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you lost
stay salty


I rooted for Trump to repeal this commie shit you tard

He's not even in office you cunt.

Eh he wants to keep the kids in college being covered under their parents healthcare and preventing insurers from shutting people with pre-existing conditions out. Those were the only two things I liked in the whole document. The rest can go.
Fuck off shill.

At least put some effort into it for fuck's sake.

Am I missing something?

Yeah, man. So terrible! It's like I'm being holocausted all over again!

Flood him with requests to keep his firm stance on Obamacare

You forgot to sage and call op a shill.




trump is going to be the most "leftwing" president since nixon

He was doing an interview with the WSJ where he said he will in consideration of his talk with Obama think about not getting rid of some of the provisions in the ACA like can't deny preexisting conditions and that parents can have their kids on their plan for longer.

The lugenpresse of course went out of their way to construe it as Trump not going to get rid of Obamacare and this is just another reason why we need to hang every one of those shitlibs and then burn their corpses.


3 fucking threads about this lugenpresse shit

just gon leave this here kameraden


I am honestly expecting the Don to keep a somewhat low profile till he`s in office.

also to be fair he did say to take Obamacare down and replace it with something better.
Whether its viewed as an amendment, a replacement, a reforging, a renewal, its all esentially semantics, what I care is how he`s gonna fix it/replace it.

Look it's going to have to go because it is called Obamacare. If it was called Healthcare it probably would stay. Realistically Trump is going to change it a bit and call it Trumpcare.

As a pesimistic post though, I waited till after the election;

I highly doubt he'll go so far as to increase the ban on people arriving from at risk middle eastern countries.

The wall will not be a built but will be a fence.

This seems pretty obvious to me but I wonder what others will think…

Any thoughts on his initial appointees to support him?

What are you retards confused about, the parts he wants to keep are the only the good parts, mainly
Everything else about Obamacare is garbage but these were the only good parts.


required by law health insurance has to go.

If it's not in his 100 day plan, don't make a fucking thread about it. The media is starting to lie so they can demoralize his supporters.

Retard the pre-existing clause means the Jewish fucks in insurance companies can deny to cover something or charge hellaciously extra for conditions that affect your ability to fucking survive at all. The only other thing is the fact this fucking market place has made it so at least some higher education is required to get any job worth it's salt for health insurance so children can be covered later into adulthood until they can actually get those careers.




Why dont you quote what he actually said

He told the Wall Street Journal he favours keeping two pillars of the bill because "I like those very much".
One is a ban on insurers denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.
The other provision that the president-elect told the newspaper he favours allows young adults to be insured on their parents' policies.


The only shills are anons who aren't holding Trump to the fire and bending over backwards for him.


Holy shit people, all he's doing is making it so you can't be kicked off your insurance for being ill, and you can keep under your parent's plan until 26. That's it. Why is everyone saying he's flipflopping?

sage negated.
Trump is opening the way for universal healthcare, which natsocs here should be OK with once we have the immigrants out of our country.

Enjoy your brain tumor being labeled as a "pre-existing condition" because it wasn't 100% certain of showing up during the checkup.

I guess we should have just waited for Hitler


They must have called up the reserve shills.

How is it good for grown adults to be getting coverage from their parents? That's some of the shit weakening this country. In particular since any healthy 18-25 year old doesn't need much healthcare in the first place. Unless they live like a degenerate, and then why are you going to prop them up?

They're shills. OP intentionally didn't include what Trump actually said so that he could try to mislead our more retarded lurkers/posters. It doesn't work very well.

because soros dumped more money into shill groups, basically

It will be repealed. Trump doesn't want to allow insurance companies to jew us out of our money and not paying out.



1. It's fucking CNN, have you faggots learned nothing yet?
2. If this is true, He said there might be some aspects he keeps. Pre-existing conditions and coverage till 26 have been a basic Republican stance on Obamacare since it was first put in place.

We are going to be hearing a fuck ton of scenarios about his transition in the next two months. Most of it will be liberal media hopes, back by nothing more than murmurs.

Bitch being a 18-25 year old adult you can still get into accidents or diseases that require hospital visits and not be able to fucking pay for it because you don't have insurance because you're in tradeschool/college/whatever.

The moment Trump says he is willing to rethink removing the penalty and removing state lines around insurance providers, you have my support and raging.

Until then, on this subject, you're a nigger.

who could have seen that coming?

I wonder if shills get paid more if people click on unbroken links.

Relax, he is taking away the mandate and revising literally everything except for the ban on denying insurance for preexisting conditions and allowing people to stay on their family's healthcare till 26. Trumpcare will not have the mandate forcing people to sign up for it and raping them financially like Obamacare.

Gas yourself



Disgusting, you shill faggot trash.

we are the working man tho

I do not understand how I can still be surprised at how absolutely retarded people can be. Every time I gain a little hope, I am reminded that people don't look for sources, people read the title of an article and assume that it is both the entire story and 100% true, and they still believe the MSM reporting on everything. Even Berniecucks should realize that the media isn't to be trusted.

You already made this thread,and we already went over it.

Trump isn't flip-flopping, he's merely said he'd consider retaining some of the aspects of Obongo's plan - like not refusing coverage for pre-existing conditions, IIRC - and, though its merely implied, would incorporate them into his own plan.

Repeal and Replace, he's been saying it for months now.

Yup,it links back to the same Wallstreet Journal article.
Fucking clickbait hacks man.

This is MSM demoralization.

He has to keep the pre existing conditions because Obamacare fucked everything up. It took people that were already insured with these conditions and put them on the nigger plan, now when you dump it you're going to be left with people that got shafted by this nigger and cant get insurance. Trump will keep that clause around to try to minimize the damage to Americans because of this medial care catastrophe.

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Then why are you buying a CNN article about what he has to say, eh?
Trump supporters sure love and respect CNN, after all. ;^)

At least do some fucking research, Christ.

you can do better.

She's a let down to herself tbh fam.

all true nazbols voted trump

Kill yourself, retard.


you deserve to be punished for direct linking to CNN or even reading CNN. wake the fuck up and stop consuming CNN garbage.


Wew lads

believing the liberal media after what happened is pretty stupid

Well, forcing insurance companies to insure people with pre-existing conditions is like forcing banks to give to loans to people who they know won't be able to pay it back.

Insurance companies will pass the losses onto their other customers, and that's what's happening with rising premiums.

Somebody has to pay. Nothing is free.

This is consistent with what Trump has been saying though. He was saying this during the primaries. There hasn't been any flip flopping. The Democrat media just wasn't listening.

checked and agreed

Nice job nigger.



This is literally the same as when they said he supported the war because he said "I dont know, I guess" in some interview forever ago. They just take what he says and spin it. If you believe this consider suicide.

Aren't the the spineless fags that left Holla Forums because they couldn't compete?

I am wondering if OP is a shill or just can't accept the truth

Be more anal pained if you can



They're framing the discussion to turn us against God Emperor. The media is still warring against us, be alert and don't believe anything until you research it.

Lastly, remember The Art of the Deal. Trump will frame his policies a way to get as much of a super-majority of the Senate on his side. Which he will need for certain pieces of legislation, specifically term limits, corruption reform and most importantly TAX REFORM.

Keep calm. Stay aware. Stay alert. We won the most important battle, but they can still divide and conquer us.

Wew wew wew

Nice job nigger.



I don't think you understand trump. He always gives people a chance to make their case.

To you; Flip flopping and being a hypocrite would mean we wouldn't be able to have new evidence to re-evaluate our beliefs in science.

Good god.

While there will be rises in costs the people that don't have those conditions it kind of defeats the point of health insurance if it doesn't cover your associated health costs.

Excuse me? I'm not sure I understand why you're insulting me?

The insurance customers will pass the cost on the other customers, ie rising premiums.

What are you gonna do? Implement price controls?


Sage the disinfo!

Pre-existing conditions only existed because of how jewish the insurance industry was.

I have a lot of problems with our healthcare system. I even hoped that king nigger would fix some of them. He didn't. He just made it worst.

Hopefully Trump can save things.


Wee woo.

He's saying the same thing about Obongocare that he said back in February. Why didn't you get mad about this back in February, fellow user?

You don't understand what insurance is. You think it's a welfare program.

newfag detected

The thing is, the only way you can get the pre-existing conditions clause is the mandate. That's always been the crux IIRC.

It was a good post, your post, you just forgot to sage the D&C thread, user.

Coverage cost goes up for additional people on your plan, but not nearly as much as for a new individual plan

Those healthy 18-25 year olds likely arent buying health insurance on their own anyway

Their parents who keep them on, are more established and able to afford those costs, leaving the younger generation more able to spend their money establishing themselves and getting their life going

Keeping them on protects against the possibility of unforseeable accidents which knock them out of work for a time

Its a net benefit to keep them insured like this, without hindering their own income by forcing them to buy their own individual plans

I dont particularly like the "cannot refuse due to pre-existing condition" part personally, some will call it a good thing, but in truth it rewards bad behavior and pushes government control through regulations onto businesses. If someone drinks themselves to liver failure then goes and tries to buy healthcare to cover the cost of their bills.. well.. those costs have to be accounted for on everyone elses regular bills, which drives up the cost for everyone else

I think you should be able to refuse coverage based on pre-existings if you can prove the person was negligent with their own health prior. Smoking, drinking, unprotected sex, drug use, etc, without HI then only buying it once they get sick, SHOULD be grounds for refusal. But someone who cant afford it but lives an overall healthy life and avoids risks shouldnt be able to be refused if they end up harmed in a way that requires them to need medical care later, they'd just need to prove HI costs were an unreasonable burden before and that they attempted to take proper care of themselves but something unforeseen happened they couldnt plan for.

That, to me, is much more reasonable, as is the keeping your offspring on your HI until 25.

Regardless, he is still doing away with obamacare as a thing in itself, meaning no more being forced to buy insurance, no more expensive and nonfunctional federal healthcare selling sites, no more massive redtape and regulations on doctors and drugs, and so on.

When you combine this with the plan for health savings accounts and cross state purchasing for health insurance, itll drive down costs on its own, leaving people with more money to spend on other activities and purchases which will spur economic growth which is good for everyone.


Get that facebook-tier shit out of here

we nazbols really need to make better memes

Hey Holla Forums fag.

I misunderstood, apologies.I was having CTR flashbacks.

It's fucking nothing.

Nothing wrong with any of that. Except for the way the judenpresse twisted his words into kiked up headlines.

i am mostly on Holla Forums, once a week i go through Holla Forums

You dip, it means an insurance company can deny to say, cover the cost of your broken leg and trip to the hospital because of some other unrelated condition. So not only can he not afford his existing conditions healthcare, he can't have anything else unrelated covered either.

Get out.

why? i am on your side on this

Fuck off

Exactly. Trump gives everyone a chance, reviews it, then makes a decision. It's called fucking respect, which is more than Obama ever did with Obama "You gotta pass it to see what's inside!" care.

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