#ImWithHer - the western world deserves MORE female leaders.

And if women couldn't break the glass ceiling in America, then they have a chance of doing it next year.

Let us help put in power the first female president of France - Marine Le Pen


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So when do we start the "If you dont vote for her, you're sexist" psyop for le pen?


Couldn't agree more. Let's fight the patriarchy!

women leaders are shit tbh. the only reason she's even a thing is because if it was a male they would be calling him a nazi


Think about it - she is literally the best of both world in Hillary and Trump

She is a hardliner nationalist, and an experienced female politician.

This has ALL the potential

Hello boys




Gee, CTR did something right.


Marine Le Pen is an absolutely crucial win for us.

francophone takeover soon

I need this.

The funny thing is that le pen is literally a frog.

dude just wait for doriot lmao

Marine Le Pen is controlled opposition.
With a Jewish boyfriend.

Now where have I seen this before?

Renegade Radio and friends.

Marine winning would complete the Axis of Good, the Washington-Moscow-Paris Axis that could bring about a New Order, and bring to the Western world a peace such as we have not seen since before 1914. H/T Tiberge.

Would bang all damn night. True nationalist women get my dick rock hard

Nice idea OP

This is a woman id happily stand with. I hope Holla Forums devotes 1/10th of the energy it gave to trump to her. We need to continue the global shift away from faggotry to france and then germany.

Are you going to throw another screaming bitchfit Sinead?


Juppe is at 8/13! And she is at 2/1. Somebody please translate.

wow, cucking Hillary out of her own hashtag for Marine Le Pepen? Yep. Do it.

He niece is a total qt and if anything even more ardent of a nationalist. She to will be leader one day.

The difference is if you don't vote for Marine and National Front you are voting to get French women assaulted, pimped, raped, and killed by rapefugees (everyone knows (((Sarko))) is just shilling, so there's no alternative to Le Pen).

This op is best led by l'anons. Suggest they feed us clips/talking points with translations/background/context so we can invoke Kek and conjure up some powerful magique de memeux for retranslation.

Likely adversaries offer an abundance of material. Both obvious cryptos. Both eurofag globalists. Sarko's links to Libya. Hollandes failure to protect French society, recent book disclosures.

Sounds good so far but requires Frenchfags to lead from the front when their record is a bit patchy on this front…

But yeah, she's a qt alright

I like it

Since we're on the subjects of French politics and women in nationalism, I'll remind everyone of the French Identitarian pop group Les Brigandes.

£1 at 8/13 would return £1.62
£1 at 2/1 would return £3

So you could say the bookmakers estimate her chances at at 46% lower than Alain Juppé's.

Considering how wrong the bookmakers got Brexit's and Trump's odds this basically means nothing however.


more women in power! so progressive!

First female President of France! If you don't vote for her you're a sexist bigot.

You lost. Have some dignity.

To be honest this may not be a necessary angle. France was battered by almost daily muslim massacres this summer, hostile invader camps litter the country and it’s capital has been turned into a shanty town.

The EU is forcing labour laws onto the country that appear to be near universally despised by the public. Enough for them to protest daily (despite being tactically ignored by the media).

Simply pointing out that ONLY Le Pen will fix this may more effective. It all depends how pissed off the frogs but…. They are frogs, they get pissed off at the drop of a hat so I presume they will be hungry for change.

prove more*

We know their memes now. We know oours. We can combine them.

She is an experienced female politician in an age of patriarchal oppression.
She's an outsider nationalist.

She is literally Trump and Hillary rolled into one

I like this idea, the European uncucking thread needs some loving. Let's try to keep it in the general thread to maintain a centralized hub:

Pretty dumb honestly, different countries need different solutions, Europe is far from homogenous and people working on different countries will just be getting in one another's way and distracting each other.

It's more about pooling mental resources. The lack of memes for any of these elections coming up soon illustrates the need for camaraderie in my opinion. For example, we should be focusing on the Austrian election and Italian referendum since those are coming up in less than a month.

Don't weaken yourselves, get everything you can from europe, germany, italy, greece. If not winning, growing

No. We will win, win them all.

And Frauke Petry?

Le Pen = Pepe Girl
Frauke Petry = Wojak Girl

Best friends forever.


Wew. This is the power of meme magic.

Bullshit. I remember this cunt hating on the God-Emperor a year ago, back when it was cool and everyone was doing it. But now she wants to ride his coattails to victory? Get bent. Bring back her dad, he was a badass.

Her winning is still a step in the right direction. Even Nigel Farage bashed Trump and his policies a few times. It's hard to be right leaning in Europe.

She's arguably his puppet, though. LePen senior was already discredited by the (((media))), so he sent up his daughter with a more moderate discourse to gain popularity.

French meme culture is eons behind Anglo meme culture, you're gonna need some weird meme magic for it, especially since the French aren't too internet-savvy.

Try the fachosphere though, for research, good place to start (pic related - the network of right wing and nationalist internet sites and groups that are the most popular political websites in France)

They have a public falling out that seems quite bitter, he openly discredits her methods.

I remember her party being the only pro-Trump one a few months ago, I can't remember when they realized what was happening, but it wasn't so recent. Sarkozy is the one who immediately flipped to ride his coattails. Fillon, surprisingly, was always amenable to a Trump presidency, if only from a foreign policy perspective.

The more I think about this, the more I love this idea. Now hear me out.

This could actually be our greatest challenge. One that if we accomplish, shows the absolute heights of our power.

YES - we did just meme Trump into the Presidency, and it was a giant feat.

But with France we have to overcome:

1. A Language Barrier. Let's face it, everyone speaks English, a LOT fewer speak French with written and meme-ing proficiency.

2. A ready establishment. They thought Brexit was a fluke. They were proven wrong with Trump. Both times their defense was "muh racism". They actually never said why REMAIN and Hillary was a good choice, just chastised their opposition. I guarantee they wont make the same mistake again

3. The Runoff election system is designed to prevent fringe parties from succeeding.

This is why the #ImWithHer tactic is so good. Because we know that it works on a lot of cucked men. We are literally combining the forces of Hillary and the forces of Trump.

We have the power to make Marine Le Pen unstoppable.

We have fake SJW accounts - USE THEM. We know how to get media attention from both the right and the left.

And we have Kek behind us.

I'm officially hype.

Vive La France!


Perhaps we have to rely on the Frog Anons making sure that the memes leak to the normies by printing them out and put them in public spaces

Looks like France was being conditioned to eagerly lose millions of lives fighting Nazi Russia too.

Don't you think that maaybe that's intended?
I mean, people wouldn't start taking Marine seriously only because she's a woman, it would need a PR stunt to fool the normies into the "narrative".
Also, when women want to rebel, they usually pick a vastly different position from their parents, not a more moderate version of it.

How many times must this be hammered in.

It does not work. These people are hypocrites. They do not follow their own rules. If you try to appeal to them using these tactics you just turn off your own base by presenting Le Pen as a MUH VAGINA candidate instead of the candidate she actually is, which is an established nationalist leader who wants to preserve her folk.

Just double down on the anti-muzzie rhetoric. The most you should do as far as women goes is telling them the muzzies are just going to rape their asses if they come in, and hopefully that'll flip some of them, the less pozzed and brainwashed ones.

I just want to ask these people: "Why?"

"Why is having female leaders of any value whatsoever?
By requisite, to suggest female leaders are of value, you are suggesting that there is significant variation between males and females… In other words: You are arguing that males and females are NOT equivalents, ie, not equals.

So, on what basis does it suggest that female leaders is of any value whatsoever?
Defend the claim - and if you can't do so without resort to what is, by your own rational and rhetoric, sexism, then keep your tongue in your mouth and your teeth together.
And as I know for a fact that there is nothing to suggest you can defend that claim without employing that rationale, regardless of how much mental gymnastics you go through to achieve your conclusion, I really answered my own question on that one.

Why? Because muh vagina. This is why women can't be allowed to vote."

Checked and Kekked.

No, I think, and so do a lot of FN elites and former-elites, that she is essentially manipulated by some of her advisors. Walleyrand-de-Saint-Just, Gollnisch, literally some of the most competent aides and advisors she had are out. Even Marion obviously restrains from criticizing her.

I'm still going to vote for her but she isn't going to be our Trump. She's too much of a politician to win, I pin my hopes more on the police and the military agitating the public than her, but we shall see.

I personally don't believe that France will solve its problems democratically. Even with an FN government, it would be impossible to get anything done just with how the system is designed. We will need bloodshed to get anything done.

Of course the thousands of marxists won't convert, as it goes against their conspiracy.

The point of it is to show your audience how full of shit they are. Persuade, user.

If she's the first MUH VAGINA president in France's history and not taking bribes from every shitskin country on the planet, it should be an easy. Look how far a corrupt piece of shit like Hillary got with only that going for her.


We already have fucktons of agitprop like that from all sides though.

I'm French and I still don't understand how anyone can take the FN seriously, ther party has been full of jews and homos since Jean Marie was kicked out by Marine. From what I've heard recently, they're trying to get the muzzie vote to prove that they're definitely not racists. You guys probably have hopes for France but I doubt our problems will be solved by anything else but a bloodbath Charles Martel style and a purge like queen Isabella.

I understand, but I think you'll lose more votes from hardline conservatives that'll think "shit, she is just a MUH VAGINA" than you'll gain from cucks voting BECAUSE of that line of meme'ing.

I'm not saying you can't gain votes. I'm saying you'll lose more than you gain.

Again, Le Pen already has a hard time given she needs majority on the first round. You are gambling the support she already has away.

Pic related. Its a French alt right dictionary found on halfchan

That's the same bullshit that was said of Trump and the GOP.

The FN might be filled with kikes but they're a populist party. If you hold them to task, they'll obey lest they end up with their heads at the Bastille wall.

The FN is obviously still full of actual racists though, but the elites running it are homos and jews. It's still full of old-guard, but the Le Pens have a stranglehold on leadership. The thing is it is also impossible for another far-right party to function in France because the FN is our far-right party like the coalition rightists ARE our right wing party, and the Socialists ARE our left wing party. Just like anywhere else i the West. I suppose we should be grateful we even have a mainstream far-right party, but they're not hard enough.

Still, I will vote for them.

I think I see where your problem is here tbh fam.

Our parties doesn't work like the ones in America.

I understand your point but it's like picking between being punched in the nuts or being punched in the guts.

that's awesome

Mate I'm Portuguese, I understand that the FN if elected would basically run administrative and executive.

Trump came and hijacked the GOP, yes that's different from Marine who's already there. But the similarity is that both have promises to keep. The difference is that Marine has been trying to get elected longer.


This is brilliant. A real way to fuck with leftists. They can't win against this or it would go against everything they stand for.

True, France is a failed state and an election isn't going to be enough to put you back where you belong its gone way too far now

Really good idea, remember this when French elections come round.

I'm talking archives, screen caps. It's time for longterm wetworking

Another issue is that our candidates can't actually run on personality. Our election is in under a year and we haven't actually really started the political campaigns yet. The main parties haven't even picked their candidates.

The debate is mostly just the two final round candidates seated in a newsroom for three hours going over policy, there is never going to be delicious zingers like on American TV.

The French will just vote for whoever fills their paternal-father-figure ideal best, desperately clinging to De Gaulle even as his "successors" rape his corpse.

I'm hoping Frexit actually happens, maybe Trump's glory has boosted the confidence of nationalists in Europe

Merkel 2.0

Which is how it SHOULD be.
The problem is that the people voting are idiots that don't bother watching those damned debates.

The debates don't matter because the end result is always the same, no one cares anymore in France. THe president has a 4% approval rate and the govt is probably lower.

Don't forget the psyop of

This is never even an angle really, in France. The FN positions itself as the feminist party because they're against muslim treatment of women.

They're basically Sargon of Akkad except statist and anti-immigration.

I love you Holla Forums, coming here was the best/worst thing to ever happen to me.

So we got European elections coming, and memeing califexit and hopefully blaxit.

I would love to see #ImWithHer be used to propel Le Pen to the French presidency.

shes alright and im not even alt-right:^)

lot better than her hubby, shed probably make a decent head of state

Well hello, beautiful

honestly all I can really say to you is shoananas, I understand your concern however

If Juppe starts acting weird all of a sudden like Gary Johnson, it's because Trump told the CIA to cancel the psyops in France.

Dieudonne is a forrced meme

She could be kinda hot if he hair wasn't so short.

Thanks, I just hope we won't have to deal with foreign intervention if we decide to purge.

to their credit they are a lot more resistant to it than most of europe, probably why they are getting hit with so many attacks.

Look I'm not trying to defend the controlled OP angle but how the fuck did he lose if you provided his points for him. You fucking defeated yourself you retard.

You underestimate how dumb these people are. They have learned absolutely nothing from their defeat and will absolutely repeat their obvious mistakes.

you could see german media freaking out the morning after, they dont know who they are going to be getting marching orders from in the very near future. The presstitute transatlantic media is out of the loop, and sweating bullets. They have never been in a situation like this, and all the bootlicking hasnt exactly helped with the ingenuity

ive gotta admit this is preddy great

No, you faggot, we deserve the best white person. If they happen to be female, so be it. But let's get fucking real nigger, politics is no place for vagina. So you should probably go back to leftypol or intl or wherever the transitioning crowd associates these days.


30 million votes fewer than Obama?

Yes we need to shame normies into voting for her.

No mercy, they had none for us.

They need a safe space.

We will call in a country, and this country will have boarders around it. And within this boarder they can do whatever they want. It will be great.


We need to tailor our Pepes

Jeb should enter the race. Go globalism.

The few liberals with an IQ above 80 who also haven't realized that their ideology is shit are starting to realize that "right side of history" was indeed just a shitty meme. However the rest are still way too distant from it all to put the pieces together, and so they still demand their shitty "news" sources to follow the same form & theme. See as my source of proof (duplicate files rule keeps me from posting it here in its full glory).

As far as translations, it wouldn't hurt to post memes you want translated, some of us here speak French despite not being French citizenry nous colons qui avons quitté on s'en fout sur la France plus mais c'est plus grand que ça

The argument is that they don't prove they're slaves to Israel because of all the things they've said or implied against Israel. Though it's really too soon to be saying this, we need to see what actually happens, hence why a number of anons are concerned.

artfag here, willing to draw and shop pictures if multilingual anons are able to give me good lines.

I like it. I can work with this.

Great taste

My god we just can't lose.

The enemy just helps us win. Its great.

Liberal who voted for Trump here.

The left has become so fucking poisonous that it needs to be destroyed. Please pass a bunch of legislation that pisses them off, I'll vote straight Republican in every election.

My face when all my friends threw shitfits on Tuesday night / Wednesday.

Welcome aboard. Pretty soon you won't be Socialist… you'll be National Socialist.


and maybe KEK will grant you the separation you so crave after we Make Canadia Great Again.

We need french speakers for this, no one in America cares about this bitch or can even vote for her.

Against Feminism, but Le Pen is the only female leader I want. Bitch is amazing.

French culture is quite different from American culture, in order to succeed with meme operations, you need to be immersed and familiar with french culture, as culture is a memetic pool which will drastically effect which memes succeed or not, most of our memes are totally burger-oriented, french anons would be best for this operation, any french should report ITT or we should repost on frenchpol threads.

This is going to be fun

Quebecfag here, I'll do what I can, however France French and Quebec French are really not the same. Some words or expressions are used in one and not the other. Other times the exact same word can mean very different things. Like "gosse", that one is rather funny. It shouldn't be too hard to emulate still.

Starting with the hashtag, #ImWithHer would translate literally to #JeSuisAvecElle, but I think just #AvecElle would work better.

This Canadian Conservative candidate is also praising Trump win. And of course, the media here is attacking her for it.


Welcome aboard and don't worry, you'll probably do better than me.

Can confirm. For anyone curious, #JeSuisAvecElle = #IAmWithHer and #AvecElle = #WithHer. Note that the French love to use implications in their speech, so adding JeSuis would make you look stupid.

i know the following phrases in Frances :DD

You're light years ahead of any burger or anglo-cuckistani

Could you shop the pic in by faceswapping with Merkel for Hitler, and Jean-Claude Junker and Martin Schulz for the other two? Not sure if it needs a caption, but you good have the original and shopped version side-by-side with the captions "France en 1940" and "France en 2016".

2.0 coming in

Et mon épée!

You guys are fucking idiots, women can't lead for shit

can a french fag confirm this would be good before I start? I'm willing but also busy

This is fucking genius, my hat goes off to you OP. French Holla Forumsocks better help make this a thing.

I digged out some old fr/pol/ memes. The Pépé one is quite good, it's a play on "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité", their gay ass motto. It probably sounded great in the 18th century, but nowadays it's just cuckish in front of invading hordes who don't care about that shit.

Amazing song, that's from Quebec though not France. French people will probably need subtitles to understand it, kek.

Here's a version with English subtitles. One part is slightly wrong, "From a drunken notion stemming from" should be instead "Reading books about (voluntary simplicity)". They must have confused "livre" and "ivre". It's hard-subbed and I'm too retarded to fix it.

Yea, my understanding of french is next to none.
We're really going to need some anons that speak the language fluently.

We need a flamethrower pepe killing niggers with FN flame logo.


I think it's better to make fresh Le Pepen Pepes. CTR memes are tainted with being forced.

Found this on facebook of all places
Very well done



Le Pen would be far better than zionist rothschild jew sarkozy, but she kicked her father out of his own party for naming the Jew. The muslim problem is just a symptom of jewry. Look into who is opening the gates, you'll find a Jew there 90% of the time.
At this point they are murdering 250 French a year, beheading priests on the altar, and turned Europe into a warzone. And each time it happens, all the media jews and shabos goy worry about is if people might say mean things to muslims.
When the damn finally breaks, heads are going to be on pikes all over europe. At best, maybe Le Pen can begin to get France out of E-Jew.

she's hot as fuck

I'd post my PLEASE MEME RESPONSIBLE image but my other cpu is the shits right. So anyway


It was a shit meme then– she has a pussy so she gets my vote– and it's a shit meme now.

**is the shits right now

I mean come on are they're no true men left in France?

I know I know implying there were ever true men in France

A woman's place is in the home. If she's beautiful, smart and capable then all the more reason she should be producing white soldiers for the coming race war not fighting in the trenches.

honestly pretty weak bruh

La Fachosphere is a much better name than the alt-right
Also would piss off the flat earthers

Aha, that's my OC, first posted on fr/pol/.
When I come home, I'm going to post some more here and on Twitter.
I made Pepe of her father too, if anyone want to try and do better, be my guest.

But I have to say that Marine is not meme friendly.
While Henry de Lesquen is more suitable for the job, but there's no way he can be elected.


Women are easily manipulated and ALWAYS seek advice from men who (((advise))). In politics, they are the tool of the kike and the mystery schools(who know the power of women over men).
You need men doing the leading.

This is honestly a decent idea.
I'd like to hear how you're going to combine the idea of challenging male power (the only reason woman care about a female president) and her conservative ideas.

Underrated post.

After Trump's landslide victory the FN is soaring in support as people believe IT'S HAPPENING. French just need some #ImWithHer meme magic to ensure glorieux victory

I'm cautious about Yuropian female power figures. Tarja Halonen turned Finland into a progressive shithole, Merkel did that to whole mainland EU and Estonia will be nogged with their leftist bitch in charge.

Is she worth it?

Just meme #ImWithHer for Le Pen

so, what we need is to find a male candidate that is even more to the right that (((LePen))), and make french presidential election about right vs far right.

We can control the overton window.

She's leader of "the far right" National Front.

FN are essentially a nationalist anti-EU party and she made them more palatable by expelling the obvious neo-nazis from the party. It worked she might actually win the next election whereas before it was expected 2 parties would collude as usual to shut out the "far right" but now that's no guarantee as her popularity keeps growing.

Is she Female Hitler and going to gas every Jew in France no, but she will Frexit and kick out the Juncker Globalist cuck cabal currently filling France with Africans

There's an economical program to support and back trump's anti immigration measure and the FN has none. They won't improve France by JUST getting ride of muslims no matter how much i despise them.
FN is trump without the economical realism and experience, that's it and we need BOTH, not some medieval utopia.

You are retarded, women shouldn't be in any position of power. Name me one solid female leader in the last 100 years.

Yeah it's a great idea


Are there any strong, charismatic male leaders in Front National?

Thatcher ?

Collard is a good guy.

I made this one mate

Wow, they tried this shit with Trump, surely it will work this time.

that poster was right you idiotic weeb.
way to prove you're basically feminists.

The female leader of Trump's campaign.

Nah, it's cool user. We're gonna Make Pepe Great Again.

The entire point behind Trump's campaign is that it's possible to take something utterly ruined by liberal bullshit and turn it back into something amazing. If we can do it with a whole country, one little frog meme should be trivial.

Wtf? Kheops's mummy?

Frauke is stronk, but there's another semen demon in the ring. Thankfully Die Linke are below 10%

You overestimate their intelligence. They don't bring up issues because they would lose on that side, the majority already agrees with the FN on immigration, Islam, trade, etc.

Other points are good.

But don't be fooled that the media will believe SJWs support Le Pen.

Why is he shitting on Pence?

Because Pepe enjoys fucking with Wojak. But only Pepe is allowed to fuck with Wojak and he'll destroy anyone else who tries it.



Don't forget to post on /r/Le_Pen too.

Apparently Stephen Bannon wants to work with Marion Le Pen:

Le Pens’ set to work with Trump’s campaign manager as Front National support surges


"Stephen Bannon, who helped Trump overcome the odds and claim a resounding victory, has reached out to the French Far right family’s youngest member. He told French media he believed "France is the place to be, with its young entrepreneurs, women of the family Le Pen” adding that “Marion Maréchal-Le Pen is the new rising star”.

Marion has since expressed her support for the political campaigner and agreed to work with him in the future. Tweeting to her 208,000 followers, she said: “I answer yes to the invitation of Stephen Bannon, CEO of the Trump presidential campaign, to work together.”"


"Je réponds oui à l'invitation de Stephen Bannon, directeur de la campagne #Trump, à travailler ensemble."


"I answer yes to the invitation of Stephen Bannon, CEO of @realDonaldTrump presidential campaign, to work together."

Saw this too.

Breitbart moving into France before the election, Trump's campaign team all working for Le Pen/FN.

Status of Sarkozy/Juppe: REKT

Who wouldn't want to "work with" Marion Le Pen?

They need to prove they are not racist, definetely. Otherwise there is no chance for them to win.
And stay away from Trump and Americans.

why won't Petry dump the dyke haircut? It triggers me to no end..

Conway was awful user. She was so fucking wooden in her appearances, and not even a qt. Maybe she's some of data autist genius, but I'm doubting that.


I don't know much about French culture but I wonder if they'd appreciate us making use of frogs in this case? I mean, isn't that what we used to call them?

Failed attempts at executing nationalist policies are preferable to successful attempts to implement globalist ones.

Girl Hitler is already president, though.

The greatest psy op conceived thus far.

Random contribution, can some francophone add text to this? I don't trust google translate to do the job right

Le Pen is stronger than the sword.

This, we need to support Marine Le Pen, come on, it's 2017 guys! What are you a bunch of hum patriarchal racist or what? I can't even…Huum… Misogynist, women oppressors muh patriachy women can be strong leaders too r-right guys? #ImWithHer

Also spread this among fellow white nationalist so they will vote for Marine Le Pepen

A variation

Hey OP, in next thread, can you post actual info on this chick for us? We need to know more about her, if she really is best choice, and some frenchies to give us cultural information so we have ideas for the memes. As an American, I can be as vulgar and annoying as any frenchman, but we don't want this to backfire.


It shall be done