Why the leaders of the cucked memed massive immigration

First, a history lesson. Stick with me, it's worth it and will probably bring you the same pride it brings me. I hand typed this, it's not pasta, and I'm writing it for you, 8ch: because everywhere I've been on the net lately, this is where I find the most inquisitive, understanding, and like minded people who know truth when they read it.
It's well known thanks to statistics of ethnic groups that the very intelligent; the "laws and nurture" over animal instincts, science, medicine and self sufficiency oriented white northern European and denisovian Asians (northern chinese, japanese, and korean - iydk: they're a branch of humans from a related stock, it's where "caucASIAN" comes from) tend to create wealth and/or property to become secure and established BEFORE having children. It's theorized that this is due to the fact that in colder, harsher environments, children require constant physical supervision, education, and good rolemodels from day 1 to be successful and raise children of their own. However, once a young man and woman (or a small group of the surviving male hunters/fighters and the many women who followed them, as it was for the Northern Asians) became established they would start making babies, and a fair lot of them. It was not uncommon to have 4-12 children or more… but over a long span of time, and with the support of medicine and caretakers to account for the larger dangers of childbirth for our races.- So, there is a physical, genetic pressure and neurological component as to why we are not only more intelligent, but also protective of our personal belongings then other races. These facts also explain why we are closer and more loyal to our families then other races.

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It's not as well known that it was we who developed "next wave" religious dogma based on the stories of Thor/Odin or Zeus/Herc or the epic of Giglamesh. In all of those stories, it is that of a great God giving his seed to ((man)) to create a much less ((corrupted)) hybrid and SAVE THE HUMAN RACE. I wonder why that is, funny thing, those stories. It's interesting to note that Hotsuma Tsutae (the true form of the Kojiki - before contact with china) the word "kami" was being used to mean something like royalty and not "gods" - and the "son of god" meme was never created there - despite the parallels between northern Nordic and European creation legends and the ones of the Japanese and their ancestors. This was likely never necessary, as the isolation of Japan prevented immigration and preserved genetic harmony long enough for it to become a protected pride of it's people. In any case, much later on, around this idea of "no sex before marriage" was made law, and not just religion. When agriculture and stable cities started to be the norm, ((genetic groups from north eastern africa)) wanted in. We warred with them, and they lost. Later, once they had conned and raped the less desirable outcasts at the Southern edges of our tribes, and mixed enough with us to created children that just barely fit into our way of life enough to disappear in the crowd, invasion by immigration started. It was then when we had to start to deal with the less intelligent branch of hominids who were just starting to wander out of Africa 50,000 years later that necessitated these mimetic mythical measures against their degeneracy - the royal and exalted leaders who wrote these myths probably created them in an effort to save our kind, by killing those who disobeyed it - racial cleansing in disguise. :) These "moral values" as we call them today are in our genes to protect us, but in a deeply cognitive sense, not a physical hormonal sense - but despite being at odds with our bodies, we stuck by it. sidenote: this also explains why other races are unable to understand temporary celibacy - and why child sexual abuse is so abhorrent to us, if a baby has a baby it can't survive the Winter without the help of it's elders.

There was three groups of NEARLY PURE GENETIC Caucasians who left those areas because they couldn't take it anymore- The Spaniards, The French (who formed Louisiana) and the Puritans. Look into the ((political issues)) that were occurring in Europe and GB before the American deceleration of independence.
-Anyway: Before ((THEY)) started pushing hormonal based methods of birth control in North America and later Japan, the -COPPER- IUD was invented and becoming extremely popular in northern Europe and other highly intelligent parts of the world - This was logical and scientific - because it could be implanted in women from age 16, it didn't affect a woman's natural, cherished desires for physical love with their men, and so that both men and women may enjoy a safe sex life with their PREFERRED partners while they were building wealth and security. This PREVENTED degeneracy of our men: the less mentally stoic would occasionally run off to satisfy their very real physical needs with ((women)) they didn't particularly truly want- and essentially "settle for less" since the intelligent, blue eyed queen they were really after was in essence protecting her future children by being a prude. (in the past those impulsive male outcasts would simply die as our front line fighters, they were being bred out.) The Copper IUD would also remove the danger of accidentally becoming an eventual single mother to the child of an uneducated degenerate loser attempting to entrap them, and allow women to both get (and keep) the best of us around.
Where am I going with this? Well, it's no wonder that the copper IUD was smeared as a "dangerous" and ineffective option when the ever so convenient ((Pill)) was invented. (Never-mind the fact that it's not only more effective then hormones it may also prevent some STDS.) It also lasts exactly 5 years, and not much longer which is juuuuust long enough to get passed the biological sex crazed 18-23yo university phase of most men, to where they have start a career and become successful. It was a masterstroke for the intelligent descendants of our great forefathers.

Okay, history lesson over. What the FUCK does this have to do with immigration?!!? I'm getting to that.
Just 10 short years ago, the news was filled with the fact that Japan was a nation of sexless NEETS (it still makes the news today). There was humorous fluff stories about nations like Norway, Iceland and Sweden giving massive bonuses, perks, and money to post collage and university age students who were promiscuous and had babies. It's no surprise to me that sex education starts earlier and earlier for children the more north you go. Unfortunately, these measures didn't work anywhere. The ((Scientists)) who invented the pill failed to disclose the fact that THE HORMONES IN THE PILL TURN WOMEN INTO ASEXUAL, DEPRESSED, ANGRY, OVERWEIGHT TROGLODYTES.
Intelligent men missed this fact for far too long, because celibacy in youth was fairly normal for intelligent women looking to build a productive family unit after they married… But soon as hormonal birth control became common. But as soon as the children of the baby boomers STOPPED having kids… The smart people in government started to take notice.
another sidenote: It's interesting that the woman's right movement went WAY beyond voting and jobs - into something painting men as aggressors
so Instead of figuring out the ((source)) of the problem with declining and near negative birth rates, our governments instead decided that since we won't have kids no matter how hard they tried, to keep Capitalism working and make sure the people retiring have replacements: they needed their population to grow.
The next best way to do that?


So how did ((they)) think they could fix the negative population growth problem?
Do you understand why Trump is DE-funding planned parenthood now?
Do you understand why he appointed extremely religious anti-gay, anti-abortion Pence as his VP now?
Do you know Lord Trump's genetic ancestors?
With the borders closed, unless we start making NATURALLY BORN CITIZENS, (AND A LOT OF THEM), SOON, we'll have to open our borders again.
Is it any wonder that Trump is not stopping immigration from safe, allied countries?
For 5 years now I've been spreading the meme that the hormones in birth control are bad for feminism and they make you
"too weak and depressed to fight the patriarchy"…

And wouldn't you know it, the ones that I've convinced to stop have said the following to me:

"Hillary Clinton's "Brand of feminism" is wrong."
"I don't really think systemic sexism exists in America"
"I want to move to the suburbs. There's no crime there."
Still more of them have become beautiful, athletic, fun loving SEX POTS. Many of them ended up marrying very white (or very japanese, lol) men, and they were extremely picky about it too. I can't tell you how many of these girls roll up to my practice in yoga pants, fresh from the gym, in a Mercedes Benz with a baby seat in the back, asking for a referral to remove their Copper IUD.
Or, for a pregnancy test. ;)
With love - your friendly neighborhood GP

Wow, the downplay and disinformation started early! I'm impressed!

I think most of us already know this stuff, but I enjoyed the read anyway. 14/88 would fash to

Preaching to the choir buddy, but appreciate the effort for any lurking newfags.

Like this one for example

I've got to agree with a lot of what you have to say, but there's some tremendously fucked up flaws with your views of human sexuality.

You appear to have gotten more or less the right conclusion from this, but it's a flawed way to get there. You spoke earlier about how decent races raise their children and create their families due to their environment, and yet you mysteriously excuse the filth that began to eschew those instincts later on, as though it's "just a thing that happened". They aren't and weren't our allies, the men and women who "slept with their preferred partners while building wealth" - decent humans are generally more or less celibate or already mated for life through this point, and it strengthens them and/or their relationship. The men who ran off to "satisfy their needs" are the result of foreign genetics, the cause of which you'd already explained at this point in your post, and the "intelligent, blue eyed queen they were really after" is the loud and proud gutter skank population that had developed by that point in time. Because "in the past, those impulsive male outcasts" were not white, and were not tolerated.

I feel like you have this view of our population at the time simply because around then was when these comparatively noisy problem children with the genetics for alternate mating strategies had begun to show up in our own populations with our own skin colour, but make no mistake that there were and still are many, many genuine authentic caucasians and northern asians who pair up more or less just once, and fucking wait until that time, and whom afterwards just quietly take care of their home and family.

I won't argue that the copper IUD can be just as much of a benefit to those decent men and women as to the (((less mentally stoic who would occasionally run off to satisfy their very real physical needs))) and the (((intelligent blue eyed queen they were really after *but who would ever lower herself to the level of that kind of man.)))

As an aside, I'm actually intensely interested in the idea of the pill having signifigant long-term effects in itself. I haven't considered this idea before, I thought these problems would already long be in play by the time a woman started regularly taking the pill, products of a root cause; but your theory is making me think. I like it.

We all know why third world immigration is being pushed.

I can see where you're going with this, but you're missing one very real point due likely to surrounding yourself with like-minded, highly self controlled people of quite intelligent stock. I applaud your optimism, but you're wrong on a couple things.
I 100% recognize what you're trying to say. I indicated that the creation of a half god myths as the continuation of origin stories as a side effect of the fact that the mixing already started however:
Our entire species depends on our love of fucking. No Sex = no babies. No babies = no us. It's therefore the strongest selected for genetic pressure above all. Anything that creates more children who survive to adulthood to make more children will be selected for genetically… IN THE ABSENCE OF MEDICAL MANIPULATION THROUGH SCIENCE. Science is still great, but ((SOME SCIENTISTS)) seem to have no problem with helping women have abominations like TRIG babies and other drains on society when previously they would be thrown out with the bathwater.
Anyway, the love of sex is done through the process of genetic encoding for hormonal response. Normally, the longer you wait to have children, the less likely you are to have children at all, but at the same time, the younger a woman is when she has children, the more children she's likely to have. This results in three things.
1) the attraction to younger, (but fertile) teens, though it sounds degenerate, is highly selected for and normal. - –don't flip just yet, see 2 and 3–
2) In a harsh environment where intelligence is the key to survival, the age at which women become able to bear children safely (the tail end of puberty) tends to drift much HIGHER, and men stay virile and fertile and younger looking their entire lives, while at the same time, their base sexual instincts are quite tempered. (see rape statistics) They are still EXTREMELY NECESSARY however, because without them they wouldn't pass on their superior genes. This is why you sometimes see massive age gaps between the hyper intelligent and their partner(s). This was fine considering the scarcity of men due to death and war compared to now.
3) When you start messing with those hormones, the things that cause genetic success start to be selected for - in this case, it's (believe it or not) early teen pregnancy. These kids get pregnant because they aren't yet on birth control because NOBODY in their right mind would think they would need it yet… and it has created a cycle of girls getting their periods younger, and younger, and younger… an extremely young girl who, unfortunately, is genetically ready for sex will tempt degenerate extremely mixed and 2nd wave hominids who do not have the nurture to protect from nature genes (or who have lost them due to mixing with a race who's okay with, or has made a genetic strategy out of: kidfucking)

Jewish scientists literally created more pedophiles as either a side effect (or an intended long term side effect) in an attempt to further normalize their pedophilia.

No, you just think everyone knows because this truth is obvious to you. It's instinctual because you're a highly intelligent individual likely from a good stock.
I promise you this information is completely unknown to most people, and many here.
Cutting out the racial truth of the matter, I field tested my "immigration is a replacement for low birth rate" meme on a mostly uncucked young lady who came into my office this week, as a way to defend Mike Pence and trump to young atheists.
She already had been blackpilled on hormonal birth control (teenagers are really instinctive and paranoid of a lot of things these days), so I didn't have to go there.
She completely bought it. I framed it as a "conspiracy theory" and she CORRECTED ME and said "No, that's because it's a fact".
I've never been so gobsmacked.

I'll admit I flipped a little :^)

I understand that fertility is absolutely a force that brings the age of attraction down, I just think you're vastly underestimating 2 as a force that in turn brings that attracted-to age upwards. Forces that tug against eachother, you know? When that environment hasn't affected you genetically, you get people without that adapted attraction towards actual fucking adult women - the oft-seen man who'd fuck a 14 year old if he could, but settles for 20s because he's not full nog. That point 2 is the sweet spot we're after, user. That's what the white race, and some asian races, specialize in, and it's what creates the best people.

I'll 100% agree with you on 3. A lot of fiction can be used to help explain this point, as a lot of it ties into this idea of modern circumstances creating niches for new, fucked up, twisted "strains" of human.

Yeah, I've been really surprised at how many of the few early-teens I meet now and then have been really redpilled, for lack of a better word. They have an innate sense of feeling like there's things they can't say, about things that shouldn't be happening, and many have a wonderfully healthy natural paranoia.

Wtf, I posted a video for anons to laugh and you started to talk about how you tried to flirt with girls with "low demographics" and "let's save the white race, you and me *wink wink*"

The point is, if you want to remove the one thing that Women ACTUALLY "have" to argue against Pence and to a lesser extent, Trump - convince them that they're using religious conviction as a cover and excuse for shit-canning planned parenthood and discouraging abortion - because in the absence of immigration we need to increase our birth rates.
If you score a win, show and tell them the feminist line - saying that hormonal birth control causes depression and weakness (there is articles out there)
http:// theargus .ca/news/2016/study-finds-striking-link-between-hormonal-birth-control-and-depression/
https:// www.ncregister. com/daily-news/study-birth-control-linked-to-depression-especially-among-teen-girls (formerly based demark)

The fact that I can't find these articles in USA is very telling.

I'll admit I didn't watch the video, I assumed you were being dismissive and that YOU were assuming that everyone here knew all about this.
I guess we both need to stop assuming, :P

Use the ID system, friend

Although I'll admit I laughed, thank you

OP you are one deluded nigger, isn't it obvious the cucks don't know what the fuck they are doing? that they like in fucking lalaland and have control over nothing anymore?

Look at brexit, look at the elections: these dumb fucks are shell-shocked and don't even understand why the fuck they are losing

Just go back to suck rand paul's dick or something

I am aware, and it frustrates me. It fucks up at times. Bonus points to you for being vigilant and checking ID's though.

You don't belong here.

Found the kike.

Oh, by the way, I would fucking LOVE to be surrounded by people who believe similar things to me. All the people I know are either "yeah, sure, but i'm fucking homeless/hopeless/it doesn't matter so i'm just going to go have threesomes kthnx" or "yes, and men ought slap their women! and choke them and tie them up in bed and hurt them around every corner, that's healthy."


Pretty sure he's memeing user

I'll admit that while I agree with all of what we've discussed is happening, I'll also say that I really, really don't think much of what we talk about on Holla Forums is something controlled or intentional on the part of some opposition. I won't argue there's a malicious, terrible ruling class with a ridiculous amount of uncouthly earned influence and wealth, but I really doubt they're playing 4d chess rather than just being another big pawn of a terrible cultural machine.

I think cultures and ideologies function almost identically to evolution and biology, at this point

Hey, unfortunately I deal with the public on a very intimate and personal level. A GP has to act disgustingly hip to pop culture and normie all the time to fit in - otherwise you'll get blackballed by progressive folks who've done their internet research. If you seem even slightly out of touch with pop-culture your credibility goes out the window.
So sometimes those things slip into my writing, deal with it.

Wait, you weren't just being ironic?

Was sageing your own thread part of your plan?


There's this thing called paragraphs, you know what I'm talking about? Maybe you should try them next time.

He did split it up into paragraphs. Do you have dyslexia? Otherwise you might want to read through this merely to practice, friend.


Preaching to the choir my man

Forgive my ignorance but what's a GP? Are you a Doctor Bro?

Because (((immigration))) is good for the (((economy))), OP.

An immigrant is much more profitable than a child. You don't need to water and feed him and pay taxes for his education for 18 years. He comes already capable of working, and needs a house, a car, etc. He inflates the labor supply, and is a consumer.

Immigration is population growth and population growth is (((economic growth))). What (((they))) neglect to mention is that not all economic growth is desirable, and economic growth is not the sole metric by which policies should be gauged.

For example, if population growth suddenly stopped, most (((economists))) predict recessions, deflation, stagnation, etc, thus leaving us with no alternative but to keep importing foreigners (they'll pay for your pensions, goy!). But is it really the case? To be sure, the housing market would crash, along with associated financial and labor industries - mortgages and construction. But is it really such a terrible thing? Housing market collapsing would mean cheaper houses. Cheaper houses would mean young couples would be able to afford one sooner, move out and start families.

Or take labor supply, for example. Without the influx of immigrants, it'll stop expanding, which in turn will drive the wages up. Businesses will again start competing for labor, instead of treating workers like shit. Not to mention that importing low skilled labor is bound to backfire in the long term, as automation starts taking its toll.

Basically certain (((interests))) have convinced the public that immigration and globalization is the only way, and that the system will crash and burn if we ever stray. And that's absolutely true, (((the system))) is dependent on more and more people being thrown into it each year. But if it dies, a new one will emerge, one that doesn't depend on constant, cancerous growth, one that doesn't result in original population being slowly replaced, one that's more at equilibrium with the environment and nature, one that relies on technology more than expansion to grow.

Without immigration, white birthrates would probably be floating slightly above 2 children per family, resulting in a stable, secure, prosperous and slowly growing population. This hunger and justification for (((growth))) is coming from (((somewhere else))).

If I used spaces between paragraphs I would be accused of a redditard

Found the cuck, you done prepping the bull?

Thats what I'm saying but OP is too much of a faggot to realize nobody is in control

Go away gook

This thread, briefly, had a tremendous amount of valuable discussion. What happened? I guess CTR really isn't gone?

This is literally exactly what I said, but I explained the history behind why and the reason

You're being a defeatist. I literally argued that there should be less men in general and that a smart alpha leader SHOULD have women, and possibly multiple ones, as long as he's selective of their genes.
There lies a genetic reason why the birth rate of men was historically higher on the whole - men were far more likely to die young as the protectors and hunters, so it became genetically advantageous for them to be born slightly more often. However, the more boys a woman has over her lifetime, the less likely it is she'll have boys in general. (her immune system starts to attack testosterone) This can also unfortunately result in a little something we call male homosexuality, but it's also why the first child of a woman that happens to be born a girl is more likely to be bisexual. (some of us believe this is a woman's natural inclination in the absence of hormonal birth control-more on that in a sec)
Even more interestingly, Men still determine the gender ultimately, but it's fairly nifty that the smartest and most successful of us tend to have huge strings of female children, and very few boys. (*coughTrumpcough*) This has been proven through history, and while it might not be AS good for dynasties, there's a genetic reason for that too.
As we became more and more advanced, and less and less dependent on barbaric warring between tribes and hunting, the "slightly more men then women" birthrate genetic trait actually became detrimental to larger dynastic society - the men started infighting over the lack of women and, as I said before, the weakest among them fled south and settled for less then optimal women from lesser races due to scarcity. In a world with no birth control, that results in children with people who even more strongly expressed regressive tribal 2nd wave human genes, and even more boys and even less of the nurturing ones, and the cycle repeats.
==This is literally the base reason race mixing is encouraging degenerate behavior like cuckoldry.== It's no accident that this word is used here to describe the white liberal fucks we hate. In a society with more men then women, genetic failures adopt strategies to cope with an environment counter-intuitive to actually successful breeding strategies among their parent race: in this case it's removing the mental rage that comes from a more alpha male taking your women away. It's a war being waged by their genes. Ever notice how it's "white" males who tend to engage in degenerate behavior like cuckoldry and self sterilization? They don't have the instinct to preserve and spread their genes anymore. The genome is literally committing suicide, because it's better for the race on the whole.
There's a reason the ultimate power fantasy for those of us with superior upbringing is a small Harem of the very best, and it's why Kings took many wives until ((they)) started to meme it into degeneracy when it reduced their breeding chances. The Mormons and LDS are actually one of the few groups still holding onto this tradition.

I'm still here.

You do realize the software that runs this board is a fork of 2ch, right? SAGE is short for (下げる sageru) which means “to lower”.
Additionally, the Japanese are genetically related to the master race, which you would know if you read my post, and is one of the many reasons they were allied with Germany, you traitor.


I forgot to elaborate - bisexual women tend to enjoy being a part of a group of wives, for what it's worth. It's hard to be jealous of a woman you're also romantically involved with.

Our current banking system requires constant growth for the sole sake of growth, as there is always more debt than money, and debts must be serviced by feeding labor and wealth endlessly to central banks. After reforming our monetary system, mass immigration and other short-sighted economic plans would not be profitable. Socialists are actually correct that growth for growths sake is an unsustainable fallacy, but they don't realize it is not inherent to Capitalism in general but only to central banking.

This guy gets it.

There is two other reasons why a negative birthrate is bad for naturally born citizens - even when removing the banking system entirely.

1) It seems counter intuitive based on what we're talking about, but the lack of genetic variance among the group (ie: the ability to move a few states over and find a racially pure but familial distant mate) becomes harder. This leads to cousins at best (generally fine) to half siblings and nieces and so on. (not good!)
This causes genetic defects which require two carriers to express to become more common. Low population isolationists start to see this happen - but since the Japanese learned to love to fuck, it didn't happen to them. There's probably a genetic reason they (at least used to be) pervy sexpots, and the craziest sexual fantasies tend to come from there.
2) Simply: as the population dwindles you start to lose your ability to defend your borders as you no longer have a military. A major fight with an invader might push your nation over the recoverable point due to the loss of life.

The beneficial parts of modernity like automation and whatnot should be put to use to remedy these issues in particular. Technology could lend itself very well to a smart, well-raised, tiny, white population.

unfortunately there exists things like satan 2, which can level an area the size of texas with no survivors, and can't be shot down.
You're describing a place like finland, which could be instantly eradicated (and irradiated! oh joy!) if any global nuclear superpower (or just power) decided they didn't like them very much. You need not only size, but numbers. Uniting the States was a very good idea, it appears. That's why the USSR copied it. ;)


Stopped reading here. "caucasian" is named after Caucasus, the birthplace of R1b haplogroup.

You're ignorant as fuck, idiot.

When OP's own autism hits him.

That wasn't history, it was the ramblings of an autistic high school student.

Kid, with all sincerity, do you fucking hear yourself? I know you imagined when you wrote this on the toilet paper you were going wipe your ass with, that it sounded witty, but now that you've transcripted your insane ramblings, does it still sound that intelligent?

See? Right there you skipped over something. You did, because your brain is contaminated with Jewish bullshit. You're giving an answer to a question that hasn't been asked.

You disgust me so much that, I don't even feel like correcting you. I don't want to help you. I want that long overdue semi-truck to run over your face.

And this is the best you've come up with? This convoluted, childish nonsense?

There's no fucking way in the world you're a doctor.

Tell me, what is in Southern Russia?
I was a little incomplete in my thoughts there, the memetic is CaucASIAN so you can remember the overlap. Neanderthal+Denisovian=Europian+Mongoloid


You really need to learn to understand phylogenetics.

Except I knew that.

haplogroup R-M343 is a Paternal one ( human Y-chromosome) which supports the idea that a single male can spread superior genes to many females, preferably ones of similar linage, so the expression is stronger. A single male can sire hundreds of thousands of offspring if given the chance, which is why many north east Asians can trace genetics to the Khan.

What's more interesting is Haplogroup R1a, and supports this.

attached is the distribution of R1b vs R1a.
The true master race is a combination of R1b which you are clearly a part of, and R1a, which I am predominantly.

also please note I said north eastern Asians.

R1a is purple. R1b is red.
Who do you think has the most even distribution of the three? Oh yeah… Germans.

It comes from the Caucasus, has nothing to do with Asia

Dumb nigger

I like how OP felt the need to reply to you three times

I explained it's a memetic - ie, a way to remember. See R1b+R1a proof.

Because it's my thread? Do you believe in shutting up when you are told you're wrong, when you believe something? Is my information so contrary to your interpretation of the genetic reality that your only recourse is to mock my persistence, the very thing that won the election? Perhaps you don't belong to those groups and feel the need to defend yourself, lol.



This is a shit tier post sexual-revolution mindset. Young women married OLDER men who already built wealth and prosperity, they didn't just have contraceptives and fuck around with a chosen partner for pleasure until the woman is an old hag and they finally got their shit together enough to comfortably afford children.

Also, no copper IUD existed for the time period you're talking about, thank god. If not for the stigmatization of being a single mom, what would stop women from secretly being whores if they got a hold of contraceptives?
No woman can resist opening their legs to a Chad if they can get away with with it. It just makes no sense if you think about it.

Women had to be prudes by necessity. Nowadays the only way to make them be prudes is by force.

if you had read anything I wrote I already acknowledged the age gap.

you fucking turd, LMAO.

Thanks for making me prove it though. Stay in school.

Did pewdiepie go full Holla Forums recently and nobody told me?

I really hate those knock off maga hats with the improper font.

Pretty sure he's constantly on chans, I bet he'll get less annoying as time goes on.

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Apparently it's worth a damn though for the newfags

Every time I see that pic, I wonder what is going through that carp's mind. Do you think it is even truly cognizant of what's happening?

I doubt carps have mental capacity for thoughts beyond

Carps are the perpetrators of genocide.

I've seen a single carp drown more than 300 people and collapse the economy of nations.

they're idiots. If they love immigration so much, there are a lot of LEGAL immigrants waiting in line to be accepted. Illegals only makes things worse. 1.) by not integrating well into society (IE keep speaking their moonspeak or tries to "hide" to a person with the same culture), and 2.) they're more prone to be a criminal because they break the law for their own profit.

Can't be exported so you have to have knock offs.


thanks, man.

I would really appreciate where I BTFO the fucker on copper iuds, lol


He's right, you know.

fuck, wrong image.

There's an obvious correlation to shitty place to live and too many men.

Also note that despite having more women then men, the societies in blue are RUN by and large by powerful men, and men top the top companies, etc.

There's no business like immigration business.