Magic negro Trever Noah to get removed

the leftists are now blaming Jon Stewart leaving the Daily show for trumps win

post yfw leftist turn on their dindu for not being enough of a shill

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They just don't get it, do they? Hillary lost because of fucks like Stewart and Noah and all the rest of them.

Are people here unironically calling liberals Left?

word-thinker detected

This kike tries to blame talk radio for all this… I can't even describe the level of Jewry he displays, fucking amazing

Oy vey! It's a nudda shoah!



They've been doing this for a long while now. Let them fight and eat one of their own. Maybe we can get blacks to turn on the sjws and fight amongst themselves.

Liberalism is less government intervention. The Democrats do not the bill whatsoever.


The best thing to do about this is nothing at all. Never interfere with an adversary who is in the process of destroying himself.

Not to the niggers and Jews, when the left eats itself they usually attack the white men or this time white women, to see them setting up for a hit against a porch monkey is rare.

Thanks fam


Okay, it's new one.

Nope. Why should I be?

Nope. Both Liberalism and Democrats are about Financial Capital. It's not about "government intervention".

these kikes and nigkikes (kike disguised as nig) should be hanged immediately

Who said we were gonna do anything, except laugh at them?

The total lack of awareness never stops being funny.

I do agree with the premise that Jon Stewart leaving helped Trump's chances, the stupid bitch just has the reason all wrong. When Stewart was still in charge is mostly his show and he kept it within (his version of) reason. It was stupid but basically watchable comedy show full of liberal propaganda. From the moment Oliver started that stint guest-hosting, the show lost direction and rapidly degenerated into just being full-blown propaganda, which only pushed more people away from Clinton.

the fuck outta here tripfag
>>>Holla Forums


Holla Forums pls

Don't you have a suicide party to attend?


I'd laugh at Trevor Noah if he ever told a joke that was fucking funny

You're thinking of 'social liberalism' which is used to subvert the existing order through promises of equality.

Now fuck off.

I hope social progressives continue to not listen to anyone and double down. They're now the face of the democratic party and will chase away the rest of the logical thinking Americans away.

Filtered, filthy Marxist

Your reasoning is almost exactly the same as hers, just different wording. You're both saying Stewart had a better show.

That would be laughing with him

this kike has been tickled pink ever since he got called out by the Trump. He probably jacks himself to sleep every night hoping to get noticed. What a gnat.

You call them all "the left" because they love to eat their own. They're all closet communists.

This video is proof that God has a great sense of humor.

We had this conversation already (and I got banned). In fact, I'm checking if it's time for yours: jooos everywhere, fence instead of wall, and so on.

What are you even talking about? Who is subverting what? Democrats aren't "subverting" anything - they like status quo just as much as Republicans.


thanks for making it easy to filter you

Is that why they're trying to make the white man go extinct? Or ruin the education system? Or changing our language?

Capitalism is left wing you dumb ape. Liberalism is left. "Financial capital" is left. Rule by the third estate is left. Kill yourself.

This fucking stupid nigger makes millions of dollars. Why. Rap and hip hop are so fucking GARBAGE when it comes to music. It's like these kids have never heard anything else in their life. God this shit is depressing. Can this civil war start already so this whore of Babylon can finally burn.

Your understanding of the coalitions that make up the parties is appalling.

lefties always reverse the causality of everything, especially when not doing so means they'll have to actually take responsibility for outcomes

But that's regular Capitalism. Both neo-liberals (finance, Democrats) and conservatives (industry, Republicans) do it.

Most people can't have a proper family because they don't have enough money to support it. Only those who are accustomed to poverty will breed. Neither Democrats, nor Republicans are intending to change the underlying conditions.

Same goes for education and language.

This is glorious.

Liberalism is made by commies kikes you dumb ass.

"Lefties" are picrelated (SocDem, to be precise, i.e. center-left - the rest of Left doesn't even talk to Liberals).

too bad they didn't have socialism, then they could know what it's really like to be betrayed by a corrupt government

I want to stick my dick in that babies mouth.

they don't recognize race, so yeah, leftists

for fuck sake, those two are a jew and a nigger, but somehow white people are to blame

national socialism is the only path


Why shouldn't we? We don't need exacting measurements of what leftism means when you are all far to the left of us.

And it's true, you historically illiterate cretin. Capitalism and liberalism are both left wing by definition. But leave it to a leftist to know nothing of history.

The Green One really hates that kike tripfag.

Of course the great bringer in of light would hate people who'd want to redistribute his big tendies orchard in the sky.

That niggerfaggot at the end of the segment acting holier-than-thou is a fucking cognitively dissonant asshole.

Lil' Wayne got mad at the Black Lives Matter question because BLM is a fucking joke and he called ABC out for it. Fuck the (((news))).

You are thinking about Capitalism. Socialism means corrupt government gets executed lock, stock, and barrel.

It doesn't work like that.

That would make sense if you didn't share most of your beliefs with neo-liberals. At the very least you should consider them Centre.

French Revolution happened over two centuries ago. If you want to go that far, we might go back to Romans and claim Feudals to be Left as well - only Slavery is Right-wing then.

as much as i fucking hate nigger music.
lil wayne fucked the media up and he's alright by me.

Are you unironically calling leftists "liberal"?

This comic sort of crystallizes how Hillary was doomed by Bill.

Bill basically turned the Democratic party into Republican lite. Then Republicans turned their party into Democrat lite for 2000, and they became indistinguishable from each other, presumably destined to trade pointless elections from here to judgment day.

The truth was this election belonged to the one who could credibly say 'fuck this sham', and Hillary obviously wasn't that, because her husband perpetrated it in the first place.



MF Doom the only rapper worth listening to.

So do I want Immigration
Do I want High Government Spending and High Taxation
Do I want Middle East interventionism
Do I want the Federal Reseve
Do I want the (((establishment))) maintained

But you do.

- representative democracy, instead of direct democracy.
- individualism (single president/governor/mayor) over collectivism (presidium/high council/city council).

- private property over socialized property
- free market economy over planned economy

The list goes on and on. The only difference is which Capital - financial or industrial - gets priority.

Hillary was doomed by Bill for being 'wife of Bill'. She didn't have his political acumen. Nobody likes her for her.

No it isn't. She said that Stewart would be more biased. He said that Stewart would be less biased. He's right, she's wrong. Learn to read.

You forgot trade.

Please always use your tripcode on Holla Forums. Never post without it.

get rekt leftist, you're just a nigger lover

Rest in peace. I'm too lazy to turn it off.


==They're not laughing anymore.=

Compare to
Aside from the peacock terms used by the article, explain how these points are different at all

So you're just like any leftist.


Gommunists really can't understand politics outside the narrow frame of reference provided to them by their cult.


That is the most bullshit definition of neoliberalism I've ever seen. Why do commies try to either falsify things outright or oversimplify them them to suit their needs constantly?

Your one true statement in this thread gets dubs. Praise Kek.



- representative democracy, instead of direct democracy.
Pretty sure most of Holla Forums want a righteous monarch or dictator as government
Or at least limited democracy (Ie only land owning white males can vote)
- individualism (single president/governor/mayor) over collectivism (presidium/high council/city council).
That's pretty much a non issue compared to real shit
- private property over socialized property
Holla Forums is actually pretty divided on this one but it doesn't matter so we don't talk about it
- free market economy over planned economy
Where do you think you are, Holla Forums never wants an external Free trade

What is wrong with you people? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Leftists blaming Jews for their problems? That's not progressive.

Because they are commies. They don't deserve us to explain anything to them . Hitlerondebatingjews.jpg
I am buying riot gear from chinese suppliers for Christmas like Moonman's dad says.

Except the terms didn't exist then you fucking dipshit. Applying them would be ahistorical. Liberalism is, by definition, leftist. So is capitalism. Now kill yourself.

Honestly I argue just so I can sharpen up my argumentative skills for when I need it

This isn't the definition of these terms, dumbass.

Well, he's on the [as] Stone's Throw label. Adult Swim tends to scrape the cream of the crop off the top of the foaming-over kitchen sink drain.

I'm bored before bed. It's actually entertaining to watch the sycophant try to control the narrative by controlling definitions. Sad that he thinks it'll work but entertaining nonetheless.

They're literally retarded. They are too dumb to understand history, politics, economics, etc., so they boil everything down to one or two dimensions that they can wrap their tiny minda around and ignore anything outside of that. Everything is "class war" or whatever and anything outside of that doesn't count.

Every single leftist intellectual in history has been a mediocrity at best. Vast majority are imbeciles.

They want specific dictator. Not any dictator. This still counts as representative democracy.

No. That's very important. Especially, when you add clauses like "being able to recall my representative at any time". It becomes really hard to force through decisions that are not approved by electors.

If you think it doesn't matter, then you support status quo. My point stands. Unless you actually commit yourself to socialization of property, you can't have socialized property.

Planned or free market distinction is not about restrictions/tariffs. It's about central planning - at the very least - of heavy industry.

Stop letting the faggot frame the argument in his favor. He gave a massively flawed definition, so force him to correct it before moving on.

Beep boop, activate canned ideological response line 37.

Leftist robots.

You're creating false equivalences. Stop it.

Liberals don't give a shit on whether they have 1 leader or a council
What do you think is easier to remove, a corrupt democracy or a corrupt dictator
It's obvious you didn't explain your reasoning behind it
Please explain

You can't argue with neo-Marxists or anyone that debates from a post-structuralist position.


I'm bored and I'll just go Socratic from this point



Can't argue with Marxists either. Like most Jewish ideologies, it is constructed as a closed system that cannot be refuted from outside. Another example of such a Jewish system is Objectivism of Ayn Rand.

Exactly. We want MORE government intervention. We want the government to regulate the butthole of every degenerate and the wallet of every banker.

I strongly suspect that my "flawed definition" - I cannot be certain, since you don't explain which one it is - is the one that appeared in 19th century and was used continuously in 20th century, while your "correct" definition appeared only in second half of 20th century, when political semantics got massively rewritten in the West.

That said, the only flaw would be having terms understood differently by different people. Thus, matter should be resolved by giving definitions to terms.

user here is right engaging seriously when he is arguing in bad faith is not the way to go.


If /freech/ doesn't get replies, /freech/ dies.
Feed your local goons tbh.

you're already blocked :^)

Seriously, grow up, kiddo.

I'm not disagreeing, but I appreciate arguments in good faith. Using proper definitions is important.

Tip of the iceberg. Liberalism, neoliberalism, social liberalism, social democracy, neconservatism, and many more are the same with your definitions I've seen this thread. They are not. Start arguing in good faith or get the fuck out.


Need I go on

So will the Jews be forced to put down the SJW's just to avoid them burning down the entire left? Or will they double down and actually burn down the entire left?

We are using the proper definition. The liberals must die.
There is only so much liberty anyone needs, and all of it has already been listed in the constitution.


I was talking here about representative democracy there. I.e. method of decision-making. Liberals massively prefer for people to delegate their powers to someone, rather than have people decide themselves. Individualist/Collectivist distinction is the next bit.

And - yes. Liberals tend to prefer one leader. The cult of CEOs, for example.

How is this relevant to anything?

You seem to have misunderstood something:
- Individual Authoritarian regime = Dictatorship
- Collective Authoritarian regime = Oligarchy
- Individual Democratic regime = Presidential republic
- Collective Democratic regime = Parliamentarian republic

I.e. collective decision-making does not imply democracy.

We already have private property as a standard. Any movement that does not take a stance on property will automatically support private property, should it come to power, no?

I don't follow this one.

What is there to explain? Central Planning of economy. Five-Year Plans of Soviet Union.

The totality of national economy is treated like one big corporation (optionally, - Stalinist Planning - using free market for production of consumer goods - i.e. excluding light industry).

Well sorry you're a fucking special snowflake who is both a communist and a libertarian at the same time but also neither

That's actually what I've been wondering. I don't think anyone is funding this, to be honest… I think the left is literally just this small, vocal, emboldened, and retarded. Like, I think they only exist in great enough numbers in Portland, California, NYC, Chicago, etc. to cause any significant disruption/garner any attention. Otherwise, their whole movement is propped up by a few ten-thousand kikes &collaborators in Hollywood and NYC.

Yeah that tired old kike shitlib would have changed everything…

I meant they have been Kvetching about Noah for a good long while now. Earlier on they weremad that he was not attacking Trump enough as well. We had a thread on it. It was pretty funny.

What do they always do? Double down

Both had purges of high government officials that are uncharacteristic to the Bourgeois democracies.

Well, so far I've yet to see any evidence of Fidel being corrupt.

Not enough data. I'm not even sure if it is Socialist.

Not Socialist.

It's called Marxist-Leninist. Hardly a "special snowflake".

And where did you even find "libertarian" bit?

Leftism is a mental illness.

Marxism. Left also includes Anarchists, for example.

Either way, if you want to say that our society is not shaped by the private ownership of property; that you need to change the ideas of the people, rather than conditions they live in (i.e. if you wish to support the doctrine of Frankfurt School, of Cultural Marxism over orthodox Marxism), you need but to present an argument.

Shouldn't be hard, if (orthodox) Marxism is mental illness.

You've been moving goalposts ever since you made this thread. Anons, please observe and learn.

These fucking morons. They're just blaming everybody. Third parties, Bernie supporters, Trevor Noah, the FBI - EVERYONE but Crooked Hillary and her clique.

You put up a shit candidate and you lost, get over it.



I'm willing to bet it gets more extreme before there's resolution. By that, I mean that the name calling and accusations are going to get more and more ridiculous. Next we'll hear about how Harambe stole the election…

I agree but you have Southern cross FOX news fags on here. They think Liberals are Communists by default and know nothing about Tom Jefferson

These people are so delusional, and so mentally backwards, that they believe a jewish TV personality is why Hillary lost.

Let that sink in, they know that Jon is their Minister of propaganda, and they're not even bothering to hide it.


And now


You're still here after your "pls stahp raidin mah leftypol" thread after the big league win the other day. Guess I need to go on leftypol and make a thread to ask you to stop.

Just embrace the TrumpenFührer you know you want to

term has already been hijacked m8

Have to get on the same level as (((them))) with the weaponizing of language, else you're losing out. That's the magic. If you get what other people think when they hear words, then you can exploit that to unprogram or redirect them.

Compared to what?

Socialists and Liberals split over 2 centuries ago - during French Revolution. Anarchists and Marxists - about a century and a half (during First International, before Paris Commune).

Neo-Liberals split off half a century ago from the mainstream Liberalism.

As for specifics I already posted:

Not "still". Again.

I got banned in the middle of discussion.

But it does support Bernie, which is about the same.

Oh wow he really is an assmad Holla Forums faggot. I'd almost forgotten you guys existed.

Holla Forums is the gift that keeps on giving. It's always fun to mock retarded leftists, but there's something so satisfying about mocking leftists who desperately try to pretend to be better than the other leftist.


Jill Stein, not Bernie - and even then not everyone does (that said, at least one mod is Green - I got a ban for eco-revisionism).

cant even comprehend that ideas last longer than a human lifetime.
cant even comprehend how political or ideological "splits" only happen in language.
cant even comprehend how two supposedly separate ideologies would mix after centuries of failure.
ideology doesn't happen without human beings thinking about it. human beings dont just think ideology all the time. socialist shite has plenty of opportunities to be gobbled up by some neo-liberal meat sack.

hopeless bastard.

so red i don't even have the patience to capitalize.

Also a big kike. You're just keep digging your stinking hole deeper.


"Im not like other girls" the socialist.

This is not even funny.

Pro-Capitalist shill. Like Trump. What's your point?

Not and argument

You still don't get it do you. You're a simple goy that is getting used by the same kikes you want in the white house. The revolution you so desire is the one that will put you in the ground first hand (simply because only then you'll understand how backwards your views really are and will rebel (again) against it) and us the bad goyim last because we know what is going on and therefor are prepared.
It always goes the same way for any country that is hit by communism and your shitty socialism. Now that Trump won you're on on tilt like a pinball machine because reality is hitting you in the face and realize not all people are dumb shits such as yourself.

If Trump doesn't prove to be a good president you won't acknowledge it, Holla Forums on the other hand will because we know reality and except it for how shitty it can be. And the only thing you can spout is "muh evil capitalism" exactly the way the kikes want you to think and 'argue'. The only advise I can give you is to lurk first before you open your mouth.

except = accept*

Should we spam the comments to put more blame on Trevor Noah and to get him removed?

To add, no jew is to be trusted. Whether they claim to like points you and I agree with or not. There is a reason why a 100+ countries kicked them out. But learning from history is something you people never did otherwise you wouldn't defend the shit you support.

Without exaggeration or sense of joke, I hope Jon Stewart gets assassinated if he goes back into meda.

Please, some patriot, assassinate him before he does any more damage to this country.


and I guess that means leibowitz isn't just a comedian after all. he more than proved that when he went unhinged and got butthurt trying to tell the goyim they don't own nuthin oy gevalt.

these kikemdians need to all be gassed.

they do irreversible damage to society with their slimey jew demagogue tactics disguised as "comedy". it's is very clear they try to influence the outcome and now everyone knows it.

Just shows his cory "i don't matter" attitude is a shame, he is aware of the power of media voices and has knowingly maximized his to spread political propaganda for a decade.

Jon Stewart is a dangerous fraud, con man, and emotional manipulator.

Your reading comprehension is significantly below average.

If you refer to 1937, it happened 20 (twenty) years after the October.

Rich countries don't get hit by Communism, Einstein.

In what way? Trump getting (or not getting) elected is not something I would even care, if not for the impact on people it is having.

As I've said before: there is no particular difference between him or Hillary, or Bernie, or Stein.

They're going to pay dearly for attacking white women. The GOP should field a woman in the future, but someone more along the lines of Le Pen and not a dumb neocon bimbo like Palin.

But I can't imagine how much worse it can and will be for Democrats. Not only have their lost the House, Senate, Supreme Court, Presidency, etc. They've lost every. single. last. state. legislature. save for 13. That means if the democrats lose one more state legislature, the GOP can pass any constitutional amendment they want or repeal others. This is the price they paid for pissing white people off to the extreme.

Ironic for you to say that after posting that image.

You're still one of these ""Lefties"", just complaining about other "Lefties".

New banner, anyone?

I don't know whether to pity or to laugh at the liberals. Dehumanized by Jewish brainwashing until they are subhuman, thinking that the very same education that indoctrinates them to filth sets them free.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." says Johann Goethe. Before they were indoctrinated by modern education, they were but children and that is a fate you wouldn't wish on children. But now they are gone, just empty husks and soulless drones in their plans. Death would be the merciful option, really; that or the Red pill.

Stop pretending you're not a american style liberal, you ape too many of their talking points and you view of how society is structured has been imported from them. This annoying and disingenious, commies and progressives read the same newswebsites/blogs and rehash the same talknig points. Don't pull a Jason Unruhe and pretend the rest of the left ignores third world vs first world perspective. You are not significantly different from someone if your arguments are largly the same, espouse the same view of society, but with marginal differences in advocated solutions

This post is actually a beautiful explanation of the problem with your entire "movement", and why it will always fracture. You are essentially a political hipster - you have to choose something outside the mainstream with sophisticated arguments, so you can set yourself apart and signal how special you are as the only enlightened marxist-leninist. You create sophistry to justify theory A over theory B without any criteria for the end goal other than impressing your viewer. You have no means to seize power, no will to power, and if you were ever magically given power, you'd flail around with it crushing random people with little to no efficacy, as history has shown your type wont to do. Your only real political point is "Look at me! I'm smart! You have to agree with my particular brand of Communism! iPhones are so much better than Android!" You're even a tripfag.

We, on the other hand, debate to find the best means to achieve:
The existence of our people and a future for white children.
Everything else is secondary to our unifying rallying cry. If "socializing property" was the most effective means of securing a future for white children, we'd gravitate to that. If someone proves us wrong, we don't spend hours formulating sophistry to protect our world view, we change it. When we look like we are fighting with each other, it is only to sharpen our weapons for the enemy. The irony of this is that Holla Forums functions the way you imagine a commune to function - we each do what we can towards the end goal without thought of our own personal gain. We do it for free, and we do it for love for our own people. You on the other hand are entirely focused on being recognized on this anonymous Filipino druglord hunting forum. You have no desire to contribute to the common goal, but instead to use the work of the people for your own benefit, and to get some weird sense of satisfaction. I'll even give you what you want: !!XijnrwOqQI you're a very smart sophist! You're a unique and special individual and we value you! Your ideology is the smartest one ever conceived!

And more importantly, all of your ideologies are irrelevant without white people. Niggers will never care about your sophistry and Jews will always co-opt you. You know, in a sense, that your very survival, and that of your ideology is tied to us, and that is why you come here.

Their brand of freedom can be observed amongst domesticated animals.

I agree with this, but its what they call themselves. So yes they are leftist by their own definition.

Pretty much Alex Jones show was the power house behind Trump, we were mainly ex Ron Paul people. No arguing against that.

lol he's pissed Trump named the Jew.

The Goebbels quote is real.

You're about 150 years l8, m8.

Shouldn't it be 'Goy' ?

You can all stop responding to the fag now, you guys pretty much rekt him.


Is this what passes for comedy these days?

Kill yourself, retarded tripfag.

There a few celebrities more disingenuous than Stewart. His act is political commentary with a thin layer of snide remarks and goofy faces yet he excuses himself with "I am just a humble comedian that follows a show of puppets making prank calls" as if his voiced carried no weight. Ignore my ratings, ignore the polls and surveys that say I am my the sole news source for most of my audience ignore how me and colbert staged a massive rally with relative ease. Just a humble comedian.

To be fair even without Alex Jones you ex-Paulbergs would have still voted Trump because you're still salty and rightly so over the GOP's treatment of Paul. No to mention Gary fucking Johnson.


Glorious and savage.


In the end, that's all modern, American Leftism represents any more:
Business as usual, with a little extra environmentalism thrown in, but we're going to economically oppress all these eeeevil White people to make them pay for Nigger and Spic breeding incentives and we'll put trannies in all their bathrooms.
That's it - that's what modern Leftism stands for - Infinity niggers and trannies in bathrooms. And if you don't like it, we'll call you the names that Professor Shekelberg taught us in Sociology 101.

All the salty commies in this thread, please never leave. Your buttfrustration over the next 4 years will always pick me up if I'm feeling down.

Don't forget how the kike just casually cries muh antisemitism over and over again. He is the worst and most slimy sort of Jew even among Jews. He is also a fucking manlet. Make sure to remind him of this every single chance you get like on twitter or wherever else. There are two things that get Jon "Stewart" Leibowitz more kikehurt than anything else. The first is reminding people of that fact that his real name is Leibowitz and he will kvetch worse than even the average Jew that plays the name game because they just cannot stand the fact people named their Jewry. The second is remind him how short is he, the fact that Jon Leibowitz is a manlet. He is so insecure about that fact, well, just ask his former peers. That's how you BTFO that slimy kike.

Oh and as a bonus, how he treats his own writers. He takes useful idiot goyim to a new level.

Kill yourself cuckchanner.

I'm more worried with the fact that people are unironically liberals/leftists human

Bullshit, liberalism is do whatever makes you feel good, even if takes total govt control. I.E. not working makes me feel good so I want more govt control in order to get muh welfare check. Everything that has anything to do with democrats, liberals, leftists, libertarians, communists or pushes any degree of moral relativism whatsoever etc is pure fucking cancer & leads to a degenerate society.

We broadcast the implosion

Dubs of truth

In a sense, this can be further used against leftists. The reason is because he himself is "just a comedian". That means liberals literally get their politics from a comedian, which means they are literally a joke.

I remember when the joke was "the media is so biased and un-true that the only place to get real news is a comedy show". Liberals don't understand that their "comedy show" has become part of "the media".

It's typical Jew humor.

Holla Forums the fuckers bitching and setting trashbins on fire are most definitely leftists. Granted they're probably much more shallow in their beliefs due to being Soros funded hacks.

Holla Forums it just sounds like you're attempting to make definitions for terms as vague as you can so you can pretend we agree on the majority of things.

Which is true, as everyone witnessed during this election cycle to the point media trust among the masses is now a scant four percent but the intelligent thing to do is not listen to the media and that includes a fucking viacom shill kike like leibowitz but gather information yourself from an aggregate other multiple sources including alternative media. Then you piece together a real picture of what is going on because everyone really only reports on the truth from one point of view but if you have it all, you'll be redpilled very very quickly especially on the Jew media thing but that's beyond the scope of this post. Remember that it didn't take a slimy kike like leibowitz to show the disgusting nature and lies of to media to everyone but Donald Trump and to a lesser extent, Bernie Sanders. It's amazing how post election the Don essentially snubbed the mainstream media and would rather give interviews to Alex Jones than them. That means Alex Jones is more trustworthy than the mainstream media. Think about that. I hope the Don never gives them a single fucking interview or even resembling access to the white house. It would be the biggest fuck you in media history and help the mainstream media erode to nothing where their ratings are already in the drain thanks to alternative media online and their bias and lies causing everyone to no longer have any trust in their reporting. Any alternative (hopefully jew-free) media thinking of raising should do so now. This is the greatest chance you'll ever get.

It's truly a circular firing squad. They're determining that the whole problem all along was not being far enough to the left. It had nothing to do with running a globalist, corporatist crook as the nominee.

I'm lovin' it.

Fuck, triggered right away. Nightline is the textbook definition of an ordinary broadcast.

Holla Forumscan't even brainwash a child LMAO.

Hah! You realize feudalism is used to describe dozens of completely unrelated systems and was basically an oversimplification for the leftists of yore? Some shit never changes. Commies believe dumb shit because they are commies.

The problem wasn't that he wasn't enough of a shill, he revealed his bitter anti-white agenda nonstop. It was just that he was really bad at it.

Actually, I kinda wish they kept him around, I know many liberals who used to watch the Daily Show and liked Jon Stewart, and Trevor Noah woke them up to the real sentiment most minorities have towards white people.

So bad at his job he lost support of his side and recruited for us.

Kill yourself.

That's diversity hires for you.

They won't get it until they are in the helicopters looking out…over the ground. a lot of ground. with no helipad in sight.

kys commie scum

Weezy F has always been /our guy/
Fuck off back to reddit

Yes, everything from libertarianism, to liberalism, to progressivism, to Marxism is leftist, all the ideologies based on liberty or equality are leftist.

Leftist comedy isn't about being funny, it's about scolding people for thinking wrong.

Stewart was lucky to have had most of his show during the reign of Bush who was a comedy goldmine.

American conservatism since Buckley has just been neoliberalism that disingenuously pandered to social conservatives.

We're protectionists, nativists, isolationists/non-interventionists, nothing about our views is in line with neoliberalism.

We're pretty anti-democratic here. Most of us believe full citizenship and political participation should only be awarded to those who served the nation or patriarchs of households.

We believe in the paramount importance of the family, clan, community, tribe, nation, race, civilization over the individual.

I believe most of us here believe in a mixture of private property and commons.

We're a bunch of mercantilists, protectionists, and fascists.

You really don't know us at all, we're not the fucking Tea Party.

They might as well be, it's all part of an accelerating ever leftward spectrum.

Son the Liberals (ye sthe Left you so love and want to protect) are the Democrats.

You and your cry-bully kin are the reason why Bernie lost, by letting a woman who's Rally cry is "I'm with her" and "It's my turn" what the fuck is this a marry-go-round, a fucking bath room?

You leftists shot yourselves in the dick…

Nigger Marxists/Trotskyites hijacked "liberalism" they are the left they just parade around in sheeps clothing. Onky a fool believes there's any actual liberals left in America, any you could identify certainly wouldn't call themselves liberal without the classical adjective applied.

For the love of Christ, you fags seriously can't be this stupid
And now to address the topic:
I'd love it if the libercunts continued playing the blame game, I don't care if the excessively high blood pressure kills me
They'll blame anyone but themselves

If you're white, why don't you just join us over here on the fashy train? If you're not white, well, surely your homeland has some right-wing nationalist movement you can get into. If you're multi-racial, suicide is always an option.

Germany used to be rich, Netherlands used to be rich, America used to be fucking rich. Commies destroyed it inside out.

Fascists care more about preserving our natural heritage than greens or reds.

The ability of the left to dosassociate itself from all of the horrible shit it does is amazing

Suck a dick glen beck

Good. Turn blacks against jews. Gays against muslims. Blacks against gays. Divide and conquer.

You have to have a higher educated to be stupid enough not to see the flaws in this