Secret Nazi Plan: Full Success

Are you ready? Are you prepared? Then sit down and get this:

Please Germaricans, come home and take back what has been given up long time ago!

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Can you spell german genes?





Its a lefty pozzed shithole


I don't understand how liberals call trump a racist when he won states with the most niggers

tfw italian.

Your heritage doesn't make you German. Every fucking yank I talk to online "Oh I'm scottish, German, Irish, bit of French" no you're fucking not, you're just a yank that most likely doesn't even have a person in your family that is first generation from your apparent "homeland". You're just American, fuck you OP

is it lonely in your soon to be islamic caliphate europoor.

Wouldn't know considering I'm Australian

Suck my luckycharms.
t. MA

so you just have to deal with aboriginals raping your girlfriend and burning down your neighborhood because they were hunting your dog.
Hey at least you have a gun to fight them off.


make sure to blanda up with your fellow australians

after all, you're all just australian, right?

Don't be so smug, Yuropoor. How about you be glad that white Americans care about remembering their heritage instead of acting like a complete cunt?

i searched deep within.
i shed all layers of myself and let go.
a cooling peaceful presence embraced me.
it was like nothing i've ever known before.
at last i truly see.
you such fucking faggots, holy shit.

They actually have trolls in Australia?

I don't believe it, they're the same as any other rural state except poorer, it makes no sense.

That's all this pertains to, and we all know that's bullshit. Unlike my Nonno who actually fought in the war for Germany and yet I don't call myself anything but Australian. You faggots so desperately want to be something you're not, maybe Trump will finally give you something to be proud of again

even better/zanier.

Guacman got cucked man. By his own kid! Either Granpappy P was reborn and PO'ed or the patriot gene skipped a couple of gens.

your salty fam, smh tbh.

I didn't know Australia was where they filmed David the Gnome. Surprised they never put any more threatening creatures in!

they probably use that oldschool shape-placement one that doesn't have any sort of brainpower component, just does squarepeg fit into trianglehole

what were they trying to say?

Remember this?


Actually, it's Massachusetts. Have to bring into the equation all of the world class Universities though which brings in thousands of high IQ people and their high IQ families. Not so sure that your average Mass. citizen is smarter than the rest of the country.


And no one else noticed your digits?

How about all of us Germericans nazify America instead? 4th reich happens here. if you're there you're there…if not….

Anyone seeing this shit?


Americans aren't fucking Germans. You're American.

t. American.

Nice try, kikes.

Oh I remember that, I was hoping someone else noticed. Good stuff.

I hope even half of this is true. If anyone could make such an elaborate plan, it'd be my German brothers and forefathers.

We're not American until American refers to only whites.
We're not American if niggers are also "American"
We're Dutch, We're german, we're british, we're irish, we're scottish, we're all the good things.

Yes. And they have many chinks and jews (and whites) to elevate the IQ well above 100, so spics there have to be dumb as all shit.

Vid related on #CalExit.

Which are filled to the brim with Jews. Anglos have been butt buddies with kikes the longest and were the principal reason they got so powerful. So much for Anglo "greatness".

Yes, I do. I'm still American first though

An intriguing theory. Basically all that's left to prove/disprove it is for the civil war in Germany by Christmas. Still it does make some sense, makes me wonder, how have we played into this? A happy surprise or a thorn in their side?

Yeah, we aren't coming back to Germany ffs. Germans should also stay in Germany. Otherwise there will be no resistance.

Yeah I know.

10 bucks says this attitude comes from leftists who deny race and think that German/Irish/whatever is cultural and you stop being a German if you aren't raised in German culture because hurrdurr there's no German race.


Actually come to potatoland some time. It rains a lot here but the drink is class

They can come here, enjoy our guns and strengthen our own numbers within the Trumpenreich. That's always fine.

Being European is no excuse for being so autistic.

Everybody knows that when Americans talk about what European country they are "from", they are talking about their ethnic stock.

Yeah that's true. It also comes from pleb-tier Euros that want to classify us as non Europeans and a "separate racist culture" that should be nuked. Their kike media proliferates anti American/ "normal American" as a species that deserves disdain. So even when a Euro gets "redpilled", he still keeps that image of a dumb and "arrogant" American in his subconscious.

Wallstreet thought in like 1920 that Fascism was coming to America, anything can happen user.

We had one job, how was this not made?

It might be true. The jews we've always known would have never allowed Trump to get this far and they would have let Bernie run instead of Hillary. Plus what about all the missteps they've made with the media and their censorship plans getting obliterated like they have? They gave the DNS over to the UN they could have SHUT IT DOWN way back in late September. I don't know, it just doesn't feel right or like something they would fuck up that bad on, that Australian could just be a high level shitposter but it's hard to say, everything he said came true, especially that shit about Hillary. Which btw, if it was that pizza stuff then when is Trump gonna release it to the public?

It comes from people who think that being German/Irish/whatever means being both of German blood and culture. In Europe, leftists believe in neither.

These maps are incredibly interesting considering the very french Louisiana purchase in the core of the country. I would imagine that the folks in the very, very deep red middle america are a combination of German, SOME NATIVE AMERICAN, and very white french, actually.
You might be surprised how many natives are secret trump supporters.


what's fucked up about that, is that if you consider the climate and area each nationality settled, it resembles their home country

(Checking that 1776 get)
>tfw niggers drag down my beautiful Anglo-Saxon state (Georgia)
A-at least we still have conservative values.

I think Trump holds all the cards but is keeping them for incase they get out of line again. It's a mix of a mercy and a contingency.