you newfag. Your PR cucking is exactly what has made kikes come back to shit on Europeans for over 2000 years now. No mercy to the scum of the Earth.

I guess he's asking to be reminded about his halfbreed grandchild. That cuck never learns to stop kicking hornet's nests.

It's really not that difficult, if there's a civil war you can suspend entire parts of the constitution. Abraham Lincoln was practically a dictator and the institutions were 100x stronger against executive abuse.

What constituents a civil war is very hard to define. Are these protestors an insurgent force? Yeah basically they are.

Shitty color combo tbh. So many better options for the coming MAGA death squads.

Why did no one think of this? Milo clearly perfect TV celebrity.

yep whatever you say. Luckily Trump is smarter than you, anyway.

Are there any American designers who aren't faggots that could create a line of badass uniforms for RWDS, kinda like Hugo Boss did for the SS?


Holla Forums seems to be full of retards that can't think strategically. You all claim to know "God Emperor", but it doesn't seem like you've learned anything form 18 months of watching him operate, learning about his 35 years of business performance, or even done the simple task of reading his books….

He's clearly setting the GOP up to be his bitch.
He's clearly making moves 10+ steps ahead.
Chief of Staff is a day-to-day operations post anyways, this lets the GOPtards think they have some power in the WH and Benis has been a GOP party goy for a long time, he knows where the bodies are buried. Bannon is clearly in a more important role, Benis is just the operations guy.

Christ, you NEET fucktards need to think this shit through before you start panicking and going all chicken little on us.

This is literally like when Bismarck adopted socialist reforms to gain the support of the socialists, or when Hitler gained the support of workers that were suffering under the Wiemar.
I am so fucking erect I think I might have to call a doctor.



100% this, have some faith in who he picks, he's been doing it with great success all his fucking life

don't forget he just won the fucking presidency with 0 experience in politics

Was thinking the same thing.

Kek what in the holy hell is that from?

You're correct, of course. However, I think it's less about the naive NEETs and more about the concern shilling kikes than anything.

Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism. Trumps grandchildren will be Jewish.

Wherever did Trump get this idea?


As much as I want to believe otherwise, Bannon is prolly the olive branch to the alt right to make them think they're still included. Priebus and Ryan will run the show from now on.

He's had many years experience in politics and networking. He confirmed himself to have been lobbying for a very long time before deciding to say fuck it and run for presidency. His networking abilities made it even easier for him to get the best advisers possible to structure his campaign.

Brown shirts are cool, but no red hats, the Jacobins were fags

Can the media please stop pushing this term? Given that we president now, it's hardly "alt" anymore.
Holla Forums is the New Right. The cuckservatives are now in the minority.

Yeah, because The Donald has spent the past 5 (at least) years planning his run and 18 months battling these fucking shabbos (Ryan until literally the last week.) just to give up and let them run the show…

Fuck off retard.

The only reason why Trump won was the national network that Reince built that had get out the vote operations in all the states Trump flipped.

I don't care about Reince's politics. He saw a way to win in 2016 and set it up since 2011. Once Trump won Reince also gave him his full support and didn't waver even during that pussy grab time like most cuckservatives did (almost like they planned it in advance).

Sometimes I'm surprised at how ignorant Holla Forums is of shit that happened just a few months ago

Other way around, Preibus is the song and game to get the cuckservatives to be his bitch for the next 8 years and put through everything he needs and wants, Bannon is the dog whistle to the alt-right Ledditors and by extension us that he still has OUR best interests in mind



No friend,'_Party

wtf im voting hillary now!

Trump is going to make Rinsed Penis into his bitch.


user's official proposal for a Trump party outfit

This. This is the role Reince has been playing thus far. Trump wouldn't keep him around unless he knew he could control him.

I like it.

The audacity! No American media outlet got shit on NK after this cycle.


Pence was a good choice for the debate, for appealing to the upper Midwest (which handed him the election), and the fact that he wasn't on anyone's radar - neither ours nor the DNC's (Wikileaks proves that).

And now he's the perfect choice to take up a do-nothing office. As long as Trump doesn't have three suicidal heart attacks to the back of the head.






I'm sorry user, but I think you dun goofed.

We need the US equivalent of Hugo Boss to design our uniforms.

Uniforms from the 40's were up there both in style and utility. Blend of the both perhaps?

He doesn't like Jews… OMG! What a horrible person!

Haha, I laughed out loud.

Well most people don't wear suits casually anymore, shame.

Form follows function, user. It's ((CURRENT YEAR)), we should be able to have both.

I agree partially, user. I like to wear mine from time to time, but even though it's tailored and all that, it's still pretty restrictive. And I'm afraid of dropping something on it when eating.

Michael Kors is probably the best American luxury designer.

But his mother's Jewish.

the (((fashion))) industry is infested with jews

I'm not that into fashion, but I like the look of jeans+tie without a jacket.
It gives off a very "everyman" vibe

Isn't Steve Bannon a jew?


Oh I know, I've got an old 44dot I wear around doing yardwork and other stuff.

Yeah, enough people do that look it becomes "fashion" but will probably be labeled as "fascist attire" by the liberals.

It makes me feel like I'm back in hipster land where that actually happens. No self respecting working man would wear a tie with jeans. Drop the tie and keep the top button unbuttoned and you get that look.

We run this board, wage slave. Stop trying to d/c.

I just want a uniform that I and everyone else can wear to the annual Trump rallies

I'd trust the dubs but Breitbart is pretty zionist. How do you know?

Your handwriting is too good, I don't trust you, user.

I'm not against that, just ties with jeans.

Ok, this assuaged my worries.

No shit, last time I wore my suit was at a funeral while it was raining heavily. I was afraid of ruining it by slipping into mud. the dumbasses who dug the hole had done a shit job and destroyed grass around the grave site so we were stepping in slippery mud when the coffin was put into it. That is not to mention the the one organizing the funeral procedures had the great idea of setting up the following meal at an Italian restaurant.

because i haven't found a single source that says he is, and i've found multiple articles saying he doesn't like jews

What is the source for this besides cuckchan?

Never trust on the internet. Its not mine. It just warmed my heart that some Bulgarianon actually wasted his own ballot, to know that he once voted for Trump! He has trully lived!

Ha, knew that you were a liar and a cheat!

Jews in education, entertainment, the press, politics, etc. spend every waking moment bashing whites & are shocked when ANYONE dislikes them.

The jew cries out as he strikes you.

Top kek

lol ikr. They could have shilled Pence and Bannon as pro-Jewish and it would have hurt him a lot more. they don't realize the base actually hates jews, because they think the base likes licking AIPACS ass. I think the pro-Israeli sentiment is only really in the GOPe.




Keep your friends course but enemies closer. Reince will be good at keeping Trump's people organized and will have all the lowdown on who is and is not loyal

And, there's any news about Giuliani? He can fix the nigger problem.

kek wills it

Won't this clear up the RNC chair as well? Bring in Reince, get a pro-Trump RNC head, dismiss Reince in 2 or so years


Want to bet that the US will get a woman president in 2024 after Trump finishes his term? She'll be a Republican. Imagine the leftist cognitive dissonance this would create. We are in for some crazy 8 years folks.


Surely you wouldn't rather have an UNrinsed penis?

What about a fucking $500+ suit jacket with jeans?

new old photo

That's a bad thing.

Trump shouldn't persuade Congress. He should beat them. Beat them until they beg for mercy, then beat them again.

Leave to Cruz.

I'm guessing he was trying to be "relateable"
Also it lets him hide the fact hes wearing boots with giant heels to combat his manletness.

Notice Bannon's name comes first. Reince is gonna be Bannon's little bitch boi.

Chief of Staff though is basically just manager of the White House staff's day-to-day activities. Bannon as Chief Strategist and Counselor will be the one crafting policies.

Nigger he needs them to carry out his plans. It's better for him to make petty concessions like this rather than compromise on crucial policies, or worse, having them deadlock him in congress like they did to obummer.
lrn 2 Realpolitik

He wasn't really anti-Trump but he didn't really stand up to them either, he was a gigantic pussy really, stuck between the Trump and GOPe. I think with Trump victorious, he'll heel like a good litle dog, but eh I still don't like him. However, with Bannon, I'm not worried about Reince.

That won't happen. It will probably be Laura Ingraham, maybe Ann Coulter who does pieces for Breitbart. I doubt Bannon takes Faglo seriously.

furthermore, Trump taking over the Republican Party is crucial, because the dems are falling apart and it would be better to have them as allies than enemies. Granted, he's no doubt going to slowly replace the cuckservatives and NeverTrumpers, but for now he has to deal with the cards he's been dealt.

Or something like that.

Effectively. Getting enemies to defeat themselves is the pinnacle of strategy.

That was state parties, if I recall, and Reince was too much of a coward to really lay the whip down on them.

fuck me, this is gonna be gud

Yes, that's very accurate, Reince is a great asskisser. And, as much as I don't like Reince, he seems like the kind of cuck who is a loyal dog when brought to heel by an alpha male.

And they will, once he beats them into submission. Start by throwing the entire Clinton family in jail. Then make an example out of Paul Ryan.

What's it like waking up from an eight year coma? Cuckservative Congress bent over backwards for Obama and gave him everything he demanded. Obamacare, TPP, amnesty, etc, etc.

Winners don't make concessions. Losers do. By acting as a loser, Trump is throwing away the greatest victory in election history.

Says the man that trusts lying traitors.

The corrupt GOP establishment just subdued Trump without a fight. Sad.

Priebus is harmless at worst. He endorsed Trump and maintained that endorsement all throughout the general.
If he can be used to make cuckservatives in congress play ball, I'm all for this.

Senior counselor for BANTZ

Based Bannon needs to get out for some exercise before he kicks the fuckin bucket.


Dubs speak the truth, too bad all of /fa/ is /fa/ggots

Don't forget New Balance and their support of Trump

They need to start making some good boots though

also replace with golden bowtie and it could work, wear tie with jeans just looks like shit.

fuck are you on about, they make great boots.
I wish they made better slip-ons / house shoes though because that's all I am missing in the footwear department.

I meant good as in fashionable, not quality

Good goy.

Those are pretty fashionable lad, they just aren't modern /fa/ggot shit. They look really good under wide-cut jeans.

Great. It's bad enough the establishment is back in power. Now the the fashion faggots and uniform Larpers are back.

That's why NB will be forever mid-tier. It's not like they are paying you to advertise their brand, so why bother when it just makes you look like the best kind of goyim?

Redwings are probably more up your alley. American made, pretty sure.

they do it for free, it's either /letfypol/ or the Ropeculture.fag guy

I want a fashionable yet usable boot like Dr. Martens but without their horrible "rebellious" ad campaigns. It would be nice to be able to support a company that is more like-minded politically

I've been wearing pic related everyday for about two years and they're still in great shape and look perfect when polished

Nice. I wear these myself; second pair, never had a complaint with them ever. Rocky makes good boots.

Breitbart just posted this:

Michael Savage Warns Donald Trump: ‘Rinse’ Reince; He’s ‘Everything the Voters Rejected’


Those both look very nice. Where can I find?

The one I posted is the Rocky Paratrooper Jump Boot. $144-ish I think on their site.


Made in USA boots - Red Wings, danner

Made in USA jeans - gusset, texas jeans, round house

Because they make high-quality products and price them reasonably, plus if you aren't modifying your garments to remove branding on NBs it's as simple as removing stitching you should just buy overpriced weimar tier shit.

Docs are neither fashionable nor usable though. bundeswehr or bust imo


I wouldn't call NB boots "high quality" by any means (I've only worn one pair though). Their target demographic prices them out of making proper boots and removing the branding doesn't change the fact that they put it there to begin with.

I'm looking at Redwings right now


Word on the grape vine is that Lewandowski is getting tapped for the top RNC job. That would give Trump full control over the RNC, with a guy who fucking hates the NeverTrumpers guts. This is a way of Preibus saving his skin (he could have been worse) while fucking over the likes of L. Graham, J. McCain, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and fucking Gaysick among others. This is a good thing goys.

My steeltoe workboots are Redwing. Very comfy and durable.

Name of the boots?

They look a bit like Asolos.

You're 100% right, in terms of boots they are very mid-tier their boots are more like hiking shoes. They do make high quality sneakers that don't look like they were tailor made for niggerballers and feel massively comfy on the feet.

Are there any skilled clothing designers these day or have they been driven out of the industry entirely by jews and faggots?


Danner boots are breddy gud. Magnum is great but the ones I've hard are pretty much disposable. 5.11 has really nice designs but I think they need materials that breathe better. The 2-way stretch fabric is fucking amazing though. More abrasion resistance and breathability and they'd be god-tier.

wew lads

No idea, user. I buy clothes maybe once a year at most and just get whatever's been marked down 50%+ at Macy's.

They're utilitarian for me for the most part; I'm not /fa/-thinking at all.

I mostly buy for function. I've been happy with Puma's athletic gear, not sure if they're run by kikes but their socks and underwear are top notch. I just keep an eye out for brands because my skin chafes really easily.

Back to Alt-Right

Trump intends to change the country but do it through congress so that his decisions can't be easily repealed after him on grounds like "he used executive actions to bypass the congress".

You know he has 5 children, right? Three of them will have Aryan children.

Trump fires people when they fail. He went through 3 campaign managers. He has a plan and we need to have a little faith. We will share our input with him and John Bolton is a fucking nightmare, but he's a really good manager.

You can rinse my benis anytime.

I have some new Balance sneakers and they are comfy. Word on the net is that Russian hooligans wear them because the N is code for Nazi so might be more dogwhistling around Trump.