Frankly I think this is one of the greatest things to come out of this election and we couldn't be in a better scenario right now. 54% of white women voted Trump, rejecting all of the shilling of a female president, 'rape culture' and progressivism in general. I'm not gonna even pretend there's still not a problem with white women, but that is fucking massive and one hell of a white pill.

Now, obviously there's still 48% who didn't. But just look at what the left is doing and gonna do to white women. Throwing them under the bus doesn't even come close to describing it and any 'male privilige' victimism they enjoyed is utterly gone. The entire progressive movement fucking hates them now and they're gonna get a huge dose of the same shit that white men have been getting for so long. They too are now subhuman, uneducated oppressors in their eyes. So, who the fuck is gonna flip from Trump to the left now? The majority is already there and from what I see is consolidated, hard. And now all those white women weeping at the Clinton party are going to desperately beg and say notallwhitewomen# but it's too late, progressives don't give a fuck. All they care about now is that their white, race truly Trumps everything.

Obviously we shouldn't just become cucks, but I can't even imagine a better opportunity for redpilling white women. Now we can separate them from feminism and everything that's ruined them, just by reassuring them for voting Trump.

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2D is still better.

more by that painter?

dump if you have more

also we need to take advantage of this by shilling against white women from fake nigger liberal accounts

kick white women out of the left at every turn

There's only a couple ways women come to be redpilled:

1) exposed to undeniable logic/reality
2) redpill being the popular movement (it's happening, folks. believe me.)
3) you seduce them with goodies

all of them boil down to number 3.

an aside note: i saw 3 frowning and very sad looking butch lesbos at the store today (commiefornia)

Kill yourself you pathetic waste of life. You and every single one of you who degenerate weeb pieces of trash who would racemix with an asian need to hang yourself or be hanged.

Nice try succubi.

Not to be a Debbie downer, but didn't like 80% of millennial white women vote for Killary?

Natural selection at work.

Make whatever rationalization and ad hominem attack you can, I will remain faithful to 2D no matter what you say.

A lot of them were old though. The young white women are as pozzed as POC

They are still largely traitors. That 48% who didn't are more ardent in their beliefs than the 54% that did, meaning it's easy to pull those who voted back into the fold. Peer pressure works easily on women; have you forgotten that the success in controlling women was in browbeating them? They won't come to you, they will by and large ingratiate themselves again to be welcomed back into the herd.

You'll only win the females back when you become a hero.

They need to become 2D and stay that way for once and it takes strong men to do that (so it depends on us) – genetic engineering is likely required since women are too limited and only the most extraordinary ones stand out which are much more rare than extraordinary men. Personally I'm done with 3dpd as they are, I'm too old anyway for shit like a family and all that anyway.

Admittedly true, but this is still a positive trend. Especially in the wake of the backlash by the left against white women, more and more of them are waking up and becoming pro-white.

There was a time when White Knights would be laughed off the board. Though I do still want to laugh with great gusto at the fact that some idiots actually believe they have some God-given right to own a woman. Good luck with that.

Women follow what gives them goodies. The only thing needed for women to be dragged back rightward is to hold the line. Keep supporting the 'cuck-right' and republicans. If you keep pushing, culturally, then they'll be dragged back, kicking and screaming.

Ignore the older women. Go for the better out-of-high-school ones.

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54 + 48= 102

How many make women great again threads can this board take?

What's going to happen when daddy is telling his daughter not to get involved with those shady thugs in school? She'll make it her priority to get involved with them.

I'm not saying protect them, stick up for them, comfort them or whatever. I'm saying redpill them.

Thanks, I just found the image from another thread somewhere and had no idea.

You're better off trying to make Monstergirls real. Remember, monster on the outside, not inside.

Considering all of the weird going on with Kek, Ammit, the Tarot and repeating digits, we might make something happen!


Apologies, should have checked it properly. 53% voted Trump, 43% Clinton and the rest didn't vote or third party.

Understood and agree to a point. The silver lining here is what this election has done to the Democrats and the left itself. The DNC is fucking ripped to shreds and the left is in the process of ripping itself to shreds. So where does the majority and the trend go?

Not an argument.

Same type of "argument" as saying "2D is still better."

Just naked assertion

I'm kinda surprised they would take such a caricatural approach.
We ought to screensave every time they reveal their hatred of White women in case they try to change their atitude later.

Think, their conditionning is already breaking appart yet we have not even begun to see the power struggle between Trump and the Federal Governement, mass-riots and unrest (((they))) will unleash, the economic collapse has not even begun yet either. Normies doesn´t react well to that kind of stuff.

I don´t believe in any silly sky ghosts, I am an atheist, I just need traditionalism to get laid.
I deserve to have a GF and no, I shouldn´t have to lift, lose weight, shower and have a social life for that.
The state should just force women to marry Nice Guys like me. No, that does not make me entitled, so stop saying that! -)

Why don't you come and do something about it then, bitch nigga.

Do what exactly? You're the one both derailing the thread and not reproducing. Why are you here?

Why are you upset that I am then? You consider me your enemy so you should be happy that I'm not reproducing. More 3DPD pussy for you.

Since I didn't get an answer in the other thread, where do the people who defend women like they don't have a fault come from? I know the people who think women are stupid sluts who aren't redeemable are from more liberal areas, but I don't know where the people saying that it's not women's fault that this is happening usually reside.

you have NO IDEA how good this is. My girlfriend was kinda redpilled before the election, and in the past 2 days shes gotten 3-4 of her liberal as fuck whitegirl classmates to openly express hatred towards this antiwhite agenda that has exposed its head over the past week. You have news articles straight up saying 'white women ruined america'. white women are PRIMED to be redpilled on white genocide. I had her send that oscar turner 'death of a nation' video to them and they all were like "omg, this is like exactly how im feeling right now".

dont give up on white women guys. The anti white agenda has completely exposed itsself over the past 3 days. And once a white person comes to terms with white genocide, the next logical step for them to think about is ((why is the media pushing such a thing))


Sorry to be black pilled but the vast majority of guys are going to have to settle for a used up slag. You can't turn back the clock on that kind of stuff.


Why not? They can vote your paycheck into their wallets but you can't vote for a one night stand. That's why socialism fails every time.

Right wing women are more attractive.

You disgust your ancestors. All their struggles to preserve and sustain the bloodline, and you throw it away to masturbate to Japanese cartoons.

You can for damn sure not marry a single mother.

Good thing I don't give a single solid shit about what my "ancestors" think.


What else do you propose? /pol is confused on this subject. They advocate being an "alpha" to sleep around but then complain all the girls are whores who you can't marry. Does not work. If whites are going to survive then many men will have to cuck themselves, for the children.

Forget biological females. Artificial is the future.

Then it's best you don't reproduce anyway, given that we wouldn't want your defective genetics to propagate.

I know the feeling. But its not difficult to find a girl thats only slept with 1-3 other guys. Thats too many as well in my mind, But you can get over it.

If you want to find a virgin, join a church. Straight up. That should be the ONLY place you look for a wife regardless. i live in a small town, and there are always 5-10 young women who are dying for a morally strong christian man to come and take them.

I'm glad we're on the same page then and you've accepted my choice to stay pure to 2D.

** in my small town church with ~150 people in it that is.

Whites don't need your cuck genes to spread either.

Being an alpha does not mean you have to be a manwhore. Maybe when you're young, but an alpha also has successful relationships. Imagine old-fashioned fathers and grandfathers. It's more difficult now since popular culture is so fucking degenerate, but still possible.

What kind of place do you live in that women don't act like degenerates? The only women who seem to not be sluts in my area are the crazy feminist types.

In rural areas. The most important thing to look for in a girl you plan to date, in my experience, is that she has a good relationship with her father. Also it's important that her dad isn't a faggot.

dude, join a church. there are so many good girls in need of a husband at any church.


Don't waste your efforts. Artificial wombs will render them obsolete soon enough.

They're still virgin since they only did anal with Jamal :^)

You two have done nothing but shit up the thread. Go be bitter NEETs elsewhere.

lol no

Go cuck yourself for Jamal's sloppy seconds elsewhere, White Knight.

A good troll is a subtle one. Posting smug anime girls with every single post you make is amateur work, user.

Stay mad

rape rape rape rape rape rape rape

Hopefully things like rape become more accepted in the coming years. Don't worry, they will.

You have to be careful here and not just encourage them to signal harder. Things like "take a back seat" or "now its our turn" are better. Whites that do this shit only do it so they can that photo on social media with them front and center with a bunch of minorities behind them showing how "with it" they are. Take away their position at the top of the heirachy and they will go running to wherever they can get it back

Remember, when women sexually signal in public by wearing tight clothes and flaunting it. Not taking action makes you a cuck. Neutered!

Say what you will, but this has given me hope for white women.

54% is way higher than I ever expected. And it makes sense, really. Those of us in cucked states, cities, or workplaces all bite our tongues around liberals. Women do as well.

Women are MUCH less likely to say something aloud that rocks the boat with people they know. They care more about getting along and not getting socially isolated since they depend so much on others.

Somewhere, there are women who care more about western civilization that virtue signalling bullshit.

They're probably still whores, but it's an improvement.

Legalize prostitution and problem solved.

Sure thing. Like the prostitutes on backpage that have to hurry up while sucking dick so they can make their $100 bucks and give it to their handler thagt drives them to church.

TAX the fucking churches.
Churches = devils havens

Actual church = truthful people

Women can vote to get your money for free. You can not vote to get their pussies for free. Prostitution costs money. Not the same thing. This is the reason the Soviet Union was defeated, because no one was going to work for another man's family, for free. Reagan did nothing to win the cold war, muh dik defeated the Ruskies.

They may be whores, but at least they're OUR whores.

If you knock a bitch up, then man up and take responsibility for it. Otherwise, throw $20 at a ladyboi, get your rocks off, and move on.

Women are dumb stupid animals that only follow popular opinion in order to further their instinctual reproductive goals.

I know you're probably just a progressive redditor making fun of Holla Forumsacks idealizing traditional, non-cucked masculinity but check this out:

oh Holla Forums ;-)

shut up i'm lonely ok


my plan is to look for a wife (18-20) when I'm in my 30s.

I think you have to just drop anyone born in the 90s. Girls who are growing up during a Trump admin at a young age will probably turn out a lot better than the clinton/neocon/nigger years.

Proof that you shouldn't let the D&C kikes fool you.

Reddit had some great pro-rape boards.

White men should rape everything in sight. Then plunder their children. Women shouldn't even raise kids. Women destroy children and manipulate the shit out of them.

Didn't watch your lame vid, either.

The only plus about a Trump is that it makes ethnic cleansing more realistic.

And rape goes hand in hand with ethnic cleansing, how fun and virile!

STFU cuck. They came to Trump because the implied 'threat' got out that they were fucking things up for us.

You don't switch back to pandering now. Only thing they respect is fear and strength… not your gay posts on IQ differences.

this place is about the collective good, not petty ego squablling


This is the important part.

The Jews pulled out all the stops, didn't hold anything back.

They attacked with peer pressure, with media, with threats to their life, job and livelihood…. on top of that the Jews promised women everything, promised women all the power, promised them control and promised to make white men their personal slaves.

It speaks of a resilience in white women for bullshit.

I applaud this character trait.

female Holla Forumsacks.