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"Vote Your Conscience"

Here is just a small sample of the articles hot off the lügenpresse calling for the Electoral College to vote for Hillary instead of Donald Trump.

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Out of Trump's confirmed 290 delegates:
21 would need to be bribed by Hillary Clinton to contest the election
42 would need to be bribed by Hillary Clinton to win with no contest in addition to the 228 she has already won.

What if they rigged the election for Trump, just to take it away with the electoral college?

Soros does control the voting machines, and we know he wants to start a race war/civil war in the United States. This could have been his plan all along.

Daily reminder that Soros is the "bad Jew" poster boy of Rothschilds

Daily reminder that Rothschilds are the main backers of the state of Israel.

Does anyone have a pastebin of the 307 counties that the questionable voting machines are in?
I was going to do a county by county analysis of polls and results to see if I could find anything. Especially the precincts that reported late win Shill (((took))) the lead in popular vote

That would probably result in war.

If that is their plan, then they surely won.

You can count the number of faithless electors in the past few decades on one hand. Two of them were accidents and one was a refusal to cast a vote of DC not having statehood iirc. The election ended up 306-228 for Trump. They need a 40 vote swing for shilldawg to win. It would tear the country apart.

The electors are who cast the votes were CHOSEN BY THEIR PARTY. We all know the cucks are just waiting in the wings to fuck over Trump, but this would quite literally destroy the republican party, rather than just reform it under Trump. It would amount to a non-military coup. It would ensure a violence from the people and a violent change of power after every subsequent elections if they even happen anymore. These cucks are schemers and rats who want to retain power at all cost. A few gambled during the election and went against Trump during the GE campaign, but even they came scurrying back when they saw their plans being foiled.

The only way this could ever happen is if this is if the kikes want to destroy the States and send waves of chaos throughout the Western world and beyond.

I'm tired of hearing about this gay petition. I know most people here are youngfags who may not have even been alive for bush jr vs gore let alone remember the asshurt that followed the election. This petition is going nowhere as a petition. The electoral college is in place so a few populous areas cannot hold tyranny over the entire country. Which is good considering the amount of faggotry and shitskins that plague cities and even entire states. Attacking it is attacking the very foundations of the democratic process. The US is not a democracy. It never was and never will be.

Red the last sentences.
Note that petition, riots all over, and most importantly, electoral voters cannot offend (((them))) because they have a political career ahead them. Now reasons are sufficient, trump university, sexual assaults, tax record might be changed by trump (felony)…

We'll, on the other hand, there wasn't a guy like trump in American history.
And the very point of Republican Party is to serve families… like Bush… They don't like trump.

They don't like trump for the same reason (((they))) don't like trump. Too unstable. Even if controlled, very unstable and unpredictable.

Like I said, an electoral college coup is only possible if it's the kike's endgame. Retarded petitions and protests do nothing.


reported for concern trolling
She conceded CTR, you're not getting that bonus check

Pretty sure that would be illegal and be grounds for Trump to have the military make mass arrests for treason.

The kikes are just a few nukes away from being completely wiped out. The last thing they want is an even more redpilled leader rising above the ashes and sending them back to hell.

I could drop those civil war infographs if you are all so worried about this.

Go on, they should be interesting.

Do it, user.

Also Trump's electors are all Republicans. Also the faithless electors would have to be from Southern States who don't have laws in place to stop it. Squirm harder you like mummy.

Actually most Southern states do. It's the Midwest that doesn't and Texas. Which means they either have to flip Texas +1 or 3-5 Midwestern states, and/or LA.

Get triggered baby faggot. Go back to The_Donald baby faggot.

This has all been "too easy" the kikes have something planned. I can feel it.

That is Soros' goal isn't it? He has done the same shit everywhere else.

The protests just provide the backstory. The events that came before that caused the electors to "have a change of heart". Its just like Russian hackers, but that didn't work out for some reason. Maybe the "Russian Hackers" will be folded into this narrative to cast a shadow on the actual votes.

Lügenpresse: "The evidence looks like Donald Trump's votes came from Russian hackers so it is morally excusable for the electors to vote their conscience."

I agree, we need to meme in favor of the electoral college. The media is pushing against it hard.

It is not illegal in most states. The delegates are unbound.

I am getting really tired of this "Donald Trump is a Republican" bullshit people keep spouting.
Do you think John McCain and Paul Ryan are just erect for a Trump Presidency?
No, they would prefer a Hillary presidency because Hillary is a NeoCon. That is why they leaked the pussygate tape.

Wake the fuck up user.

Use maps like this to make the point.

nobody's buying it, CTR

That's what I mean, republicans don't like trump and will be faithless

They wouldn't. They would get mad but no one would really do much besides that.
No one rebelled when it was found out that Hillary rigged the DNC to have her win. Why would people get mad when she does it again?

According to google it is 87, not 5. That would be enough to change the vote.

No one, not even liberals, have faith in this plan. It's just way too far of a stretch to even attempt.

sage for being a topic that's already been discussed into the ground

Nigger were talking about 'Mericans not some wimpy ass leftists…


Both are imbeciles


What you say?

And actual coup and counter-coup attempts by both sides. I'm pretty sure the military, even parts of the government itself would fracture as a result of it. The atmosphere is too tinderbox to expect anything less. If someone wants to actually destroy the U.S internally while causing immediate global instability, this would be a good way to do.

Red is a communist color. What retard decided republican states should be red

The only problem with the idea (from (((their))) perspective) is what might rise out of the ashes.

They would need to ensure the winning side either has their best interest in mind or cripples the country enough to keep their heads off the pike. If RWDS win, shit's gonna get pretty based pretty fast.

Never underestimate the kikes. We must be prepared for everything those fucks may do, even if it's impossible or ridicolous.

Commies don't get to claim an entire fucking color. They can suck my fat red dick.



Note well: the electoral college does not actually protect against what some people seem to think it protects against. You only need the 11 most populous states to become president and if the country becomes more urban this number can only go down.

Having the Jews congregate in one location is the best strategy in defeating them. Their biggest strength is in Globalism, in being a Rootless Cabal. With a state, they are rooted. They can be destroyed at last.

You know stupid this all sounds most of these electors are from a ztatewide slate chosen by the gop and trump personally. The electors are politically bound to the party and some even to trump to vote for him. If they go rouge in large enough numbers to give hillary the presidency expect a massive, perhaps violent, gop purge.

If no person gets the majority of electors, the house of Representatives will break the tie between the two top electoral vote getters

You posted this shit yesterday and the day before. Are you hopeless niggers going to post this once a day until his inevitable inauguration?

That means the system can decide who wins. The (((system))) will of course give victory to Hillary.

The point is, by making electoral voters vote other republicans, trump gets his votes distracted and unconcentrated. So Hillary will win because republican is divided. And who knows, maybe many republicans do want neocon Hillary win, maybe they also serve for big potatoes that would like to see power hungry, easy to control Hillary to win. Haven't republicans asked trump to drop? Haven't reps said trump is the distraction? Remember how divided reps were that more and more of them stopped stopping trump? Well, those people would not like to see trump win, considering what they have done to him… and they are major members of GOP, part of the establishment. Remember trump said something bad would happen if he didn't get nominated? Thats is the real GOP. If it is improper for GOP to vote Hillary, they might well vote another republican other than trump. Then trump loses his votes and Hillary wins. GOP will welcome neocon Hillary, just like many major members of GOP said they endorsed Hillary, like Bush.

Whether or not this comes to pass, we should still make preparations in order to prevent this from happening, as well as if it does come to pass. We'll need a list of any and all states that allow faithless electoral votes to happen and provide any anons or even people within government that can help directly or indirectly to prevent the faithless electoral votes going to Hillary any assistance they'll need should all of this be something (((they))) intend to do.

As much as I'm happy to see Hillary lost, We've been dealing with Soros and his ilk (both under him and who control him) for decades now, and (((they))) have been planning on destroying this country and most of western civilization via "globalization" for just as long if not longer. They're not going to give up that plan without trying every low tactic imaginable to get what they want, and we can't give up the biggest victory we've had over them without a fight.

If it comes to war, I'd be more than ready and willing to defend my family and country, but it wouldn't hurt to try to prevent/stop this from happening without the need to have more of our blood shed if possible.

(((They))) will instruct electoral voters to vote Hillary or other republican candidates.
(1). Why must the electoral voters follow (((their))) instructions?
(((They))) are the big potatoes. Electoral voters are mostly politicians, or people wish to pursue a politician career. If not following (((their))) instructions, electoral voters will ruin their own political career and face a much tougher future. However, if following (((their))) instructions, electoral voters will have a bright future (as guaranteed by (((them)))), money, and (((networking))) – that is exactly a politician wants for his/her own future. On the other hand, if Trump gets elected, electors might have to work hard for a better politician career, this is much worse than the future guaranteed future by (((them))). That is, if electors follow (((their))) instructions, the electors will become part of the establishment, and the establishment system gets the electors covered – again, that is, a risk-free, bright politician future (for electors) without having to work hard.
(2). But electors are chosen by the republican party, that means they must be loyal, isn't it?
Well, no, not to Trump. GOP hates Trump. Remember Trump said that he something bad will happen if he did not get the republican nomination? Remember republicans called for trump's drop out for the presidential race? Remember so many republicans, one by one, said he/she will not support trump anymore? Remember GOP got divided when it came to Trump? They don't want to see trump gets elected, especially considering what they did or said about trump (betrayal, unloyal, Bush et al. even supported Hillary). That's it. Many electors will vote Hillary instead as Hillary is the NEO-CON ("true republican value"). While it might be improper for republican electors to vote Hillary, they can vote for another republican other than trump. And this is what (((they))) want – indeed, this will make Hillary president, and it is hard to tell it's rigged because many electors did NOT vote Hillary - they voted another republican, just not Trump. If this shows something, it only means that nobody likes Trump. Hence by doing this, Trump's votes decreases, and eventually lower than Hillary's. If eventually the house of representatives or Congress has to decide, Hillary will get elected since it's determined by (((system))), also because of reason (4).
(3). How are they going to rig the electoral votes?
Many ways. But they need to consider mainly two factors:
(3-i). Is it easy to rig? (force a recount, change the results, add duplicates votes or add votes from non-existed people, etc.)
(3-ii). How many electoral votes they can rig for each red state? (=actual electoral votes number - number of electoral votes they can make faithless)

(4). Does it sound legitimate if (((they))) rigged the system?
Of course, it will sound legitimate. Since:
(4-i). Hillary wins popular votes
(4-ii). Hillary calls for strong together, Trump divided the country. Look at the riots.
(4-iii). Indeed, there has never been a time faithless electors change the result, but there has never been a president like Donald Trump.
(4-iv). Trump is untrustworthy: sexual assaults, trump university, tax record(might be his lie, should be investigated), etc. Trump is unfit to be president.
(4-v). Continued from above point, Trump is a liar. Note that Trump always claim the system is rigged. Could it be Trump rigging the system? Let's investigate and recount the votes, and it will turn out to be a Hillary's victory.
(4-vi). The BIG online petition calling for faithless electors.
(5). Why don't (((they))) just use trump.
Trump represents his antisemitic supporters. Defeat trump is like beat his supporters in the face.
Even if Trump bend-over to (((them))), Trump is unstable and unpredictable, while Hillary is power-hungry hence better. (((They))) want power-hungry president. The more power-hungry one is, the easier and more stable they can apply control over one. Plus Hillary has a lot of "experience" following (((their))) order…
(6). Does it really have to be Hillary?
Not necessary. But (((they))) PROMISED THE PRESIDENCY for Hillary Clinton at BILDERBERG so that it might damage (((their image))) if Hillary does not get elected - considering that Bilderberg connects (((them))) to their puppet good goyim.
On the other hand, if both Hillary and Trump lost majority electoral votes, they can appoint Bernie Sanders. It will make most people happy, considering that the support for both Hillary and Trump is low.
(7). There will be civil war if trump loses.
First, a civil war might be (((their))) real purpose. Especially considering they bought weapon recently. A civil war can totally change things and destroy whites. And it will provide (((them))) legitimate reason to kill whites - given that whites start the civil war for the election of Hillary.
If whites do not start a civil war when Hillary gets elected, then it means whites will do nothing when they push thing down white people's throat.
So what do you think regarding this? Anything to add?