Any more of these? Do we know where they came from? I also have seen a chelsea but can't find it now.

even when censored it's gross

Reluctant bump


"I fear to watch, yet I cannot turn away."

Where's the uncensored version, fag?

Must be based FBI dropping them from weiner's laptop

Fake, sage for porn.

That reflection in the mirror…

I kind of want to see more out of morbid curiousity, in the same manner in which you might slow down to look at a big car wreck on the freeway.

So where did you get the pic, OP?

Found it on a 4chan thread that disappeared. I only have this one censored pic. I'm assuming it is from Wieners laptop.

You piqued my interest, user.

I dunno, would look bretty gud with a bag over its head.

Certainly wouldn't fuck it though. Who knows what diseases she has picked up from Weiner, Bill, Hillary, and whatever other scum she has spread her legs for.

Pretty sure it's fake. First pic is where the face comes from and the 2nd one is a combination.

Image search shows the face likely came from this event (note the earrings and similar make up). Also I've never seen a woman whose face skin looked older than body skin (women spend a fortune moisturizing their faces to look a nice as possible). Not saying it's for sure shopped but my gut says it's highly likely. Would have been good for a psyop pre-election though.

You mean definitely.

The original porn model was found by someone a short while after these shoops were spread. It's nothing.

ffs you have to be a furry to get turned on by that horseface of a whore

sage+report for shit thread

I actually want to see it.

You know how like seeing a car smash into 4 people is horrible and should never been seen but yet you want to just see it anyways? Kind of like that.

Yeah, actually. Just thought I'd be nice for once.

She just has that face thats always in the same position

She has Hillary's dead, calculating eyes.

wannntttt lol, im a suker for cute women, especially ones i see on tv a lot

Seriously nigger?

Gee do you really think so? I mean just because it looks shooped, has the same head from a different pic and a big fucking black bar going through the middle is kind of suspicious. Hmmm.

she's a meat puppet controlled by the same psionic nerve cluster in a jar in a bunker under tel aviv

what a hag

How can you even call that human?


That bitch is ugly as sin, hell I've seen arab women that put white girls to shame, this….whatever you can call this thing is ugly my nigga.

If I had to fuck a Horse I'd probably choose Sasha Banks to be honest.
At least she has a nice ass.

pls censor face and show tits thx

I raise you one OP



better question is: why… did I sit there and watch all 29 seconds?


better question is: why… did I sit there and watch all 29 seconds?

oops didn't mean to double-post… also, why did I just DL it?

These things… When will we genetically modify the X chromosome?

I didn't watch it at all, I'm just looking at the thumbnail.

user, you must find better things to do with your life.

A black bar is in no way suspicious. Apply yourself, racist.

First I was grossed out. Then I laughed. Then I got a semi-boner.

Would you though?

You sick motherfucker I'm guilty too

Slide thread, marked for deletion.

this. it looks like fun

Isn't her. Humas hair is taller in front and she has a smaller head. Also it's obviously a fucking photoshop


Has her extortion material been released post-election?

I for one am not a fan of castration.

We are going to need bigger ovens

It's fake you dumbass