Donald Trump on refusing presidential salary: "I won't take even $1"

Donald Trump on refusing presidential salary: "I won't take even $1"

It wasn’t long after Donald Trump’s victory this week that questions began to circulate about what would happen to his business empire and income when the business mogul becomes president.

From the very beginning, Trump has promised that he’d set businesses concerns aside if he was elected. In fact, he told “Face The Nation” moderator John Dickerson last October that he’s been “phasing out” his role throughout his campaign.

“Look, I would cut all ties…. I wouldn’t care about it,” Trump told Dickerson. “My kids will run it. I wouldn’t want to expand very much. It wouldn’t matter to me. I have a chance at making America great again; that’s the whole focus.”

In addition, he promised last year that he would refuse to take a salary as president, too.

During a campaign appearance in Rochester, New Hampshire, last October, the billionaire told a crowd he would not be accepting the $400,000 annual salary if he became president.

“The first thing I’m going to do is tell you that if I’m elected president, I’m accepting no salary, OK?” Trump said. “That’s not a big deal for me.”

On Federal Election Commission forms, Trump reported 2015 income exceeding $557 million. (And he appeared to acknowledge in the final presidential debate that he avoided paying any federal income tax for years.) So he probably doesn’t need the money.

Days later, Trump held a Twitter Q&A, encouraging the American people to ask him questions using the hashtag #AskTrump.

One user asked, “Will you forgo the presidential salary if elected?”

Again, Trump confirmed that he would refuse to take a salary.

“As far as the salary is concerned — I won’t take even one dollar,” said Trump. “I am totally giving up my salary if I become president.”

According to Forbes’ latest investigation released in September, the business magazine estimates Trump’s wealth is around $3.7 billion — down $800 million from a year ago.

Trump wouldn’t be the first president to forgo a salary.

According to, he would be joining John F. Kennedy and Herbert Hoover, who both donated their entire presidential salaries to charity.

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He should reduce the Salary to the median income of America.

And they will still find a way to report it as a bad thing. SAD!


A fine sentiment, but I suspect it will only encourage the very wealthy and established to run for office.

Not gonna happen.

It takes a billion dollars to run for office.


If anyone else is still wondering if Trump is connected to the kikes.

You're not allowed to pocket that money, dumbass.

Secret Service-kun, please don't let them kill Trump too.


Damn did he spend that much on the campagin?

We need to keep donating to him, or buy some Trump products.

No he just loves Israel and married his kids off to kikes.

XD How does it feel being a normie douchebag?

America officially has a hot pocket in the white house. What a fucking time to be alive.


I'm nervous

Can we call him a Trump Pocket?

I'm anticipating on if the salary is stricly foregone out of the budget, or directed to something else like charity, or building the wall.

Since the money is already budgeted, it will most likely sit in a trust fund until Congress decides what to do with it.

what a hero

Bernie found a way.

No refunds.

Probably most of the loss was from not directly running his business, plus having lucrative deals like his Apprentice tv show cancelled and his clothes line at Macy's banned because of his "hateful rhetoric".

I'd rather call him something funnier.

Dear lord what have we memed.

What will happen to the money?

Are you retarded or just a troll?


He does it all for free


We, the Internet People, now have our hotpocket.
Now, we just need one more thing…

Traditionally, if the president doesn't want it, he can donate it to charity.
Maybe he'll give it to the one Yiannopolous was talking about that benefits poor young white men. I'd like to see the media's reaction.

does this mean technically we have a neet president?

It'll probably be to some Veteran based charity.

Kinda. But as he's also in his 70's and living off his saving, it's more like this is his retirement. Saving Western civilization is his relaxing hobby after a lifetime of hard work.


This should happen for members of Congress as well, but good luck getting Congress to approve it.

Washington tried this; they made him take a salary, because they didn't want a precedent where the president always refuses the salary, for fear only wealthy people would seek the role.

A quaint notion.



Doesn't anyone remember him saying he was going to cut everyone else's budget, as well?

I recall him wanting people in the whitehouse to be served fast food, so that they could "taste it", and actually try to do something about the average americans way of living.

literally what

It was a radically different time, I imagine very little money was involved running for president, if all.

And no stupid pandering, just campaigning towards property owning White men that were informed in domestic matters.



Washington would bow at people who entered the presidential mansion, because he believed he was their servant as president.

That didn't survive him.

Pretty sure those numbers are pulled straight out of Forbes ass and only an idiot would believe them.

He was not "having his show canceled", he just had something else to do, not sure what it was, also the Macy cloths weren't that big of a hit.
The numbers are just trash.

Man our memes are dank

Trump wants to split time between DC and NY

Trump has also expressed interest in continuing to hold large rallies as he did throughout the campaign for “the instant gratification and adulation that the cheering crowds provide,” the Times wrote.

If he can find a way to make this work, he will truly be a President of the People.


I notice when the luggenpress tells the truth, no one listens/believes them


I want to become the person who makes my country great just for the reason that I could shake the dons hand and tell him what a great man he is.

They were truly wide-eyed idealists, for their time. Idolising what was not even true of the romans, and believing all men to be equal, as the bible dictated.

If only they knew.

I'm down.



Seriously he barely stopped in jew jersey during the season. I dont blame him though because he focused his energy on where it was needed to win


I think he should do a reverse rally - on the campaign trail, he pitched ideas and we supported him. Now I'd like to see his base pitch ideas and he supports them. Imagine a trade show but each booth is a policy idea.


President Trump is a gift that keeps on giving. I love this man. He's going to MAGA!

There's actually a good reason why the salary of elected representatives should be as high as possible - it's so reduce the temptation of bribery from external sources.

Doesn't work when the entire establishment is openly corrupt though obviously.

Lucky trips confirm. I want him to rally in Chicago: it would be incredibly satisfying for him to hold a rally in the one city where protesters had previously shut him out, this time as President.

Fuck Macy's, department stores aren't important. You can cut out the middle man.

Currently swamped with traffic.

Wew. I haven't been winning like this in ages. Thank you President Donald J Trump!

Trump is cleaning Shitington DC, when he's done from it, lowering salaries is considerable then, but now, as you stated, higher wages are good to reduce bribery.

He's autistic but ultimately correct in a general sense, more so regarding the salary of less important politicians.

What he is doing, is assuming that power has no value, and that people only do things for money. By such an ethos, nobody who makes an above average income would ever run for president, because it would be a pay cut. The only people that would run, would be poorfags who need the money (they would never win), and people wealthy enough to view being president as a hobby.

In reality, power has value. And more over, most Presidents make far more money than their salary entails them because of corruption, kick backs, as well as speeches and books and so forth after they leave office.

Where his idea has merit is in state legislatures and so forth. For instance here in MN we had an Amendment unfortunately pass this election that took the power of the legislature to give themselves raises (that don't take place until the next cycle) away, and instead allow a separate "citizen" organization to determine the salary of our state representatives.

State reps don't garner a whole lot of power, and certainly don't get paid big bucks after they leave for books and appearances. I'm sure they get plenty of bribes and kickbacks, but not nearly at the scale of federal congressman.

If this "citizen" commission were to do something along the lines of "You guys suck, your new salary is $1/year" Every good honest person who is trying to raise a family would be forced out of office due to having no income to support themselves. Only the very wealthy who would do it for fun, or for massively corrupt bribes would run for office.

The reason I continue to put quotes around "citizen" when regarding this commission I speak of, is because it's not a bunch of unknown citizens chosen at random. They are appointed by the Governor in this system, and supposedly it's suppose to be fair and have equal representation from republicans and democrats. Of course it won't be fair, these people will be friends with the Governor. I assume they too will receive a salary. Not everyone is a republican or democrat, and therefore won't have representation. And the idea that these republicans would actually be conservatives when a democrat governor is in power, or that the democrats would actually be liberals when the republicans hold the governorship is laughable. Oh, and now the corrupt friends of the Governor can give raises to their friends in the legislature at whim, and the legislatures have cleaned their hands of any responsibility and accountability.


I want him do one in every state or at least every state he won like a victory lap.

You shouldn't be able to receive money for serving in public office. It should be a charitable act as to denote any greedy pricks who just want to take us for all we're worth.

This is a terrible idea: every public official would either be a wealthy person doing it as a hobby/civic duty or a person who is also working a second job to support himself and therefore having less time to dedicate to the office.

It ultimately doesn't matter; no one who runs for president is so poor that they need a salary, and the salary itself isn't some extravagant amount of money.

He better have security coming out of his ass because if I start seeing trump being paraded around carelessly like Kennedy was I'm going to freak the fuck out.

I vote for indoor rallies with vehemently high security.

Sure, but what about all those other public offices? Mayors? State reps? Aldermen? 90% of those (even most members of the federal House) are just regular folks who need to be able to make a living and deserve some compensation for working a full time job on behalf of the rest of us.

He does it for the American people

Trump does it for free.


The lugenpresse can't get any more ridiculous.

Thank Kek because I've been having rally withdraw all week.

I gave up all (((hollywood))) entertainment and exclusively watched Trump rallies instead for the past year and a half. I've got nothing to watch now.

My routine was to come home from a long day of POZ and detox by listening to the God Emperor speak.

>Insider Information reveals Trump funneling away his salary to fund domestic terror groups led by Sam Hyde


They didn't say Trump lost any money. They only said Forbes revised their estimate.
As for the campaign he didn't spend much more than 100 million of his own money.

Underrated posts.


If we could meme this reality, we can meme in a 40thousand year old empire.

I'd never even heard of Hyde two years ago, and now I want him as head of the CIA.

The market isn't static user.

Trump spent less on his campaign than the last several elections.

In colonial times representatives in state, local, and national government were part-time employees, and actually weren't payed at all.
I think reducing congressional salaries would be fucking amazing if he actually could do it.


He's the goddamn Batman.

Reddit, you're not fitting in. Lurk 2 years before posting.

You're supposed to shoehorn a bit of Shoah narrative in there.

0.05 shekels deducted from your account.

No, user.

You're going to visit a rally, and you're going to get yourself a woman. A real one. The kind who'd ring a chickens neck, and serve it to you for supper by the end of your shift.

Dubs confirm. The jews memed their own deaths.

Damn son, that woman went nuclear.

Kill me

gf material
i hope she's not like that all the time


The backlash begins.

Damn, I'd go nuclear on journalists with her


The term limits will make a perpetual career in political office an impossibility anyway. You better have a real job to fall back on.

Were I Trump I would not bother to ever set foot in the "white house" (smells of gorillas now anyway) or use air-force one ( hell both might have security problems).
Instead I would govern from Trump tower and use Trump-force one (his own plane).

best of 3DPD right there

I support what she's saying but seriously? Beer in hand cussing up a storm is gf material now that what she's cussing about is good for our side?

How do you know that's beer?

Red dixie cup always is beer. It's illegal to drink beer in freedomland everyone's forced to drink beer with RED dixie cups.


I don't think that's perfect proof. Maybe she was somewhere with beer and all they had were the Dixie cups.

Holla Forums should prolly collaborate with the Secret Service at this point

Its coffee you dolt
It looks like a cheap fast food restaurant red colored coffee cup. It even has a lid.


That's not a dixie cup you fucking dumb faggot. It's a small size fast food cup. Could be water, juice or soda.

R.I.P. Mr. Trump

(pic related) It looks similar to this.

Sorry about that it ate my pic.

I think original poster was projecting a bit.
Women drinking coffee or lattes out of a disposable coffee cup that is very common.

This election has let me unwind a bit on conspiracy theories that lets me trigger normalfags at least.

What you just saw was a conservative woman in portland, user.

If anything, it just means she'll be as mad as you are. t. spic city, USA

No joke, I have so much spiral energy I manifested a drill inside myself once.

Nah m8, the god emperor knows what hes doing.
His vp is litteraly 10 times worse than him in the eyes of the libtards, hes basicly untouchable.

That's pretty cool, though to be perfectly fair it's not really much of a sacrifice for him. When you're literally a billionaire who gives a fuck about a 400k salary?

Outbribe the briberies, alright, sure. I suppose if you want people to work for you then you should pay them what they're worth.

Sorry I'm late.

Oh wow I think I broke something from laughing too hard.


Figured this would be the place to ask, so as not to make another thread
Apparently Trump also won the popular vote. But I can't get a straight answer from any official source

So some people around the Internet have done their own counting from different sources, and found out that trump won 62.9m vs 62.2m. CNN and the likes APPARENTLY haven't updated some of the numbers relating to trump bud did so for Hillary. Can anyone confirm?

Fuck, Wilson the cuck might be gifted in the way of memes

I've heard this here as well, but all the ((numbers)) I've seen support Hillary winning the popular vote.

Oh look this fucking idiot is back.

le unpaid Donald

Can Trump just give his business to his kids though? Is that illegal or legal collusion?

The public won't really care about that type of collusion with the rejection of the salary, and I don't either, but I'm worried that it may be a basis for impeachment.

Spotted the kikes.

I'm sure he has better lawyers than we have among us.

He can't technically change his own salary until his second term, so he'd have to donate it to charity.

Mod = God Emperor.


That's what happens when you have a 100% white population.

lets not get crazy here…

I can just taste the salt.. :'^)

Nothing to worry about unless you are a journalist :^)

Ugh I try to share some fucking nice news that thought everyone would appreciate and these delusional ass holes gotta make up more fairy tales to Shit all over it. I'm not even friends with these people!


It's a /sp/ meme

The /sp/artans did this


they can, it just instantly devalues currency which is retard-tier.
Last one to do that shit was either FDR or LBJ

if hillary said this they'd be praising her like a lap dog while jacking off to Hilloli

The president has to submit a budget request and get it approved by congress. He can't just write himself a check without the House and Senate giving the okay on it.

Reagan devalued the dollar in 1985 Plaza Accord.

He reiterated in an interview tonight that he would not be taking the salary.

Why is that?

400k a year
4 years 1.6 million.
8 years 3.2 million.

Vs 10 Billion Net Worth

He's basically refusing to pick up quarters as he walks down the street.

I woulds without a second thought.

He probably means politicians can funnel money to their account in other ways. It's true. Paid speeches (who'd really pay half a million for a speech?), donations to their "charity", guaranteed high-paid position in an oil company, trading inside info, etc. That works more as a criticism of the system than of a particular politician, and in this particular case it makes no sense as Hillary's foundation was already trading future favors for cash without even being elected. Also, 400k is nothing for the US or for a billionaire.

What if Trump set aside a small fund of 3.2 million dollars, and started paying the government a salary instead?


Instead he can just use the money to build the walls

Checkmate liberals


They still managed to squeeze this in.

MUH PR is now more irrelevant than ever. GRAB HER BY THE PUSSY wasnt enough to bring Trump down, a woman being a bit erratic while she speaks the truth isnt gonna hurt him either




Five star post. Have an upvote.

The reason why the salary is high interestingly is to discourage (in theory) the susceptibility of those in office to bribes.


B-but I'm sure Bernie Sanders would have done the same thing right? Right guys?

Even now there is hope for woman.

oh the irony.

bets on him framing that $1 ?????

Why does that sound so fitting?


I'm filtering every last one of you fuckers who posts shit like
God damn, the cancer is unreal. You faggots are the ones ruining this damn board, and I've been here since 1st exodus.

They do it because it works. Every goddamn thread that someone spergs out in about TRS, Reddit spacing, or whatever, people always respond and it causes a huge derailment. Every. Goddamn. Time.

Problem: Not everyone eats as healthy as Trump. Most people consider fast food delicious.

Though it is a fact that people with very healthy diets generally can't stomach fast food.

cuckchan >>>/a/

Seconded. We need to petition the mods to have a sticky dedicated to hunting would-be Trump assassins.

I could be wrong here, but I heard that an interesting idea of National socialism is to limit the personal annual income of any one person to be only a (strict) order of magnitude greater than the median income. So, like 7 to 12 times as much as the average worker. This policy would preserve natural hierarchies, without any one individual unduly hogging most of the wealth.

It's interesting to think about how such a thing might work. Perhaps any excess money your company makes will be held in a separate account, for the businesses' use only. Or maybe that's not necessary at all–I don't know.

This is not a happening or investigation, why is it sticked?


God I love this guy.
Us 'strayans need our own version… I like most of Pauline Hanson's policies but we need a based male to lead us into a new era of glorious IRL shitposting with our Ameribros
Godspeed Mr. Trump, you are a true hero of the people.

Can someone edit the music in?

Fucking liberals.

They don't give a shit about actual social justice, and most of them never have. Lliberalism is another word for socialism, which is another word for Communism, which is what they've been building up to for decades.

Trump is project to win the popular vote. Even NYT gave him like 95% chance. The fucking kikes are just refusing to count the votes in the last few states. After Trump got enough electoral votes to put him over the edge, they just stopped counting. At the end, Trump had over 300 electoral votes but some news outlets are still reporting the point where he overtook 270.

I find it very odd that Hillary won the popular vote 2 or so days after the election, after multiple local recounts.

And by odd, I mean Mexicans.

Honestly One Nation is the only party who could treaten the two party Establishment
Though Bernardi joining One Nation and leading it would be great

Well it's not like he's going to do a King Nigger and buy a multi-million dollar house when he's leaving the presidency
Because he already has a nice Yuge "house" on the same Avenue as the White House

Very proud of this man. He is too doo a great job…


>I got hot blood goin through it fast!

That line makes the anime parallel impeccable. Best alex jones webm

XDD sure pwned that douchecanoe right fellow redditor

LOL…. hot him!!!
very funny sir


All you get is puppets in that case. We have to get the money out of elections.

That's clearly coffee doofus. She's not the most articulate but probably she's just upset.



You have to go back.




yeah let's pay politicians less

When Mr Cohen for BigCorp comes with 10 million dollars as a gift to Mr President to "convince" him on that new regulation I'm sure an impoverished president will reject it.

Fucking retards…. The problem with politicians salary is not that it is too high, is that
1. it's low enough to make it worth for them to be corrupted and
2. career politicians are under-prepared compared to the important task they are doing, so it seems they are overpayed.

We need better politicians being paid more, not the same bad politicians being paid less.

Beanfag here. They keep fucking saying that, like it's something untoward.

The entire premise of an INCOME tax is that NET INCOME is taxed, income after costs. If you have a shitty year, or years, it's a net operating loss, or net capital loss, that can be carried back or forward, depending on the type of loss, to offset income, as it would have had the taxpayer been able to do so in the year the loss arose, had the income been higher.

Donald Trump took an astronomical hit to his personal net worth during the early 90s real estate recession. He was able to deduct this loss against future income. Some of it may have been absorbed immediately by way of a carry-back to prior taxable years.




Wouldnt you be? shes about the hottest first lady weve ever had EVER

Not paying the just opens their pockets to bribes, and then everything goes down the shitter.

She has all the mannerisms of a crackhead.



Jesus Christ no wonder they lost


Of course nobody believed all men have equal attributes. If you read what they wrote you'd understand this.

Considering that he does not pay his fucking taxes it is not more than fair that he refuses salary.

You cannot offer an elected official money directly, nor can he accept it from you. Your campaign committee can take money, but it can only be spent on your campaign, or donated to another campaign.

Trump's run was funded by small-dollar donations from his supporters, and by himself: he provided matching funds. Any time he needs another contribution to his war chest his SMS bot can send out another round of spam.

Trump got into office without owing favors to anyone, while remaining too rich to care.




I need subtitles for this shit. I can't understand angry english.

You did evade a ban user.

Holla Forums is converging.
A lot of the liberals are leaving and the marxists are weeding the poison out of their modified Holla Forums format.

They don't like white supremacy, but are beginning to warm up to leaders leading from the front. Stirner is still helpful at critically analyzing religion even if he is a cuck.
Once you reach nihilism, you begin to see the opposite - where everything is important.

He doesn't need it. For one, if the US economy is good, his investments return more. For two, his INCOME is like 500 mil a year. For three, he probably has tons of passive income. For four, presidents make hella side money doing interviews, books, speeches, etc. Maybe not while in office but after, surely. He will never go hungry.

The emperor would rather you keep your money to feed and nourish thyself. He needs healthy men for the ranks.

He'll probably donate it to veterans or another charity, or send it to the wall fund.

If they murder him, Pence becomes emperor. Trump doesn't care either way about fags, but Pence will rwds them. Pence IS his security.

Can't we get them jailed for this? I want the lugenpresse to march in orange right behind illary to the firing squads.

This. What he did is legit. Also since he is in real estate, he has a lot of upfront costs he can deduct, and the profit doesn't start rolling in for a while. Normalshits are so fucking stupid.

I wager the white house is a lot like westminster palace in that it needs a fuckton of conservation, restoration and modernisaton work.

Might be Trump could go "We're moving all white house functions to Trump tower. Free of charge. Meanwhile the White House will be shut for the conservation and restoration work that has been needed for years but no president had the balls to actually do because they needed the white house as a symbol of legitimacy."

Are Holla Forums really still trying to push the Hibernian conspiracy?

Underrated post.


He does it for the volk!

I screen capped this after they finally counted Pennsylvania. Note the popular vote numbers. He maintained that lead the entire night. Suddenly he's behind after millions more votes have been counted and California still isn't done counting yet? Reeks of bullshit.

Why isn't it all red? :3

Lefties subvert remember.

It should be more red, but not entirely red.
There was a lot of conditioning.


Well, running along the east coast into Mississippi is the Nigger Belt and then along the southern and western coasts is the Spic Strap. The Nigger Belt has the Cuck Buckle taking up a large portion of New England and Minnesota is just swedes being swedes.


If so they should design a new $1 bill with TRUMP in the serial number. That way it'll be a personalised presidential bill. By the end of his first term he could reward outstanding citizens who served well with a unique bill.


What are you doin' son?



that is not the point, its to express our opinions freely and being very racist in the process


This is how they fizzle out.

turns into:

Trump is alright, if he can keep his campaign pledges (which I sort of doubt) and not succumb to pressure he'll be the best president in decades. Not shitting on Trump, just think expectations need to be backed with constant pressure from his base.

But if he succeeds in helping to restore Hitler's image, he'll be 100% in my book.

I miss you, Fuhrer.

It didn't work in Australia. They are drowned in self-indulgence.

Trump should take the salary then donate it to injured vets or even make a victims of illegals fund to really rub EX king niggers nose is shit over his bs amnesty.

From how happy his Secret Service detachment are…

tbh I think you are an idiot.
I do not agree that politicians salary should be the same as the average worker… they have a much greater responsibility. i do agree with their salary being capped at a multiplyer of the average american salary.

oh wow

The following is a random keyword the ADL monitors:
Giant Swastika-shaped fans that spin at 1488rpm

B-but politicians are meant to help everybody else!

Speaking of indoctrination such as the example I gave above, I remember having a libshit teacher using specific mannerisms while repeating "THE STATE HAS THE RIGHT TO USE VIOLENCE" then something along the lines of "how the government is the best thing ever".

Writing this gave me shivers.




It should have been

$400,000 annually is shit pleb change to Trump of course he doesn't even need to take it. The media is going to act like he constantly takes money tho

The hero we need
When will Europe get uncucked?

There's a thread on it here:

288 votes.

Dem dubs.
Dubs everywhere.

Thanks fam

Jesus Christ

Feels like a good surge is happening thanks to Trump. He kickstarted something that awoken a lot of whites. Of course even the media is still trying to bring him down.

And yet all this kike rethoric remains the same and people dont even search for these.
Even if they do they'll find a way to make it out as something negative.

I know friend, that's but you can still spread the word. Which is what I do and keep on doing. People are willing to listen more and more.

Sadly the video already lost its power when (((they))) removed the music from it.


He won't take $1. But will he take anything less than that?

God I wish I could fuck her brains out.

Oy, /pol. I need an archive of one of the traitor collection threads from just after the election..



When did Holla Forums become a group of horny teenagers? That girl is funny and over the top and would probably make a half-decent girlfriend, but that's it. Not femine to the least. She behaves like a Holla Forumsack with tits and hips.

There is better wife material out there. Remember that women should not vote and their natural political alignment is apolitical.

Shes just pissed.
She's not that cute objectively speaking but her attitude towards the lügenpresse makes her very hot.

As far as women voting Trump did well with white women ( pic related).

Ideally women shouldn't vote as you say but you neglect the problem of illegal aliens, blacks/other minorities, or low IQ retards.
The real solution is to remove voting altogether we should get someone good in power (Trump or someone better) and turn the US into a one party dictatorship.

Why do you forget that a group of horny teenagers become Holla Forums?

Anger is fine.

holy shit how close are to breaking through into the 2dverse

Beta male: *whiny voice* "That's not what bigotry means… (2-3x times)"
Girl… ignores bet a loser keeps berating Lügenpresse reporter.
Beta male: Slinks away like a wiped dog.

As another user said, she's just livid. She really admires Trump, and she's tired of hearing the bullshit. I'm honestly amazed that the lügenpresse didn't blast that all over the place as an example of crazy racist Trump supporters.

Fresh OC incoming

lost my shit when Hollum entered the scene

Ineloquent and a bit emotional, but goddamn that was great.

butthurt femanon detected



America would be great already if half of us had half the balls she has.

white trash personified

Thank you for Correcting The Record! 0.1$ have been deposited to your account!

did you mean: bill clinton

His revenues are probably way down from all his wealthy customers virtue signaling, business 101.



Not worthy of it's own thread so I'll just leave this here. Chink's are already beginning to sweat and make the first sign of bending the knee.

that would like USA wanting cucknada and mexico annexed and voting in their elections, hell no
i want to split from the north, south brazil is the only not horrible part of the country

Is Trump going to be the JFK that didn't die?

No Brazil annexing Uruguay and Argentina would be like India annexing Nepal and China.

Argentina and Uruguay are better than hueland in every way.

Yeah, I'm of the mind there was definitely voter fraud going on. It's definitely has precedent. The 2000 election was given to Bush.
With the footage of computer machines automatically switching to Hillary, and now the legions of illegals all voting Hillary. Who knows what the percentage is.
All this and the old whore STILL LOST. Trump landslide most likely.

Trump land slided that bitch and know it despite their cheating apparatus every person that voted for Trump, every person went to war with librats, every person that understood the consequence of cankles,every alphbet soup fag seen she was bullshit,every user posting dank memes,every user going hard in the paint on emails they tried to sweep under the rug we memed anyway.YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!!!!why they ask because your are fucking awesome and they ain't DRINK THEIR FUCKING TEARS and never let your foot off of their spinless necks.KEKED bitches deal.


never did 4cha I was out partying making money and after being banned from fagbook and every other shit hole (((jew))) media I came to 8 chan pol having similar ideas to me after I looked around on 4 chan I can't stand to even look at those fucking shit stains types might be some good ones in the mix I to adhd to decipher their cucked bs so I landed here but i am not one of the old heads of 4chan all that at the time I was working my ass off to get ahead had only I known there was ppl like me out there at the time lol I wanted to kill everyone I came in contact with now just me my guns my family and 8pol and a few others not to be named .

Learn to use some fucking punctuation.

can confirm

the only thing I can eat are the fries and they suck

I eat both junk and healthy food. Maybe If I eat the healthy food for long time without consuming a small amount of the junk food then I wouldn't be able to stomach the junk food.

Good shit user

if you understood, why should I play punctuation with you.Never found any use for it and long out of school and doing just fine so fuck off if thats the best you got (((rat)))

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You have to go back.

Yes they do have to go back or out all the way OUT!!

Yeah, unlike Bill, the Donald has no reason to cheat.

Maybe Melania will eventually get tired being cuckqueaned by young models though.

Some real estate costs can be deducted up front, but a lot can't be until the property is disposed. So it's quite normal to have piled up costs that suddenly become deductible when a bunch of property is unloaded in a deep recession.


it's still up on vimeo. it's also up on some torrent sites. don't give up.

i found a better link with downloadable video. spread the truth, brother, and deus vult.

And how is that supposed to be bad…?

Fuck yourself, newfag.

It's happening, no more wasteful spending. No more grandiose salaries for politicians, no more of congress voting themselves raises!

I'm sure this ends all wasteful spending

Not sure if I'm not detecting sarcasm. Either way I'm sure Trump's fiscal policies will be similar to how he runs his business. Wouldn't be very smart if a CEO let his employees vote themselves raises and waste money on stupid shit

go go go
remove cenk yogurt

(((they))) also removed the original 3 hour version of MAGA dance , thankfully clones exist


Listening to the rendition of Horst Wessel Lied at the beginning I am listening to the lyrics of "Comrades, the voices" in my head.