We need to figure out who would be the best people for the God Emperor's cabinet and then fill out this form. Keep out the establishment cucks from worming their way into the administration.


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first for david duke :^)

be gayer

Don't forget this thread:

This thread ought to be for discussion of who is appointed where. We need to operate as a unified group.
Post your picks for each position

LOVE this one

Carson for SG is a good one
Sherrif Joe for Homeland Security

Secretary of State: Ron Paul

Attorney General: Trey Gowdy

Commerce Secretary: Peter Thiel

Faggot is a "rubio guy" by his own admission. We don't need anybody disloyal to Trump in his cabinet.


Trey Gowdy is a Constitutionalist.
Youtube has plenty of videos on him laying the smack down on leftists.

Liberia has the same constitution as the US.

Have to agree with user here. He's a step away from showing his true colors like Chaffetz did in disavowing Trump during the pussy grabbing video bullshit. Don't trust any of these faggots that got in office on the jewish shekel.

Ron Paul for Secretary of the Treasury.

Get him in a position to stab at the FED.

Anons, we need a list of patriots.

Who apart form Ron Paul (and David Duke but he's a lost cause for this) is on our side?

What famous non-jew billionaires endorsed Trump?

Another user already mentioned Peter Theil

Jim Webb 4 secretary of defense ?

We can't have anyone pro-illegals in the cabinet even if he was a meme during the earlier Democrat debates.

true enough.

is Ross Perot still alive?

Can we find a place for Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan?

This pains me to the absolute core but it would be a way to throw red meat to the meme-loving fucks on IFLS, Plebbit, etc… put le Science Nigger as administrator of NASA.

Shut the fuck up. Neil doesn't know anything about science, putting him in charge of NASA would guarantee USA never getting to outer space again. He's a fucking TV personality.

The Constitution is no good, because it forbids the hereditary titles which would be needed for long-term stability in this country.

Yeah, I know that… maybe he can just be a figurehead or something.

Leftists like him because he the trifecta, smug, a nigger and discusses science in a very soft way so everyone can understand but is presented in a very glib format.

Jeff Sessions for defense?

Well its an idiotic idea and you better not suggest that to Trump. Are you even taking saving western civilization seriously? A man like Wernher should be leading NASA, someone completely dedicated to colonizing the outer space.

Michael Scheuer and Ron Paul.

Jeff Sessions ought to be pushed as Senate majority leader, get rid of at least some of that cuck McConnell's authority.

Don't the US have a position that is like public understanding of science smug nigger would be better suited for that job if any

While we're at it, we got something urgent we have to do. We have to meme Paul Ryan out of his Speaker seat. I believe the procedural vote is coming up on in 3 days on the 15th. So, we need to find someone who aligns with the Trump administration and get them to challenge Ryan.

Iron Ann as Press Secretary.

Who is the Holla Forums approved secretary of state? Hard to think of a qualified nationalist.

My contribution so far:

Pat Buchanan? He certainly is qualified. Even though he's 78…..

Sarah Palin?

I'm going to look through this:


Politicians associated with the Tea Party movement



Speaker of the House.

Loyal to Trump, third in line to presidency.

Put him in charge of the VA, it's far enough down the totem pole that it shouldn't be an issue.

She's not even in Congress you idiot.



meet seven of the most anti-immigrant republicans

Steve King (R-IA)
Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)
Lou Barletta (R-PA)
Louie Gohmert (R-TX)
Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI)
Mo Brooks (R-AL)
Lamar Smith (R-TX)

Oh pish posh, you with the details.

Where even is our list of options, guys? I can't really decide if we don't know what criteria needs to be met.

If only…

Flynn for Secretary of Defense?

Should have put Dan Peña.

Speaker of the House.

State, either him or Ron Paul.
Definitely needs to be on the rotation, director of Intelligence or alphabet smth.

Senate Majority leader.

Yes, but barely.
John Hagelin however is still alive and would make a great Secretary of Health and Human Services

Ross Perot is a traitorous faggot. He never meant a word he said, he was just trying to screw Bush. His faggot ass gave us 8 years of Clinton.

Where is this meme coming from?

All I have so far, then, is:

Pat Buchanan for Secretary of State
N/A for Attorney General (Rudy or Gowdy, or who? We can't fuck AG up.)
N/A for SoVA
Michael F. Scheuer for Secretary of Homeland Security
N/A for SoD
Ron Paul for Secretary of Treasury
N/A for SoL
N/A for SoE
John Hagelin for SoHaHS
N/A for Chief of Staff

Any other suggestions?

If he were to be appointed there, he'd drain our nation's energy to a mere singular bar!

Palin wants to be SoE apparently.

Alex Jones for secretary of Defense?

My god. That would have me rolling. But let's assume we're not trying to destroy the country.

But, my god. the AYYYs would be LMAOing

I don't really know. NOT Ron Paul. Trump's gotta pick someone badass who can handle intense dealmakings. Also has to be someone we can particularly trust.

Rudy Giuliani

Jim Webb? Nah, one of his generals will do it.

I was gonna say Steve King, but didn't he cuck out against Trump earlier this year?

Louie Gohmert is alright. Or maybe

General Flynn

Ron Paul, or Rand if Ron is too old.

Carl Icahn

Sarah Palin

Ben Carson

It's gonna be Reince, but I say Roger Stone.

Alex Jones is going to be everything

Is Sam Hyde old enough to be Secretary of Defense?

Gohmert looks like a nice guy

1776 will commence again if Alex Jones doesn't get Secretary of Defense.

It won't be hard to find the funds for Trump's wall. Simply deport all of the illegals and their parasite children and seize foreign funding to Mexico, and suddenly the wall pays for itself 10 times over in a single year.

He hosts Hannity's show sometimes, seems relatively decent. He's like a milder Jeff Sessions.

He did but i do adore his stance on white civilisation. A rare gem these days.

Flynn is a democrat tho

I get so frustrated trying to explain this to people. The money is already going back to Mexico, all we have to do is put a big net out and grab however much we end up needing. There's nothing Mexico could even do about it.

But if he really holds that stance, why did he oppose Trump?

I think he's proven his worthiness.

Alright, here's mine.
Pat Buchanan
Rudy Giuliani
Ben Garrison
Michael F. Scheuer
Alex Jones
Ron Paul
Carl Icahn
Sarah Palin
John Hagelin
Roger Stone

I think I'm going to vote this, I don't know any other choices.

Read what it says up top:
Please respond only to those positions for which you can name the most qualified candidate.

Here's my choice, the rest blank:
Louie Gohmert for Secretary of Homeland Security
Ron Paul for Secretary of Treasury
Sarah Palin for Secretary of Energy

Why Scheuer for SoHS?
Gohmert is based on immigration.
Can't we put Scheuer somewhere else?

In all seriousness, we need to be getting some intellectuals in there instead of our meme candidates.

Think along the lines of people like Kevin MacDonald.

And the dean of that one university that openly rejected political correctness.

The radical immigration guy sounded pretty cool

Alright, it's settled. Vote Alex Jones for Secretary of Defense.

Okay, I looked up SCheuer and decided he'd be okay for the SoHS

Edward Snowden for NSA Director

Implying Alex Jones won't be press secretary

fuck off

he's got the FSB's lodged deep in his ass


Wait I changed my mind, Asange for Press Secretary

Yes. Alex Jones is really viable for Secretary of Defense if you gaze past the memetic shroud around him.

I keep having second thoughts on Palin as Secretary of Energy.

What if she goes insane because of crunch time when the kikes tighten the noose on the economy?

Maybe we should attempt to appoint Jeb Bush for secretary of energy like suggested?

pretty sure he was joking about 'low energy' jeb

Holy shit, I laughed pretty hard.

That would be massive shitposting irl

Are foreigners allowed to be in his cabinet? How about Nigel Farage?

I wish, user.

I'm sticking with these.

I'm leaving the rest blank because I don't know.

I wish I could include Gohmert, but Scheuer is way more based than him.

King endorsed Cruz due to political and private reasons but i guess it did not have much to do with his stance on social-racial question.

Also with Flynn he is a worthy candidate nevertheless we should aim for ones more coherent with Trump's politics. I would consider gen. Wilson for SoD instead.

Disregard Wilson, i forgot that he retired a year ago.

even though I like Nige

Trips don't lie, that's who I decided to go with. Also went with Webb as VA sec since I think he'd be great for it.

well, tbh, we're trying to get rid of cucks and brown people, not really white europeans


A vote for Alex Jones is a vote stolen away from someone who will get shit done

we just don't need any foreign anything involved in our government, even if they are white. Its what got us in trouble in the first place.


This for god's sake. Meme responsibly.

Rand Paul
Trey Gowdy
Mad Dog Mattis, he needs to see what his war mongering has wrought
Jeff Sessions
Mike Flynn
Ron Paul
Former President of Greenpeace Patrick Moore
Ben Carson
Steve Bannon

HUD Secretary

Please vote

Michael F. Scheuer

for Secretary of Homeland Security

pic related

he was fired for criticizing ya'know'who

Not the right gene.

A vote for an entity that is not Alex Jones is practically begging for FEMA camps to uprise.


The wall's such a tiny price compared to what we blow. Obamacare was trillions.

Has the right foreign policy

He just doesn't have the winning gene, It's just not in him. I mean some people have it, I have it, and other people have it too, but not him. I believe in genes. Who else believes in genes? It matters. It matters, and I get criticized for saying it does, but it matters, bigly.

Perhaps. But he is kind of inexperienced for Sos. I'd stay with Buchanan.

K, that's it. I submitted this.

na man, just na.
you don't deserve the "fucking kill yourself" but you do get the "pull your head out of your ass".

The constitution is one of the things that's kept the United States together for this long.
Even with all the bastards trying to destroy it. Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 the revenge, King Nigger.
They did everything in their power to circumvent the US Constitution. Because, it is the last line in the sand that protects our freedoms and rights as citizens of the United States.

Who are the absolute best choices for these?

hulk hogan for secretary of energy

I'll vote this list as well.

Jessie Ventura for Secretary of Homeland Security! Fuck Yeah, Praise Kek!

If we want a wall, Gohmert should be the Secretary of Labour.

Fuck her.

All white men, except carson

High energy

Scheuer would make a good chief of staff… especially if he's already served as majority leader.

Pat Buchanan

Rudy Giuliani (?)


Michael F. Scheuer

General Michael T. Flynn

Ron Paul

Peter Thiel

Carl Icahn

Sarah Palin

John Hagelin

Roger Stone

Ann Coulter

Jeff Session.

Ben Carson.

So that's about it?

Pat Buchanan
Rudy Giuliani
Michael F. Scheuer
Ron Paul
Louie Gohmert

Why are we voting a Jew Icahn for SoL?
Why are we voting a Jew Icahn for SoL?
Why are we voting a Jew Icahn for SoL?
Why are we voting a Jew Icahn for SoL?

Yeah but he's showed loyalty.

Better there than treasury…

Ok guys, here's my slate:

Pat Buchanan

Rudy Giuliani

Steve Bullock [congressman from MT]

Michael F. Scheuer [got caught criticizing the wrong (((people)))]

Steve King [Iowa House Rep.]

Ron Paul

Louie Gohmert [he's the guy who can make the wall happen.]

Robert M. Lightfoot Jr. [NASA jr. administrator, he'd be perfect]

Ben Carson

Jeff Sessions

Let me know if you guys want it changed, but this is what I'm putting down.

Here are the important ones that most can agree on IMO
Pat Buchanan (experienced paleocon)

Rudy Giuliani (RICO)

Michael F. Scheuer (named ((())) ))

Ron Paul

Louie Gohmert (he'll get that wall built fast)

Everything else, read the thread and make a decision. But I think these would be best.

You forgot to include Alex Jones for SoD



paleocon =/= neocon

paleocon came before the neocon


Alex Jones for Secretary of State or and Jessie Ventura for Homeland Security. If jessie wont play ball, jones should be homeland security instead.

Meme it

Why do you guys want psudeo-celebrities in this cabinet?
Alex Jones, really? didn't he have a jew wife?

Yes really. He will piss off the globalists more than anyone else in office, and we wont take shit from FEMA anymore trying to destroy the lives of dairy farmers. Fuck FEMA.

It sounds like samey cuck tier shit.

We should have a new thread dedicated to attempting to make Alex Jones a higher up, to be honest. We can't miss this chance.

Please respond only to those positions for which you can name the most qualified candidate

I only picked Ron/Rand Paul, Trey Gowdy, General Flynn for the obvious positions


i said most would agree on, not everyone.

just don't vote for him if you disagree

The people i want most are these three anyway:

Michael F. Scheuer
Ron Paul
Louie Gohmert


I don't think Ron Paul is any close to the SoT position than Hillary. He didn't support President Trump nor did he support the flaming cunt. Ron praised President Trumps plan to audit the Fed, but he said that it wasn't enough. If we can meme Ron to the treasury, by all means, let's fucking do it, but I think it's a long shot. Prove me wrong, please. And don't forget that we have to save whatever is left of Europe.

Dubs speaks, it's time to listen.

okay but who?

What about Chris Christie?

Guys we need to make a full list so we can all vote the same shit and have a higher chance of this working at all.

Ron Paul for Treasury and Alex Jones for Defense are practically solidified, build up the list from there.

Pretty sure official indications are already towards Bannon

i agree on the essentials

Mike Rowe for Sec of Labor

Alex Jones for defense is not fucking solidified. Pick a person that actually has an iota of a chance please.

there's going to be plenty of overlap without needing to coordinate


Clarke has to be DOJ or HS. Probably DOJ.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio From Arizona should be given ICE.
Both would create tremendous liberal tears. Deportations would be half the cost under Arpaio. They would self deport for the most part.

leave shit blank if you don't have a serious candidate in mind (read the top of the page)



Paul Ryan may not be getting 218 votes necessary to win Speaker this year, says Rep. Timothy A. Huelskamp (R.-Kansas), who lost his primary Aug. 2. The voting is on November 15th (2 days from now).

But we all need an experienced Infowarrior appointed to defend our anti-NWO homeland.

Broken down into 3 solid picks that no one has argued against

Michael F. Scheuer [Named the ((())) ]
Ron Paul [End the Fed]
Louie Gohmert [Fast-track the wall being built]

Thousands of fuckers would deport themselves just hearing he's been appointed.

pop on over and drop a signature
www ipetitionsDOTcom/petition/electoral-college-for-donald-trump

Simple. General Flynn.

Dr. David Duke mind you

reported and filtered

Come on everybody, you all know what you should do to piss off the globalist scum. Filter every single chance of them winning OUT OF REALITY!

This is the perfect qualifier for Press Secretary

Everyone should tell Trump directly not to choose people like Bolton, Yoo or Woolsey:
Then suggest people from this thread. The more people do that, the better for everyone

Scott Horton's America First Cabinet
Rand Paul – Secretary of State
Andrew J. Bacevich – Secretary of Defense
Daniel L. Davis – Deputy Secretary of Defense
Chuck Pena – Deputy Secretary of Defense for Policy
Doug Bandow – National Security Adviser
Trevor Thrall – Deputy National Security Adviser
Paul Pillar – Director of National Intelligence
Ted Galen Carpenter – Central Intelligence Agency Director
Chas Freeman – National Intelligence Council Director
Christopher Preble – Ambassador to the United Nations
David Stockman – Secretary of Treasury
Robert E. Kelly – Secretary of Energy

At this point I think you're CtR trying to distract from our picks being taken seriously.

Do you feel good about yourself? Being a tool for evil and untruth?

Put Sarah Palin as secretary of Education.

And than dissolve it.

If I was a CTR operative, I'd be whimpering and whining about my confidence in Trump. Alex Jones is the contrary of evil and untruth, and he will frighten the globalists to the point that they'd know he'd fight for this country.

Why secretary of defense? Why not homeland security, or state?


Yeah, the department of education really does need to be eliminated.

I dunno.
I was thinking someone more useful would have a better impact. Not some meme-teir person.
Like a Vet who's served in the SF teams maybe.

he'll be more useful in a different capacity, where there's no other clearer choice.


Ah, how about Ventura? What would he be good for? Hes friends with both alex, and trump.

I assure you both that if Alex Jones were appointed as the Secretary of Defense, it will cause a massive upset to the globalists as they know that they would be incapable of curtailing America in regards to her military.

Has anyone considered D'nesh D'Souza for anything.
And before the (shitskin/lol paki reject) shitposting starts, remember he did release quite a few good documentaries on King Nigger and Killary.
I'd be willing to bet quite a few people's minds were swayed by watching his movie's.

Le negro cowboy man will give the leftists their well-deserved shitkicking

Nobody is arguing that fact.
We're saying that we should pick someone serious because Alex Jones had NO CHANCE of actually becoming any of these positions.

Alex Jones has a following of millions of people. If word were to be projected of his plausibility, he'd alert his Infowarrior army ASAP

Are they going to take this seriously?

Brah, Alex Jones has about as much of a chance as Ted Nugent does.

has a good point.

You shouldn't underestimate the loyalty of Alex Jones' following.

Michael F. Scheuer
Ron Paul
Louie Gohmert

Will he also choose a cabinet that looks like America and shares American values?

Yeah, but Ventura has went off the deep end a time or two,
He pretty much went gigga-nigger when he and Chris Kyle had their falling out. And then after Kyle's family when the dude got murdered.

point made.


Maybe if cabinet members were elected, but they aren't.

They aren't, but if Trump sees a massive populace for Alex, he'd consider it.

Lets see who got the get

Michael F. Scheuer for Secretary of Homeland Security

Ron Paul for Secretary of Treasury

Louie Gohmert for Secretary of Labor


seems to strengthen my suggestion

Whatever we choose, let's make sure they are competent in that field and know what they are doing. We need good advisors for the god emperor, not retards.

Find someone with the surname Palpatine and make it happen.

this is why this 'memejones' shit has to stop. His cabinet will be running the country while he's off MAGA'ing

Michael F. Scheuer for Secretary of Homeland Security

Ron Paul for Secretary of Treasury

Louie Gohmert for Secretary of Labor

Thats why I suggest Alex Jones for Secretary of Homeland Security. He already has an army of kitted out fanatics. They'd make the perfect brownshirts and homeland security was built for this shit. We took over the evil empire, let's put it to it's proper use. Praise Kek! Alex jones for homeland security.


alex jones would shit himself. he can't remain calm for more than 10 minutes at a time. probably end up having a nervous breakdown


The single most important appointment right now imo is to get Based Steve Fucking Bannon as Chief of Staff, he will be the best defense against the flood of attempts to infiltrate the Trump administration with saboteurs.

Bannon confirmed as CoS, then we discuss. Let's meme this into existence Holla Forums.

Give administrator of ICE to Joe Arpaio but privatize airport security and dissolve TSA.

Why? He'd finally be happy. I bet he'd chill right iout when he sat down, in his proper place, all of his energy finally going to defeat his enemy that he has been yelling about at the top of his lungs for half of my life. This is his cause.

Secretary of defense - someone who is strict and unforgiving, a great strategist, and who is NOT a warmonger-er like shillary Clinton

Ambassador of UN - someone who is great at handling public confrontation, who is competent and who is good at persuasion.

CIA head - someone who is against controlling the masses. someone who is very willing to crack down on terrorists, and not American citizens. This kind of person should be able to ease up the progressively Orwellian laws of the internet.

soEDU - The secretary of education should teach kids HOW to think, not what to think. Lest we repeat the same problem with SJW's in the future. We don't want indoctrination.

soE - the secretary of energy should have a competent understanding of energy systems and should have some level of education in such a department (though it is not mandatory). They should seek forms of energy that is efficient, and easy to produce. That way America can afford to use less oil and thus export more. Therefore causing an increase in income and GDP.

soA - The secretary of agriculture should be competent and have some understanding of the field. They should understand that America needs better more efficient ways to extract water that relies less on the reserves sitting beneath the states. To extract all of the water from this source would lead to a rapid increase in sinkholes and thus permanent damage to infrastructure. They need to consider alternatives and effective methods of such.

soL - The secretary of labor should be fair with the countries' workers, but should ensure that they are strict when they need to be, so that they do not raise minimum wage too high, nor too low. Such that the financial conditions may improve and unions may be required less to act as a safety net for the worker. Humanitarian but strict and fair.

soC - The secretary of commerce should be wise and have a good education in fiances. They should understand concepts like supply and demand. They should have the wisdom to with-hold exports when necessary and create reasonable terr ifs to discourage imports so that the economy may improve and America may become a mass producer again. They should incentivize the area to make it pleasant for business owners to mainly exist here, but should not conflict with the secretary of labor. They goal is to encourage business and production, while discouraging importation and consumerism. Thereby making America a powerhouse in the global economy.

Press secretary - someone who is no politically allined and makes sure the press published OBJECTIVE information, like the press should.

soS - much like the UN ambassador, they need to be good at communicating and persuasion.

Under soS - same as soS, preferably well educated in foreign affairs so that they can help the soS effectively.

soH&D - i don't know what this is, whoever will best fir the part.

FBI - a competent and strict leader who is willing to crack down of criminals effectively without betraying the amendments.

doJ - i don't know what this is, whoever will best fir the part.

AG - i don't know what this is, whoever will best fir the part.

Small Business Admin - Someone who, like the secretary of commerce, works towards incentivizing growth of business in the nation. Unlike the soC though, they should be focusing on the little guy, the small businesses. Making sure that large businesses cannot easily fuck them over.

Director of Office and Budget - someone competent at finances. as great of better than the god emperor himself.

Solicitor general - i dont know what this is, whoever will best fit the part.

tl;dr - make sure whoever you pick is competent in their specific field. Like said.

Let's make Trumps reign the most desirable of any presidential reign in American history.
Let's make America great again!

I vote Michael Rivero for NASA.

just shut down all these shit departments

just lol if you think the jews will listen to your "poll"


let's keep it to realistic choices. no way in hell david duke is getting appointed to anything in this admin, and if you have him anywhere in your suggestions your whole ticket will be ignored.


DOJ enforces federal laws

soh&d… what is this? HUD? or homeland security? You should know the latter. The former is the department for giving housing to poor people

AG is attorney general, who heads prosecution for the USA against criminals

solicitor general - the law officer directly below the attorney general in the US Department of Justice, responsible for arguing cases before the US Supreme Court.

doJ - a fair and just one is necessary.

Homeland security - Whatever is necessary to maintain such, without expending the rights of American citizens.

AG - vengeful and strict. no mercy in prosecution, only mercy in jury. We need one that is strict and cracks donw on rioters and jails the fuckers. Only PEACEFUL protests should be allowed in the great nation America.

Solicitor General - should be humanitarian and fair, but as strict as the AG.

Are these good suggestion user? Please add any suggestions for what to look for in such leaders.

No Senators. The GOP has a bare majority in the Senate.

He is anti-white, he gets the rope

If Alex Jones gets any cabinet position in Trump's office, I'll built an Alex Jones effigy made out of filters, pineal gland detoxifying agents and whatever penis pills he's selling these days on my front lawn.

Sarah Palin?! what the fuck is wrong with you all? Might as well make it Jeb Bush. Get the fuck outta here with that shit you cucks.

kys tbh lad

what fucking experience does Alex have in the military?
get a vet or a general in that position, or else you're asking for serious trouble

The man has proven himself to be corrupt, already, not even five years into his retirement. Google Theranos.

He'd be better as a spokesman for the Labor Department, imo. Make white men in physical jobs cool, again, or something like that.

Also, here's an okay list:

Pat Buchanan

Try Gowdy

Jesse Ventura

Michael Scheuer

Steve King

Ron Paul

Louie Gohmert

Robert Lightfoot, Jr.

Dr. Ben Carson

Roger Stone

There's no way in Hell the Republican Party will let some of these in, but, aside from backandforth bitching, this team would help Trump, and us, get shit done.

Why would you want a Bilderberger in his administration? I thought the whole thing was getting rid of the globalists.

Jewliani helped the jews cover up 9/11, why would you want him as AG?

Patrick Buchanan is a good man. Read his website and books, you'll see. Good positions on trade, immigration, foreign policy, and a distaste for degeneracy. He also debunks the diversity bullshit.

fwiw, Rudy was on MSM election night detailing hillary's crimes.

I'm 100% on board with Mike. He wants to be involved too.

IRS Co-Commissioners:
The newly pardoned Ed and Elaine Brown

Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Tim Wayne Medvetz


That's a no brainer

Are you fucking retarded ?
Alex Jones is a fucking hothead and will piss off foreign nations or act against the presidents decisions. He will be in charge of the MILITARY you fuck-face!

We want trump to have COMPETENT cabinet members, not fucking memes you dip-shit.

That would be nice and all, but lets just make sure we don't put our racial preference over who would be the most competent objectively.

If a shit-skin turns our to be very competent for secretary of defense, then by all means the shit-skin should be in that position over less qualified fellow whites.

We want to make America great again.

America needs it right now more than anything else. Prove to the left and the rest of America that a Trump presidency is the best presidency.

T h i s

Alex Jones tends to be a hot head though. The last thing we want is a hot-head as soD

Where did everything go so right?

Chief of staff = your Nige = our Nige

No majority black country would do that, even though the white population could supply a better cabinet than they could themselves. No majority asian country would do that.

Why should America, a country created by white men, worry about offending non-whites?


its not about offending non whites. Its about determining the most competent cabinet members I want a Great America, not an okay America.

I also love the outdoors. do you?

What the fuck is this nonsense?
Trump picks Priebus as White House chief of staff

apparently Gen Flynn is ineligible for SecDef since he hasn't been retired for 7 years, so what's another good suggestion (no not alex jones)?

Being a citizen is not a requirement. A foreign national could very well serve in the cabinet.



This thread is more important that most everything at top of catalog.

Home land security: Dr. David Duke

Treasury: former senator Ron Paul

Health: Alex Jones

Energy: Jen Bush (meme answer)

just a humble water filter salesman

KEK (also bump) and checked

this guy hates Trump


Its like you guys want to lose.

He's only half negro right?
His jaw line looks hwhite.


lol this dude dated Cher

ok this is what i have as the totals stripping out stupid memes like alex jones and no chance in hells like david duke


Pat Buchanan 6
Rand Paul 2
Ron Paul 1
General Mike Flynn 1


Trey Gowdy 5
Rudy Giuliani 6

Vet Affairs:

Steve Bullock: 1
Jesse Ventura: 1
Tim Wayne Medvetz(really a guy who dated cher?): 1

Homeland Sec:

Sherrif Joe Arpaio: 1
Michael F. Scheuer: 5
Louie Gohmert: 1
Jeff Sessions: 1
Jesse Ventura: 1
Bircher (don't know who this is): 1
Sherrif David Clarke: 2


Lots of support for Gen. Flynn but he's ineligible
Andrew J. Bacevich: 1 (but hates Trump)?


Ron Paul: 14
David Stockman: 1


Carl Icahn: 3
Louie Gohmert: 2


Sarah Palin: 5
Patrick Moore: 1
Robert M. Lightfoot Jr: 2
Robert E. Kelly: 1
Darrell Issa: 1

Health & HS:

John Hagelin: 3
Ben Carson: 2

Chief of Staff:

He's already picked Reince, not sure why this is there.

You've unfairly excluded our based filter man.

How's this? Pic related. Haven't submitted yet.

I think Jim Webb would be well-suited to VAsec. He worked under Reagan and recently triggered all of the leftists.

I like both of them and they should both be included. Not sure where.
Buchanan could be SoS

sessions is good but as pointed out we need to keep all the senators in the senate as the majority is razor thin

The Governor is Republican.

On the same matter:
If Jeff Sessions leaves the Senate, who replaces him?

I don't know much about Alabama state politics, but the comments make it sound like none of those people are good choices. If I had to pick though, it would be anyone but Ward and Roby. We don't need drunks or anti-Trumpers in the senate.

someone suggested Mike Rowe for labor

How about Robert Morrow?


He kind of just wanted to shitpost. He doesn't want to have a job in the cabinet.




The Negro that hates Niggers and called for armed revolution against the steal, damn i can only imagine what he would do to those protesters, maybe the Rope?



I think Pat is a bit too old for this. He is 78 and these positions take a lot out of you. I would like to see him as some sort of advisor, though.

Someone should make a template and post it, I would if I didnt have to be at work.


Looks like the Sleepy Negro doesn't want to MAGA. And not looking good for Christie either.


Pat has already said he only wants an advisory role.