Britain to Tell Trump: Forget Islamic State, Depose Assad Instead

So after 70+ years of reigning terror on Europe, the Americans are FINALLY beginning to rectify some of the mistakes they made, and how does the UK respond in return? They attack them for daring to go against the pro-white genocide agenda.

Britkikes, not even once.

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War for independence reboot when?


Why does the UK still think they are relevant to anything? They stopped being a great power how many decades ago now?

Is it safe to say that Britons and Americans have contributed more to the white genocide project than the Jews themselves?

Nice try, D&C shill - but be less obvious next time. Back to shilling school for you, Shlomo.



Brought your shills friends too huh? Reported.

Calm down

I think by now Trump knows to have his new friend Farage to advise him instead.
The UK government is dominated by cucks, Jews, shitskins and pedo's, we still have our own purge to start here, but at the very least the anti-globalists in our nations are working together and trust eachother.

More d&c

Blaming Britain for these things is like blaming the US for these same things. It's the ZOGs, not the people.

dont take things so personally, you fucking baby

Who's up for a rematch of 1812? The Constitution is still in commission; she'll put your britkike fleet on the run again in no time.


tbh he's probably just gonna treat Farage as Britain's representative

He's right though. Anglos are as bad as the Jews. They've very happily served the Jew for 500 years, fully knowing the entire time what would happen as a result.

The real question is. Where does a Jew end and an Anglo begins?


Donald Trump to Britain's Foreign Office: lolno

crop out zuma if you want to be taken seriously

Xi is crushing the stereotype of asians being manlets.

For a second I thought you were talking about a tranny snowflake.

I hope that image is a troll because pretty much everything it says hurts me personally

The British people are good
It is the people who rule over them that are terrible, and it has been that way since Cromwell

good luck

Try it you fat fuck

Instead of coming online and LARPing about a war that happened 200 years ago, ACTUALLY do something about it

So charming, O.P. The word that you used is really so nice, so very charming. You really know how to pick the right one to use.


This word you used is so charming, user. I want you to know that.

This means nothing and this thread is 4cuck tier.
The Election Is Over
Remove Plebbit and Halfchan

Putin's face on that pic makes it seems like he's annoyed by having to hold a nigger and a chink's hand.

Considering the others are manlets too it isn't much of an accomplishment, Xi is 5'11", Putin is said to be 5'7" yet some say he inflates it because according to Russians no-one is supposed to be taller than the President. Funny thing about Russian leaders' height: Stalin was 5'5"


where the nose stops and the teeth rot

Like we have to listen to them? Nope, I love how Trump has a cordial relationship with Farage and I hope that continues as Trump tries to uncuck Europe's mess.

Good luck with that you fat faggot.

Yeah we know british politicians are weak minded and are not true to their words,but i don't see why you shills here bring up 1 year old articles.
They will bend the knee,UK is a lapdog at best.

Yes, the US is still a superpower. It is the sole remaining superpower in fact. It is the only country capable of projecting forces anywhere on the planet.

China and Russia are nowhere neat that. They are regional power, They are also dysfunctional shitholes, economically speaking, with some areas of both China dn Russia being stuck in the 18th century, development-wise.

India, Brazil, and South Africa are meme countries. Complete jokes. They're not even regional powers.

TL;DR shitpost/10

d & c

You mean the war where you had your shit royally kicked in by A Fucking Leaf?

Go be raped by a mussulman, limey.

top lel

kys, you've fallen for the East vs. West narrative

they burned the white house to the ground and captured most the US.

It's amazing that people still try and claim 1812 as a victory for the bongs

Er straffe Es

I'm not even a bong you dingus

You are literally this retarded.

Enjoy being raped to death, teasipper.

Kikes btfo. This is just a show for the plebs so that they don't look absolutely retarded when Trump makes Syria great again.

The US has almost no military accomplishments of its own showing up late to 2 wars and then loosing horribly to Vietnamese rice farmers a Afghani goat herders isnt something to be proud of.

try again bucko

Afghanistan is the grave of empires, no wonder they lost

Afghani goat herders are no joking matter. The Soviets couldn't beat them either.

Afghani goat herders are no joking matter. The Soviets couldn't beat them either.

im not a brit but burgers bragging about military history is pretty fuckin gay you havent done much of anything


I have no doubt Afghanistan is a bitch to hold but unless you manage to hold it you dont get to brag about it

checked, but we also haven't been around for even 300 years yet.

Holy lel I bet you actually believe this even though you just pulled it out of your ass. The American navy consisted of a measly six frigates at the time. Britain only ever beat one of them, and that's only because it had a new and inexperienced captain. The British navy literally put out a general order to avoid combat with our frigates because we were kicking your shit in so hard.

But okay, let's pretend like that wasn't a complete and total humiliation for britroaches.

Op is right; UK needs to get its shit together, but until then it's occupied territory and an enemy.

The eternal anglo-kike strikes again

for life

Putin himself even says that the US is the only superpower.

Et Tu Britbongs?

Do you even logic?

quebecians > anglo canucks tbh


So elephant in the room, what happens when the alphabets get him behind closed doors and confirm ISIS is a fraud, a fake terror group created by the west as a pretext to depose middle eastern governments?

Because Trump's approaching this as though the psy ops being fed to the american people by the zog are true. What happens when he finds out though I kinda suspect he already knows, he's just calling their bluff they're not.

anybody here remember the old "cockroach britian" meme from KC?

I keep fucking saying this. Stop listening to britfags on here shitting on Scottish Nationalists. The UK is ground fucking zero of the kike plot. It was set up by the Stewarts - Cohens who adopted their job title of royal stewards as their surname before taking over from Robert de Brus (another Norman-Jew).

Templars - kikes
Masons - kikes
UK - kikes
FED - kikes i.e. USA - kikes

If anons want to take down the kikes, we take out kike central. No, not Israel you daft cunt. The refuge of The City.

I'm fucking sick of fellow anons claiming to be national socialists while they get shilled by fucking brit-tards from Scotland trying to cling on to the teat of more green and pleasant lands. The UK is a unitary state comprised of 2 nations, a principality and a protectorate - it's not a fucking nation. England is a fucking nation!!!

The Germans had an old saying about Scotchmen and Jews. Fucking learn it. These fucking Scotchmen have been lording it over England for 300 years. A nation of 5m and look how many fucking PM's they've had. Blair, Cameron, and Brown are just the most recent.

Fuck all UK shills. If we could vote those cunts out, we'd be like rats in a fucking drainpipe trying to get into the voting booths.

Oh shock horror, we have neocons too, I guess I need to up sticks to Tel Aviv then…

I really don't know why the "eternal anglo" meme is so prevalent, but I'm guessing it's an attempt to drive a wedge between Brexit and Trump.

True. The more you look into the City of London, the more you realize it's Tel Aviv North and cranked up to 11

What horrible allies.

Read Suicide Note. It goes deep into the peculiarities of the Anglo world and theorizes tat leftism has cropped up as a misdirected expression of racial hostilities that no longer quite apply.

Okay. I hate my country now. I am a traitor. My country has been supporting Islamic 'civillisation' and Islamic terrorism since the 'great' game against the Russians in the 19th Century. Seriously, fuck this country, we truly deserve our fate.

Britwats mush be mentally retarded.

Dispose of Assad and who do you think will step in?

You're basically making the same mistake as disposing Saddam, the only person keeping islamic extremism out of Iraq.

It seems that with modern "democracies", what the people truly want only influences what is actually done when the situation is so absolutely unbearable that the people have no choice but to force the issue. How can the west expect to survive when it has to push itself to the brink of collapse every time it wants to actually get something done?

Don't make the mistake of thinking us Brits are OK with this.

The woman in charge at the moment is clear establishment plant whose task is to obfuscate Brexit while dispensing soothing rhetoric to the right-wing.

She has to go.

Hi Chaim. You should be looking for a new job now Soros has a price on his head.

They control us through their city of London and committee of 300. Rothschilds too. They dictate it all. To undermine and stagnate and fuck up America at every chance.

Tiny Island of Cuckolds To Queerly Lisp in the Direction of God Emperor of America Donald J. Trump: Islam Is Peace Bro, Fuck With Russia



Nah SNP are just as bad wants to jump in bed with the EU and swamp Scotland with muds just as bad as Anglos

Just a bunch of porridge kikes


So, any critique ever is D&C, even if it's something like OPs topic?

BoJo Nooooo! Don't let Mrs. 1984 push you around!

They need to learn their place. This isn't the 19th century. British are our vassals and will do what we say or get fucked.

Speaking of Britain. Brexit is still a thing right? Please don't crush my Farage-fueled hopes

Underrated post

Anyone who learned history could see this!
Just check the archaeological expeditions in the late 1800 and early 1900. Check their missions, interest, and destinations.
And finally, check their founders, and their aftermath!

Everything what you found will lead to one thing: Israel

England literally spent billions and billions into to make them legit and reason to exist.
The holohoax is just the cherry on the top!

Parliament is trying to stop it, we always knew parliament was against it and that would be the biggest constitutional crisis most of have ever seen though. In all likelihood it's just going to take some time, elected officials tend not to fuck around too much on hot issues, the more they distance from the event and hope the brexiteers calm down over time the closer we get to the next election time.

Fucks sake!

False. Templars were Nazis.

Open your ass for a nigger, limey.

They're not retarded, it has always been in the british interest (and indeed british policy) to cause as much strife and chaos in europe and asia as possible.

Why? 2 reasons, both having to do with britains thalassocratic nature.

1. to hinder continental alliances from forming (remember, britain is a tiny island).

2. if europeans/asians are constantly at each others respective throats, they will concentrate on their land forces while neglecting their naval forces (thus, the royal navy can comfortably rule the seas or at least could until the rise of the US).


Original ones, yes. Later groups calling themselves like that - no.

Fuck off, britkike.

It's fairly obvious that Theresa May, like most of the Cuckservative Party, is nothing other than a NWO globalist shill.

your country, or your kike-owned puppet govt?
don't lose hope.

what a bunch of fucking morons

I have no idea what the next GE is going to look like neither the Tories or Labour have a hope in hell of winning if Brexit gets ignored. Even if Brexit is followed a Tory majority isn't assured.

britain was smart enough to vote for brexit but not for ukip

they deserve their horrible fate for not listening to farage

never go full retard


Fuck off, don't shit on our unity. This is what the Jews want - to balkanise countries as much as possible, that makes them easier to control.

I agree on the City, though. The Jews need to be driven out - they have occupied us for too long. It was Cromwell, not the Stuarts that invited them back into England, and Charles II cucked out by not sending them back. James II Stuart was then deposed in the supposed 'Glorious Revolution' and replaced by Dutchman Willem van Oranje. Before they were in the City, the Jews were in Amsterdam. William III, as we know him, signified their shift from Amsterdam to the City. TL;DR, don't blame the Stuarts (entirely).

We should focus on driving out the Jews and their lackeys, not by shitting on the people themselves in general, as that only serves to d&c. Yes, we are ground zero of the Jewish plot, but the focus needs to be on driving out the Jews, and not spending our time arguing how Brits are awful because our government is shit. You could easily say the same for America.

p.s You're right about the Templars, they were the forerunners of the Masons.

They got a lot of votes, blame our shitty electoral system.

Boer War was inexcusable. I do apologise, but we shouldn't let this divide us at a time when we need to stand together.


Whilst I do not fully agree with what you say (for instance the SNP are currently trying to get more shitskins into scotland because they believe DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH! whilst undermining everything English people want because they hate the English and little else); the City does need to be burned down. There's nothing redeeming about it anymore; just be done with it.

Also we need an Anglo-Saxon Monarch again. Foreigners cannot be trusted.

It's the eternally cursed, God-fucked Jews subverting people again.
They are soon to be lumped in with ISIS.

Yeah good luck convincing them of shit. The only person Trump is going to listen to from bongland is probably Farage.







Britain was the vector by which America was infected in the first place when the kike-riddled elite of Britain began to intermingle with the rising WASPs of the east coast. Trump is a significant break from that nasty little extended family and so they are desperate to try to keep control.

40% of the vote at the last general election. Got fucked out of having anything but one seat in Parliament thanks to our retarded electoral system.

No wonder the establishment here has never moved to proportional representation like the rest of Europe. They know they can only hold power by dividing the country up disproportionally and allowing goyhives like Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, London etc to hold all the power.