Are they correct?

Are they correct?

Or is this just a Freudian excuse? I am of age compared to these guys, and wasn't raised in a daycare.

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Possible? my parents never put me in a day care

Would make sense, how you act is based on previous experience.

Makes sense. You grow without solid parental references, you'll likely end up fucked in the head. They see the almighty government as their mother and father, just like feminism convinced women to see the government as their husband and their careers as their family.

if you are born after 1993.

I got lucky it seems, I was born in 1991, where it suddenly shot up

my parents didn't put me in day care but they didn't love me either

I'd take it with a grain of salt but upbringing does matter

Latch key from the 70s here. Can confirm, daycare kids are faggot pussies.

did you go to school? if yes, you were raised in a daycare with behavioral brainwashing and multicultural indoctrination expansion pack

Regardless if they are correct or not it trips triggers and I guess that's all that matters. You have to admit that one of the differences between people who were born before and after the 90's is that the younger generation were able to create hugboxes of opinions on the internet whereas older generation didn't have that luxury during their formative years.

Today companies like Google and Facebook literally only show you content based on what you liked/watched recently. So even the comments you see on Youtube are censored creating the illusion that everyone online thinks exactly like you.

Daycare is the product of single parent households and stronk working womyn. So I'm not surprised that more babies/kids are put into daycare as more unmarried women have babies.

Did your mom stay at home or did you have babysitters like grandma to help out?

It doesn't stop at day care, my first taste of jewish psyops was probably in 3rd grade.

#daycaregeneration has potential

My parents didn't love me, but at least they weren't complete shitbags who would dump their own flesh and blood into daycare.

I had a nanny, though

It seems as likely as anything. I was born in '75. We didn't have fruitcakes like this running around when I was young. And if there were, they got corralled into special ed. classes, group homes, or juvenile detention.

I'd say it's probably a combination of any of the following:

1. Weak family structure, if any at all. (e.g., no father at home, being raised by permissive grandparents, alcohol/drug abuse, etc.)
2. Participation trophies and special snowflake syndrome.
3. Indoctrination in (((public))) (((schools))) with regards to government benevolence, federal supremacy, Diversity is our Strength™, and so on.
4. Continued indoctrination in (((universities))) with regard to Professor Shekelberg's favorite pet causes - usually empowering subhumans and lashing out at Whitey.
5. Superiority complex from having passed Professor Shekelberg's Sociology 101 class, and learning all the buzzwords that all the other useless turds use in their tumblr rants and rapid-fire twitter tantrums.
6. Being stuck in a positive-reinforcement feedback loop, having their own bullshit fed to them by lefty news sites, blogs, their idiot friends and so on, and everybody's a special snowflake, nobody's ever wrong, everyone needs to hear what a good job they're doing, and on and on…

Probably, there are other factors I'm missing. These seem to be the most prevalent.

A few of my contemporaries got unlucky and managed to spit out kids back in the late 80s - early 90s that are a part of this generation. They didn't end up complete assholes, though they still exhibit the superiority complex and look down on Mom & Dad and friends as eeeevil rrrraaacist cavemen.

Stay at home mother, also had wilderness 500 yards from my backyard so I would go exploring a lot.

Clearly (((Freudian)))

If anything, it's a drop in the bucket of Jewish conditioning.

I think there is validity to this, me and my sister were born in the 80's, brother was born in '91, we grew up with harsh discipline and our parents took no bullshit from us. We all turned out pretty normal. Some of my younger brother's friends born in '93, '94, '95 are the types wearing purple pants and hipster glasses. It's like they're from a completely different country. There was definitely a turning point some time in there.

Isn't daycare for kids who are under kindergarten age? I vaguely remember spending some time in a daycare, before I went to kindergarten. I don't see what the deal is.

stay at home mother, but mentally ill/depressed in later years. I got to experience a happy mom for the first 4 or 6 years of my life

It's possible you're overthinking this a bit – college students in the current year are in day care right now, at 21.

but there's some truth to it. Used to be you had 'latchkey kids' – school's out at 3, parents work until 5, so you take the bus home and fend for yourself for a few hours. wasn't considered a big deal back then, but people did talk about how it was a change in the kids growing up. but kids in the 80s and 90s actually rode bikes around the neighborhoods and played with other kids, they didn't have smartphones and tablets. we played atari and nes, yeah, but usually you all went over to the kid's house who had the best system.

daycare goes up till like 4th, 5th grade sometimes for americans.

I went to daycare in the early 80's, but there was no brainwashing, just kids being kids and learning cool crafts and stuff. We played games, read books, played records, made animals from pieces of wood with knives and sandpaper, etc.


I am an American. I'm over 30 though.

I'm surprised. When I was in school no one was in daycare past K. They would have had gotten no respect from other kids.

Hell I fucking wish there were daycare kids in first grade, because I was short and would have loved it if someone else was more of a kid.

Could also be overlap from other things. Look into vaccines, food additives, maybe contraceptive use also exploded from 1993 upwards. Maybe something more insane?

Where I'm from and in my day, only the poor kids went to daycare because both parents had to work.

That's a good question. I don't have an answer


source, because that's amazing

I was in daycare from age 5 until 11. I had plenty of negative experiences there. Also had selective mutism during my time there, so it probably helped fuck me up. I did a little better at school and elsewhere, though I was always very shy.

I was "raised" by a single mother in her 40s that worked 8-10 hours a day, 5+ days a week. I think the title of 'pussy' does apply to me for being a shut-in with social anxiety disorder. Still not an anti-white progressive, though.

I was born in 90 and my mom quit work to take care of me full time. There were already quite a few children of my age who grew up in daycare and yes they were mostly fucked in the head. Every time you had a big time delinquent you could be sure he was either from a broken home or raised in a daycare.

Incidentally, I also have a single surname, and I can remember quite a few grades in my school years where I was actually in the minority (the new trend here is to give your child both mom and dad's surnames to a child, separated by hyphen).

In summary, fuck feminism.

That was all ruined when paedophile hysteria started up. Thanks a lot, kid fuckers, you ruined childhood for everyone.

I'm from 1994 and was put in daycare a lot.
I didn't turn out as an sjw but I'm autistic as fuck when it comes to social interactions, which might have something to do with it.

Thats actually a really interesting and really terrifying line of thought. As far as reprogramming libcucks into respectable members of society, this might be a good start

And my parents spent 10 years of their life making sure at least one of them was at home with my brother and I during the week and pretty much only ever saw one another on weekends. Otherwise they were passing each other by at the door. Father woke up at 3 am and come back past noon and my mother left as soon as he arrived and wouldn't return till as late as 1am sometimes. And I hear people bitch that they need more help sending their little shits to daycare.

A lot of teenagers view Buzzfeed as their parental advise. Watch some of their stuff and you'll see how dangerous that is

No. Molyneux believes that everything "bad" in the world is because of "child abuse" and that the way to reach Utopia is through "peaceful parenting". It's retarded, but just plausible enough that some people believe him. He even recognizes that many very smart people (including himself) had very difficult childhoods, but he falsely believes that they had had more peaceful upbringings they'd be even smarter. He does not realize that obstacles are required to produce great men.

So it's really the reverse. The snowflake generation are dumb as doorknobs because they were coddled too much. Lack of "abuse", lack of discipline, too many safe spaces, too little intellectual challenge… they were raised as little coddled babies. The extent of their intellect is "THATS RACIST!" They have no clue about the harshness of reality.

except that, if you were correct, statistics would show kids with the harshest upbringings and least parental involvement then grow up to be the highest achievers. that is the opposite of what statistics show. you are masturbating to your own fantasies of what human children's irreducible needs are and ignoring the abundant empirical data about what children's irreducible needs are in the real world.

not him, but its not that the kids with the most adversity will be great. its a likely a mix of overcoming challenges and positive influences. but heavily coddled, spoiled, do nothings that have never overcome a thing in their life will turn out bad.

I'd personally argue that its more of that kids don't get a chance to grow and be kids before being bombarded at a very young age with bullshit designed to rape and break them before they even make it into school, plus the fact that most parents are nigger-tier at best and don't care about their children at all.

Its like, these days, kids are forced to grow into a SJW flavored pozzed popcorn instead of getting to take root and have a chance to grow into people with fruitful lives.

neurotic over-affluent moms who dimly sense that their standard of living is based on theft have the greatest tendency to coddle and spoil their kids - hence white college kids at expensive private universities are some of the worst snowflakes.
you can (and should) pay a lot of attention to your kids without spoiling or coddling them - that is what leads to the best outcomes. ignored kids, statistically speaking, are fucked.

this, so very much. kids are targeted with freud/bernays marketing techniques from the time their eyes can fucking focus on a screen, and it should be illegal.

My mother was a stay at home mother, while my father worked for the military. Millennial pussies these days need a replenishment camps or labor camps to erect them. They're not real people, they live behind a facade so thin, I can see it with little to no thought. Superficial idiots with no parental guidance and kikes to role over them, thus birthing materialism. The cancer that killed whatever non-kosher ideal in capitalism. These hollow motherfuckers need a dose of National Socialism or else the rope shall fit them well.

make it spread


It covers for the chit chat parents should have with their kids to strengthen their relationship. Discussing what peanut is your dog or what disney princess your shoe is fills the gap of parents ever communicating with their offspring. It's really fucking disgusting.

as if boomers aren't cuckolds themselves


Grade inflation is really fucking up this generation. When (((commentators))) refer to the demographic distinction between college graduate and non-college, it's going to mean something completely different based on whether they graduated before or after grades inflation. Even for leftist academia, it still meant something if you graduated before grades inflation began really in earnest. If there's no way of saying that the grade was necessarily earned by acquiring a rigorous battery of skills and knowledge, then it's an irrelevant factor if not a negative factor — once people come to realize that college means that you paid a lot of money to live for four years in the interracial breeding grounds.

boomers grew up under a constant barrage of subversion / demoralization straight from the lavishly-funded KGB. and they had no internet to turn to for any non-kosher information. euthanize them if you have to but don't hate them.

Glad my child-to-be has two sets of loving grandparents to baby sit when needed.

White privilege sure is great. :)


Grade inflation was shit out by the education industry as a response to companies using degrees as a proxy for intelligence testing or work experience.

Now, of course, companies are staffed with human resources directors/staff (predominantly women) who are about as interested in actual performance as your typical single welfare mom is interested in her kid's education.

such is the life of the ones who fought for the rights of niggers

I think you're confusing his advocacy against hitting/ beating children, with the idea of giving no discipline at all, whereas the latter's a misrepresentation. I haven't gone overly deep into his parenting stuff, but from what I've heard, to say he just encourages anything-goes style parenting/ coddling doesn't match what I've heard. If you listen to Intoxicated Infidelity he tells the girl that her stepdad (her primary male caretaker growing up) had fucked up by being too nice to her, and so as a result she doesn't recognize any boundaries to her behavior. He encouraged discipline just without hitting/ beating them. I havne't listened to that stuff in awhile, since I've been listening almost exclusively to his redpill/ "truth about"/ history/ pure philosophy stuff, and so I'm not sure I can be arsed to provide lots of references and whatnot. I usually hear the other stuff when I'm working and YouTube autoplays a random All Mark Passio The Great upload of some random Molyneux segment before I have a chance to change it. I'm just saying that my impression has been that he doesn't simply say to give your kid a smartphone and an x-box controller and to reward them for low-effort achievements, I would be surprised if Molyneux's not equally aware of this coddling shit that's going on nowadays.

I had friends in early elementary school (c. 1991-1994) who'd get dropped off after school to this place called Classy Kids. I went once with a friend who had been inviting me, it was like this weird recreational environment, like a glorified waiting room at a dr's office basically, you aren't getting much stuff done. Same kids who went there always owned a lot of nice shit, like every single SNES game ever released, and lots of CDs at a time when cassettes were still fairly common, like with the explicit lyrics and whatnot. I was jelly as fuck. In middle school I carpooled regularly with neighbors. I think carpooling is really healthy, you bond with your neighbors, and observe the process of negotiation and compromise and collaboration in how the parents of 2+ families trade off on the driving responsibilities.

He advocates treating children like small underdeveloped adults, if I had to sum it succinctly it would be the complete banning of the phrase "because I said so". Its not particularly different from how most say a child should be raised, it is just that it is impossible to be done by a single mother who's attention is ill spent on other duties and has little patience to explain everything. Aside from the moral/ethical aspect of spanking is that at the worst it harms development (much like circumcision) and at best it has no effect but temporary compliance. You can beat a dog to get them to stop pissing on the carpet but the dog doesn't get any smarter because of it.

I was raised in this way although long before it was written down by molyneux. Many parents made remarks to how calm and reasonable I was as a wee lad and how they wished their children were as good as I, although I may be an anomaly in this respect.

Kids with the harshest upbringing are niggers. Even controlling for race the primary contributors for child abuse among white kids is having addicts for parents. These are low IQ people having low IQ kids and that is all that these stats show.

Molyneux's peaceful parenting nonsense predates his acknowledgment that people are cognitively unequal because of genetics. High IQ parents have higher IQ children who are more susceptible to reason at a younger age, have a naturally different time preference requiring less need for harsh discipline

SJWs are low and average IQ proles who were raised as if they were the children of the elites. So yes they were coddled when they needed the harsh discipline required of people of their natural cognitive ability. Their only real use for society is as followers and they were never taught to be properly respectful of rightful authority.

Molyneux's peaceful parenting would make everyone an "anarchist" which actually looks like what an SJW is as Molyneux has started to notice upon closer inspection of the kinds of people who gravitate towards libertarianism.

This goes the same for single mothers. High IQ shitlibs that hate families get married out of college and stay married for decades and produce stable environments for their children. Single moms who can't secure commitment from the Chads they are fucking is due to them being barely above the category of wild animals rutting in heat and they have children who are the product of these mothers and their unstable male partners and that is why these children have bad life outcomes.

These children aren't a total loss. Realistically the quality of children in many periods in history was lower but we had an authoritarian, hierarchical social structure that didn't tolerate weak dysfunctional faggots and this is what we need today. This also puts selective pressure on the species to not produce children destined to be oppressed or turned into grist by societies implacable mill.

Boomers were coddled as well. The so-called "greatest" generation were horrible parents. I think once the stats are parsed we'll see that the older boomers went for Hillary bigger than Millenials.

I have listened to it and you are incorrect. He basically does advocate no discipline. Definitionally discipline is teaching someone how to obey rules by using punishment to correct wrong behavior. "Peaceful parenting" is an absolutely no force, no coercion method which means no punishment even by means other than physically beating them. No timeouts, no grounding, no restriction of access to property. The premise of discipline is based on parents having authority over children and Molyneux doesn't believe anyone has any authority over anyone else for any reason and all interactions have to be fully voluntary. So you can only punish your children if that "punishment" is voluntarily chosen by both parties.

Twitter has already removed the hashtag from suggestions and auto-complete

Ive never heard of this before.
What country?

Born in 81, adopted, and was brought up by amazing parents. Use to go shooting with my dad in the woods like a man. Camping, hunting,welding, carpentry, as fun time activities. Feels good man!

not that user, but its a big thing in the UK among the lowest class. And the highest class funnily enough, for the same reason. Woman bringing more resources to the partnership than the man.

i'm glad i had a stay at home mom until my 3.5 years old
and yes our lives turned to relative shit after that

Absolutely this.
I was also a kid growing up in the 80's, and I remember being absolutely shocked and sad the first time I actually failed a class in school. Up until then, I'd felt like school was just a boring thing that they made you do - it hadn't occured to me that it was possible to do BADLY at it. Then finding out that I had to do it again, and I'd be forced to go to school during the summer - made me realize that it was important to actually apply yourself and try hard.
The cuck generation has none of this. That's why they're all freaking out and bursting into treats over Hillary - it's the first time they can remember NOT GETTING THEIR WAY, and complaining and throwing tantrums doesn't seem to be making any difference.
It's simultaneously kind of depressing and enormously satisfying to watch.

Strange that this all came about when the borders were opened to let millions of 3rd world illegal aliens in. Mexico's age of consent is also 12 years old and in some places its below that.
Its foul when I drive by the elementary school and I see a fat greasy mexican in a beat up pickup truck with a lawn mowers in the back with a camera phone recording the kids getting out of class.

bong here, i have never seen this shit in the uk…you are thinking of south americans user.

Double-barreled surnames are definitely a thing in the UK, although it is rare.

Is it wrong that I want to kill these people?

Not at all. They don't deserve life.

I was raised in this way although long before it was written down by molyneux. Many parents made remarks to how calm and reasonable I was as a wee lad and how they wished their children were as good as I, although I may be an anomaly in this respect.

I was raised in the same way and was mostly a calm child too. The only thing other members of my family criticized my parents for was that when I got around 7-8yo I started constantly making deals with them on things I didn't want to do and it would almost always end up in my favor.

I was raised the same way and was mostly a calm child too. The only thing other members of my family criticized my parents for was that when I got around 7-8yo I started constantly making deals with them on things I didn't want to do and it would almost always end up in my favor.

Fucked up my greentext, goddamn it .

They should be hung for treason anyways, so no.

Only if you don't actually kill them is it wrong.

Good thing dad disciplined the autism out of me, too bad he stopped after sometime after 2011

Sorry to hear that user.

I got out of a similar situation. Therapy (meditation) with psychedelics plants (like psylociben mushrooms), alone, once a week a first. That will help with any repressed past experiences.

As for the lack of a father, I know that too. If you make a conscious decision to break your shell and become the man you could always become, life will bring what you need naturally.

That really depends on the kids. Nature is more important than nurture so different kids will react differently.
People who are more destined to be authoritarian benefit from harsh upbringing because they'll blindly suck it up. People who are more independent minded will either grow up fine regardless of the harshness or be completely fucked up by harsh parenting. Actually mentally ill people will be fucked up no matter what.

Amazing. Don't feel too bad about your childhood.

- It made you strong
- Even wealthy kids can have horrible childhood experiences (violent parents, genetic illnesses, sexual abuse etc…)

I lived 20 years with suicidal depression I inherited from my mother. I found a permanent cure. That made me very strong.

Wouldn't be necessary. Narcissists like them will eventually kill themselves off. They'll endlessly search for palliatives and the easy way out.

Also, I speak this from personal experience. I live in a poor ex-commie country where people are generally nationalistic and they're mostly poor - while cuckdom is spreading rapidly amongst young people due to the society getting richer.
I'm not even a highly intelligent person or some sort of super independent minded revolutionary but I have a completely different upbringing from most of those nationalists - I was a spoiled, coddled child and yet I'm here. Obviously I'm different, fucked up perhaps.

I came to know a few rich people back in high school and some of them were the most depressed people I knew.

I was in Daycare up until kindergarten, so age 3-5, ish. I don't think it fucked me up considering I'm a hard ass, but that might just be the bipolar in my family forcing me to control myself or die.

Your parents loved you very much to do that. Just wanted to say that and that sort of sacrifice should be noted.

Same here. I was raised to look down on other kids if their mother worked, if they went to daycare, or if their parents were renters.

Grew up in 1980s/ Daycare sucks. It's not something that breeds weakness. I use to get in fights there. I don't get this stupid meme. It's just a way to avoid blaming niggers and Jews and Marxism

Fucking Alt-Right faggots

Everyone in this thread is WRONG, because they are easy to program through media.

I was never put in a daycare and was told to work and to never seek handouts. It sucks that I'm doing the best I can and still need help, but I get lumped with these idiots who want free everything.

This is excellent.
If this trend gets huge it might actually inspire normie white women/families to actually raise their fucking kids out of fear of having their kid turn into a sjw.

If they are the day care generation I don't even want to know what the fucking ipad generation will be like.

There's a difference between child abuse and discipline.

I don't think Molyneux is against spanking a child if he misbehaves, and indeed he seems to rail hardest against the single mom type of abuse that's more psychological than physical.


Where were you user?

My guess is that happens because kids there see rich people in rich countries behaving like that and so they think thats how rich successful people should be like

Jesus, this needs to be spread.

Holy shit. Nigel pleas uncuck britain for the love of god.

What even happens when Mary Tinkle-Dinkle and Carl DeCuck-Mcduck decide to have children? I guess at that point men will be so cucked they'll just use the woman's family name.

Well no shit you are more likely to grow up to be based if you are raised by one father and one mother instead of by some fat negress lady from the daycare center.

Just to contrast with how it is nowadays, I graduated in the mid-2000s. Many of my classmates failed science their senior year (I wasn't one of them thankfully), the failure technically meaning that they could not graduate. The solution? Have them come in a day before graduation and clean classrooms. They were then awarded a passing grade.

I was in a daycare for a year or so when i was 3 or 4. I remember to this day the old angry jewish lesbians who flew into a rage when they boys would play cowboys and indians or GI Joe (making guns out of lego) or the boys and girls would prentend to be married and play house.

I remember this one kid was playing doctor and was using a toy stethoscope to listen to the girls hearbeat (nothing fucked up, just emulating the medical checkups they themselves had experienced) and one of the bulldykes let out a huge bellow and stomped across the room and violently pulled the boy away from the arm yelling at the top of her lungs that what he was doing is wrong and he should never do that again

may have affected me too, but i was more confused than traumatized. i think being in my head most of the time helped me to watch as a passive observer rather than experience that trauma.

Real good way to raise kids.

For the record this was toronto in the 80s, i would imagine most fucking daycares are like this or worse now.

I was in day care most of my childhood life excluding time spent in school- born in '95. I sum daycare up as school without the "education." A completely female dominated program with the theme of inclusiveness and "everybody's a winner;" these places were marxists hell-pits.
I was on the trajectory to becoming one of these thick rimmed glassed faggots but sometime around the antics of trayboon martin and co. was when I became a race realist.
I chalk it up to my inner Aryan spirit that woke me up.
Spending 6 hours of every day in day care has given me some long lasting damage, I can tell.

By then the kids will be call Mohammed al-Britani and Aisha al-Chav so it won't matter.

You're still in daycare, gtfo.

Thank god I had a lisp for the 2 years I was in Daycare. Made the bitch teachers make fun of me instead of attempting to indoctrinating me.

Public school is daycare.

1997, I was a kid with social problems and I was a SJW when I was 14-15. But because of social isolation I discovered the Internet and I got redpilled. Holla Forums is always right.

I went to a school sponsored daycare for the entirety of my fourth grade because of parent work issues.

The volunteers there were half male and female in their 20 somethings who would take us outside and play kickball and the like.

Probably one of the more positive daycare experiences here.

To paraphrase the Finn:
shoot the shitlib between the eyes.

That was not uncommon in Canada, 93' here

I was born in '98, my father died when I was 8 years old and my mother worked all day to support me and my brothers so I was a latchkey kid for most of my upbringing. I was pretty much raised by my older brother and myself.

I agree with this to a point but I think that what is missing most of all is physical discipline. I remember vividly the times when I fucked up really bad because they were the only times that my father or mother raised a hand to me.

Humans are animals and animals understand pain. If you love your kids, you should hit them when they're bad. People who do bad things unimpeded usually have a poor understanding of consequences.

Spank or slap them, yes. Brutalize them, no.
A child does not yet have the life experience and knowledge to understand why sticking fingers into an electric socket or playing with matches is bad, for example. It should first begin to associate a pain response with an action, and then it is your duty as a parent to provide an accurate and informative explanation WHY EXACTLY something is bad. Many parents get the first part right but completely neglect the second one.

Obviously. Pain submission isn't very effective if they spend most of their time in pain.


I'm pretty fucking safe then.

Thank fuck.

silly reddit

I was never daycared either. By myself as a kid until kindergarten.

20 hours of separation per week from the primary caregiver has the same effect on the baby, physiologically speaking, as total abandonment

Single mothers aren't mothers

We're not talking about brutalizing or abusing kids. If your kid is absolutely incredibly out of line spanking as a very rare punishment (and should be reserved as such) isn't out of line either.

You are a low IQ warrior phenotype

Someone who controls their diet to change their weight is disciplined. There is no punishment involved.

Peaceful parenting is voluntarism. Boundaries are enforced through choice.
Internal states, needs and preferences are broadcast openly.

You see this as weakness, because you have been brutalised by your crazy asshole parents.

You will never make a true human connection until you learn to be open.

What is out of line?

Children throw tantrums when their needs and preferences are suppresed by aggressive/dominant parenting.

Ergo, peacefully raised children who are free and able to express themselves will never be "out of line"

The very threat of domination causes the need for that domination: ouroboros

Peaceful parenting aims to break that cycle.

Your child is expressing himself by picking up a bug in the street and trying to eat it. Your move?

All remind me of pic related. Yes I am angry.

Damn kikes; that won't stop the spread of this dank red meme.

Sounds about right. I was in a daycare for years however my dad died when I was 11 and that shaped my later life allowing me to handle some hard shit a lot better.

That's actually a pretty old practice in America as far as I am aware. Rich families would usually do it though.

makes sense.

my girlfriend use to work in a daycare and I brought this point up to her. I mentioned something that molyjew said, how children put in daycare show the same abandonment symptoms as a child that was just purely abandoned and to my surprise her response was "yeah, no shit." According to her, daycares are rotten hellholes where women whose only credentials are "I have kids or were around kids" neglect and abuse children. Its not because they're bad people, its because the only way to make a daycare profitable is to have one employee to every twenty young children. Of course they feel abandoned, they are. Its not like when you put your child in daycare they get looked at by a loving and nurturing maternal authority, they just keep them in a room and keep an eye on them until mom gets off work. They arent consoled when they cry, bad behavior is not curbed and lonely quiet children are not included. It sounds like a fucking nightmare.

But Shlomo makes extra shekels from all these working mothers, and that's what matters!

Now you know why the Jews wanted to destroy pre biblical religions. Many pagan religions had the family as the holy trinity, they got rid of that because they wanted to steer the goyim into pointless wars and beehive cultures they could siphon life and work from. You can't have wars or political squabbles if culture puts family before all the other toxic bullshit.

Same here.

Confirmed, in the 80's and early 90's daycare wasn't normal for kids above kindergarten age.

Usually, parents would arrange for kids to play at a friend's house until one of them got home. In my neighborhood, most mothers stayed at home and the dad worked.

In high school, mid 90's, I noticed more latchkey kids, but we all got cars when we turned 16, so I really never gave a fuck. Honestly, it's a symptom of globalization when both parents have to work for the same standard of living as one working parent provided in the 80's.

It all went in the shitter after the Cold War ended, when leftist fucks in Hollywood and media started showing their true colors. Also, the things professors say these days against the United States would be be unacceptable in the 80's. FBI counter-intelligence agents would question them.

Even though he was a faggot, J. Edgar Hoover hated the fuck out of Communism. His political views against Communism were pretty based, I wish the FBI was still like that.

It's sad to see muh country divided with bullshit identity politics and they can't see themselves being played by the puppet masters.

Plus, shit channels (here comes the SVR, faggots) like "Russia Today" (RT) would've never been allowed in the US in the 80's. But, honestly, we would be fucked as all the media today is left wing. FOX News sucks, but once provided a counterbalance to the leftist media.

With Roger Ailes gone, CIA needs to create a fake conservative movement like it did with William F. Buckley in the 50's when CIA needed a liberal counterbalance against the Soviet Union (Source: I wonder if Le Waterfilterman and Kikebart were fronts.

I wonder where and when that new conservative movement will start… (looks around, sighs. Walks the fuck away because no one really gives a shit about his post.)

Are you a parent? Because it happens.
Maybe your kid decided to throw a tantrum and decided the best way to deal with their emotions was to start punching and kicking your elderly dog or maybe their one year old younger brother/sister. Maybe the child decided that picking up dogshit and attempting to eat it regardless of you saying no is something that happened. Maybe you told them no brownies until after dinner and they kicked you. Kids test their boundaries and also have no emotional control - they're children. They don't understand because they literally can't - half their brain isn't developed yet. No sometimes doesn't mean anything.

Latchkey master race checking in

I did go to pre-school and had loving parents for a good 12 years, but they both worked full time after I started kindergarten.

Daycare is a major problem in our country. It used to be that you could have a domestic nigger slave. Then it was a domestic Beaner/Fillipino slave. Now? You pay a Beaner to watch your children in a brick cube while they get government tax breaks and checks to do it for you.

It's beyond fucked up. Women shit on stay at home moms because they are jealous and can't afford to do so, god forbid they forgo cable, starbucks, fashion, cocks to take care of their own children.

I never fought with my parents or demanded anything from anyone because I never really wanted anything. I would get a few books and video games for Christmas and my birthday, and those would be enough to keep me occupied for the year. Then as a teenager we got internet, and I gained access to more entertainment than anyone could possibly consume in their lifetime. The real opium of the people: Why work for anything again when I have everything I want in a small box?

I became polite, meek, reasonable, but completely unmotivated, with no goals or work ethic to achieve them with. A few dreams, but none of the drive necessary to pursue them. A knowledgeable but impotent loser that completely shunned the real world.

If the dipshits throwing tantrums in the streets right now are the "daycare generation," then people like me are the "bedroom generation." Kids raised by the internet to be timid, docile junkies.

If I ever have kids, the most important thing I could do is keep them away from the electric jew and get them working with their hands. Gather real knowledge about the world. Know the value of hard work, and feel in their bones that they can shape the world and not just watch it through a window.

Don't trust anything Stefan Molyneux says about kids. He had a fucked up childhood and is really kind of, for lack of a better word, crazy when it comes to raising kids.


The only day-care I was put into was school, and I hated every second of it

wtf ur old lmao

Not freudian. Based entirely on attachment model psychology which is seriously hated by fems as oppressive and got the guy who theorised it, John Bowlby thrown out of all the freudian clubs. A pity psychology is so pozzed as a field. It could be so very useful. Attachment model seems to be the most solid model for development however.


I found the originator.

I'm convinced the chronic anxiety disorder that everyone seems to have these days is related to them spraying agent orange and glyphosate on all the grains. The increase in autoimmune diseases is likely from giving stronger acting vaccines at younger and younger ages.

Grade inflation is disgusting, the truly great are given the same award as the mediocre. The dunce is given the same award as the competent. These days I'm amazed when someone is actually able to do their job, but I shouldn't be. It's not right in the supposedly most productive country in the world.


This is just faggot "muh SJWs" shit from the useless alt-kike crowd. It's as much wheel-spinning as when people get on a pedestal to rant about "coddled Millennials" or whatever without actually knowing anything about them.

You should be extremely suspicious when someone is trying to direct your hatred towards "SJWs" or "generations" shit, it is all very kosher.

Molykike is a mentally ill fuck-up who injects his nutty themes into everything, by the way.

So leftists are now basically children experiencing their parents' divorce.

did you post that in the 4 AM thread a few hours back?

The only thing that's changed is they now have cellphones. At least of the things you mentioned that's the only new development.

The big change is that everyone is staring at screens several hours a day, many even while they are outside in public.