Rape melania

twitter anons, get in here
It makes lefties look bad, hurts the protesters "cause," and drums up sympathy for Trump/hatred of leftists.

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Why melania? Ivanka is hotter and is much more rapeable, and she'd make a better rape video, so she's the logical choice here.

They're so low energy that even their threats suck.

Sweeter the beery, nigger logic.

Nice digits.

What's the Hashtag again?


Gag on a monkeys dick.

No hashtag, just the phrase "rape Melania"

Just posted on my kikebook.

Do the same.

How dare that shitlord sexualize a women, you tell him user.


That's gonna end well.


Did my best.

Does anyone know who it was that held the sign?


By Trump, no less.

they're white, judging by the very very small amount of skin i can see, they wore a long shirt and gloves, so they can't be identified easily

normie friendly
perfect tone for faceberg/twitter/4cuck

That picture says a lot about Trump and what he knew about the elites. Even back then. Just look at it.

Blow it up. Get all the eyes on it.

Believe me, I have been. Wait, Trump's in that picture?

You're a fuckin' degenerate, lad

what's sexual about that image, shill?

Are you even autistic?

Not a shoop intended to make us look f gullible, right?

no, JIDF, your nigger animals really are this stupid.

It's all over different news sites, and there are pictures from all different angles

Letters not consistent so it's handwritten, but it IS flat perspective and on on the wrong side. I'd say it's suspicious.

It's trending right now, slowly making it's way to the top, fucking niggers.

I tweeted on two accounts.

Liberals promoting rape culture?

I can't even

I know your game, feminist kike.

I bet its someone from Mexico.
Trump was right again.

What about THAT guy?

the body language reads fairly defensive, like he's protecting her from something… she looks slightly perturbed by something she sees. I wonder what the scene was.

Please lad, that's like elementary school shit around here.


lmao maximum edge, hope it was worth blowing off that steam for him because it won't be forgotten

It honestly seems like somebody from our side did it to hurt them, not that there's anything wrong with that. It's time to jew the jews.

Who do they think is going to carry any of that out for them?

'Trump's sexist'. 'I'm worried about womens issues'. etc,etc.

Let's rape the President's wife???

BURN lefty scum with this.

not really, shlomo.

Its funny I tried looking this edgelord up, but I was unable to find him. There is a fuck ton of Charles Walz accounts on Kikebook and some were deactivated. He likely turned off his account after how edgy he got.

Somebody is going to carry out for them, obviously

2/10 made me reply

Don't you goys know - Rape is ok if it's against white women?

Even SJW's believe that.
It's the self-hate and loathing.

His facebook was shut down, cuckchan got his address before that happened supposedly.

Naturally, just ask Sweden.

Only white men can rape white women. Men of color are incapable of raping white women as white women have more power and privilege. "Sexualizing assault" is possible, but not rape.

You're clearly uneducated on this topic. smh fam

*"sexual assault"

is that a painting of good King Arthur?
remember that news story about a girl buying into being an SJW then dropping out and trying to be normal after being drugged and raped by 2 lesbians in their local clique of purple haired hambeasts

Look how it's pointed at the crowd instead of the building like most other signs, and how all his skin is covered up. It's highly suspicious.

Again, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. More people should do the same.

These libshits just spent the last two years screaming and yelling about SLUT SHAMING and how wrong it is, and rape culture, and all this garbage, yet here they are holding signs up saying to rape woman.

Fucking hypocrites.

This is the narrative the left is pushing now,


if it was it would take some commitment
can you imagine how horrible it would be to grit your teeth and pretend to be one of them in a crowd for days?
I can barely stand them for a few minutes at a time


I confirm this is trending… Yuck.


The Two Crowns by Sir Frank Dicksee

It's not any particular incident in history but based.

Why do you have that saved on your computer? Anti-white, much?

Who, dipshit?

For the record, I think this is legit.

The left wanted to 'run a train' of niggers on Sarah Palin last year. They are sexual perverts and rapists, mostly, unity by only a common hatred for whites and virtue.

come now lad
Sweden isnt a country anymore its a cautionary tale
like Atlantis

Melania's got that milf charm going on though

yeah its probably legit
remember in communist organisations male traitors would be murdered, shot, stabbed, bombed whatever
whereas a far more common 'punishment' for female commie traitors was gangrape
it was common in Vietnam, China and Russia, if a woman was seen to have 'betrayed' her 'comrades' they'd gang rape her and often kill them afterwards
in that respect we're far more gender equal all traitors regardless of gender deserve death

It's funny how the left's women are always ugly as shit.

Hillary Clinton
Elizabeth Warren
Michael Michelle Obama
etc. etc.

It's almost as if they don't have a single female in political life that anyone would ever want to fuck.

It's a human right in britcuckistan

Melania will be the first foreign born first lady in over 200 years.

its not a human right
but hey being in a country still majority white and native
its the poor whites that get victimised in Britain
the 60% of the country made up of unemployed or manual labour working class whites
its the kids of junkies, construction workers, drug dealers and welfare queens that the pakis prey on

Apparently it is.
The pozzed police force would rather go out of their way to arrest little girls and their fathers instead of the rapists

No one is defending this sign.We are the ones who got it to trending. This only makes us look bad to people with logic.

yeah thats what happens when a government betrays its people
in the rest of Europe such evidence would never even see the light of day
Im positive the same shit happens every day in France, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands but in the rest of Europe the media can be silenced completely on the subject

I think you're just underestimating what's happening in britain.

Bring it, faggot. See what happens.

We got it trending so people on the left would be outraged about it because it goes against their narrative, moron.
Yes, it does make YOU look bad, shlomo.

The reason why it's not exposed in mainland Europe is that kikes and their puppets knows that shit will be done and the populace will kill those pieces of shit in the streets if it were exposed, even more likely in France than the others. Meanwhile, they know that bongs will continue to bin their spoons instead of doing the right thing even if rapingham and everything else become public knowledge.

We is it that all of these leftist fags live too far away for true justice to be administered? Why can't they for once be in rural texas?

That's the joke.
No one.
Think before posting, dude.

not for the simple reason that the government controls all of the fucking media in mainland Europe and knows this is bad to report on
whereas in Britain theres still a semblance of free speech being trampled under Belgium's laws
theres a fucking sex slave trade trafficking french and german girls to fuckin israel using the albanian mafia how many times does that get mentioned in the media on the mainland?

Only 50% of the 4 mentioned origins of products are actually on par with American. And it sure isn't the majority non-white places.

Get smart, T.B.H.

European products arent on par either
alot of the stuff sold in IKEA is made in Turkey or Russia these days
the EU's been propping up outdated and over paid specialist industries while outsourcing all the money making ones to the shitskins

Meanwhile Brtiain Jews lets strangers come and use the island as a sex tourist destination for rich arabs, pakis and Indians instead of exporting the orphans of anglos. Their crooked teeth probably aren't worth enough on the black market so they have to have those subhumans spend money in their shops to turn a profit What's worse is the populace knows about it yet still won't move their ass and make blood spill.

Protest sign in the wrong direction by a guy that is trying really hard to remain unidentified

hell I'm not even aware of any manufactured products (not raw materials) that us canucks sell to you burgers in any reasonable quantity.

this shit works on normies. Case in point: bird-dogging

Raw materials, electricity, many of the best workers in STEM that were formed in Canada and some annoying parasites kikes love to pollute American pop media with are pretty much the only thing that goes from Canada to Burgerland.


is this picture real?

This fucking bullshit isn't new.
They've been pulling this shit since july.

rather GET raped by Tiffany





I think I cut myself on that edge.

I think he always hated America

Nuffin parcenel kid

We can see you now.