Best of TYT election stream

Thank you! to the glorious faggot who made this. i was watching the metostream and missed out on this. HOLY SHIT this is fucking GOLD you have to see this.

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top kek. I see cenk is still butthurt about the RNC

Absolutely fantastic.
Seeing cenk so assmad is more satisfying than I could have ever imagined.


Knowing the outcome made watching the msnbc footage much more pleasurable as well. On top of the world in beginning, then a rapid decline to an hero.


>The struggle between the two groups of Young Turks ended in January 1913, when the top leadership of the CUP seized personal power from Freedom and Accord in the Raid on the Sublime Porte. The subsequent CUP-led government was headed by interior minister and Grand Vizier Talaat Pasha. Working with him were war minister Enver Pasha and naval minister Djemal Pasha. These "Three Pashas", as they came to be known, exercised absolute control over the Ottoman Empire from 1913 to 1918, bringing the country closer to Germany, signing the Ottoman–German Alliance to enter the Empire into World War I on the side of the Central Powers,[6][7][8] and carrying out the Armenian Genocide.[9] Following the war, the struggle between the two groups of Young Turks revived, Freedom and Accord Party regaining the control of the Ottoman government and Three Pashas fleeing into exile. Freedom and Accord rule was short lived, however, and the empire soon collapsed.



This is great.



Watched this live alongside the metocast.
Had to close down on Jim to fully absorb the salt.

- an obvious nigger

When i saw in the chat that Cenk was crying, i hussled to get to their stream but i missed it, It wasnt included now either - but who the fuck cares. this felt SO fucking good.

Watching now.
Did they do any super cuts of the Jews and other guests mispronouncing Cenks name?

Everyone kept stuttering and calling him "Jenk" and "Jank" and shit, it was hilarious.

Trump supporters are fucking idiots.

This only fuels my smugness

How about no? i can understand him to a degree. but its obvious he didnt think his decision through before casting his ballot.

fuck off

Yessssss I was waiting for someone to do this so that I didn't have to wade through their disgusting channel. Thanks for bringing this to our attention op!

Thanks for sharing this OP, it felt great watching these smug liberal cunts getting their just deserts.

(((David Pakman)))

Fuck off.


First of all her wasn't. And even if that were true, why would it matter? Obama was endorsed by Communist Party USA and The Nation of Islam. Does that mean Obama supports their views. Fucking retard.

wew lad

*he wasn't

Are there any more where you get to see the best part which was the fucking chat?


White cuck faggot saying Hillary was going to have 320 electoral votes. MY FUCKING GOD THE DELUSION,

Cenk on the other hand when i rewatched it - Was chimping out more on the Media and the DNC than Trump himself. Quite amusing to say the least

I'm dying here, user. The background music makes it much sweeter.

I think you'll find that we can.

I love this excuse.

This vid is a goddamn salt mine, user. Bless you for linking it.

That first picture fucking KILLS me, user.

Fucking brilliant, god bless those shitposters.

THANK YOU! hahaha Legendary

Good stuff OP

by the way, after the election was over I went back and watched the Drunken Peasant's coverage of the night (first time I've given those degenerates a watch in over a year) and I have to say that it was immensely satisfying. They spent the first few hours talking shit about the God Emperor's chances, and the last few hours bending the knee.

"One time I wound up a bowling ball and accidentally hit a child in the face" - Token Armenian Woman

Can we meme her into the Bowling ball Beaner?

Any anons have a video of the Infowars stream during the election? Like the highlights, sort of an inverse video of the one in the OP where they start concerned and get more smug as the night goes on?

Wew lads. And they were such rays of fucking sunshine before this.

no more mr nice goy

I just need a webm of Jones saying, "Who brought them TV's, bitch??"

That's a really noice idea, I think I'm OD'ing on salt and now I need some comfy smugness.

Closest thing I've found is just a recording of the entire Infowars Election Stream.

Hop to around 1:50:00-ish for stuff to start getting fun.

That Spanish woman is a literal child. The guy is listing serious power brokers who attempted to help the Clinton campaign. She chimes in, "Even Jay-Z tried to help her."

But sjw nonsense disallows any of them pointing out what an obvious incompetent she is. Leftists always lose because they condition themselves to actively deny reality, even when it's sitting right there in front of their faces.


Cenk even attacked the CNN saying they are not biased enough and should be heavy handed 10:38

Also check 2:26

Look for the 10:10 mark. He doesn't shed the tear, but blinks a lot and his voice breaks as he readies his anus.



you have to go back


this is great hahahahaha

That whole stream recording is great from start to finish but just start around 5:30:00 to get the Trump speech and see Alex go full smug.

Holla Forums is always right faggots!


Of course, user. Seeing them drink champagne during the stream was amazing and I was sad I didn't catch it live.

Now, to rewatch the video in the OP again to lap up the tears from TYT.


Near the end when Trump is doing victory speech.

Unrelated but does Roger Stone have Parkinsons? Kinds looks like it in his facial expressions early on in that stream and his hand movements.

Wow, the sandnigger actually said that.

Cenk confirmed for mid-life crisis and will be brought up on charges of aggravated assault when Congress gets even more red in 2 years

That webm is gold, Jerry.

10/10 vid, the transition from liberal smug to salt we've been experiencing in this past year is what makes life worth living.