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Hey, fam. Been awhile since we've discussed this. I've attached the steps of the Scottish Rite and the York Rite. General Freemasonry info thread. Hand signals, codes, handshakes, initiation rite info, famous freemasonry, symbals etc… I'll start this off. Post what you know including reference material, books, videos, anything really.

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No. This has been done too many times here, results in nothing but bullshit paranoia postage, and belongs in /x/. Fuck off.

There is nothing /x/ about a bunch of nepotistic mafia crooks worshiping a kike God and serving kikes.

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but sersiously OP, this is a mason honeypot site. you should go to one of the other chans or perhaps to /fringe/ to ask about this

Wow. Wondered what topic was "too extreme for Holla Forums. Now I know.

They come from the Templars.
They worship the sun/Lucifer as a consequence of their toss up with the pope.
G means gnosis.
They want a marxist one world government.
That's all you need to know.

They worship YHWH/mammon/"grand architect"
G means (the most honored) Goyim
They want a neofeudal world government with kikes and themselves as nobility

mason here, you're a fucking faggot

If you faggots haven't read Albert Pike Morals and Dogmas and Manly P. Hall The Secret Teachings Of All Ages then don't talk shit about Freemasonry.

Man that pic is out of date. It even has the second iteration of the SJ degrees.

But here, this stuff is pretty good.!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ!tARWRYZa

All wrong, and you're fooling yourself if you think western society isn't feudal at the moment.


* Says op pic is out of date.
* Doesn't post more "up to date" pic.
* Posts link to spam advertising.

Conclusion: You have to go


Why those two?


Right, my bad. I think this is better.
American diagrams seem to have stalled decades ago. Go figure.
And what was the advertising?

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that your intentions are good. However, please check what you post. The links on the page you just linked do not work. Very low energy. Step up your energy and come back here when you are ready to post.

Try clicking "Court of Honour"

Yea, the links don't work, but the degrees are listed and described.
It's not exactly a ritual monitor. If you want that, you'll have to buy one.

Has anyone else understood the significance of Trump's building at Pennsylvania Avenue, the meaning of "build the wall", the arm signals, hugs, and handshakes? Does anyone know of the significance of the knight and many mediaeval themed Trump memes? Does anyone know of the link to Trump and the Maltese Cross, and indeed, the water solute by the New York Fire Department and their logo? Show what you know fam. This isn't fringe. It is initiation protocol.

Check the attached Newt Gingrich interview.

Notice the phenomenon of Mitt Romney's relationship with Trump changing (research Mason Mormon connection )?

Notice Gingrich saying: "He's not part of the club"?

Notice Gingrich saying: "He hasn't been through the initiation rites"?

"What you're gonna see now for two weeks" (what happened over the next two weeks?)…


So the Kalergi plan?


I take it you meant me. Lol. But yeah I get it. I see what you've done with the time of your post, too with 33 and 33 in UK time. Very subtle. I take it that is the last we'll see of you posting here, then. Thanks for your input.


In case any of you guys didn't realise it, the Maltese Cross in New York is no accident. See the OP pic and the right side. York Rite (New York named after the original English York, in turn accociated with Freemasonry with many prominent Freemasons in the area including the man who built the temple at Ilton near Masham England as a folly.
As for the New York City fire logo, it is plane to see on the OP pic that this is a Maltese Cross. Also on the right side of the pic. The right side. There are no doubt a few more that know what is going on. I too will leave the conversation and let you talk amongst yourselves.



Vols will be here any moment to prune the thread if any damning info is posted.
Mods are compromised.
Don't trust masonposters, only trust masonnigger.

dunno what happened there



OP, this is a site run by self-admitted Freemason, and a closed source mason honeypot, Go to a better site where we are much more redpilled on freemasons.


Yea, because the Knights of St John started up the hospital and ambulance services.

other interesting groups

It is, and someone is working quite hard to keep it like that. Not only western society but practically the entire world. And i'm not talking about what Masonry should have been, i'm talking about what it is in practice.

Pretty much







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What is that comic page from?

What it is, is a group of Protestant Christians who believed they could be "brothers" with Vatican-Roman "Catholics" and Talmudic Jews without White Genocide happening.

All Abrahamic religions belong in the trash. Especially (((Protestantism))) which is the most ZOG friendly religion after Talmudism. Freemasons accept all of them, even Islam, because they can't get enough of that giga Jew gospel.

Love the gmail one. Like the shape of an envelope is some great conspiracy.

Well yea, because it points out that there's a place for everything and everything should be in it's place.

if you really cared you would just visit you local masonic library rather than asking for disinfo from anons.


Such as?

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Black masons are all I ever see. Is there a Nigger Rite that I've never heard of before or is masonry fully BLACKED(TM).


It's Prince Hall. A blacks only Masonic body since Blue Lodge and everyone else didn't want them.



Another jewish schizophrenic thread.

Who is posting all these illuminitardy threads?

Daily reminder:

The freemasons are: Bored rich people , doing deals behind the backs of the people. Doing deals in the shadows where the press can't scrutinize them.

Since I prefer my politics to be public and transparent, I cannot approve of Freemasonry I'm afraid. To me, its just another sect.

Gee, I wonder (((who))) is behind that post?

FM is transparent. But nothing can stop people discussing things away from prying eyes.

You could probably read up the actual history, rather than falling for image macros.


Craft mason here AMA, not gonna disclose secrets but can give some information. Such as a problem in your image, you can just join Arch Masonry, it's not that linear. Though it is correct in so much as most people work their way through the officer ranks and serve as a master of craft masonry before joining. You can also just straight up join the Knights Templar, and i know many craft masons who are also templars. While we are closely linked with the templars it is certainly not a step in freemasonry.

ha ha, keep crying, Josh.

How poz'd are Knights Templar? What is the ethnic structure of their membership, what's their relation to major religions and how seriously do they take themselves?

What degree is where you fuck the kids? What is it, the Key of David, the Generative Principle…

Yeah, I have a question for you mister mason: where are the videos of the gay orgies? Holla Forums has told me over and over that masonry is a system of morality imparted through gay orgies and child sacrifice.

In this day and age everything is on video, so where are the videos of the gay masonic orgies?

will you be off or from?

Masonic anti-grav tech is what got them off the moon in the initial stage. There is actually a good reason to keep that stuff limited to NTK, but you don't need masonry, they were all military.


I am a 34th degree mason, and I can tell you for certain, the G stands for Google.

thinks masons lack cel phones.

they sure lack grammar, it seems

I would imagine about the same as the masons, though the templar are Christian only while masons will take anyone that believes in a singular god.

Honestly i have no idea, I've never seen none met a non-white Templar though.

Again, Christian only, the exact connection to official churches i can't speculate on. From my understanding they take themselves very seriously, I've been told they're not as "fun" as masons are. Then again my closest connection to them is the tyler of my lodge and he is not very forward when it comes to disclosure. Though masonry in general has taken a lot of history lessons from the templar in recent years.

These days the gay orgy sacrifices have become obsolete, as we simply channel our magick power from /x/

Well that was a cock up. First part for

Are there 100 different groups calling themselves Templars (like it's the case with Masonry), or there is some kind of central authority?

Got some links? Does one need a recommendation or to be rich/influential to join (like in Masonry) or you can just ask?

Freemasons are basically "agentur" mentioned in the protocols. Also Albert Pikes Morals and dogma is a must read on the subject.

So much wrong with that sentence.

That's a fun debate. Unless you're in Florida, polytheists can join too, because they still have a supreme God.

Out of interest, what makes you say that?

There are few different organisations, these are generally based on the country so each nation has it's version of Templars, they are not nearly as popular as the Masons though and do not really suffer the same problem of "fakes". Masonry does also have a central authority, at least here in the UK. You're right that there are many false organisations that aren't "regular" and do weird sit or accept women etc. but real lodges are recognised by the UGLE and have a lodge number.

You don't have to be connected to join masonry, though it certainly helps to know a mason. You can sort of apply online and then try and make friends with whoever is sent out to talk to you. In terms of the templars i have no clue at all how their recruitment works as i have little interest.

Pic is the best proofs i can do for you guys, since i know how uppity you get.

All i can say is in England this is not possible. Any lodge that took polytheists would not be recognised and therefore is not a masonic lodge.

I take it you're not in London. Or Manchester. Tonnes of Hindus and Druids.

My mother lodge is in London, currently I'm not though. Either way, no Hindus or Druids are recognised by the UGLE, it's literally in the constitutions

Go ahead and point out where, brother. Isn't one of the MetGL Grand Officers Hindu, anyway?

Because it explains the general kikery involved. Also that whole thing about trinity of gods in one, havent read the thread so far because i am reading something else but am pretty sure it was already posted.

Freemasons are just unscrupulous, moralless dick suckers who serve the globalist jew agenda for their personal gain or because of the actual belief in the idea. Either way they deserve the rope.

It does? All i got from it was Pike's ideas about the degrees he wrote, which have since been updated in his area.
You mean Christianity?
Plenty are dick suckers, but the entire purpose of the organisations is to be a beacon of Christian morality and scruples.

No, Jahbulon.
That is why higher levels outright mislead and lie to lower levels about true agendas and doctrines.

Knight's Templar official Facebook page looks like a front page of Holla Forums kek.

What's your level, and are you that manager guy that always posts in these threads?