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I think we just need to take back the real boards.



















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stopped using Holla Forums 3 months ago they seem very angry fizzbuzzers and logo makers,thanks will check out the board.




lots of 10/10s ITT, thx OP

OP is retarded for spamming, but >>>/poltech/ is pretty good.


You need this





I have that one, its qt but doesn't grab at your soul like that webm does to mine. It's the whole 'European woman in tune with and surrounded by nature whilst being perfect wifey' status that has my thighs in a tizzy. Attached are a few things that evoke the same feeling, but not even half as much as that qt in

That sound makes me sad. I want our women back :(

They are so perfect.

Very nice.

Have heart kamaraden.

Her name is Jonna Jinton from Sweden
Archive - archive.is/PKuyI
Her channel youtube.com/channel/UCAk3t7WHs2zjsZpopox8Taw

Random video from her channel.


I don't want to brown them out.

It is luck. I fucked a white mexicana and our kid came out blonde blue eyes, her grand pa was white blue yes my pa was white blue eyes.

Me and her were both white brown hair brown eyes, but smart and hot.

Our daughter is now so in demand in Mexico she never has to work again. Fucked up how my balls told me to fuck a brunette and it made a goddess. I was a poor chad she cucked a rich mexican for my genes.

Being chad isn't so great. You sometimes lose to the money the rich guys have, sure you get a child, but sometimes the woman knows it is better and safer to lie and take the money. I can't blame her, I am not as rich as him. Millionaire factory owner vs office clerk. They love white dick. The rarer it gets the more valuable it becomes

that is a very nice looking woman

your kids are retarded mongoloids uwu

I wish I had the money, my daugher is something special. I understand the flip though. I miss my girl. Fucking money, betabux. I miss her!


skinny girls and chestlets are your thing user?

kek, perfect blonde is a bastard. Wish you could see her. I got lucky.

Sometimes European genes activate after sleeping. This was one of those times, listen to your balls anons, they speak the truth. I was just so in love with this white mexican. We made a white blue eyed baby. I am 50 scott 50 french her 25 mexicana 75 spanish

once you go injun you never go back (to being white)

But I am bad husband material, so she chose her millionaire boyfriend. can't blame her, he runs half her city. I miss them though. I am just an idiot. Money is power.

Okay post your pic faggot. Complain let us see what you are made of. timestamp

To be fair to him, it sounds like his wife is Castizo not Indio. Indio (full injun) and Mestizo (half spanish half injun) are the nasty goblins. Castizos are mostly Spanish stock if I recall correctly. There's a definite caste system in Mexico. For example most shitty mexicans that hop the border are Mestizos.

I don't know. My point is listen to your dick.

If you are clean and in shape your instincts know.

I'm not buying it. That's bad advice. Actually that's pretty much the polar opposite of what you should do. Stop spreading bullshit advice my dude. It 'might' have worked out in your case (not really since you don't sound stable mentally) so I'm telling you, fucking a latina and popping out a kid you never see again is not the path we should lead our impressionables down.

With white genocide epically our genes become more valuable by the second and no matter what the leftists do, our genes are status symbols.

I am brown haired brown eyed, but I know that blond hair is better. Just stick with whites are your kids and you are in demand. The rarer we become the more valuable our genes are.

mentally stable on a chan.
go back to reddit faggot

This isn't Encyclopedia Britannica. This is the darkest reaches of the Internet. Fuck off normie.


Most of Holla Forums is now the_donald fucking fags like you. I need to migrate once again.

You seem to have learned nothing here if you think fucking a taconigger was a good idea. Congrats on the half taco nigger kid you mush brained faggot. No, we aren't all unstable losers like you seem to be.


muh unstable loser,

go back to CNN.

tell us more, chad-user

taco nigger
blonde hair
blue eyes

allright faggot

you didn't read my posts

This webm is gay and stupid.

what do you want to know.

YOu see chad isn't chad 24*7 it depends on the environment

Status is a variable and changes
I was Chad but a few times, not all the time. Status is flexible a variable, not set in stone. I had more status when I traveled because of my skin.

You have something in common


On 4chan maybe

the cucking. I want to be amused by your escapades.

Noses are bretty attractive

being white in a nonwhite country makes you a potential chad, but how many white guys in nonwhite countries find much success?

not that many. they're all fucked up in the head by feminism and antiwhite received memetics

Are you joking? You'll probably get raped in Japan if you walk around. They ALL want white cock. It's almost unfair how they throw it at you. Ask any military guys who get stationed overseas. They call it 'riding the wave' in the navy. This whole 'bbc worship' is a kike meme to make whites feel like they aren't the genetic magnets that we have always and will continue to be.

Keep telling yourself your child is white, you betrayed your race tbh. I've seen niggers with naturally blue eyes before

White guys get pussy everywhere, if they look and act like men.

I am half cuck half man.

I was raised under the kike media. I am weak, compared to others 404chan I think of you.

giving birth to a blond hair blue eyed girl, is a traitor to the race. right…..

parents are 25 French 25 Scott 12 Mexican 38 Spaniard

must be a Nigger.



kek my Puerto Rican friend likes to play the 'Spaniard' card when he's basically a baboon.

Produces a blue eyed blond hair child. She is not white according to user. Blue eyes blond hair white skin.
Why do you hate your people so much? I make children and you curse my blond blue eyed children because I am poor and white?! I have brown hair but my daughter was blessed she got my family's genes and my girlfriend's as well. Her grandpa had blue eyes blonde hair my father had the same, and you hate me. Lol, you curse me for having white children while our enemies have more than all of us combined?!? stop complaining and make babies you fucks!

I don't understand you fags.

oh dear.

This is why our people are disappearing because you weak fucks don't have kids yourself, but feel free to complain about people who do and are proud about their white children.

Weak ass faggots, give us children or fuck off.

You think you're tough or savvy just because you post on an imageboard? A rude awakening is all that awaits you if you keep acting like a retard.



I am not scary I am not special I just got lucky with a chick, and wanted to share my story that you dont need money or smarts you just need balls to make white babies

don't bother trying to argue with them, unless a person bleeds snow, it's never white enough.

generally if it's not a sub-human (kike/nigger/abbo) then it's generally considered human.

kek, we know, just look at you

hahaha laugh at the white guy having kids. Care to share your own merits?



Hard to get along. I do my duty and get children. I make a perfect white blue eyed blonde haired girl, that I cuck a mexican for because I am regular Joe. You fags find a way to protect your ego and insult me, when most of you have not have had children or know the pain of losing them. You want whites to rule, but you curse your brother instead of helping them

People like you are why we still are weak. Post you pic, show yourself and your merits. I will if you do.


Kek it's fine my dude, you made a burritospawn and you want to convince yourself that you didn't make a mistake. Cool man, you racemixed, you didn't help the white race. When we talked about increasing birthrates, we pretty explicitly outlined that mulattoes do not help the cause.

jej my dude

I'll stop now, I feel bad bullying you.

kek okay.

Fighting agaisnt your own, you are just an idiot. Jealous fuck how many children do you have?

Hi FBI. The burden of proof is on you anyway, unless you can prove that your daughter isn't a burrito then you'll get finagled till the end of time.

White people like you make us weak laughing at your brothers instead of using of our laughs to make us stronger. You need to ask Hitler for help and strength. You are weak mentally. I am nothing to you but you take effort to break down your fellow white brother, because of your ego. Read some more. I have had more children than most, and I am dumb but loyal.
I hate to see my brothers kiked into ego attacking me, when their anger should be to the Jew.

Race isn't just appearance, faggot. Your spawn has Jalapenonigger DNA in every cell of her body dragging her backwards evolutionarily. The signals from her blue eyes are being process by a brain that is a little bit less human and a little bit more primate.

Okay Jew.

Keep your theories, I will keep making white children. We will see who wins.

You have to make one before you can continue to do so :^)

YOU HAVE NO SPAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING hell. You make our movement so weak, blonde hair blue eyed children are not good enough for you. Okay man. We are lost if we can't stand together. You make us seem like a bunch of niggers who can't get along

I am done keep laughing, I did my part happy with my role, if you fucks want to deny blonde hair blue eyed folk that is on your own plate

I raised my kids , fought for my country and worked shit jobs most of my life.

Except blonde and blue isn't the bar for white. That would exclude a lot of non-Germanic/Nordic races that are considered IndoEuropean but still white. Your understanding of the problem is kindergarten level, though it's not like I really have to point that out since it's blaringly obvious.

like I said, a person could be bleeding snow, and an albino caucasian with albino's for parent's, and it STILL wouldn't be white enough.

trolls trolling trolls, just ignore, hide, and move the fuck on.

Making blonde haired blue eyed beaner monkeys is not saving the white race. If that were so we could end white genocide by selling hairdye and colored contacts.

I'm far from a one drop rule guy, but race mixing with a taconigger is not the way to go.


Yaya give me a solid scientific standard fuck head. We are as good as dead with you weak fucks in charge or trying to keep us alive. My pa died in the war for you fucks to breed, and all I see is weakness. My pa gave me shit, and I did little but at least I had 5 kids.

You have none, you created a mostly white child in a brown country with a woman twice as brown as her, who took her to be raised by her brown boyfriend. In the long term it's much more likely she'll only add some more whiteness to Mexico's gene pool, rather than find a white man to make less mixed children with.
I'm truly sorry that this has happened to you user.

If you fucks have no balls or ego to take a hit, than we might as well die. I can't win this on my own, but your egos are too big for consideration that you daycare faggots might be wrong

blah blah
fuck you all

your movement is going nowhere your president trump is taking it civil nationalism and your own culture wont change that at all.

You're the only one here whos taken a hit. I feel bad for you user, I really do.

WW2? You mean the ZOG war par excellence? Wow great job!

practically speaking, any person with white skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair is overwhelmingly genetically white

if a person with blue eyes and blonde hair doesn't pass the one drop rule, you're living in bizarro world

btw, there are in fact white Mexicans, just not very many of them

why am I even bothering with this.
ok, fine.

there IS a difference between a Spaniard and a Mexican, you know this right?


You fucks are just white brothers in theory. No actions, you ask your emperor to do all the work but you help him not.

Jealous fucks, white in name not in action. We will never get anything done when you are mad at me and not niggers.


you really need to go back

Where did you even come from?

I am out, I wont give my life and my soul for people who hate me who having white children when our people are going extinct because somehow blonde hair blue eyes and white skin isnt white.

Fuck this.

I am done congrats CTR this is retarded because I know most of you are just fags and not paid shills

Hitler dubs, but no once will check em right because it doesn't fit your narrative. Fucking cucks are worst than most media outlets.

Stop posting before you waste more of our precious dubs, you already trashed your genes.

Stupid faggot should really go.

bye taconigger

You mean American level