Hillary blames FBI director for loss in donor conference call


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She honestly believed the judenpresse.

Interesting partnership. Do you think this is why she purchased weapons? This woman will stop at nothing to get into office.

The police will find her body in a ditch somewhere in a few weeks. She wasted billions of their money, there's no way the donors will let her live.

I think she could still prove useful in agitating the masses if they do want to go for some civil war type scenario. If not, she will fade into obscurity and die peacefully in her sleep like Scalia did.

Don't think that for a minute, they have accurate internal polls. She has to keep up the narrative if she ever wants to sit in the oval office though. I honestly don't think the bitch has given up but her chances of succeeding are next to zero.

i see what you did there,


She's just trying to take the satisfaction away from everybody who actually contributed to her loss by calling out one of her own peons. All CNN talked about on election day was how the FBI thinks she's innocent to help neutralize the fallout from wikileaks.

Yeah. As soon as I hit reply, I regretted it. In my other post I said she's only being kept alive to agitate for a civil war. Glad that someone called me out though.

Explain the Scalia thing

She's going to fucking keel over by the time she gets another shot four years from now, and if not, she'll be too senile by then to even manage. Hill is falling apart.

Scalia was a conservative SCOTUS. King nigger wanted to appoint another commie judge before he was booted out. He died (((peacefully))) in his sleep at a resort in Texas. The post-mortem medical work was shoddy and the first on the scene, a maid?, said he had a pillow over his face iirc. It just so happened there was an elite secret society with leftist connections at the same resort at the same time. I could be wrong on the details as lots of shit has happened over the past year and my memory isn't great, but that's the gist. I don't know if any of the thread got archived.

I started getting suspicious when she didn't flee to Qatar. I wonder if we really will see obongo try and declare martial law.

I don't think the kikes intend for her to survive whatever bullshit they try to pull. She is so toxic at this point they are probably more eager to dump her than we are but she still has uses. I think we finally saw the day where Clinton became a pawn in her own game. Or just another useful idiot.

here is a story on the irregularities surrounding his death. I'm looking through archives to see if I can find Scalia threads.

I'm a little drunk

Are images on Holla Forums loading really slow for anyone else in the past couple days?

They did reduce the number of images per post to 1 during the election but they should have reverted it now.

ain't gonna happen and you're a shill.
salvaged something from your awful post though.

This is retarded. Hadn't she already lost momentum by then? Why isn't she blaming Weiner? Also, Comey sent another letter a few days later saying "nothing to see here" – why didn't she capitalize on that?

This stinks of manipulation. What is she up to - just trying to excuse her loss by blaming it on someone else?

Thanks for your input user.

Not what I'm saying. Most images load really slow if I open them, like 90's internet slow, you know when you had to wait for the image to slowly appear bit by bit.
200 Mb/s download speed so this should not be happening.


Turns out that in reality, like Obama has been saying for 8 years, it was really Bush’s fault.

Stop this infantile meme.

Psychopaths, everyone

Here are a couple threads from when it happened


dont know if I can do anything with that, it looks pretty pixelated.

These statements and wording imply Hillary might not have ordered the the FBI to act, and that they did so without telling/warning her. Wonder if Comey's just a scared idiot doing what he thought would genuinely help Hillary the most (n-nothing to see here guys, h-honest!), or if he decided to jump ship and intentionally sabotaged Hillary's credability regarding her FBI relations. They're in such a blind panic either their minions are acting without approval or they're turning on themselves and crab-clawing their way to prison.

…I'm ok with this.

they fucking killed him because he wouldn't compromise on an issue.

i he died right after a meeting on a plane with Obama

F-16s don't escort SCOTUS private jets, Obama was on the plane with him with in 48 hrs of his death.

what issue? I hadn't heard of this. I thought the Scalia conspiracy was typical Holla Forums bullshit

It's nice to not even have to search for the asshurt anymore. All the shills and trolls that come here are just proof of the ocean of tears you faggots are crying.

it was most likely a play to make it seem like she was the underdog but it back fired HARD.

people are more likely to vote the under dog

i don't think we would ever know. but i don't think it had anything to do with left wing stuff and more to do with NSA spying / CIA killing stuff.

She's pleading with the (((people))) whose money she lost. Basically fighting for her life "its not my fault" the FBI messed up they are the reason I lost your money. kill them they are the weak link.
I'm still useful.


The cunt shouldn't have broken the fucking law every single day since the 1970s if she didn't want the law on her ass. She's wanted to be the first muh vagina President since she was in middle school. Did she really think none of her crimes, or her abusive personality, would come back to haunt her?

calling others shills is typical shill behavior.

look, murdering Seth Rich is one thing, but murdering a Supreme Court judge is a pretty big accusation. Great claims require great evidence, fgt… or are you one of those anons that buys into the "every mass shooting is a MKUltra psyop" meme


good point. as faggoty as Scalia was on 4th Amendment issues, he did write the opinion on using infrared w/o a warrant - that it was unconstitutional (although for faggy reasons - bc you could see ppl having sex). Perhaps he was going to side with the liberal judges against NSA/CIA wiretapping?

yeah, what I thought. She probably wants to continue whatever other shading dealings she's into with all those nonprof contributions, too, so she has to act like she's a good investment. Bitch should just fucking retire to tahiti or something and let the new generation take over imho

nice argument fgt


But Comey cleared her again.

He had no fucking choice but to come public with it.

The NYPD would have come out with the information and destroyed her and the FBI. There was no outcome where she wasn't going to get burned.

still not an argument, and not evidence either. post of fuck off

I agree he had to. comey was trying to save his own skin at that point. He'd done his dirt for her and the public turned on him. If the reports from inside teh fbi are to be believed, his fellow agents turned on him. Announcing the reopening of the investigation was the only way placate the right and snake his way through it.

It's been that way for the clintons for quite some time, so why would she think any differently this time.


This seems like an attempt to cover Comey's ass, by giving him the blame for her loss she has basically shifted normalfag Trump supporters views on Comey from "That's the useless fuck who decided not to charge her." to "He was on our side!" Making investigations against him less likely and increasing his chances of keeping his position.

Anons, I doubt any of us will ever realize how truly crazed this person is. She is literally senile. Honestly, I suspect she had no idea that she could have lost. Now she has nothing left to lose. Trump had better defang her quickly before things get far, far worse. Stay woke, anons…

This was the folly of kikes and their stooges. Things had been going their way for so long. With King nigger, they ramped it up big time and was still going according to plan, until they over extended. They were two years away from shilldawg defeating ¡yeb! in a nail-bitingly close election that would see a str0nk ynydyndynt wymyn shatter the ultimate glass ceiling. But, the golems got out of control. ferguson and baltimore were looted and burned by feral niggers. mudslimes all over Europe, and the US to a lesser extent, were doing what they did best. Whites were starting to get pissed at all the leftist bullshit being forced down their throats.

And then a rich buffoon reality TV show host decided to throw his hat into the ring one more time.


I agree. Our confirmation bias has been getting out of hand. However, I wouldn't put anything past our (((leaders))).

He may prove to be a godsend, user. Hold your peace, at least for the time being

She's still wearing purple. Anybody else wonder why she hasn't disappeared like everyone expected?

That line was from their/a normalfag's perspective and very much reflects how they thought of Trump if the reports of bill egging him on to run again are to be believed. You don't become a billionaire by being a buffoon.

The jews planned to eventually stack the courts as hillary was supposed to win the election. Not only that they have that old jewess ruth bader ginsburg that they need to replace as she is practically on life support.
Scalia was seen as contrarian and was most detested by leftists.This is why they decided to off him when the situation presented itself.

Hillary fucked that up and now they are facing a reversal of what they wanted and Hillary is trying very hard not to to get killed

I think she might be scared to try too much potential for "accidents" or perhaps Soros's "Purple revolution"?


You have no idea how satisfying is to know Hillary Clinton will not only die an horrible death in my lifetime, but also it might most likely happen before summer

Should've just killed Hillary in an ((assassination)) by a ((Trump supporter)) if they wanted to win.

I was pretty convinced that she would step down with an illness or be wounded in an attack around the end of the primaries. It was clear boynie had some actualy support, as retarded as it was. shilldawg has way to much baggage to ever be elected. Some tragedy was going to happen and boynie would step up to save the country from that evil Trump! I still think it would have worked too if it had happened close enough to the election that the story didn't unravel. And, they didn't write about it in on their unsecured emails.


I've been following everything to do with the election since Trump came down the escalator and it just feels good to know everything they worked so hard for, everything they needed to have put in place to finally, legally be able to fuck the American people over for good was completely fucking flipped on its head by Trump. He really fucked them over good and he is going to need us to continue to send a messege to D.C that if they fuck with him they will have hell to pay. That they are there to do what we sent him there to accomplish. Traitors will not be tolerated and resistance will be pushed out the way.


I am calling you a straight up fucking faggot shill. You don't belong here and it's easy to spot you faggots.

Doesn't know about the ISP list we share since CTR


Shilling is back, we had a nice respite, the meme wars continue.

Yeah, it couldn't possibly be her fault for breaking the law and refusing to follow Secretary of State protocol in the first place now, could it?

Ed Klein was absolutely right. Nothing is ever Hillary's fault.

Stop repeating Sorcha Faal disinfo

Too late.

I knew so long as the story stayed in the news for a week that it would be over.

takes a lot longer when they send your data through israel then NSA first so they can properly assign your bad goy points

Here's a good idea: When your party is elected as the anti-war party after years of war weariness, don't go start two more fucked up wars then cheat your anti-war candidate out of the nomination.

There are in fact lots of people out there that money can't buy and lies can't sway. They don't like it when their friends family and self are sent to war over lies by elites who never put themselves in danger.

Gore got 51 million votes in 2000. Kerry got 59 million in 2004. Kerry fucking sucked, by the way. Garbage candidate. But he brought 8 million more anti war folks to the polls than Gore, even while the nation was overwhelmed with "Lets get blown up for the jews!" hysteria. Then Obama won 2008 with 70 million votes.
Then Obama lost 4 million votes in 2012 when it started to look like he didn't deserve that peace prize. Then Hillary lost 6 million more votes in 2016 as people got tired as fuck of Syria and wanted none of that Russia shit.

To stay in power, all the democrats had to do was not start wars. Why was this such a problem for them?

Money isn't going to stream into the Clinton Foundation without the war machine non-stop marching


And Money.

who knew that being an indecisive cuck could get you in so much trouble?

The FBI doesn't charge anybody. The FBI recommends charges. Comey's hands were tied by DOJ, who actually press the charges and who are controlled completely by Obama.

So did Jeb Bush. Their big donors have millions to throw away, clearly money is nothing to them.

It was more than that, though.

The Dems showed utter contempt for their traditional voter base by nominating a candidate that was strongly rejected in 2008. If White America was willing to nominate a nigger over Hillary Clinton back then, what does that tell you about how popular Hillary Clinton was (and still is) with traditional Dems?

Back in 2008, they told themselves it was misogeny that kept her from the nomination (it wasnt, everyone hates her). Meanwhile, Obama does jack shit for working class whites, most of whom traditionally voted Dem because of Union support. As this goes on, in Obama's last term, commies and boons get cocky and think things are always going to be this easy, and proceed to piss everyone off with their anti-white rhetoric, rioting, and reigns of terror in college campuses—where middle class white people spend their retirement money to send their kids. And instead of doing something about it, traditional Dems see their leaders knuckling under or even praising these fools.

Finally, the Primaries come around, and the Dems actually find a candidate that they can feel some enthusiasm for even if he is an old fool. Their leadership, instead of embracing him, promptly tanks his campaign and insists that they simply must vote Hillary, even though a third or more of their voter base hates her. To top it off, instead of reaching out to these disenfranchised voters, the Hillary campaign simply made fun of them and called them misogynists, when they should have adjusted their platform to encorporate some of Bernie's ideas, and offered Bernie the Vice Presidency or another high-ranking cabinet position in order to placate these voters.

It's a surprise to me that Trump didn't win by a wider margin considering how badly the Clinton campaign was run tbh.

Also should have just left video games alone.