Firefox 57 destroys months of one user's life

When user woke up one morning, he thought it would be another day of shitposting mixed with a few minutes of futile search for jobs.

What he didn't know however was that Firefox reached version 57 which would stop supporting a number of addons and that he set the browser to automatically update.
Now if that was it it wouldn't be a very interesting story. What makes this interesting is twofold. One, user liked to save his important websites by keeping a tab open and two, like an idiot user didn't do a proper backup but instead trusted in a session manager addon which remembers all his tabs and windows.

So back to user's morning. He boots up his computer and opens his favorite open source browser. He sees an update window and thinks nothing of it, he's seen in many times before without a problem. But then it finishes and he notices something strange. His tabs are gone and only one window is open. No matter, the addon can restore his previous browsing session no problem. That's strange his addon page lists only four. That's when it hits him. It's the update he's been hearing for months, the dreaded update that would make many if not all of his favorite addons incompatible.

Frantic, he starts searching for solutions. His addon isn't supported in the new browser. Installing the previous version won't help since the 'update' has deleted all the adddon information. He cannot believe it, months of his work gone. That tab that he meant to check out later, that neat site that he meant to bookmark eventually. That tab with the pdf he meant to read eventually. All gone.

He doesn't scream and shout however. He is much too mature for silly antics like that. Calmly he searches for the nearest hardware store and calculates what length of rope he would need to hang himself in his garage.

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You need to rethink your life goals and browser choices.

The rope should be as least twice as long as the distance between the beam and the ground.

I like it already.

Not all of us are blessed to live in a socialist state.

Your "work" was worthless anyway and you know it.

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Alas, if I was only given the option to choose my lineage

Wish Firefox would literally kill you and destroy your whole life.

I updated a school laptop once and lost like 50 bookmarks, since then there's a certain level of paranoia

What's with the influx of edge faggots?

Enjoy gangrape by browser exploits.


A rope is the right solution indeed, though you should have used it long before this happened.

but how will you browse fecesbook?

hits too close to home

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its like those faggots saying "why save porn when you can just stream it lol"

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You deserved it tbqh

Your life choices were wrong all along but the last part about the rope was finally the right decisive choice

renaissance man right here

It just so happens that I had to reinstall my OS (after the monitors started glitching out on a nigga) and I had already lost everything so firefox couldn't damage what was already toasted.
I like the new one tbh. It's a lot faster than 56 except sometimes when it has been inactive for a while it takes some time it has this loading screen that takes sometime before it disappears and the page displays again.

Now you learned an important lesson: don't implicitely trust your data to any program. If you can't easily view/edit your configuration & related stuff in a simple text editor, then either the program or the format it uses are fubar by design. Netscape at least used to save bookmarks to html file. I guess Firefox started out that way too, but eventually they went and "improved" it.

Maybe if user wasn't a massive retard, he would have bookmarked all of his favorite sites. I see no positive side to using tabs instead of bookmarks.

You can thank you're Jewgle overlords user. You're situation was planned for.

this is why i Use ESR

Listen to me. Eventually ESR will get to version 57 and beyond. What will you do then?

My sympathies brother although you're a dumbass for not backing up your bookmarks, links, PDF files, etc. For God's sake learn this lesson well: whatever you find on the Internet that is worth saving, you save it on disk. Including bookmarks.

With that victim blaming out of the way, you as a user should have never gone through this and fuck the developers. They don't care about the user and as such they don't care about backward development. They fix something that ain't broke because otherwise they got nothing to do, except plug security holes and that's boring amirite! They wanna add new features and break old stuff even though the users DON'T want any of that shit!

Obligatory link:

For what purpose?

smooth scrolling isnt shit on 57

What do you mean you lost everything? Had you have house fire and your hard disk melted?

You are right, export to common format is important. But had this idiot (OP) backup his firefox data, he could just install his old version and restore his data.

There is import/export to html in firefox. But OP didn't use it. It would take him 2 minutes to do it, he could be doing that every 3 days.

he doesn't needed. he could just backup firefox data or sessionstore (recovery.js)

tabs allow you to click on tab to load it from cache. bookmarks cannot be loaded from cache

nothing, just stay on it. because it's ESR, it got many security fixes instead of stupid "features", so it will be pretty safe

and reinstall your graphics drivers

Don't be silly. Everybody knows user would never check it out or read it. Only user can be so foolish to think otherwise.

The update haven't broken my session restoring. Maybe try enabling legacy addons or ESR.


Don't fuck with calculations. Just do it, faggot.

Cool story bro. Good luck calculating the rope length or whatever.

the fuck?

Thanks for making yet another thread about Firefox 57 instead of using one that's already in the catalog. Another quality Holla Forums contribution.


That's a pretty good idea.

There was an advancement in browser usability 20 years ago call "bookmarks", it may be of interest to you.

Thanks to those motherfuckers at Canonical removing the option to disable updates on the Ubuntu build of Firefox, my browser has now apparently been updated to v57 without my consent. I'm still in a v56 session. Hold me, Holla Forums. I'm scared. I've got Pale Moon instead but still haven't gotten around to migrating all my extension settings (the ones that can be migrated anyway) to it yet.

It's one guy from Holla Forums that loves to shitpost and samefag.

You can tell APT to lock packages iirc. You can also download the ESR linux version from

Wow, that user sure was a fucking retard in that little story of yours.

Checking out of reality.
Luckily I haven't updated yet. They expected one of us in the wreckage brother.

Just use Brave you pajeet

the only lag I experiance is when my arm gets tired

It just werks

Yeah, where are preferences and shit saved? I installed 56 in a different directory and it still had all the original setting and tabs

Why do people keep dozens of tabs open for weeks? How does it not drive them crazy? Do you know that there's a bookmark feature?

Hahahaha, let me guess, OP is a Windows user too.

The only addon I still need replacing for is videodownloadhelper. I have bulk media downloader, but it's kind of fucky, and there's no way to actually see the download progress that I can figure out, it's not showing anywhere. So I have to manually check in the download folder until the downloaded file no longer says .part lol.

What is a good replacement for session manager anyway?

All those tabs were open before the update and reopened fine after the update. So I have no idea what the fuck you did to screw it up op.

What do you need a replacement for? Session Manager works in Pale Moon.

text files, muh nigga

A word of warning (that's probably too late) for anyone thinking of migrating: Sometime between v52 and v56 Mozilla changed the way that browser history and favicons are stored in their .sqlite files that makes it difficult if not impossible for older version or Pale Moon to get this information if it's already been converted to the current way of storing them. If you're using v52 ESR until you decide whether or to move to another Gecko derivative, be very careful to not allow it to update when Mozilla eventually decides to bump its version up.

Imagine being so disempowered in your own failed state of a country that you resort to wasting your days away tilting at windmills by writing bad fanfiction about people being angry at browsers. Perish faster you fat cuck.

This attitude comes from the way people have been trained to deal with software. People normally understand how life is with proprietary software: users are normally forbidden to study and improve the software that they use. As a consequence, they only evaluate software based on what features are available today and do nothing but complain when it doesn't have the features they desire. With free software, users have all the freedom to change and improve it. Since most users don't understand that responsibility is related to freedom, they still bring in their normal way of evaluating software and complaining that it is inadequate. Many users have a strong sense of entitlement when it comes to free software.

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Back to business as usual.
Seriously, back up your shit, you never think it's going to happen to you until it does.

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