Ok guys, this isn't your average no-name shitskin libcuck on Twitter. MATT HARRIGAN is the CEO of PacketSled and Critical Assets and a board member for OWASP. He was president of NSS Labs and Trustwave back in the day. He's very well known in the computer security industry, and is the Director of the non-profit San Diego SDCCOE (Cyber Center of Excellence which is like InfraGuard) which I'm sure will not appreciate his public comments to assassinate Trump. SDCCOE is affiliated with a lot of DoD and financial companies. He's created several successful start-up companies, and he's a millionaire. Since he has money and connections, he has the means and motive to act on his very specific threat.

He also has connections to people in the Federal Government and the intelligence community. In fact, just the other day he met with Former CIA Director Jim Woosley.

Let's make an example out of this faggot. Report him to the FBI and secret service, email SDCCOE and ask them to fire him. Let's get his Federal and DoD security contracts canceled. We could probably even get the media to report on his assassination attempt since he's the CEO of a large company.

The threats were posted to FB and restricted to friends only. You will need to be friends with him to see them.

https:// www.
https: //

Other urls found in this thread:


It's fucking nothing

Here he is meeting with former CIA director Jim Woosley.

You better have made some fucking archives of this shit, OP…

Nice investors he has there. It would be a shame if someone were to contact them.

If liberals get Trump, Pence will be president.

They hate Trump, but Pence will go Deus Vult on them.

Aaaand if you doubted this was real, I tweeted about the threat to PacketSled and they blocked me.

CTR why are you still shilling? Why are you working for free?

"Assassination attempts" are a red herring. No one actually planning to do it will post about it on social networks, especially not someone who is a CEO of some company.

Kikes love having their appointed dictators fake assassination attempts lately, so forcing this shit is not really helping Trump.

No archive = no evidence.

Facebook is a behind a login you autist fucks.

You seem to be under the delusion that we're dealing with a brilliant man capable of exerting self-control.

We need to make an example of him. This guy is rich enough with CIA connections that the secret service will crucify him.

It's a guaranteed investigation by the Secret Service. Are you new?

Thread already exists,lurk moar.

There is already a thread about this, you nigger. Check the fucking catalog.

It has typos in the title, no one read it, and it was dead and buried until one of you faggots bumped it. Also, no one actually contacted the authorities in that thread. This one is a fresh start, and here you niggers are shitting it up.

He was very specific with his threat. Those are the typos the secret service takes extra seriously.

double posting is against rules,learn to assimilate you nigger faggot.Don't shit the catalog this isn't cuckchan.

Don't you have better evidence than some shit screenshots anyone could fake?

How many times do I have to tell you niggers that FB is behind a login.

Well you aren't providing enough proof. Just report this guy to the secret service,

I provided fucking screenshots you faggot autist.

If you don't believe me, tweet the company on Twitter and get blocked. Add the faggot as a friend on FB and view the post yourself.

He didn't even imply it, he clearly stated the intention. I doubt a man of such standing is this stupid, we are not talking about some random Mexican or feminist. He is even baiting them kek.

That's true, and it warrants a certain investigation according to US law if i'm not mistaken. That still doesn't mean he was actually planning to do it.

Don't scan me FBI, i dindu nuffin :DD

Report it to the fucking FBI.

Send the urls where he made the threats to the SS and FBI
You can find them on the internet.

Reported and the FBI investigated him yesterday. They took him out to lunch. He got off scot free.

This is why we need to get more publicity on this. Get his investors to pull out of his company..

Hey, does the background image with the curved lines and symbols and numbers,look like a diagram of the minite man intercontinental nuclear wepon releasing its payload onto multiple cities?

That is what im seeing

Perhaps, but he will restore the ((((((((establishment)))))))))

I see some triangles

Those are not proofs OP provide something proper.

Muhammed was a pedophile rapist faggot shitskin, and so are you Muhammed.

Don't forget a thief and a liar too. Even the rock at Mecca they circle around, was stolen from the local temple.

sage for duplicate thread over a tiny issue

Report to Secret Service

Ok, any of you fucks that doubted this was real, here's your proof. He's attempting damage control on both Twitter and the PacketSled website.


How much to crowdfund for his head? Place you bets folks, when will a desperate Holla Forumsack will ISIS him on camera for a few buttshekels.

Throw yourself off the nearest multistory building, kike.

So when he gets ventilated, the culprit can state it was a prank? Good to know.

His apology does not seem sincere to me. He must pay.


Learn to read, you absolute fucking retard.

Which archive works around, you stupid fuck

Tweet his investors:

This is his wife, Regina Harrigan, if it helps for those trying to dox.

Is not a valid defense. He went so far to state how he would do it, creating a precedent for intent.



FYI one of his investors is JHS Ventures, and it's a Pakistani firm. Does this guy have ties to terrorists?

He just deleted his apology statement, it 404s now, oh shit.

Archive of his tweet with the link to his apology and the replies, before he deletes his tweet too.

Dat anglo-celtic phenotype




His company's rating is down to 1 start and people are hammering him the comments.

it's just the usual jidf now. ctr is gone.

I just gave all his competitors a heads up on Twitter.

kill yourself fag



saging this thread (the more popular, gaining more attention, and being taken more seriously) because another thread exists and soon wont.
please die

fucked hard

what's the source of that pic? Might enjoy the full painting.

Nice to see sweet justice being dispensed. Libcucks very rarely feel the consequences of their actions.

Dubs you scamp, you make us proud lad, kek.

They wouldn't try to pull this off would they,
They do know what would happen if they did this right?
it is always some no name shit that does shit like this
slight concern

Trump and Americans just bitch slapped the kike " global elite". They will without doubt try to kill him same way they did JFK. Once they lose control of something the immediate jew response is to Shut It Down.I think Trump knows about jewry and will take precautions, he doesn't seem to be the type to underestimate his enemies.

There's a reason why Trump got Pence as VP, he's playing 16D chess. Kikes wouldn't dare to assassinate him.

Even if it weren't false, why not?

They already use my tax dollars to kill children. Why can't they use my tax dollars to cure faggotry?

He only supported the funding of AIDS victims (both heterosexual and homosexual) who were willing to change their sexual behavior, likely to discourage them from fucking more.

However, the MSM distorted his words and claimed that Mike "AC/DC Makes Queers Go Squeaky" Pence wanted to electrocute fags. When in reality, electrocution was never used in gay conversion therapy. It was used in aversion therapy until 1973.

When you describe conversion therapy like that you make it sound fucking awesome.

Mike "the anti-kike" Pence

Someone on Twitter has linked his investor Blu Ventures with the CIA / Clinton. Trying to find the tweet again to post here.

His company is getting fucking crucified on kikebook.

Hes fucking shitting his pants

Sick of this pathetic excuse after some faggot leftist gets caught trying to incite violence

Search APN 3011022600

Grantor Harrigan Regina
grentee harrigan mathew G
record date 1/14/2013
doc type DEED

to buy it apparently you need to be a county registered agent. too much info they want so someone else can do it.

It's only $4



Doesn't mean we shouldn't get the SS to take him in.

One of his investment firms is from Pakistan and has ties to Islamic terrorism.

Turns out one of his investors is a Pakistani firm with ties to Islamic terrorism.

He's been placed on administrative leave. I doubt this is sincere though, he probably made that post himself and is sitting at home laughing.

hahah fucking rekt m8
/k/ terrorist strike: virtual edititon

Bump for justice

somebody make sure this guy is actually out as CEO

He has not been fired.
He has not been arrested.
He has suffered zero consequences.

He's been shitposting about Pokemon all day on Twitter. This guy is treating his administrative leave as a vacation.

He's not regretful.
He's not sorry.

I bet his CIA buddies got him off the hook.

Looks like the faggot made the local news.



He has now

I'm sure everyone has heard by now that Matt Harrigan, CEO of PacketSled, has resigned for threatening Trump.



I work in the same industry and run in the same circles as Matt. I believe his threat was sincere, and I'm here to drop some information that autists may be interested in. I'm dumping this info because I'm afraid if not Matt, then someone else connected to him, may try to assassinate Trump.

First of all, his full name is Matthew Brian Harrigan and he owns 80% of PacketSled. He is personal friends with every member of the board of directions, and the resignation is simply for show. The company publicly disavowed Matt but he gets to keep his share in the company. In reality, there's no change, except he just has less work. Matt has numerous connections to the intelligence community and high level people have visited the PacketSled office regularly. Several Turkish speaking people have visited even more often, I'll get to this later. PacketSled's largest customers are the city of San Diego (which has refused to cancel their relationship) and the Department of Defense. You don't get DoD contracts and visit the Pentagon without connections.

I want to draw your attention to Matt's other company, Critical Assets, which is located in the same exact building (basement) as PacketSled.

PacketSled: 1104 Camino Del Mar #101, Del Mar, CA 92014, USA
Critical Assets: 1104 Camino Del Mar #101, Del Mar, CA 92014

If you watch yesterday's ABC 10 (San Diego) local news, you'll see they actually attempted to go to his office. You will notice the reporter standing right next to a Critical Assets sign.

http:/ /

Here's the contents of the Ripoff Report:

It's been known for a long time in this industry that Matt is an intelligence asset. Check attached screenshot for proof of his visit to the Whitehouse on 04/16/2015.

Now, you might be asking yourself which agency Matt is associated with. There's a reason he was able to rub shoulders with former CIA Director Jim Woolsey. In intelligence circles it's common knowledge that the CIA despises Trump because the CIA is fully in the pocket of the (((establishment))) and (((globalists))). They run drugs, they fund terror, they encourage rapefugees to go to Europe, they destablize nationalist governments. This is what has me scared, that Jim Woolsey may become Trump's national security advisor. WE HAVE TO PREVENT THIS AT ALL COSTS. Jim Woolsey's patsy Harrigan has been exposed due to his stupidity, but he will find another patsy and place him close to Trump.


Board of Directors for Packe Sled:

One of the more interesting board members is Taner Halicioglu (Turkish). He's a close personal friend of Matt's and Taner spends an inordinate amount of time at PacketSled. Taner Halicioglu also heads Keshif Ventures which contributed $2,400,000 seed funding to PacketSled on October 15th, 2013 and $5,000,000 of Series A funding on Aug 1, 2016. Strangely, @keshifventures disabled their Twitter account Sunday afternoon when the news about Matt first broke. Why would an investment firm disable their Twitter if they weren't hiding something?

Who is Taner Halicioglu (Halıcıoğlu)? Taner Halicioglu was Facebook's (CIA datamining comany) first "real" employee outside of the founders. He built out the entire initial hardware infrastructure.



Note the SJW posts, oil & gas posts, Turkey posts..

Teaches Computer Operations and Production Engineering at UCSD.

When he's not teaching, Taner regularly travels to Turkey, where he has a home near the Turkey / Syrian border.

So Taner Halicioglu is on the Board of Directors for PacketSled and has contributed $7,400,000 in funding via his investment firm Keshif Ventures. What else does Keshif Ventures invest in?

Widescale datamining and processing, think Palantir.

They're building a location stack for iOS and Android that delivers more accuracy and power efficiency, i.e. will run when phone is off. Wants to power location for 1 billion devices.

Keshif Ventures is a CIA front company that invests in technology the CIA finds useful.

The other major investor in PacketSled is JHS Venture, a Lahore, Pakistan based firm with very little social media presence. Their major partner and primary capital depositor is Fazal Textiles. In addition to Textiles they're also involved in the Pakistani fertilizer industry (used for bombs). See the NYT article for a discussion on how the textiles and fertilizer industry is tied to Islamic terrorism. The CIA runs numerous front companies in Pakistan to launder terrorist funds and to supply bomb-making material to Islamic terrorists.


Shill gonna shill.

Wrong. People do stuff they talk about online all the time.

Besides, it's not just about that. If you let people talk about these things and encourage the assassination of a president, eventually some whack job will try it. In fact, that's the reason they are talking about it at all. Because they want it to happen.


Literally every single retard who utters the word "sniper rifle" cant shoot for shit. I doubt it can even comprehend the real job of a sniper.

Email campaign?


Mods please sticky.


It's raining anons, it's raining FROGS! FROGS!

Kek, Pecketsled BTFO

I suspect he's acting as a lure for potential would be assassins, to nip their ideas in the bud.

Report to Secret Service and the Weasel League(fbi).



Requesting mod sticky.

bumping this thread
report the thread for a sticky

Can someone post the attached screenshot on cuckchan? Maybe we can get some interest on cuckchan since this place is dead and mods refuse to sticky.

Holy fucking shit.

Man, if there's a chance he starts doing real good and pissing off the right people/factions, he might get Kennedyed in broad daylight.
JFK had the CIA, military-industrial complex, his political oponents, the Federal Reserve, and god knows what other secret society mad at him for fucking up their shit.
Watch the yt vids 'Nazis won the war'. Man a bunch of these different fuckers had a party before and after the assassination. HW Bush was there.

Trump's ascendency was in large part a military coup. He has enough people on his side to prevent being JFK'd, and even normies are keeping their eyes wide open for anything suspect.

Oh, so that's why that always seems to be such a shady business even though it seems innocuous.

It's funny how their arrogance causes their loss.
They don't have to put that on facebook.
They don't have to tell everyone what they're doing.
But they want to, they want that precious attention and upvote.

preteen collections sets photo & video:


FBI, twf no gf!

Can you report i to the Trump campaign and secret services involved in His safety?
Have doubts about the FBI dealing with that scumbag on its own.

Ok before I submit a tip, who in here has already done so?
Who has already contacted the SS?
(it felt good typing that one)

Why this is stickied? I saw this guy getting fired yesterday. Does he and his family need few pizzae?

What the fuck happened past 6-9 hours?

Not saging because sage on a sticky is fucking pointless

This made my morning.

Fucking comedy gold.

Yes that's right folks. This is the daily "encourage users to contact the government thread".

Nice honeypot.
Very low energy

Ok that's amazing.

Also you missed these great ones:

Too little, too let, let's get his investors


B-but we never killed an elected president

Is he a moron or a sadist?

Oh fuck it's happening. People are waking up to this guy.

That's not a home.
That's a supply route.

What if that is the plan to discredit anything left of the West? The counterpart Retardslam isn't better in any way. Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis…? I mean it would be slam dunk for the World-ZOG, Leftists, Republicanism and conservative Christians hated in one move.

He still may have connections that are a legitimate threat.

Zuckerburg is implementing a plan I think.

He is brave. Too brave.

Can I have that funny skull in original, pretty please?

I smell stupidity in this ring..

Definitely this.

Guys.. is this really legitimate?

Oy vey! It was only real in his head! You want to take him down because of some thought crime? What are you, a communist?

Pretty much everyone educated in neuroscience, geneology, and psychology (to a very certain extent) will agree that there is homosexuality is not something you are "born with", but something you develop. There is even enough knowledge within virology to hypothesize that homosexuality is a disease caused by an undiscovered pathogen, which would explain why the warm and humid west coast is festering with faggots.


If I were a mod, I would z-line all first posts.


That is exactly why there are no legal consequences, but commercial. And commercial consequences are sometimes more severe, as no one can be forced to do business with you, but a lawyer wielding CEO can get out of legal prosecution quickly.
I am all for exposing such behavior in its tracks. Once the windows of common decency are broken, what else holds the common niggers back to do the same thing, but not only advertising Killing Lincoln (TM), but actually doing it?

No it most certainly is not.
There will be attempts and we need to find where.

Jesus fucking christ.


Then why do most fags look off? The attendees of leftie/faggy events really have a certain look. Soft contours, almost every time higher voices, even jumpy voices are the norm. The problem is that you can't discern if that is because they prefer generally those traits or if those traits come with fagginess. The substrate is genetic, but the expression is highly socialized imo. And for the climate, well fags are low energy, they hate being in the cold. Last I heard Murmansk is going all out rwds, but Sochi isn't.
Or it is true, Miami, Brazil and Thailand do sometimes have a slightly humid weather after all, don't they.

Smart man. I can see how he became a CEO.

So a kind of silent SMS but for the Internet?

Potent and reproducible. Our enemies can be terrorized with the same threat to their income as they leveraged over us.

it's government front, i doubt they will lose any contracts that actually matter

We really are the Sweden of southamerica

Also the same riots happened when our current president got elected, they will get bored in a few weeks

Were your riots funded by the same person who funded the Ukrainian riots?

I remember that they were fucked on the international money markets after 2008 and they probably didn't need any heavy lifting like
Brazils ousting of Dilma smells more like (((foreign involvement))) and even our journalists were a little bit puzzled and embarrassed to explain.

t. Swiss with no ties or knowledge beyond news at 11 about SA.

At the very least he needs a visit from the Secret Service, and a couple uncomfy nights in a holding cell.


(I would but I'm not in the United States)

…It's the government contract he should be worried about losing.

The assumption is that surely at least one of us was sensible enough to file an actual report.

He's been fired.

Shouldn't this be unstickied now?

I still want to see him cuffed and stuffed tbh fam

Whoever it was that created a thread on the Donald subreddit with Holla Forums in the fucking title AND hotlinking to this thread

Go fuck yourself - you ruined 4chan and caused it to be overrun by Reddit faggots. Hmm wonder how that happened

Fucking mongoloid

No, the CIA ties are important here. Important posts are

just 4 u bb

Here you go user

I knew you'd say that.

That comma placement though.

Lololol take it to fox news. Maybe just maybe they'll report on it since he's a CEO.

Really of he DT dies we get pence who hates faggots to death…

Matthew G. Harrigan
12746 Grimaldi Via
Del Mar, CA 92014
(858) 461-4196

Packetsled Inc.
1104 Camino del Mar Ste 101
Del Mar, California 92014
(858) 225-2352

Kreg Stonestreet Is Running FBI Assassination Teams

Credible assassination threat made against Trump

Matt Harrigan, CIA CONNECTED CEO of Cyber security firm Packetsled has made a credible threat to assassinate Donald Trump with a sniper rifle.
In now deleted tweets he said the following: "I am going to get a sniper rifle and kill the President elect. I am getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the White House that suits you motherfucker, I'll find you. Bring it on secret service! In no uncertain terms FUCK YOU AMERICA. Seriously. FUCK OFF.

He is now apologizing profusely on Twitter.

A troll who is calling himself "President Shirley" is doing all he can to keep Twitter under control by saying that what Matt Harrigan said is not illegal and protected by free speech! I don't think so! You can't threaten the President like that. It is just one snowflake keeping it cool for another!

My comment to any would be Trump assassins: Don't bet on living long afterward.

Matt was the CEO of a significant company. IF ANYONE IS USING PACKETSLED FOR SECURITY, IT IS NOW CERTAIN THEY ARE THE ENEMY, DITCH THEM. There are lots of other security companies, why go with one you now know is led by a snowflake who certainly has no respect for America and probably has no respect for your security at all?

I strongly suspect Trump is being drugged.

Trump's recent behavior makes me think he got hit by an exotic mind control drug that only the intelligence agencies of the top states have. On these drugs, you will not appear to be drugged. You won't get high, you will not exhibit any physical symptoms AT ALL, NOTHING, NO OUTWARD SIGNS AT ALL, but you will be very open to manipulation and spilling your greatest secrets. I suspect he got nailed either when he visited Obama at the white house or by the secret service.
Folks, they can't get away with poisoning or killing Trump now. The only thing they can do is drug him with something the public does not generally know about, and you can bet they will try.

Trump should definitely NOT TRUST ANY JEWS. He should not trust the secret service. He should not trust any government food source. Trump should have his own completely isolated food supply that he himself ensures is safe by having it sourced and prepared exactly the same way it was prepared before he was elected president, by the EXACT SAME PEOPLE he had doing it before, in a completely new secured kitchen. He should not eat out anywhere. I do not think Trump realizes exactly how deep the snake pit he just walked into is.

If he is drugged, it will take approximately two months for it to wear off, provided they don't keep nailing him. The only changes will be that he will be easily manipulated and not be able to keep secrets. This is not a guess, I have an intelligence background and know this is pristine info.

The people who will notice he got nailed will be his family. They will notice that he just suddenly started talking about things he would not talk about before, with people he would have never said such things to before. They will notice he is a LOT more easy going and relaxed, and will do whatever anyone suggests. And those will be the only symptoms.

Earlier today I issued a warning about Trump possibly getting drugged

It is definitely a threat that should be considered, he needs to watch out. HOWEVER,
He chose Steve Bannon from Brietbart for his white house advisor. That was a good choice. Now he needs to make Ron Paul his Secretary of State, which he has not picked yet. If he does that, there is not much that could go wrong. I was seriously miffed when he said the Obamas and Clintons were "good people". And that made me think he might have already been drugged. However, with his choice of white house advisor, he's not going to get kicked straight to the gutter even if things like that do go wrong.


His recent appearance on 60 minutes has convinced me someone nailed him with a mind control drug he is completely unaware of.
There are specialized drugs that do not make you high, that do not change your moods, but they make you extremely susceptible to manipulation, and can also cause you to talk about your greatest secrets openly. I am almost certain Trump has been nailed by this type of drug already. These types of drugs are put in food and will be completely un noticed. They would be delivered by people who have earned your trust that should not have your trust, such as, in Trump's case, the secret service.

Melania and Trump's kids would notice a change that Trump himself would not notice. They would notice the change even if they were also drugged. Everyone who is legitimate who is surrounding Trump will need to keep a close eye on him for behavior changes. These changes would be, as I have said - openness to external manipulation and an inability to retain personal secrets. These drugs are only owned by intelligence agencies of the top states. Trump had better watch out, I think he might have already been nailed. They take about two months to wear off, it won't wear off in a day.

If anyone can get this warning through, it really needs to be sent through - Trump should not accept any food or drink from anyone. Recently he visited the white house, there is a good chance he got nailed during that visit.

This is something I know of only because I have an intelligence background - this is not something Trump would automatically know about. These drugs cause ABSOLUTELY NO physical side effects, no high feeling, no sleepiness, NOTHING OTHER than making people open to suggestion and unable to retain secrets. It will be practically impossible for someone who has been nailed by them to know it, unless someone told them their behavior changed.

I could not sleep until I posted this, I believe it is of the utmost importance.

"It's bad over here Luis. Regular guys and gals on facebook are openly calling for Trump's assassination. Family friends, that sort of thing. People are being lynched nationwide for supporting Trump. Riots and protests are everywhere. Universities are shutting down. The left wing have gone off the deep end."

No, the whole reason this is stickied is because an insider dumped a shitload of info on this guy and his CIA connections, but no one is looking at the info.

Dig in.

PacketSled: 1104 Camino Del Mar #101, Del Mar, CA 92014, USA
Critical Assets: 1104 Camino Del Mar #101, Del Mar, CA 92014

Now read this:

http:/ /




Well everyone, say hello to our visitors.

Stop hotlinking to us you literal faggots.




disgusting antinazi christkike shills

How would you look if you took 10 dicks up your ass a day? Look at pornstar's faces, they don't look healthy to me.

saged and left thread
no christian can ever be a nazi
hitler had the political christians all sent to concentration camps
top nazis were vehemently anti-christian
all of christianity is a jewish psyop

Fucking this.

Geezus Fuck, whoever did this. Every time you hotllink, you are rolling the red carpet out for the brain dead masses to come and shit the place up. You can spread info without hotlinking.

This shit is all over MSM.

The eternal sodomite. Every act committed by such an individual serves only to facilitate their diseased sexual practices.

The voice thing I read explained in history book once. Fags back in the day couldn't just fag around like they do now so they used the funny lisping high pitched voice to seek out and signal to other fags that they were searching for dick. Linguist explained that it started like that but modern fags just kept doing it to be trendy and now vast majority do it

Posting Under the Influence

Because only autists make good Holla Forumsacks

Okay how to we take down someone with connections like this? This is like the pizza pedos shit all over again.

Make him worthless to his masters by exposing his name and the names of his partners in crime, far and wide.

Shine a light on his masters by connecting the CIA and DOD to him and his partners in crime, publicly.

Fucking goddamn retards I want to strangle you.

You can make him worthless but the CIA will only find more lackeys.

Spread the info far and wide and do more digging into the board of directors and investors. I'm sure there's much more to be found than what siliconv OP revealed.

I fucking dare him, anything happens to Trump these people are going to wish they were skinned alive

because Holla Forums is secrect society and FBI doesn't know about us

Globalist pedo shill on sight

Anita Saarkesian sends her regards.


Christian and non-Christian Holla Forumslacks alike hate kikes, go somewhere else you D&C faggot.

The thread isn't even about Christianity, why bring it up?

There's no such thing.
Now hear me out before you get all triggered.
By calling TREATMENT of the mental disease "homosexuality", "conversion", you give it a status and a recognition which it does not deserve.
"Conversion" implies changing the core nature of the sufferer from "gay" to "straight" but there is no "gay" to begin with, homosexuality is a MALFUNCTION of the mind, it is neither a state one is born with, nor a natural state which just happens to be arrived at.
For example, you wouldn't call treating someone with a nervous tic "conversion" because the nervous tic isn't a core part of their identity, it's an aberration.
tl;dr "conversion" is the wrong word and gives homosexuality status as a legitimate, real sexuality when it is in fact a malfunction.
It's treatment, it's humane and it's right.

Holy kek

Very similar riots happened here in Mexico after Peña Nieto got elected. Then the whole "muh 43" thing happened, which was caused by the Iguala's lefty governor, he got caught a couple of days later. Of course, all the leftists ignored that and tried to lay the guilt on Peña.


I left some huge clues here for autists. I'm saddened that no one is digging into people referenced in my posts. Trump could end up dead because you faggot autists are too busy posting Mike Pence memes to care about shit that actually matters. This place has become just as cucked as halfchan.

Anyway, here's some fresh bread for you faggots to maybe spark your interest. Matt uses his company Critical Assets, located in the same building as PacketSled, to steal technology / IP and give it to the CIA. Find out who Dean is and how he got stiffed. Find out how the actual creator of PacketSled's technology, Kurt, got screwed the fuck over. Why is no one researching PacketSled's investors / CIA front companies that invest in datamining and gelocation software?



You don't actively invite the enemy into your home you fucking retard.

At least have a decent point when defending seclusion. Cuckchan died, but not because of that.

You can't remove the kikes from your life unless you remove them from your mind.

This. Holla Forumsacks need to stop playing into kike psychiatry.
"conversion therapy" stems from behaviorist teachings, read up on that ebul nadsee B.F. Skinner, he's put forward only real psychological model around and it's constantly rejected by yids
Methods of "conversion" play into kike psychiatry like electroshock but the mindset behind it is very behaviorist.
>let's torture the fucks so they don't behave like sodomites

All those things happened because by that time there was an audience that accepted those things, and they had become the majority of users. Plebbitors and normalfags.

And it was up to the mods to clip that problem in the bud. The leftist normalfags were just a byproduct of the a bigger issue.

This. If j00t wasn't a faggot that "hired" faggot mods we'd still be on cuckchan.
also fuck him for deleting /new/ and /r9k/ because lel we hate nazis and weirdos

Psychology is useless, it explains nothing that couldn't have been explained by common sense.
Kikes need psychology to study our behavior because they can't relate to it in any way themselves.

If you have that info then drop it here faggot.

FBI has gotten more than enough referrals to know of any chan that turns URLs into clickable links. CIA and Mossad are here en mass with mod support (they don't really need to work halfchan that much, useful idiots do it for them). NSA mostly records/buys big data.

Halfchan died from having jewt nuke Holla Forums and install shill mods over the place. Typing certain names gives an autoban. It's always had jewish rules (e.g. no doxing goys). New ownership hasn't changed it at all. Flags need to be removed from the board, but are left there to help D&C attempts and increase shit posting (unintelligent non discussion). The only chans that aren't subverted are those that aren't worth subverting (low traffic), but they know about them too. I also saw someone on halfchan advertising this place a while back and I'm sure they haven't stopped.

But hey, maybe you can run to ((( because it totally doesn't have a Jewish reference for a name. :^)

link or source faggot

An attempt at an apology.

lol, wut a cuck

who can we tell with an audience?

I'm not sure he's apologizing.

So he thinks threatening to assassinate the President-Elect of the United States of America on a public-facing platform funny? Good to know.

Hilarious joke, Matt! Mind telling it to Stefan Molyneux and PJW?

Shouldn't that be coulombs instead of amperes in order to make any sense?

We shouldn't be making a public spectacle of this. Report it to the Secret Service, but don't broadcast it. We don't want it in angry lefty minds that this sort of thing could even be possible. Without a doubt there are dozens of very angry leftycucks who want to eliminate Trump before inauguration day and then try to get Hillary into office as a result. Don't even let the thought brew in their unstable minds.

I'm desperately hoping Trump just hides in a bunker until inauguration day, at which point he's transported there in a fucking tank to take the oath behind a foot of bulletproof glass.

Fuck off nigger
go and stay go

Trump is safe unless he decides to mess with the economy, see pic or see Kennedy.








Loli isn't fucking pedo porn you autist, it's actually legal. Reported.

Come on user.

fuck off, everyone should know what the consequences of this will be. WE need to broadcast it even more so everyone is demanding this guy gets arrested and fucking charged with a felony

Where have you been for the past few years? They're all unstable threateners of life and feel perfectly justified #killallmen

We should also find a way to subtly remind them that if they kill him they aren't getting the witch of the west, they're getting Mike "AC/DC if you're LGBT" Pence