Kris Kobach, one of the harshest anti-immigration extremists in the country is now advising the president-elect

Trump wastes little time envisioning America as a racist dungeon


Do leftists even know why we have to live in a fucking police state? If we didn't have half the fucking third-world constantly trying to invade us, or if domestic niggers weren't constantly setting things on fire because some dead nig supposedly dindu nuffin, we wouldn't need such a draconian police state in the first place. Hell, we accept having our genitals fondled at the airport because these same dumb leftist cunts want Muslims to live in our country.

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Who the fuck is Laci Green and why is she in every other salty screencap I see lately?

what is with those people and harry fucking potter?

Professional slut.

Some completely irrelevant shill, either a kike or self hating slut. (((Green)))

Because they want to make our world to be like the fantasies they live in


Shes part Iranian I think

Feminist youtuber who is only famous because she has tig ol bitties and showed lots of cleavage in her early vids and now thinks that she is actually famous for her "arguments". i'd hate fuck her and yell "make the patriarchy real again!" as I came


These retards have lived so long with their Talmudvision that they can only construct metaphors based around movie references. In the case of this particular retard, a children's movie. They're incapable of utilizing history or philosophy, anything of substance, as building blocks for their arguments and metaphors because they, simply, know nothing.

There's going to be a Million Women's March, would somebody please hold my sides etc.


She gives sex ed (((lessons))) on youtube

Harry Potter is multicultural race mixing propaganda.
Except the races are humans, wizards and halfbreeds.

Honestly user, it doesn't bother me. In fact, it excites me. The HP films got quite dark toward the end and the Ministry of Magic effectively became Nazis with Voldy as the Furher.

If they want to keep using HP memes, I'm happy to oblige.

we could start a muzzie demonstration right next to them on the same day…

observing Jewish subversion so much is making us into Jews, isn't it?

I'll eat my hat if even 1000 show up, and that only counting actual women and not tranny freaks

You know as well as I do Soros is going to bus thousands of the bitches down there.

It's good to see Mr.Soros's money being spent so well, it worked so well last time,

Actually it is an analogy for Judaism and kabbalah.


Kikes hate it when their tactics are use against them. For years they have use this dirty tactics so much that they have become both predictable and unaware of their weakness. Call me despicable all you want but I'll make sure they drown in the mud they so enjoy to throw and I'll smile while doing it.

I like it

this is one strange timeline we're in

You're thinking of Dementors, user; but that's fine.

Just imagine how sick it will be to work with Dementors to help capture and kill people.

This is a meme I can get behind.

It really is funny that they've been D&Cing us for so long that we basically have their whole playbook in hand.


To defeat the Jew, you must become the Jew. Christ was the first one to do it. Following his examples are always a good idea.

That's why I married a Jewess. Now I get to breed her and thin down the Jewish blood.

Now that Trump is in, all the trolling and shilling just more glorious asshurt. You come to Holla Forums to ebin troll xd xd xd and all I can see are tears of impotent rage. It is glorious.

Why is it that these "people" can't make ONE argument without using le pop culture references?
Please respond.

Because their arguments are given to them by external sources instead of being constructed internally.

they believe in fairytales
they will never understand true power :^)

women in the IDF is a shill tactic so old every newfag on halfchan must have at least heard of it


Absolutely nobody. She's a worthless feminist from youtube who blowjobbed her way into MTV along with that retarded black chick.

She wouldn't even be a good lay, because she's so fucked up, mentally, that it would only end in literal tears and blue balls.

Kike blood/genetics is passed maternally. We'll save a space in the gas chambers for you,

1 drop and you're out
no Nazi german mischling laws anymore
those were in the days before genetic analysis and DNA gel electrophoresis
we have the potential to systematically wipe out all traces of the jew at a genetic level

so every actress ever?

Don't you guys normaly just post this stuff during summer?

These people are so obsessed with harry potter recently, my normiebook feeds are full of it. I can only imagine they are LARPing with each other about forming LWDS and instead of Moonman/WH40k patches they are going to have huffpuff and gryphindor patches and call themselves "Dumbledor's army" rather than "5th Imperial Legion SS Commandant Pepe".

You mean
smeared in blood and shit on your massive aprons designed to keep liberal blood off your tendies


Leftists are so detached from reality they're incapable of thinking of any complex issue unless it's through the prism of talmudvision.

t. Mischling

fuck off being a mischling is terrible

t. Mischling*

How's life, fellow Mischling?

Hmmmm. What are the odds that two mischlings would post within a minute and a half of each other after the faggots shitty troll had been getting called out by anons left and right.

Please post more. As I said originally, your shit-tier trolling has gone from irritating to the sweet, sweet sound of asshurt that will last for the next 8 years.


her eyes are too off for me sage for off-topic


I look forward to your continued kvetching

Kobach, one of the guys who makes Kansas worth living in. Godspeed, you magnificent bastard.

In our state, you register to vote at the DMV, and when you go to vote, they scan a barcode on your driver's license.

That's it. That's all there is. That's the racist voter ID law that disenfranchises minorities that liberals think is literally as bad as a poll tax or literacy test.

It's actually kind of weird how many anti-left porn stars exist. I figure it's because the left have slowly turned into puritans while the right isn't as hard anti-porn as it used to be in the 90s.

You cant fight degeneracy and not get exposed to it
exposure numbs you to it
Im sure any sane woman who gargles cock for money doesnt want her kids ending up the same way as her
meanwhile the liberals want to lock everything up into a feel good safe space

You echoed the wrong part.